Who Wants To Be a... Trophy

  • Who Wants To Be a...


    Collect 1,000,000 in Old World Money.

    You won't be anywhere close to getting 1,000,000 Old World Money when finishing everything in the game. You will probably have around 200,000 at most so you will have to farm for money and doing it alone can take a while. The best thing to do would be to go at the bottom of the map and open all the Airdrops that are underwater, then go sell the loot, go to sleep and rinse and repeat but the best way to do this trophy is to play in co-op and have a friend that will use a backup save to drop some stuff that you can sell. One of you drop everything and the other picks it up, then the one who dropped everything, needs to back out, reload their backup save and do it again - rinse and repeat until you have the trophy.

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