Can't You Read the Signs? Trophy in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

  • Can't You Read the Signs?


    Collect all Inhibitors hidden in GRE Quarantines.

    How to unlock Can't You Read the Signs?

    There are a total of 6 GRE Quarantines zones in the game, you need to access them during Night time because they will be filled with zombies during the day.

    These zones will have 3 layers, with inhibitors in each of them and your goal will be to find them all (for a total of 4 inhibitors). It doesn't matter if you get detected by zombies or if you kill them or not, you only need to pick up the 4 inhibitors to complete the location.

    See Pilgrim's Path trophy_platinum.png for some maps with their locations, represented by this icon:

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