Municipal Services Trophy in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

  • Municipal Services


    Assign all Facilities.

    How to unlock Municipal Services

    There are 7 facilities that you have to take in the game and you'll be able to assign each of them to a faction (Survivors or Peacekeepers). It is important to assign every facility to the same faction to not miss out Boot Licker trophy_bronze.png. It's up to you to choose each of them, I personally opted for the Survivors as it makes it easier for Parkour.

    The 2 different type of facilities are:

    YBnsdRh.png The Electrical Station: You'll need to find cables and connect them to the correct location to power up the station.

    CsidHg3.png The Water Tower: You'll need to climb at the very top and open up the valve.

    You'll have to deal with bandits or renegades sometimes too.

    See Pilgrim's Path trophy_platinum.png for some maps with their locations and all the important locations.

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