• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 31 (16, 8, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 16-20 Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 (can avoid with right save see Paragon and Renegade)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes. Tough or Hardcore.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No known Cheats.

Hey guys. Welcome to Dust: An Elysian Tail Roadmap & Trophy Guide! This game was originally released for the Xbox Live Arcade, next to PC and then made its way to us here on the PS4 with 1080p and 60 fps! You wake up in a forest, as the Blade of Ahrah is calling to you and a weird little creature is yelling at it to stop. Together, you guys find out what it means to be a Mithrarin. This game is only one of the most spectacular games I have ever played. With this games funny one liners, breaking the 4th wall, and very odd weather patterns, this hack-and-slash side scrolling adventure will leave you wanting more. This game doesn't really need a guide, but there are some spots in the game that need more attention. This is my first guide so bare with me. Let's dive in!


Step 1 - Complete the Story on Tough or Hardcore and complete all side missions and Cage friends (5% heath bonus per friend found) Also, watch for the "Out to Dry" side quest given by Colleen in Aurora Village.

There are a total of 5 unmissable trophies if you just did the story and nothing else. That shouldn't be the case though. In this step, we will be completing all side quests that are given to us to gain those trophies. There is also a few trophies you will get just by playing. Most of these trophies are super simple so in the beginning you will see trophies popping every few minutes. That's good but it will thin out sooner or later. For the "Out to Dry" side quest walkthrough, look at trophies Renegade and Paragon and yes the 1000 Combo is part of a side quest so it is needed.

Upon completion of this step, you will have earned the following:

Well on your Way
Push and Turn
Distant Thunder
With Great Power
The Blacksmith of Archers' Pass
Bad Therapist
Sad Way to Go
One Last Wish
Wait, aren't you...?
Friend of Falana
Hero of Falana
Savior of Falana
Waters of Life
High Spirits
...And the Dust Settles
A Decent Start...
Bringer of Death
Above and Beyond the Call
Opposite of Fail
Baker's Dozen
That's More Like It

Step 2- Challenge Arenas and Clean-up

WARNING: Before you to do the clean-up, remember to save your game manually! You don't want the only save file to be your auto-save. It will get over written if you decide to start a new game. Now you will be completing all the Challenge Arenas and doing all the other trophies you might have missed or forgot about. You can always reload your save you made before General Gaius.

Upon completion of this Step, your will have earned the following:

An Impressive Display
Cutting it Close
Silence Those Guns
Blue Bomber
The Stuff of Legends

[PST Would Like To Thank cvalencia1 for this Roadmap]

Dust: An Elysian Tail Trophy Guide

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31 trophies ( 16  6  )

  • Unlock all other Trophies

    Just get all the other trophies and this shiny thing here is yours!

  • Completed 5 Sidequests

    For more information see Savior of Falana

  • Completed 10 Sidequests

    For more information see Savior of Falana

  • Completed 20 Sidequests

    There are 21 available side quests in the game. None of these quests are missable or will go away. They can be completed down to the very last minute before the final boss fight. Even if you are eager to beat the game, you can still reload a save to start from whenever you want. There is also 3 trophies that you will obtain during this part, 2 of which need to have extra attention put on them. Paragon and Renegade are trophies based on a choice you make during the Out to Dry side quest. The other trophy you will obtain is One Last Wish from completing Bopo's side quest, Snowflakes.

  • Successfully complete a 200+ hit combo

    For more information see That's More Like It

  • Successfully complete a 1000+ hit combo

    A lot of people like to get this one early on, if you choose to do so then here is a way to do it. If you mess up, then go to Options and reload the last checkpoint. This is in The Glade during the Prologue.

    Video Credit to me.

    If not, I found it easier in Chapter 3. At this area, if you mess up, go into the air tube and ride it to the top where you came from. Exit then re-enter the map to give it another shot.

    Video Credit to me.


    Do not level Fidget too much, as she will be your primary source of attacks. Use your preferred projectile and Aerial Dust Storm around enemies while trying to shoot some projectiles here and there. Once you run out of Energy for the projectiles, do some sword combos to refill it quickly and take to the air again. Do not keep the Dust Storm too long as that will end up hurting you and ruining your combo. Also, this ties into C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER side quest which is needed for a trophy.

  • Kill 500 Enemies

    This will come through natural progression of the game. Simply kill 500 enemies and the trophy is yours.

  • Unlock a Treasure Chest

    There are a number of Treasure Chests and Keys within the game. The first instance to obtain this would be as soon as you take control of Dust after the first talk with Ahrah and Fidget. Proceed to the left a bit and you will find a key needed to unlock Treasure Chests. After collecting the key, go out of the map to the right. Once you find your first Ability Orb and jump down to ground level, break the wall to your left and open the Treasure Chest with a QTE consisting of 5 buttons. If you mess up, you can retry with no penalty. Treasure in a map is indicated by a white circle. A while dot indicates there is no more treasure in the map.

  • Unlock a Cage and Rescue a Friend

    For more information see Baker's Dozen

  • Hang out with Twelve Friends in the Sanctuary

    This is one of the coolest things about this game. There are 12 characters from other games and you have to release them. Each cage takes 4 keys to open (for a grand total of 48 keys), with 7 QTE to pass before getting to see your friend. After the first one unlocked, you will receive the trophy Wait, aren't you...?. Once they are freed, they will go to an area on your map called Sanctuary. After freeing all 12 friends, go to the Sanctuary once more to have a dance party with your friends.

    Credit to cakechieveables for the video.

  • Use the DUST STORM on Fidget's Projectiles

    Once you meet enemies for the first time, hack and slash your way to the end of the map. In this next map will be a new Ability Orb giving you Dust Storm, there will then be a short cutscene showing how to use Fidget and Dust together in battle. After this cutscene, use and Hold to get this trophy.

  • Pick Up an Ability Orb

    Story related, can't be missed

    Once you gain control of Dust in the forest for the first time, go one map over to the right. After a few jump tutorials, Fidget will trigger a talk with you letting you know she has a 6th sense. Keep right and jump on the orb to gain the ability.

  • Level Up by Assigning Skill Gems

    This will likely come within the first 15 minutes of game play. Killing monsters, completing missions and in some cases talking to towns folk give you EXP. Once you level up for the first time, Fidget will talk to you, then you will be sent to the Skill menu. You can also manually access the skill menu with and moving over to skills. Use your skill gem on any attribute to receive the trophy.

  • Earn a Four-Star Rating in any Challenge Arena

    For more information see The Stuff of Legends

  • Earn a Four-Star Rating in EVERY Challenge Arena

    Though not too difficult, some of these challenges may pose to be a bit tough. Tips are Below:

    Learn the Arena. If you know what is coming up next, it will improve your time immensely. I recommend doing all these challenges at the end of the game, because some of the enemies in the time trail arenas are more over-powered than you might realize, cutting your time just a split-second too slow. If you happen to find them during the game, do a run through and at the end there are usually some good prizes.

    Credit to cakechieveables for the video.

  • Simultaneously Kill 6 Enemies with a Single Bomb

    A good place to get this would be in Chapter 1 in Abadis Forest. The area is a map consisting of a very long bridge with a few bombs spaced throughout. First what you'll want to do is run around and round up all the flying Avee's. Once you have a big pile of them flying around you, go near a bomb and use your Dust Storm to pick it. Have the group of enemies run into it and watch them all die. If it didn't pop, go out of the map and back in to retry. After 6 die at once, you will get your trophy.

  • Successfully Parry with less than 10% health remaining

    This trophy shouldn't be too hard. You might die a few times, but trail and error is key. It might happen throughout the game so you don't need to try to get it. Unless you want it faster. In which case, go for it! To parry an enemy, press and hold when an enemy is about to make contact with you. Once you parry the enemy and your health is below 10%, the trophy will pop immediately.

  • Craft an item from a blueprint

    Blueprints are dropped from enemies and Treasure Chests within the game, they have certain requirements in order to create the item. With any blueprint you currently own, go to Hailey in Archers' Pass (see The Blacksmith in Archers' Pass trophy for a bit more reference) and talk to her about making an item for you out of that chosen blueprint. Once the item is created, the trophy will pop.

  • Bug Matti

    This trophy requires you to talk to an NPC over and over again. Go to the Blacksmith in Archers' Pass. Hailey will be accompanied by her little brother Matti. Talk to his Grumpy Face 5 times to get this trophy.

  • Complete all Fale Quests

    The farthest right NPC in all of Aurora Village is Fale. He is in charge of making sure the towns guards are well equip to defend any attackers. Upon talking to him, he will ask you to collect certain items from certain enemies. There are 6 quests he will send you on. In all, you need to have collected 5 Imp Hides, 8 Beast Spears, 4 Slimy Spikes and 4 Slimy Coats, 2 Giant Rocks and 2 Giant Cores, 6 Avee Wings and 6 Avee Claws and 3 Florn Tentacles & 3 Florn Sparks to complete the trophy requirement.

  • Complete the Game on Tough or Hardcore setting

    To me the differences between Tough and Hardcore are big. If you want the Platinum at its easiest, play on Tough. If you like challenges and want to get that feeling of accomplishment, then try Hardcore. It's not overly difficult. Just remember to kill all enemies for the EXP to level up faster. Once you complete the game, the trophy will pop during the ending cutscene.

    Tips: I got through the majority of the game buying only "Mysterious Wall Chicken" from the merchant. They are cheapest for their worth. What I mean, you are getting more Health per coin used. Which is always helpful for when you need money to buy items or craft items. All enemy drops can be sold to the merchant and they will be "marked". Once they are "marked", the merchant will replenish his supply of the "marked" items. In case you need more enemy drops for those rare super equipment, they can be bought instead of grinded for.

    Also I had a lot of trouble with the Necromancers in Chapter 3 - Love. They summon zombies and Bomber zombies. In Hardcore, they seem to instant kill you so watch out for these Bombers. Necromancers cannot be physically attacked with Ahrah. You can only use Fidget's Projectiles. This can be especially hard if Fidget isn't leveled up too high. A good place to train to level up a bit is where I did the That's More Like It in Chapter 3 - Love. Nice bunch of enemies and good to train and restart map spawn by going up out of the airway.

  • Kill an enemy with the slide attack

    In Chapter 2 - Darkness, you will obtain slide attack through natural progression of the story. Once you obtain the skill, damage an enemy to very little health and then slide attack using to hit them multiple times to kill them with it. Once the enemy dies, the trophy will pop.

  • Fulfill Bopo's wish for snow

    During the Chapter 2 - Darkness, you will come across a child named Bopo. Once you defeat Lady Tethys, his side quest will open up for you to do. This requires finding a machine that will keep snow cooled in Chapter 4 - Revelation in the map Blackmoor Mountains.

    Credit to cakechieveables for the video.

  • You will meet a fellow named Avgustin in start of Chapter 1- Destiny in Aurora Village. He will ask you to go deliver a blueprint for him to the Blacksmith in Archers' Pass. Once leaving the village, use the to navigate to Archers' Pass. Keep making your way to the right and follow the trail of enemies in your way. Climb your way up to the top of the mountain by following the trail of Blombs and fall into the tube at the top. Once you hit the floor it will pop.

  • Destroy every enemy Cannon

    During Chapter 5 - Legend, you will be told to go take out cannons to help the troops from advancing. There are 4 total cannons. All of which are in the same area. 2 of them are in the same map. If you forget some then don't worry as you can just Reload your save.

    Credit to cakechieveables for the video.


Secret trophies

  • Defeated Fuse

    Story Related, can't be missed

    You will encounter Fuse in Chapter 1 - Destiny. After being sent to Abadis Forest to find out what is wrong with a neighboring village, you will find out a person named Fuse is the man causing all the chaos. Fuse has 3 attacks.

    Fuse will say "Dodge This!" indicating he will shoot fireballs out of his hands. Dodge by going to the other side or jumping on top of him. His next attack is "Swarm!" which means he will shoot green flames out of his hands and they will move in your direction. Simply attack him before he finishes the move. In the last one he will say "Ehraaa!" and summon down 3-4 vertical pillars to hurt you. Just stay in the open spaces and you should be fine. I had some trouble during this boss on Hardcore. Good luck!

  • Defeated Lady Tethys

    Story Related, can't be missed

    You will encounter Lady Tethys in Chapter 2 - Darkness. You will find a kid named Bopo that will lead you to his village. It is in need of water that Lady Tethys controls. You will need to go and speak with her and eventually defeat her. Lady Tethys has 2 attacks.

    If you are at a distance, she will throw up her hand and start to attempt to attack you with countdown projectiles. If caught by one, you will be damaged and lose the ability to use Fidget for a few seconds. Just move away for it to not hit you. If you get too close, she will swing at you with her arm blade. This does serious damage and try to avoid at all costs by dodging or Aerial Dust Storm away. I had a lot of trouble with her on Hardcore so beware. Good luck!

  • Defeated Baron Kane

    Story Related, can't be missed

    You will encounter Baron Kane in Chapter 3 - Love. The story with continue with seeing an old friend and helping them collect certain objects. Once you have collected all the objects, you will be able to confront him in battle. Baron Kane has 4 attacks.

    He can attack with a swift punch right below him. He can attack in a scoop style. He may put Fidget in a crystal and if too late, will silence her.. Not allowing you to use her in battle. He also has the ability to summon other zombies to the battleground. Watch out for the Big Bomb zombies. Their explosions can destroy your health in a split-second. Keep a close eye to where your going. Personally one of the easiest bosses of the game. Good luck!

  • Defeat General Gaius

    Story Related, can't be missed

    You will encounter General Gaius in Chapter 5 - Legend. The story at this point is at its highest and you can't wait to go beat General Gaius' butt! With a whole game of fighting and learning, you are ready to go and win this war. Now before you go off killing people. Make a save personally. It will help for future reference and any missed trophies. There are 4 different areas this boss battle gets taken to. Which means you will need to stock up on food to eat. Every time you take one of his health bars out, you will get some health back immediately. General Gaius has 4 different attacks.

    Each map he will start to use newer attacks. First he will dash back, then forward very quickly hitting anything in his path with massive damage. The second attack consists of jumping up, then slashing in a diagonal direction. For the final attack he will shoot out Dark orbs that will follow you then explode within a second. Dodge a lot. Use Fidget as much as you can. At this point in the game you know as much as I do. Good luck!

  • Opt out of putting poison ivy into Gianni's laundry


    This is obtained during the Out to Dry side quest that will be started from Colleen in the most right map of Aurora Village asking about seeing her brother, Corbin. After finding Corbin, he will go to town by himself and you will go retrieve the clothes for him. At this point right before you go to collect the clothes, save your game! This save will be needed to collect both Paragon and Renegade in one play through. Once you save and collect the clothes, mischievous Fidget will propose to throw them in a bush of poison ivy. Choose to not throw them in. Go to Gianni in the left most map of Aurora Village and talk with him and you will receive your trophy. See Renegade for more information on that trophy.

  • Reign chaos by putting poison ivy into Gianni's laundry


    For more information on the mission, see Paragon. Once you save and collect the clothes, mischievous Fidget will propose to throw them in a bush of poison ivy. Choose to throw them in and take revenge for him being mean to kids! Go to Gianni in the left most map of Aurora Village and talk with him and you will receive your trophy.

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