Bathroom breaks are for the weak Trophy in Dustforce

  • Bathroom breaks are for the weak


    Pass a red level without respawning


    How to unlock Bathroom breaks are for the weak

    Glitched on both versions. Red levels are the ones you will find in the ! hub (which you can enter after getting all 16 Red keys after SS-ranking every other level in the game except for the Tutorial; check the video under Master of the Custodial Arts to understand how to reach this hub) and this trophy requires to clear one of them without dying. Go to “Exa Difficult” level, choose Dustworth, dash-jump to the right and dash-jump again while mid-air to land on a platform with 3 big dustblocks floating above it. Destroy them with Heavy attacks and you will clear the level and get the trophy (thanks to A1rPun for explaining the method). Do note, however, that the trophy is positively glitched on both versions and may randomly pop when you are doing other things (if I recall correctly, I got it after clearing Yotta Difficult for my 1st time on version 1.00, whereas a friend of mine got it while watching a leaderboard replay on version 1.01).

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  • You will unlock the red levels once you SS all the levels on all 4 hub worlds. The red levels are extremely hard so do keep in mind that it will take quite a while to get this trophy.

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