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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 53 (42, 8, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 25-30 hours. (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1.
  • Number of missable trophies: ALL non-story-related trophies are missable.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No.

Welcome back to Ximending, Taiwan, and rejoin a much more experienced Yumo and her cadre of Kunlunian God companions. Dusk Diver 2 picks up not long after the first game; developed by WANIN and published by Idea Factory and Justdan International, they've done a wonderful job at improving and adding so much more gameplay and combat depth, while keeping the same overall feel and vibe that made the first Dusk Diver so beloved. The story is initially quite similar; young, powerful Yumo uses her powers and companions to protect Ximending's residents by dispatching any Chaos Beasts that threaten the human realm, while dealing with the consequences of the worlds attempted merge in the previous game. However, that soon changes, and you find yourself up against some of the most powerful enemies and groups across every dimension.

While the sequel kept most of the original locations, bringing us back to the same map of Ximending (including the Tumaz Mart, the restaurants, and so on), there's a lot more to see now in many new locations. They've greatly expanded the Human Realm and Youshanding, and even brought us to Kunlun for the first time! You'll also be introduced to a host of new characters and you'll get to learn much more about Kunlun politics, other dimensions, and much more, as well as their part in this mess.

It cannot be stressed enough just how much more was added to this game in terms of gameplay mechanics, combat, locations, and even just overall story depth. Despite that, familiarity with the first will definitely give you an edge, as it serves as the core of the expanded mechanics.

It's truly a great game, and if you liked the first, you'll certainly love this one as well.

Human Realm Controls
dpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.png: Switch party members
ls.png (Press): Dash (Note: Does not cost anything, but cannot regen SP while dashing.)
tp.png: Map (Current location only)
Options: Main Menu

Youshanding (Battle) Controls:
square.png: Light Attack
triangle.png: Heavy Attack
circle.png: Signature Skill
cross.png: Jump
r1.png (Hold): View Special Skills
l1.png (Hold): View Items & Guardian Support Skill Options
r1.png + square.png / triangle.png / cross.png: Use set SP Skill
r1.png + circle.png: Use Burst
l1.png + square.png / triangle.png / cross.png: Use set Guardian Support Skill
l1.png + r1.png: Perform Break Strike
l1.png + dpad.png: Use item
l2.png: Lock-on
r2.png: Dodge
dpad_left.pngdpad_up.pngdpad_right.png: Switch party members
dpad_down.png: Switch Guardian tactics (AKA switching party members between Aggressive and Standby modes)
ls.png (Press): Dash
rs.png (Press): Reset Camera
tp.png: Map (Current location only)
Options: Main Menu

NOTE: See the Platinum Trophy (Professional Dusk Diver trophy_platinum.png) for some General Tips and Combat Tips for your game!

There is a lot more to do this time around, and story progression is the main driving force that unlocks all of the other side things. In addition, this time, there is no post-game free roam and no Chapter select, so pretty much every non-main quest trophy is missable. For the most part, each Chapter unlocks something. Firstly, you've got the basics that unlock at the start of every Chapter; in other words, you'll notice that every time you begin a new chapter, you'll get notifications that inform you of increases to the max Weapon RanksOrb Synthesis recipes, and/or Tumaz Mart item lists. Of those three, only the first changes every single Chapter; your max Weapon Rank is identical to your Chapter Number (e.g. in Chapter 10, you can upgrade your weapons to Rank 10). In addition to those, new side quests often unlock at the start of each Chapter or after major story developments, so make sure you check the map often. That includes all Human Realm maps, not just Ximending (i.e. including DadaochengClimax 508, and SCCP).

In general, unlocks are staggered in this game. There are several different kinds of collectibles this time, and they don't all unlock all at once. While the treasure chests (The Best Loot trophy_silver.png) appear from start to finish and don't need to be unlocked, Dragon Vein Shards (More Precious Than Diamonds trophy_silver.png) don't appear until they are unlocked in Chapter 4, and same goes for Yawen's Outfit Design Pages (Fashionista trophy_silver.png), which are unlocked in Chapter 5Free exploration to find said collectibles also opens up at the same time.

In general, you will end up returning to (almost) every location at least once as part of doing the side quests. However, that doesn't mean you should always wait for a quest to take you back to a certain location. When you can, with free exploration unlocked, you should take the time to revisit old areas and clean up collectibles.

For the most part though, to cut-down on any clean up time required later on, there are two main things you should keep in mind as you play; firstly, the food items and Gourmet Cards for Foodie trophy_silver.png; and secondly, the cash requirements for The First Million trophy_bronze.png and Fashionista trophy_silver.png.

1. Keep track of your Gourmet Cards & always carry AT LEAST 2 of every food item in the game (Foodie trophy_silver.png)
The food items are a unique mix of collectible and mechanic. Food buffs are an integral part of Dusk Diver's combat, but you've also got a trophy that makes things a little bit more complicated. Starting from Chapter 1, you'll be given "Gourmet Cards". These act as stamp cards that essentially force you to try every single meal in the game once.

When you're given a card, it has 10 food items that you must eat to get a stamp. To see the required food items, go to Menu > Quest > tab over to Collection Quests. Once you've got all 10, you can hand it in to May and get a new one! However, these are not cumulative; whether or not you've previously eaten that specific food item doesn't matter.

Each card has 10 food items you have to eat, after which you can turn it in for a new card. Thankfully, most food items can be bought as "take-out" and held in your inventory to eat later, except for 5 must eat-IN restaurants. For the Platinum, you'll have to complete 10 of these Cards (Foodie trophy_silver.png), so it is highly, highly recommended that you make stops at every vendor and buy at least 2 of each and every food item in the game as you pass them, and always replenish any non-card-related meals. Because they don't count if you ate them prior to getting that card, you're obviously going to find yourself constantly running back and forth with every new card, trying to find and eat all of the required items. Plus, don't forget, you have a "hunger" bar and have a maximum amount of food you can eat at once. This depends on your number of party members; if you have all 5 party members with you, you'll have a max of 5 bars. If you only have Yumo, then you'll have a max of 1 bar.

If you are prepared beforehand and have the majority of the items on you, it will make everything so much easier and will drastically cut down on the amount of time required. It will also hopefully prevent the need to grind later on.

2. Save your materials & money until you've found all of the Outfit Designs:
To save yourself some time later on, save up the majority of your materials and money as you play. Only sell/spend what you need to purchase food (and maybe a couple outfits you really want). That way, once you've collected all of the Outfit Design pages and have completed the necessary quests (probably around Chapter 11), you can make a save, sell everything in one go to reach $1 million (The First Million trophy_bronze.png), use that money to buy all of the Outfits (Fashionista trophy_silver.png), and once you've got both trophies in hand, reload the save. Now you can sell as much of the materials as you want and do whatever you want with the money. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to grind for materials to reach the 1 million dollar mark, as it's not a cumulative trophy; you have to have that much at once to get the trophy.

Step 1: Play the game until Chapter 11 & complete all Side Quests as they unlock.
For the most part, everything is rather straight forward. It's a linear game story-wise, but there is still a lot to do on the side. There are 60 side quests in total, and several of them are missable. Unfortunately, you're never told which ones that is, so your best bet is to always complete them as they appear. Remember, side quests also appear in the other Human Realm areas (i.e. Dadaocheng, Climax 508, and SCCP), not just Ximending. At the beginning of every Chapter and after every major story development, make sure you always check the Map for each area to see if any new side quests have appeared. You should also take advantage of free exploration once it unlocks to return to each area and grab the collectibles.

Other than that, again, the only other things to really keep in mind as you play are the two main points specified above regarding Food and Gourmet Cards, and money and Outfits.

Aside from the missable side quests, nothing else is missable until Chapter 11.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Get Your Basics Straight! trophy_bronze.png 
Diligent Training trophy_bronze.png 
Good Samaritan trophy_bronze.png 
Today You, Tomorrow Me trophy_bronze.png 
Friendly Neighborhood Diver trophy_bronze.png 
Rookie Training trophy_bronze.png 
Daily Life trophy_bronze.png 
Overture trophy_bronze.png 
Welcome to this Crazy City trophy_bronze.png 
Indicator trophy_bronze.png 
Back to the Backyard trophy_bronze.png 
Masquerade Party trophy_bronze.png 
Teenagers' Blues trophy_bronze.png 
Inquiry for Truth trophy_bronze.png 
Salvage, Sally trophy_bronze.png 
Elysium trophy_bronze.png 
The Evil Within trophy_bronze.png 
Welcome to the Tumaz Secret Store! trophy_bronze.png 
Orb Roulette trophy_bronze.png 
Eat Your Heart Out trophy_bronze.png 
Window of Opportunity trophy_bronze.png 
Offense Is the Greatest Defense trophy_bronze.png 
Concentrated Fire trophy_bronze.png 
You Let Your Guard Down! trophy_bronze.png 
Transformation Sequence trophy_bronze.png 
Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png 
Changing It Up trophy_bronze.png 
For Adults and Children trophy_bronze.png 
Top Real Estate trophy_bronze.png 
Creator's Market? trophy_bronze.png 
Sunset at the Pier trophy_bronze.png 
Treasure Hunter trophy_bronze.png 
The Best Loot trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: Stop in Chapter 11 to clean-up any remaining collectibles, side quests, & trophies.
Once you're a little ways into Chapter 11, after the red fissures spawn outdoors (see Dimensional Fissure Master trophy_silver.png) and you defeat that Chapter's boss, you will have unlocked every location, weapon rank (see Ultimate Craftsman trophy_silver.png), collectible type, and much more. At this point, you will have unlocked and have access to pretty much everything in the game. As there is no post-game free roam, this is the time to clean up any remaining trophies you have, especially any collectible-related ones.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you make a save here to keep on the side before moving on to the next step. If you missed anything and don't have a save to return to, you'll have to start all over again.

If you have not already done so, visit each area in Youshanding to collect all remaining collectibles (Shards & Outfits). Since every location is now available to you, you might have some left over in places that previously had closed-off sections, such as Civic Boulevard. Another ones you might be missing are the ones found in The Mazes (AKA The Traps) found in both the SCCP Underground Passage and Beimen Passage.

You will likely have to grind out a couple Gourmet Cards, and, depending on your playstyle, you might have a couple combat counter-related trophies left to do, such as completing 50 Counterattacks. The easiest way to get those is to use the many Possessed scattered all around Ximending, as they will continue to respawn no matter what, and they're usually quite easy. They often come with a wave of smaller enemies which are really easy to get Counterattacks and Just Dodges on. Because you have a limit of how much food you can eat at once, you can combine these two trophies, using the Possessed to quickly reduce your hunger bars to be able to eat more food again.

Additionally, if you have yet to earn Tough Opponents trophy_silver.png (reach a combined level of 300), now is the time to grind that out. Just like the others above, the easiest way to do this, assuming you've completed all of the quests, is by grinding Possessed encounters. Alternatively, if that gets a little boring, you can head out to a place like Civic Boulevard, which has loads of encounters, large waves, and several large elite beasts. Hopefully you should be quite close to it though, assuming you leveled up your party as well rather than focusing solely on Yumo.

By the end of this step, you should have:
  1. Closed all 11 Red Dimensional Fissures (Dimensional Fissure Master trophy_silver.png)
  2. Collected all 100 Dragon Vein Shards ​​(More Precious Than Diamonds trophy_silver.png)
  3. Collected and purchased all 61 Outfit Designs​​​ (Fashionista trophy_silver.png)
  4. Completed all 60 Side Quests​​​​ (Youshanding's Jack of All Trades trophy_gold.png)
  5. Completed all 10 Gourmet Cards (Foodie trophy_silver.png)
  6. Collected and saved enough materials to sell for $1 million dollars. (The First Million trophy_bronze.png)
  7. Upgraded all 5 characters' Weapons to Rank 12: Yumo, Leo, Bahet, Le Viada, and D.D. (Ultimate Craftsman trophy_silver.png)

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Tough Opponents trophy_silver.png
A Little Too Heavy... trophy_bronze.png 
TV Taught Me How to Fight trophy_bronze.png 
Explosions Are Power! trophy_bronze.png 
Rock Never Dies trophy_bronze.png 
Walking Bombshell trophy_bronze.png 
Starfall Slash! trophy_bronze.png 
Youshanding's Jack of All Trades trophy_gold.png 
Dimensional Fissure Master trophy_silver.png 
Top Craftsman trophy_bronze.png 
Ultimate Craftsman trophy_silver.png 
This Is...?! trophy_bronze.png 
The First Million trophy_bronze.png 
Foodie trophy_silver.png 
Fashionista trophy_silver.png 
More Precious Than Diamonds trophy_silver.png 

Step 3: Defeat the final boss & complete the game!
As pretty much everything is missable, it's STRONGLY recommended that you keep at least 1 save during Chapter 11 on the side, because of the lack of free roam.

Once you've finished gathering all collectibles and completing all of the side quests and activities, complete Chapter 11 by resting via the Lounge Door, and continue and finish the main story with Chapter 12. When that's done, if you've successfully finished everything else and have collected all of the necessary gallery items, you'll get the Platinum once the game's over. Congratulations!

If you're still missing anything, you're much better off returning to that save made in Chapter 11 to figure it out from there, otherwise you'll need to start all over with New Game+.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Yes, We're Villains trophy_bronze.png 
Never Give Up trophy_silver.png 
Perfectionist trophy_gold.png 
Professional Dusk Diver trophy_platinum.png 

Step 4: Return to Chapter 11 Save to Clean up anything missed (Optional)

If for whatever reason you still missed something, hopefully you kept your save in Chapter 11, so that you can now return to it to grab whatever you missed, such as not having enough counterattacks, or not finishing all 10 Gourmet Cards, or if you completed the game and somehow did not get the Perfectionist trophy_gold.png trophy for finding all Illustrations.

Step 5: Play New Game+ (Optional)
If you feel like continuing, once you've completed the game for the first time, you'll unlock New Game+. You'll also get a few new party members (surprise!) at the very beginning in Bette, Raven, and Vandak, so there is some replayability value here.

NOTE: New Game+ is not at all required for the Platinum. Every single trophy is meant to be completed in your first playthrough. While there are a few trophies that you can complete in NG+, it shouldn't be necessary. You might need to grind a few things in Chapter 11 before finishing the game (see Step 4), but it's much better to do so in Chapter 11, because a lot of things do not carry over to NG+. For example, all Side Quests are reset. It's unconfirmed whether combat counters (such as the number of CounterattacksJust DodgesBursts, etc. performed) carry over or not.

Dusk Diver 2 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

53 trophies ( 42  20  )

  • Thank you for playing Dusk Diver 2!

    Congratulations! You've earned all the trophies and saved the Human Realm once more.

    • Try not to concentrate all of your levels on one character. You're going to need to reach a combined 300 levels, so if you only focus on Yumo, you're going to have to spend a lot of time grinding to level the others up by the time you finish the game. You can easily have Yumo at level 85 for example, and still have the others at around level 40-50 by the end of Chapter 12.
    • Food buffs are very important in this game. The majority of items are take-out meals, meaning you can purchase them and keep them in your inventory to use later on at your leisure. Because of that, there's really no reason why you shouldn't have food buffs running at all times. There are buffs for almost everything, including strength/damage dealt, critical rate, EXP bonuses, item drop rate, Wafer drop rate, and more.
    • Purchase at least 2 of every food item in the game and keep them on you. This will greatly cut down on time running back and forth every time you're given a new Gourmet Card.
    • Complete side quests as they appear, and take the time to explore every location you unlock using free exploration. There are many instances where you won't be able to explore the full location during the main quest, but if you return to said location after the quest is over, you'll be able to access the rest of it to grab the remaining collectibles. Additionally, don't forget, both the collectibles and free exploration in general only unlock around Chapter 5, so there will be new collectibles in old locations that you might not get if you don't choose to go back on your own.
    • You might notice an "Important Items" tab at the end of your inventory. Unfortunately, the game never mentions these, and so far, there does not seem to be any way to use them. They might come into play in NG+, but that's currently unknown and only a guess.

    • You'll quickly notice that Dusk Diver 2 greatly expanded combat mechanics, even introducing equipment into the mix. In addition, instead of a few combat moves, you now have a plethora of options when it comes to abilities and skills. Your Guardians are also much more involved now. Where the previous game only allowed you to use them in a skill or two, this time you have the ability to play as and control any member of your party. This allows you to choose what playstyle you prefer, because each party member has their very own unique style. Give each of them a try to decide which you like best.
      • Yumo's style is primarily focused on fast-paced melee combat and melee combos. She has a list of different punching and kicking abilities and her style really flows nicely, where you're able to go from combo to combo to skill rather seamlessly. She's probably the strongest overall.
      • Leo's style is the slow-but-heavy-hitting type. His animations are much slower however, thus leaving you more open to getting attacked, so just be wary of that.
      • Bahet is more long-rage, multi-enemy attacks, and is good for CC (crowd control). He's incredibly useful in situations with large enemy groups and multiple waves. Using his special Cyclone Slash attack allows you to round numerous enemies up and you can practically spam the ability, keeping them perpetually stun-locked. If you have decent Mind, SP bars, and SP Recovery levels, you can use Cyclone Slash practically non-stop without needing to stop and recover SP, because you'll get a lot back just from using the attack on so many enemies at once.
      • Le Viada has the longest range of the bunch as all of her attacks mostly use firearms. However, this also means that she becomes extremely vulnerable in close range. She also seems to be the weakest of the bunch, but she does have her uses, especially in situations where you cannot get close to your enemy.
      • Lastly, D.D.'s style is very similar to Yumo's, but her sword and kicks add a unique complexity, as does her "Awakened" mechanic. If you can learn to master her timing, especially when it comes to the special bomb that you can trigger at the end of every single skill, she can be a very useful combatant.
    • Not only does each character have their own playstyle, but each also has their own Status Effect that they can deal with some of their attacks:
      • Yumo has attacks that leave her enemies Electrified. While applied, the effect has a chance to damage and interrupt enemy actions.
      • Leo has some attacks and ammunition that can cause the Burning effect. This lowers enemy defense by 50% and makes them more prone to Break status.
      • Bahet has a special two-step status ailment: His attacks that use his scythe (e.g. C Slash, for one) can apply the Lacerate effect. This makes enemies suffer armor-ignoring damage over time. However, if Bahet uses a Sound Wave ability on a Lacerated enemy, it will trigger a Sonic Boom.
      • Le Viada's water attacks causes the Water Shackle ailment, which cripples an enemy's movement speed.
    • However, it's also important to note that these same status ailments can be applied to you as well, usually by specific bosses or a few elite enemies.
    • Learn the characters' combo skills! They can be just as useful as SP Skills, but they're free to use as they don't require any resources like SP.
    • Two of Yumo's starting SP Skills are some of her best, and you can easily complete the game focusing on those two primarily:
      • Shining Rush comes with an incredible feature: Any critical strike will always cause a Wall Launch. If you get Yumo's critical rate to 20%+ and above, you can practically spam this ability and get Wall Launches a majority of the time, which does a lot of damage. At higher levels, you can kill normal enemies in 1 Wall Launch.
      • Lightning Kick is probably the only attack in the whole game that stuns enemies and interrupts their attacks. Not only that, but it's a guaranteed interruption. If you see an enemy about to perform a Crimson Strike for example and you don't want to stop attacking, using her Lightning Kick will automatically interrupt their attack, preventing you from getting hit.
    • Unfortunately, you cannot stop animations mid-way, so slower attacks leave you open to getting hit very often. Keep that in mind when using slower characters like Leo and Le Viada.
    • Although you will have to perform 50 Counterattacks for the trophies (Offense Is the Greatest Defense trophy_bronze.png), generally speaking, Just Dodges are much easier to use. If you don't keep it in mind and purposefully remember to use them, you may find yourself needing to grind Counterattacks out towards the end of the game to get the trophy. However, if you can practice it and get used to using them more often, they can be quite helpful. Probably the best Signature Skill to use for Counterattacks is Bahet's, which you'll earn from doing his first Companion Quest (Bahet's Problem 1).
    • Certain Orbs are obviously more important than others. 
      • Clearly Attack Orbs are probably the first ones you'll go for, but there are also a couple other offensive Orbs that can come in handy. Something you probably won't get until the second half of the game, Armor Penetration Orbs (pretty much what it sounds like; increases Break power) and Execution Orbs (increases attack power of finishers by 50%) are a couple decent options.
      • The healing-related Orbs (especially the Healing Orb: Heal X HP per second; and the First Aid Orb: Heal X% of HP after each kill) are extremely useful. Using those are really all you need to stay alive for the most part, and you'll probably rarely, if ever, need to use HP Potions.
        • It's also highly suggested to put Healing Orbs on your party members, because they too take damage, even when you're not controlling them. Using such Healing Orbs will prevent them from dying and prevent you from needing to use HP Potions on them.
  • Leveled up for the first time.

    See Tough Opponents trophy_silver.png for more information on attributes and levels. 

    You'll be able to get this really early on, in the Prologue or beginning of Chapter 1. Whenever you get enough EXP for the first time, just open the Main Menu (press Options) > choose Battle Prep > select Level Up > scroll to whatever attribute you want to upgrade and press dpad_right.png on it, then cross.png to confirm. Once you upgrade any attribute for the first time, the trophy will pop.
  • Everybody's level has surpassed 300.


    Despite what the trophy description sounds like, you do not have to level every character to level 300 (thankfully!). In fact, the maximum for any character is Level 100. Instead, you must reach a combined level of 300, when adding all party members' levels together.

    "Levels" are done a little differently in this game. Here, you'll use your EXP to increase a specific attribute, such as Strength, Stamina (HP), and more (see below for a list). Each time you put a point in and increase an attribute, you gain a level. Each Attribute has a maximum of 20 levels, but you don't have enough levels to completely fill out the entire attribute sheet. There are 7 Attributes, so to max everything, you'd need 140 levels. As mentioned above however, Level 100 is the max for every character. Therefore, you'll have to prioritize and decide which attributes are the most important for that character.

    Note: If you have trouble with this, it might be easier to do in NG+, because you gain an additional 3 party members. Since it's levels that matter and not total EXP spent, and the first 20 or so levels are quite easy to earn, it may be easier to reach a combined 300 levels. That said, you really shouldn't have that much of a problem getting this as long as you level up the rest of your party as well, rather than focusing solely on Yumo.

    1. Strength: Attack power (Scales with your weapon)
    2. Endurance: Defense/Damage reduction (Scales with your equipment)
    3. Stamina: Max Health Points
    4. Mind: Increases the number of SP bars; add 1 SP bar to the SP gauge at Mind Lv. 6, 12, & 20 
      1. (Also slightly increases SP Recovery rate.)
    5. Metabolic: SP Recovery rate (Not including cooldown time)
    6. Power: Burst ( r1.png + circle.png ) duration
    7. Luck: Critical rate and drop rate
    As is expected, you'll use Experience Points (EXP) to upgrade/level up, which you'll earn from several different sources. Of course, completing quests and killing enemies are the primary and most obvious sources, but you'll also earn EXP from eating each food item for the first time. This exp bonus can be small, but can even go as high as 1,000 EXP. You will have to eat each dish once anyway though, as part of the Gourmet Cards for the Foodie trophy_silver.png trophy.

    It's important to note that your EXP point pool is shared across all characters. You'll have to use the same EXP pool to level Leo, for example, that you use to level Yumo. This means you'll have to use strategy and to prioritize, and that you'll have to postpone leveling Yumo at times to upgrade the other characters as well.

    In addition, the way you upgrade, or rather the EXP cost, is also a little different. In the previous game, each stat category had their own EXP cost per upgrade level. That's no longer the case here. Instead, no matter what stat you choose for that level, it will cost the same amount. Instead, each time you upgrade any attribute, the EXP cost increases. Here's an example to explain what this means:
    1. For your very first upgrade, whether you put the upgrade point in Strength, Stamina, etc., it will cost you 100 EXP. Let's say you put your point in Strength.
    2. For your second upgrade, no matter where you put it, even if you put it in Stamina this time, it will cost you 200 EXP. In other words, even if you upgrade a different attribute than the previous one, the EXP cost will still increase.
    3. Your third upgrade will cost you 300 EXP. And so on...
    However, the cost increase isn't always uniform. Once you reach Level 10 (i.e. you have upgraded stats a combined total of 10 times), it begins to change. From Level 10 to Level 15, the levels/upgrades will cost you 1000 EXP each, rather than continuing to increase per level. Once you reach Level 15the EXP cost will begin increasing again, first to 1200, then 1300, and so on.

    • Levels 1–10: 100 > 200 > 300 > 400 > 500 > 600 > 700 > 800 > 900 > 1000
    • Levels 11–15: 1,000 each
    • Levels 16–20: 1,200 each
    • Level 21: 1,300
    • Levels 22–25: 1,200 each
    • Levels 26–30: 1,300 each
    • Levels 31–40: 1,500 each
    • Levels 41–50: 1,700 each
    • Levels 51–61: 2,000 each
    • Level 62–71: 2,500 each
    • Level 72–81: 3,000 each
    • Levels 82–83: 4,000 each
    • Levels 84–85: 5,000 each
    • Levels 86–87: 6,000 each
    • Level 88: 7,000
    • Level 89: 8,000
    • Levels 90–91: 9,000 each
    • Level 92: 10,000
    • Level 93: 11,000
    • Level 94: 12,000
    • Level 95: 13,000
    • Level 96: 14,000
    • Level 97: 15,000
    • Level 98: 16,000
    • Level 99: 17,000
    • Level 100: 18,000
    LEVEL 100 – TOTAL EXP COST: 323,800
  • Strengthened a skill for the first time.

    This is a rather simple trophy wherein all you have to do is to upgrade any skill on any character for the first time. However, you won't be able to do this until the beginning of Chapter 8, when you're able to upgrade your weapons to Rank 8. Once a character's weapon is at Rank 8, you'll be able to upgrade all 3 of that character's original SP skills.

    All skills in this game unlock depending on your weapon rank, not your level. (See Top Craftsman trophy_bronze.png for more about weapon ranks.) Each character has Combo Skills and SP Skills that you can spend Wafers to purchase depending on your weapon rank. Combo Skills typically unlock every few levels starting from the beginning, but new SP Skills can't be purchased until Rank 8 and on.

    To upgrade (or purchase a new) skill, press Options to open the Menu > go to Battle Prep > click Learn Skills > scroll down past the Combo Skills to the yellow blocks, where you can upgrade the already-owned SP Skills. For the first 3, they'll cost either 4000 or 6000 Wafers.
  • Cleared a sidequest for first time.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You'll get this one automatically as part of the story in Chapter 2. See Youshanding's Jack of All Trades trophy_gold.png for more about Side Quests.

    What's important to know is that some side quests are missable; some have a time limit, where you can no longer complete them past a certain point in terms of game/story progression and thus fail them. Because you have to complete all side quests, not just a certain number of them, that means you'd have to start a brand new playthrough and complete all of them all over again. Because of that, it's highly recommended that you always attempt to do the side quests as soon as you get them, or as soon as you possibly can to prevent missing any.
  • Cleared 15 sidequests.


    See Youshanding's Jack of All Trades trophy_gold.png for more about Side Quests.
  • Cleared 30 sidequests.


    See Youshanding's Jack of All Trades trophy_gold.png for more about Side Quests.
  • Cleared all the sidequests.


    There are a total of 60 Side Quests in the game, and you'll have to complete them all for this trophy. If you do them as they become available and don't let them wait, you'll get this trophy during Chapter 11, which is when the last few side quests unlock.

    Side quests in general will first unlock at the very beginning of Chapter 2, "Overture." After you meet Bette for the first time, the next time you exit the Tumaz Mart, you'll automatically run into a young boy who is complaining about a stolen toy, and you will automatically pick up the side quest, "The Stolen Model." From that point on, every time you return to Ximending after a quest, you should check the map to see if there are any new side quests available; they'll be marked with a solid, dark orange/brown diamond with a ?. (The icon for objectives within a side quest is a similar diamond, but only has an orange outline rather than solid color. See examples below.)

    In addition to normal side quests, there are also a handful of Companion Side Quests. These quests, marked with a green diamond (see below), are special quests given to you by your party members. Some go more into detail about their past, whereas others are bonding episodes, and so on. Some of these quests, specifically a character's 1st and 3rd Companion Quest, give you special rewards: a new skill (see the table below). Some of these Companion Quests are MISSABLEespecially Nemea's, so you should try to do these as soon as they appear.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you complete ALL available Side Quests by Chapter 8 (see Inquiry for Truth trophy_bronze.png), because some of them will no longer be able to be picked up or completed once you begin Chapter 9. If you miss those, you would have to begin a whole new playthrough to be able to complete all quests to get this trophy.

    Side quests are not only found in Ximendingside quests can be found in any location in the Human Realm. As you progress further into the game, you'll visit more areas. There are 4 Human Realm areas in total, all of which can contain side quests: XimendingDadaochengClimax 508 Building, and SCCP. You are not notified when new side quests appear, so make sure you're checking their maps as well. You cannot do so through the Map shortcut (i.e. the touchpad Touch Pad), but you can through the Menu Map. Press Options to open the Menu and select Map. From there, you'll be able to view the map for any area you've previously visited/unlocked. Any location listed under "Taipei" can have side quests, vendors, collectibles, and so on.


    Ximending Side Quests: [TOTAL: 38]
    Note: The below is listed in the in-game list order, not chronologically.
    • Leo's Past * — Chapter 5
    • Leo's Past 2 — Chapter 8
    • Leo's Past 3 ** — Chapter 11
    • Bahet's Problem * — Chapter 6
    • Bahet's Problem 2 — Chapter 8
    • Bahet's Problem 3 ** — Chapter 11
    • Viada's Situation * — Chapter 5
    • Viada's Situation 2 — Chapter 8
    • Viada's Situation 3 ** — Chapter 11
    • The Daily Life of Yusha — Chapter 2
    • The Non-Daily Life of Yusha — Chapter 3
    • Fruits and Ninjas — Chapter 4
    • Boss' Ambition * — Chapter 5
    • Nemea's Playground — Chapter 6 [MISSABLE after Chapter 8]
    • Nemea and the Kitten — Chapter 7 [MISSABLE after Chapter 8]
    • D.D.'s Break Time — Chapter 11
    • Hesperia's Ambition — Chapter 11
    • The Stolen Model (Story-related) — Chapter 2
    • Tumaz Mart Delivery Service (Story-related) — Chapter 2
    • Floret's Council Support — Chapter 2
    • Floret's Council Support 2 *** — Chapter 5
    • Floret's Council Support 3 — Chapter 8
    • Yawen and Little Lady — Chapter 6
    • Yawen and Little Lady 2 *** — Chapter 7
    • Michael's Speakers 2 *** — Chapter 8
    • Skyscraper Security Guards *** — Chapter 5
    • Skyscraper Security Guards 2 — Chapter 11
    • Viada's New Menu Development — Chapter 5
    • History of the Red House — Chapter 3
    • Traditional Patterns — Chapter 6
    • Ballpoint Pen and Love — Chapter 3
    • Science and Love — Chapter 4
    • Health and Love — Chapter 5
    • The Patriot's Task — Chapter 7
    • The Patriot's Task 2 — Chapter 8
    • Ai's Trouble — Chapter 2
    • Ai's Trouble 2 — Chapter 4
    • Ai's Trouble 3 — Chapter 5
    Dadaocheng Side Quests: [TOTAL: 10]
    • Lost and Found *** — Chapter 5
    • Emily's Travel Memories — Chapter 5
    • Emily's Travel Memories 2 — Chapter 6
    • Emily's Travel Memories 3 — Chapter 7
    • Yongle Fabric Store *** — Chapter 8
    • A Request From the City God Temple — Chapter 5
    • A Request From the City God Temple 2 — Chapter 11
    • The Lost Shipment — Chapter 7
    • The Unusual Dimension Fissure — Chapter 7
    • Post Office Collection *** — Chapter 7
    Climax 508 Side Quests: [TOTAL: 4]
    • Missing Children — Chapter 6
    • Daily Life in Entertainment — Chapter 4
    • Daily Life in Entertainment 2 *** — Chapter 7
    • Tourist Assistance 3 — Chapter 11
    SCCP Side Quests: [TOTAL: 8]
    • Michael's Speakers *** — Chapter 5
    • Richard's SCCP Travelogue — Chapter 4
    • Richard's SCCP Travelogue 2 — Chapter 6
    • Richard's SCCP Travelogue 3 — Chapter 8
    • Exhibition's Difficulties — Chapter 4
    • Exhibition's Difficulties 2 — Chapter 7
    • Tourist Assistance — Chapter 5
    • Tourist Assistance 2 — Chapter 7

    * NOTE: Each Guardian's first Companion Quest rewards Yumo with a new equippable Signature Skill. To equip it, go to Menu > Battle Prep > Set Skills > Yumo > Scroll to last skill option (which is for the circle.png button) and press cross.png to select a new one.

    ** NOTE: Each Guardian's third Companion Quest rewards that companion with their own Burst EX ability and a new SP Skill. Additionally, each one has a trophy for completing it.

    *** NOTE: There are several quests that have pre-requisites for either completing them or unlocking them entirely.
    1. Must complete another side quest ("Michael's Speakers") to complete "Floret's Council Support 2".
    2. Must complete the "Floret's Council Support 2" side quest to begin "Michael's Speakers 2".
    3. The "Yongle Fabric Store" side quest begins as part of the "Yawen and Little Lady 2" side quest.
    4. The "Skyscraper Security Guards 2" side quest begins as part of the "Lost and Found" side quest.
    5. Must complete another side quest ("Post Office Collection") to complete "Daily Life in Entertainment 2".
  • Completed the controls tutorial.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You'll get this trophy automatically upon completing the game's tutorial Prologue.

    When you begin the game, you start out in Kunlun, training in a special module. This section is just an introduction to your abilities and a tutorial on the different controls, attacks, and various combat mechanics.

    Note: In NG+, the game offers you the chance to skip this control tutorial entirely.
  • Encountered a Possessed for the first time.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You'll get this automatically as part of the main quest, early on during Chapter 2, "Overture". The "Possessed" are normal people who live in Ximending who somehow got possessed by a Chaos Beast. They're quite obvious, as you'll notice that they have a lot of phantom-like black shadows surrounding them. When you get too close to one, you'll immediately be pulled into a small Youshanding pocket (basically similar to games that have specific battle screens like old Final Fantasies, rather than out in the world) where you'll fight a small handful of Chaos Beasts.

    NOTE: Although this is the only trophy directly for killing Possessed citizens, you'll have to kill 100 Possessed for the Collection Quest, "Abbot's Chaos Beast Dispatch", which you'll automatically get in Chapter 4 upon unlocking the Ritual locator. (Thankfully, any Possessed you killed prior to receiving the side quest will still count towards it.)

    Although the Possessed stop showing up on your map later on, once you unlock the "Ritual" feature in Chapter 4, you'll be able to Pray at the Temple once per Chapter to perform a "Ritual", which will mark the location of certain special Possesseds on your map. These are higher leveled Possessed that give more and better rewards.
  • Closed all red dimensional fissures.


    In Chapter 11 (Yes, We're Villains trophy_bronze.png), 10 red dimensional fissures form all around the Human Realm. When you enter these fissures, you'll face a few of the largest and toughest enemies there are. It's essentially like a Special Possessed on crack. However, the rewards can be just as huge; most of them will drop Level 40 Gear Items that have 3-4 high-leveled attributes, as well as 3 slots, so the equipment rewards definitely makes it worth doing, even if they weren't required for the Platinum. Getting these items will also allow you to complete the A Little Too Heavy... trophy_bronze.png trophy (to equip 9 slots worth of Orbs on one character).

    This can be a very tricky trophy if you're not following a guide, because the fissures do not appear until you're right up on them. You have to be super close for them to show, so it's incredibly easy to miss them and spend hours searching. The Ximending Movie Theater one and the SCCP one in particular are the two most people will miss, especially the former.


    XIMENDING [Video Timestamp0:20]:
    1. Fissure #1 [0:35]: Right in front of the Tumaz Mart.
    2. Fissure #2 [3:30]: In the middle at the very top of the map, right in front of the large Hesperia cylinder. 
    3. Fissure #3 [5:00]: In front of The Red House at the bottom of the map.
    4. Fissure #4 [7:38]: By the movie theater, near the subway/across from The Red House. You have to walk all the way up against the wall of the movie theater for the fissure to show.
      • Note: This one is the major pain to find if you don't already know it's there.

    DADAOCHENG [Video Timestamp9:15]:
    1. Fissure #5 [9:25]: Right at the entrance, ahead of the MRT Station.
    2. Fissure #6 [10:45]: Across from the Xiahai City God Temple.
    3. Fissure #7 [12:55]: A little to the north-east of the previous one.

    CLIMAX 508 [Video Timestamp14:50]:
    1. Fissure #8 [15:10]: By the entrance, right next to the subway.
    2. Fissure #9 [18:52]: By the 508 statue.

    SCCP [Video Timestamp20:30]:
    1. Fissure #10 [20:46]: Along the water pools on the left side. 
      • Note: This one in particular will only show up when you're immediately in front of it.
  • Shopped at the Tumaz Secret Store for the first time.

    Despite what the name makes it sound like, the "Secret Store" is just the Tumaz Mart store, wherein you can purchase consumable items, synthesize Orbs, and upgrade your weapons. To get this trophy, simply purchase any consumable item from the store (such as a HP Capsule or a SP Stimpack, etc.) at any time and it will pop. The earliest you can do this is at the start of Chapter 1. Don't forget, you can also access the Tumaz Secret Store from any Save Point (AKA Safe Zone) in the game.

    Note: Rather than using normal cash, Tumaz Mart items cost Wafers instead. In this game, the only things you'll use normal currency for are food items from vendors, and Outfit items from the Little Lady outfit store.

    In the beginning of the game, the selection of items on sale is quite small, but as you progress through the main story, more items will be added. Here is a list of all items you can purchase from the store as well as the Chapter in which they unlock:

    • NAME [Number of this item you can carry at a time] — Item Effect [Wafer Cost]

    • HP Capsule (S) [7] – Restores 30% HP. [Cost: 100 Wafers]
    • SP Stimpack (S) [7] – Increases SP regen rate by 300% for 15 sec. [Cost: 100 Wafers]
    • Revive Crystal [5] – Instantly returns a fallen companion to life. [Cost: 1200 Wafers]
    • HP Capsule (M) [5] – Restores 60% HP. [Cost: 250 Wafers]
    • SP Stimpack (M) [5] – Increases SP regen rate by 300% for 30 sec. [Cost: 200 Wafers]
    • BP Dose (S) [5] – Restores 1 BP. [Cost: 600 Wafers]
    • Bandage [5] – Removes all harmful effects. [Cost: 200 Wafers]
    • HP Capsule (L) [3] – Restores 100% HP. [Cost: 500 Wafers]
    • SP Stimpack (L) [3] – Increases SP regen rate by 300% for 45 sec. [Cost: 300 Wafers]
    • Assault Talisman [3] – Increases attack power by 10% for 90 sec. [Cost: 1000 Wafers]
    • Ironguard Talisman [3] – Increases defense by 10% for 90 sec. [Cost: 1000 Wafers]
    • SP Power Patch [1] – All SP Skills are free to cast for the next 20 sec. [Cost: 2000 Wafers]
    • BP Dose (L) [3] – Restores 3 BP. [Cost: 1000 Wafers]
    • Powerful Drink [1] – Boosts damage output by 50% for 90 sec. [Cost: 2000 Wafers]
    • Defense Drink [1] – Reduce all damage taken by 50% for 90 sec. [Cost: 2000 Wafers]
  • Upgraded a weapon to Rank 12.


    See Ultimate Craftsman trophy_silver.png for more information.

    You'll get this trophy once you upgrade any character's weapon to Rank 12, so the first time you can get this will be towards the end of Chapter 11.
  • Synthesized an Orb for the first time.


    See This Is...?! trophy_bronze.png for more information on Orbs.
  • You got $1000000.


    First things first, it's worth noting that Dusk Diver 2 has two currencies in game: Wafers and Dollars.
    1. Wafers are earned in many different ways: Breaking items/boxes, killing enemies, opening treasure chests, and completing side quests. They are also used for many things: Purchasing and upgrading skills are the most important and are the most expensive, but you'll also use Wafers to buy battle items like potions, and so on.
    2. Dollars are far less used in general, but just as important. However, the only way to earn them is by selling materials. You'll use them primarily for purchasing food items and Outfits. (You'll also need them to buy the music records if you care about that, but those are optional.)
    This trophy is rather self-explanatory; you have to earn $1 million dollars (in cash, not Wafers). However, the somewhat challenging part of this is that it is not cumulative. To get this trophy, you must have $1 million in your inventory all at once.

    One slightly frustrating issue when it comes to in-game money is that you're never told which materials to keep for crafting and otherwise, and which ones you can safely sell.

    A million dollars is obviously a lot of money, and you'll need that money to purchase food items and Outfit pieces. However, if you want to save yourself time and frustration and prevent a lot of grinding down the line, the best and fastest way to do this is: do not sell any materials and save your money (beyond what you need to buy food with) and DON'T buy any Outfit pieces. If you do this from the start, you can get this trophy much earlier than otherwise, and you won't have to grind for materials later on. However, instead of just getting this trophy earlier, the best thing to do is to wait to pair this trophy with Fashionista trophy_silver.png. Outfits cost a lot of money, but you can use that million dollars to buy them.

    If you don't keep this in mind from the start and don't use the following method listed below, you'll more than likely end up find yourself needing to farm battles for materials to sell. If this is the case, the best places to farm for the highest-selling materials are: Dragon Vein LakeTamsui River, and E. District Passage.

    Here's the best and fastest method to do to avoid the need to grind: 
    1. Save all of your materials throughout your playthrough until you have enough materials to sell to reach $1 million on the spot AND until you have found all 61 Outfit Designs in the game (see Fashionista trophy_silver.png).
    2. Once you're ready, save your game.
    3. Sell all of your materials in your inventory until you reach $1 million and earn this trophy (The First Million trophy_bronze.png).
    4. Go to the Little Lady Outfit Shop and purchase every single outfit item on sale and earn the Fashionista trophy_silver.png trophy.
    5. Reload your previous save, the one you made prior to selling everything.
    Done! This way, you never have to grind after you've finished the game, and you knock out two birds with one stone. This is by far the fastest way to get both of these trophies. Once you reload your save, you're free to do whatever you want, and you'll have a lot of materials you can safely sell to buy the outfit pieces you truly want, without needing to buy all of the others too.

    Putting this trophy aside completely, you'll still probably want to know which materials you can safely sell. Many materials are used in synthesizing Orbs, as well as part of the cost of upgrading your weapon rank. However...
    1. You don't need more than 100 of any material (or even 50, really), so you can definitely sell anything that goes over 100 of.
    2. For your first playthrough, and especially until the later recipes unlock, the Orbs you can synthesize are all very low level. It's much more likely that you'll mainly use Orbs that you got as drops and quest rewards rather than ones you create. Because Orb-making is the main use of materials, that's another reason to say that you'll never need to keep more than 100 of any material, and you can probably get away with much less than that, too. Frankly, I completed a whole playthrough with only synthesizing a handful of Orbs, just to get the Rank 5 Orb trophy (This Is...?! trophy_bronze.png).
    3. The non-organic, non-enemy specific items like Custom Chips and Modification Chips are not used in any recipes in the first playthrough. It's unconfirmed whether they will be useful in future NG+ playthroughs however, but you can safely sell a majority of Modification Chips, and can easily get more if needed. Keeping them at around 40, for example, is more than enough for an "in case" scenario.
  • Exchanged a Gourmet Card for an item for the first time.


    See Foodie trophy_silver.png for more information.
  • You exchanged 10 Gourmet Cards.


    Gourmet Cards are part of the Collection Quest called "May's Gourmet Card." (Collection Quests are essentially side quests about collecting collectibles.) For this quest, you're given a "Point Card" with a list of 10 different food items purchasable from the various vendors throughout Ximending and (later on) Dadaocheng. You have to eat each one of the meals listed on the card, and once you've eaten all 10, you can return to May and exchange the completed card for a reward. (Essentially, it operates very much like a stamp card that stores give you where you get a free item after 10 coffees, for example.) The order does NOT matter; you just have to eat all 10 meals, and whatever order you do that in is entirely up to you.

    You can check your Point Card at any time by going to the Menu > Quest > Tab over to Collection Quests > May's Gourmet Card. Press cross.png to view the Card's details so that you can look at each item and see their name.

    Note: It is NOT cumulative; it doesn't matter if you've previously eaten an item prior to obtaining the card. That does not count. Only meals eaten after getting the Point Card(s) will count towards that card.

    There are 10 Point Cards in all and you'll have to complete all 10 to get this trophy. There's no Chapter requirement for these Cards; once you finish and exchange a Point Card, you are immediately given the next one.
    It is strongly suggested that you purchase the items in advance and keep them with you. 
    You should buy at least 2 of every food item early on in your game and always restock when you can.

    Here are the lists for all 10 Point Cards, including both the item and the vendor it comes from. It is strongly suggested that you purchase the items in advance and keep them with you, so you don't need to waste time running back and forth to the vendors every time you get a new card. If an item comes from a sit-in restaurant (and thus cannot be saved & held in your inventory), it will be marked with a red star (*) so you're aware. All other dishes on the list can be purchased in advance. Just keep them in your inventory until they're needed.

    Next to each food item listed, you'll see a number, such as "(1)." This represents the number of hunger bars needed to eat that item.

    Note: For Point Cards 01 and 02, all items come from Ximending vendors only. For Point Cards 03 and on, items can be from either Ximending or Dadaocheng.

    Point Card 01:
    • Fried Squid – Fried Squid (2)
    • Hot-Star Chicken – Large Chicken Breast (1)
    • Sweet Potato Balls – Sweet Potato Balls (1)
    • J&G Fried Chicken
      • Fried King Oyster Mush (2)
      • Popcorn Chicken (2)
    • Penland Coffee – Bubble Milk Tea (1)
    • Dessert Village – Chocolate Brownie (1)
    • Crepe – Chocolate Banana Crepe (1)
    • Mianjian Cake – Chocolate Mianjian Cake (1)

    Point Card 02:
    • The Red House Tea Shop * – Toasted Garlic Bread (3)
    • Stinky Tofu – Stinky Tofu (2)
    • Laotianlu Braised Foods – Chicken Feet (1)
    • Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle – 
      • Flour-Rice Noodles (1)
      • Chili Sauce (2)
    • J&G Fried Chicken – Kumquat Winter Melon Drink (1)
    • Mei Guan Yuan * – Tempura (3)
    • Gema Curry * – Curry Rice (1)
    • Ya Rou Bian * – Goose Rice Noodles (1)
    • Oyami Café * – Seafood Spaghetti (3)

    Point Card 03: (First Card to include items from Dadaocheng.)
    • Yongle Wheel Cake – Custard Wheel Cake (1)
    • Street Food Stand – 
      • Pig Intestines in Herbal Soup (1)
      • Spanish Mackerel Soup (1)
    • Ki A Peng Sian – 
      • Plum Juice (1)
      • Rice Ball Set (1)
    • Mei Guan Yuan * – Three-color Donburi (3)
    • Lily – Pearl Martini (2)
    • Luguo Cafe – Delicious Handmade Pudding (2)
    • Drink Stand –
      • Almond Tofu (1)
      • Almond Tea (2)

    Point Card 04:
    • Chinese Pharmacy – Chinese Hawthorn Pellet (1)
    • Stinky Tofu – Taiwanese Oden (2)
    • Penland Coffee – Penland Coffee (1)
    • Cold Stone Creamery – Strawberry & Banana Waltz (1)
    • Ya Rou Bian * – Sliced Goose Platter (1)
    • Juice Stand – Papaya Milk (1)
    • Dessert Village – Limited Tiger Cake (1)
    • The Red House Tea Shop * – Jam Toast (1)
    • Ki A Peng Sian – Milk Ice Cream Roasted Wheat Flour (1)
    • Yongle Wheel Cake – Tapioca Wheel Cake (1)

    Point Card 05:
    • Penland Coffee – Ice Cream Black Tea (1)
    • The Red House Tea Shop * – Sun Moon Lake Black Tea (3)
    • Ki A Peng Sian – Banana Sundae (1)
    • Yongle Wheel Cake – Red Bean Wheel Cake (1)
    • Fruit Stand – Sliced Watermelon (1)
    • Crepe – Green Salad Crepe (1)
    • Shushinbo – 
      • Mixed Snowberry (2)
      • Pineapple Cake (2)
    • Lily – Ximen iced Tea (2)
    • Cold Stone Creamery – Tieguanyin Icecream (1)

    Point Card 06:
    • Dessert Village – Dessert Village Lemon Tart (2)
    • Gema Curry * – Omelet Rice (1)
    • Lily – Aperol Lemon (1)
    • Luguo Cafe – Taiwan Organic Coffee (2)
    • Yongle Wheel Cake – Taro Wheel Cake (1)
    • Corn Dogs – Corn Dogs (1)
    • Laotianlu Braised Foods – 
      • Duck Tongue (1)
      • Duck Wing (1)
    • Shushinbo – Iced Rice Dumpling (2)
    • Crepe – Smoked Pork Crepe (1)

    Point Card 07:
    • Oyami Café * – Potted Plant Coffee (2)
    • Cold Stone Creamery – Matcha Berry (1)
    • Dessert Village – Dessert Village Maple Waffle (2)
    • The Red House Tea Shop *
      • Chamomile Oolong Tea (1)
      • Genmaicha (1)
    • Ki A Peng Sian – Roasted Banana Sweet Potato (1)
    • Taiwanese Hotdog – Taiwanese Hot Dog (1)
    • Lily – Heart of Le Viada (3)
    • Fruit Stand – Candied Tomatoes (1)
    • Shushinbo – Scallion Nougat Crackers (2)

    Point Card 08:
    • Mianjian Cake – Peanut Mianjian Cake (1)
    • Shushinbo – Mung Bean Cake (2)
    • Fruit Stand – Fresh Sliced Guava (1)
    • Oyami Café * – Strawberry Waffle (3)
    • Lily – Clover Bar (1)
    • The Red House Tea Shop * – Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong Tea (1)
    • Luguo Cafe – 
      • Dripped Iced Coffee (2)
      • Delicious Handmade Scones (2)
    • Chinese Pharmacy – Eight Immortals Fruit (2)
    • Drink Stand – Lotus Root Tea (1)

    Point Card 09:
    • Mianjian Cake – Sesame Mianjian Cake (1)
    • Mei Guan Yuan * – Green Bamboo Shoots Salad (2)
    • Ya Rou Bian * – Goose Legs (3)
    • The Red House Tea Shop * – Bu Zhi Chun Tea (3)
    • Luguo Cafe – Roselle Tea (2)
    • Yongle Wheel Cake – Sweet Potato Wheel Cake (1)
    • Chinese Pharmacy – Chinese Roselle (1)
    • Street Food Stand – Danzai Noodles (1)
    • Drink Stand – Bitter Tea (1)
    • Hot-Star Chicken – Potato with Plum Powder (1)

    Point Card 10:
    • Gema Curry * – Dry Curry (2)
    • Dessert Village – 
      • Four-color Macarons (2)
      • Dessert Village Honey Cake (2)
    • The Red House Tea Shop * – Hazelnut Latte (3)
    • Chinese Pharmacy – 
      • Plum Cake (1)
      • Seedless Plum (1)
    • Street Food Stand – 
      • Swordfish Rice Noodle (1)
      • Squid Soup (1)
    • Drink Stand – Herbal Tea (1)
    • Hot-Star Chicken – Sweet Winter Melon Drink (1)
  • 50 successful Just Dodges.


    If you played the first Dusk Diver, Just Dodges should be very familiar, as they work the same here. Essentially a "Just Dodges" means a Perfect Dodge; dodging an enemy's attack with r2.png immediately before it lands. Doing so will give you a few moments of time where the rest of the world slows down dramatically, and it also refreshes a few bars of SP.

    In all likelihood, you'll get this naturally as you play, so you shouldn't need to worry about it.
  • 50 successful counterattacks.


    You'll learn about counterattacks during the Prologue/beginning combat tutorial. When you see the flashing red warning sign that their special attack is about to happen, this is what's called a "Crimson Strike" (see image below), and it's essentially the game telling you to counter this attack. Just before the "Crimson Strike" hits you, press Circle to perform a counterattack.

    (Click images to enlarge.)

    Admittedly, counterattacks are slightly more difficult to pull off than Just Dodges, even though their windows are quite similar; the ease somewhat depends on the attack itself and its animation. Once you've practiced it a few times though, it gets easier.

    In all likelihood, like the majority of the combat trophies, you'll get this naturally as you play and shouldn't need to worry about it. If for whatever reason you don't use counterattacks often and you need to grind a few for the trophy, the Possessed people around Ximending and other Human Realm areas never stop spawning, and there's always loads of them around, so you can easily use them to farm encounters for this, or any other combat-related trophy.

    Note: Despite how the tutorial shown in the image above describes it, the "Crimson Strike" is not a specific attack. This Crimson Strike is solely referring to the bright red warning sign that is shown before the attack takes place. Each enemy's Crimson Strike-attack is unique, and some are wildly different from others. Each enemy has only 1 Crimson Strike attack, and that attack stays the same for the entire game. In other words, only one of an enemy's different move sets can be countered.

    For examples of the different Crimson Strikes, one robot's CS is spinning his arms in rapid windmills; one Kunlun fighter jet-looking enemy's flies straight into you; and one Chaos Beast's is just striking you with his claws.
  • Over 200 hits.

    This trophy is very easy; just play and you'll get it automatically. This will probably be one of the first trophies you earn, likely as early as during Chapter 1: "Daily Life".

    All you have to is keep battling enemies until you've eventually hit them 200 times and this trophy will pop. Simple as that! It's cumulative, not meant to be in one combo, so this should be very easy.
  • 50 Break Strikes.


    Break Strikes are an integral part of the new combat system and should be used extensively and, for Yumo in particular, you should keep them in mind when leveling up and choosing stats.

    Break Strikes are special moves that become available once an enemy enters a Break state. Once they're in a Break State, you'll see a large yellow "l1.png + r1.png" sign above their heads, indicating that you can perform a Break Strike on them. To get this trophy, you'll have to perform a total of 50 such Break Strikes. If you're always using them any time they are available, you'll get this trophy very early, probably in Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

    A "Break State" can be triggered by a few different ways, but the general idea is once you do enough break damage, the enemy will enter a Break state, where they become stunned for a few moments. There are two different offensive stats: Attack Power and Break Power. The higher the Break Power, the easier and faster it is to cause a Break State.

    However, there is another, perhaps even more important way to cause a Break State: Wall Strikes. Essentially, some moves and skills have the ability to launch an enemy into a wall, where they will get stunned and stuck up on the wall for a few moments. When an enemy is stuck on a wall, they are automatically considered to be in a Break State, thus allowing you to use a Break Strikes (again, same move; l1.png + r1.png).

    For Yumo, her "Shining RushSP Skill (which comes as r1.png + circle.png by default) causes Wall Launches with any critical hit. It's strongly recommended to keep this skill, even later when you unlock new ones, and to level up Yumo's Critical Rate, simply because of Shining Rush's Wall Launch ability. Once your crit rate gets a little higher, such as in the high 20s %, you'll be performing tons of Wall Launches and Break Strikes.

    Note: When an enemy is stuck on a wall, you can perform Break Strikes from rather far away, even without looking at the enemy at all.

    If you played the previous Dusk Diver, you'll recognize this move, as it's essentially the D.ARMS ability, just with a different name.

    Your "Burst" is a special attack mode where your attack powerSP recovery, and Wafer drop rate are increased. Rather than SP, Burst uses BP, which is the yellow bar under the blue SP bar. Unlike the previous game however, you don't need to have max BP to be able to use Burst; you can use it any time you want as long as you have some BP (there is one exception to this*).

    To activate this ability, press r1.png + circle.png. It's important to note that unfortunately, you cannot manually end Burst. Once you activate it, it will keep going until either you run out of BP, or until the battle ends. Even using your Burst Ultimate skill doesn't end it.

    When you're in a Burst, you'll notice that on the mid-left side of your screen is a Burst Gauge. This gauge increases from 100% to 180% each time you use SP Skills, perform Break Strikes or Just Dodges, or use counterattacks. The % number reflects both your attack power and Wafer drop rate. For example, when the gauge is at 160%, that means your attack power is currently at 160%, as is your Wafer drop rate.

    When you reach 180%, a new ability becomes available called a Burst Ultimate. (See Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png)

    Note: The only exception to this rule comes much later, towards the end in Chapter 11. Once you permanently unlock the Burst Ultimate EX ability (see Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png and TV Taught Me How to Fight trophy_bronze.png), when activating Burst at full BP, you will automatically enter the Burst EX state, which increases your max gauge level to 200%, thus enabling you to use Burst Ultimate EX when you reach 200%.
  • 30 Burst Ultimate.


    When you're in a Burst (see Transformation Sequence trophy_bronze.png above) and the Burst Gauge reaches 180% (the normal Burst's max), a new move called a "Burst Ultimate" becomes available. It's essentially a finisher move to your Burst ability. To activate it, press r1.png + circle.png again once you've reached 180%.

    (Click images to enlarge.)

    Each Character has their own Burst Ultimate Skill. To see their skill and read what it does, you can find the info in their Skill List. From the Menu, go to Battle Prep > Learn Skills > and scroll all the way to the bottom.

    Not required for this or any other trophy but nevertheless important to know: for most of the game, on rare occasions, your Burst Ultimate actually has another level, "Burst Ultimate EX", which takes it up to 200%. This happens because of "Dual Burst", which only occurs when an enraged target enters a Break state, meaning this is only possible on "formidable enemies", as they're the only ones who have an enraged state. "Formidable enemies" generally means bosses.
    • Enraged: An enemy becomes enraged once their health has dropped beyond a certain level; you'll know it as there's usually some animation, and they often become red. In this enraged state, their strength is increased.
    • Break State: Once you've completely depleted the enemy's armor bar, they enter a "Break state", where they become stunned for a short while and a Break Strike (l1.png + r1.png) becomes available.

    So, in other words, when you're up against a tough boss, if you get them into a Break state after they've entered an enraged state, your max Burst Gauge increases to 200%. If you reach 200%, press r1.png + circle.png again, and you'll perform a Burst Ultimate EX ability.

    However, starting from Chapter 11, the Burst Gauge permanently increases to 200% and you will be able to enter Burst Ultimate EX the same as you would the normal Burst Ultimate. (See TV Taught Me How to Fight trophy_bronze.png.)
  • Changed outfits for the first time.

    See Fashionista trophy_silver.png for more information on Outfits.

    The first outfit you'll get is the Tumaz Mart Uniform at the end of Chapter 1: "Daily Life". Once you have any outfit, interact with the "Staff OnlyLounge door in the Tumaz Mart and choose the first option, "Change Outfit". Select your new outfit and the trophy will pop.
  • Gathered all the outfits (excluding DLCs).


    Outfits are one of the different types of collectibles in the game that you'll need to find. This time though, it's not just normal clothes, but also includes 3 categories of accessories: GlassesHead (e.g. Cat Ears, Headphones, etc), and Hip (e.g. Cat or Dog Tails, etc). 

    All in all, there are 65 Outfits in total (including accessories), and you'll have to collect all 65 to earn this trophy.

    You'll get access to your first Outfit (the Tumaz Mart Uniform) really early on, so you'll be able to get Changing It Up trophy_bronze.png as early as Chapter 1, but that'll be all for a little while. It's only in Chapter 5, "Back to the Backyard" that you'll truly unlock the Outfits feature in general. This is through the "Yawen's Outfit DesignsCollection Quest. You'll be informed that Yawen, the proprietor of the Little Lady outfit shop, had her Outfit Design Pages stolen and scattered across all of Youshanding.

    Much like other collectibles, such as Dragon Vein Shards, you'll have to explore all of the different areas of Youshanding to collect these pages. However, once you turn in those designs, you are not immediately rewarded with the outfits they correspond to; instead, turning them in only makes them available in her shop, and you still have to purchase those designs from her with cash. Unfortunately, they can be a little expensive, especially in the beginning when you don't have much money, so you'll likely have to leave purchasing most until later on when you can afford it. In fact, other than purchasing a couple pieces you really want, it's best to leave this and not buy them until you've found all 61 Designs, so that you can pair this with the The First Million trophy_bronze.png trophy to make your Platinum much easier and less grindy. (See said trophy for more details.)


    In addition to Yawen's 61 Outfit Designs, there are also a few items that you'll get by doing certain quests. However, it's not confirmed whether all of them count towards this trophy. There is one other category called "Special", and these are the ones in particular that are a question mark. It seems that they are unlikely to be required for the trophy, but they are listed at the bottom of the following list just in case. Either way, you don't need to find those; as long as you do all of the side quests (which you have to for the Platinum anyway), you'll get all of the quest-reward Outfits, possibly even before you finish finding all of the Outfit Pages, so they shouldn't be a concern.

    Breakdown: (not counting default outfits)
    1. Quest rewards or story-related: 5 Outfits
    2. Outfit Design Collectibles sold at the Little Lady Shop: 61 Outfits

    The following is the list of all in-game Outfits (excluding DLC):

    1. Everyday Wear (Default)
    2. Tumaz Mart Uniform *
    3. Party Staff Uniform *
    4. Colorful Costume Set 01
    5. Colorful Costume Set 02
    6. Colorful Costume Set 03
    7. Kunlun Military Uniform
    8. Evening Dress * (Le Viada Only)

    1. Thick Rimmed Glasses A
    2. Thick Rimmed Glasses B
    3. Thick Rimmed Glasses C
    4. Half Rimmed Glasses A
    5. Half Rimmed Glasses B
    6. Half Rimmed Glasses C
    7. Thin Rimmed Glasses A
    8. Thin Rimmed Glasses B
    9. Thin Rimmed Glasses C
    10. Round Glasses A
    11. Round Glasses B
    12. Round Glasses C
    13. Sunglasses A
    14. Sunglasses B
    15. Sunglasses C

    1. Cat Ears A
    2. Cat Ears B
    3. Cat Ears C
    4. Dog Ears A
    5. Dog Ears B
    6. Dog Ears C
    7. Rabbit Ears A
    8. Rabbit Ears B
    9. Rabbit Ears C
    10. Devil Horns A
    11. Devil Horns B
    12. Devil Horns C
    13. Bat Wings A
    14. Bat Wings B
    15. Bat Wings C
    16. Sheep Horns A
    17. Sheep Horns B
    18. Sheep Horns C
    19. Bull Horns A
    20. Bull Horns B
    21. Bull Horns C
    22. Trendy Headset A
    23. Trendy Headset B
    24. Trendy Headset C
    25. Trendy Headset D
    26. Trendy Headset E
    27. Trendy Headset F
    28. Trendy Headset G
    29. Trendy Headset H
    30. Trendy Headset I

    1. Cat Tail A
    2. Cat Tail B
    3. Cat Tail C
    4. Dog Tail A
    5. Dog Tail B
    6. Dog Tail C
    7. Rabbit Tail A
    8. Rabbit Tail B
    9. Rabbit Tail C
    10. Devil Tail A
    11. Devil Tail B
    12. Devil Tail C

    1. D. ARMS Mk I (Yumo only; Default)
    2. D. ARMS Mk II (Yumo only)
    3. Long Hair (Le Viada only; Default)
    4. Short Hair (Le Viada only)

    * Note: Items marked with this (1) are from quest rewards and not a Little Lady Outfit Design.
    ** Note: It is unconfirmed but highly unlikely that all of these items listed under "Special" count towards the trophy.
  • Re-visited the Chaos Playland.


    To get this trophy, all you have to do is visit Chaos Playland twice. The first time you go there will be part of the main quest in Chapter 1: "Daily Life".

    Although free exploration in general opens up in Chapter 5, you won't be able to return to a few important Youshanding areas until later on, and that includes the Chaos Playland. However, once it is unlocked for free exploration, you can reach it at any time through the Ximending MRT Station (Youshanding).

    For this location in particular though, you don't need to worry about it, because you will automatically come back here for a quest.
  • Re-visited the World Trade Center.


    To get this trophy, all you have to do is visit World Trade Center in Youshanding twice. The first time you go there will be part of the main quest in Chapter 3: "Welcome to this Crazy City".

    Once you have access to free exploration in Chapter 5, you can reach the World Trade Center any time through the Climax 508 MRT Station (Youshanding).

    You will return here a few times via side quests and the like. You'll also have to return here to pick up any collectibles that weren't available during your story run.
  • Re-visited the SCCP Control Area.


    To get this trophy, all you have to do is visit the SCCP Control Area in Youshanding twice. The first time you go there will be part of the main quest in Chapter 4: "Indicator".

    Once you have access to free exploration in Chapter 5, you can reach the SCCP Control Area at any time through the SCCP MRT Station (Youshanding).

    You will return to the SCCP Control Area a few times via side quests and the like. You'll also have to return here to pick up any collectibles that weren't available during your story run.
  • Re-visited Tamsui River.


    Unlike the others, this is the only trophy-required location that you won't return to as part of the story or a side quest. All that means is just that you'll have to come back here on your own, any time after you unlock the Tamsui River for the first time, which is in Chapter 9: "Salvage, Sally".

    You can reach the Tamsui River directly from the Beimen MRT Station (Youshanding).
  • Opened 50 treasure boxes.


    See The Best Loot trophy_silver.png for more information on treasure boxes.
  • Opened 100 treasure boxes.


    Among the various collectibles to find scattered around Youshanding are treasure chests. These chests typically contain Wafers, materials, and occasionally equipment items. In addition, there are special treasure chests, which are obvious as they are bright yellow and either Boss or Meg will make a comment when you get near one, just like they do for Shards and Outfits, etc. These special chests usually drop equipment items, often at a higher Rank/level than those dropped from typical boxes.

    If you're exploring everywhere you go and picking up every treasure box you see, you'll likely get this trophy around Chapter 4 or Chapter 5.

    Note: It's worth noting that these chests are only found in Youshanding areas; you'll never find any in the Human Realm, such as Ximending or Dadaocheng, etc.
  • Gathered 100 Dragon Veins Stones.


    Dragon Vein Shards are back! This time, there are a total of 100 Dragon Vein Shards in the game, and they're spread out rather equally between the majority of Youshanding. Unlike the previous game however, these Shards are only found in Youshanding; you won't find any Shards in Ximending this time.


    The majority of locations have 8 Shards each, with only 2 places having more than that. Here is the location breakdown:
    1. Youshanding (aka Ximending in Youshanding): 8
    2. Chaos Playland: 8
    3. Dadaocheng (Youshanding): 8
    4. Tamsui River: 8
    5. World Trade Center: 8
    6. SCCP Control Area: 16
    7. Civic Boulevard: 12
    8. Beimen Passage: 8
    9. E. District Passage: 8
    10. SCCP Underground Passage: 8
    11. Dragon Vein Lake (Hills): 8

    In addition, these Dragon Vein Shards are actually part of the "Bo Yin's Dragon Vein Shards" Collection Quest. Every 10 Dragon Vein Shards you collect, you can turn them in to Bo Yin for rewards (press Square on him). For most of the game, you'll find Bo Yin standing in the Youshanding MRT Station. Once you've completed Chapter 10 however, he'll move to the Communications Room in the back of the Tumaz Mart.
  • Gathered all the Illustrations.


    Rather than requiring all of the Gallery to be completed, this time only the "Illustrations" section is required.

    Illustrations come from two sources: 
    1. Automatic ones earned as part of the story, a side quest, a battle with a new enemy, etc. (Most are story-related and can't be missed.)
    2. Items picked up from the floor.
    Every time you return to Ximending from a mission, you'll notice that new items have spawned in all 4 areas of the Human Realm (XimendingDadaochengClimax 508, and SCCP). There are two kinds of items:
    1. Items with the icon of a hand are consumable items (e.g. HP Potions, etc.), and
    2. Items with the camera icon are gallery items.
    Hopefully, if everything went according to plan, you should earn this trophy at the end of Chapter 12, when you return to the Tumaz Mart after the final boss battle with Typhon.

Secret trophies

  • Equipped 9 slots' worth of orbs with a single character.


    See This Is...?! trophy_bronze.png for more information on Orbs and crafting them.

    You likely won't be able to get this trophy much later in the game, when you're getting equipment pieces that come with multiple Orb slots. There are only 4 Equipment Slots per character; 
    1. Weapon (Max Orb Slots: 2),
    2. Head (Max Orb Slots: 3),
    3. Body (Max Orb Slots: 3), and
    4. Accessory (Max Orb Slots: 3).
    Because of that, to reach 9 Slots of Orbs, you need at least an average of 2 Slots per piece, but will likely need at least 2 items with 3 Orb Slots. Unfortunately, the first time you'll receive an item with 3 slots isn't until Chapter 11, so that's probably where you'll earn this trophy.

    Note: There's a reason why the trophy description says "9 slots' worth of Orbs..." This is because not all Orbs fit in 1 slot. You'll notice fairly early on that some Orbs require 2 or even more slots to be used (see below). This means that you won't necessarily need 9 Orbs, just 9 slots' worth. For example, you could get this trophy with only 3 Orbs, if each Orb is worth/requires 3 slots.

    To know how many slots an Orb requires, look at the number of gems listed by the orb's name. In the example image below, SP Orb I and Wafer Orb I require 2 slots each, versus just 1 slot for all the others on the list.
  • Yumo has learned "D. Rush."

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You'll get this trophy automatically during Chapter 11. After the boss fight against "The Beast of Chaos," when you return to the Tumaz Mart, Yumo will automatically gain the ability to use Burst EX (see Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png) and will learn a brand new SP Skill, "D. Rush," thus earning you this trophy.

    As the game will inform you at the time, you can unlock the other characters' Burst EX and their new special SP Skills by completing their new Companion Side Quests that have just unlocked.

    D. Rush, as well as all of the other characters' equal-level SP Skills you'll learn from doing their 3rd Companion Quests (e.g. Lion King CrushLet's Rock!, etc.), are by far their strongest abilities and cost 5 SP bars to use. Despite their extremely high SP cost, they're definitely worth it, especially if you have a total of 6 or 7 SP bars and a decent level of SP recovery.
  • Leo learned "Lion King Crush."


    In Chapter 11, after you fight the special "Beast of Chaos" boss and return to Tumaz Mart, each companion's level 3 (and final) Companion Quest unlocks. When you complete that companion quest, that character unlocks the ability to use Burst EX (see Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png) and a new SP Skill.

    To get this trophy, you must complete the "Leo's Past 3" side quest, after which he automatically learns the new SP Skill "Lion King Crush."
    Leo's quest is one of the longer ones. After having a meal together, you'll have to fight and close 4 rifts. They're nothing too difficult; they're about the same level as a special Possessed. Once you've closed all 4, you'll automatically be returned to the Tumaz Mart and after a little story, you'll complete the quest and this trophy will pop.
  • Bahet learned "Let's Rock!"


    In Chapter 11, after you fight the special "Beast of Chaos" boss and return to Tumaz Mart, each companion's level 3 (and final) Companion Quest unlocks. When you complete that companion quest, that character unlocks the ability to use Burst EX (see Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png) and a new SP Skill.

    To get this trophy, you must complete the "Bahet's Problem 3" side quest, after which he automatically learns the new SP Skill "Let's Rock!."
    Like his previous two, this side quest has you searching for Bette's last missing piece of luggage, this time in Civic Boulevard. You'll have to follow the tracks to the very end of the area and fight a large group of Chaos Beasts to get her luggage. After that, you'll need to make a brief stopover at Michael's guitar shop in SCCP, before returning to the Tumaz Mart. Once you get back, after a brief cutscene with a little story, you'll complete the quest and get this trophy.
  • Le Viada learned "Collection."


    In Chapter 11, after you fight the special "Beast of Chaos" boss and return to Tumaz Mart, each companion's level 3 (and final) Companion Quest unlocks. When you complete that companion quest, that character unlocks the ability to use Burst EX (see Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png) and a new SP Skill.

    To get this trophy, you must complete the "Viada's Situation 3" companion side quest, after which she automatically learns the new SP Skill "Collection."
    Upon starting the quest, the two of you will head over to Climax 508 before discovering that President Ali is missing. You'll have to search for her, first in Dadaocheng, then in Ximending's Red House, before learning that she somehow ended up in Youshanding's World Trade Center. You'll need to go find her there and kill a few Chaos Beasts to return safely. Once you're back in the Human Realm's Climax 508 building and have a nice little ending story, you'll complete the quest and get this trophy.
  • D.D. learned "Starfall Slash."


    In Chapter 11, after you fight the special "Beast of Chaos" boss and return to Tumaz Mart, each companion's level 3* (and final) Companion Quest unlocks. When you complete that companion quest, that character unlocks the ability to use Burst EX (see Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png) and a new SP Skill.

    * Note: Obviously D.D. is the exception to this. Because she joins your party so late (at the beginning of Chapter 11), so she only has one Companion Questnot three like the others.

    To get this trophy, you must complete the "D.D.'s Break Time" companion side quest, after which she automatically learns the new SP Skill "Starfall Slash."
    Probably the easiest and quickest of all of these specific companion quests, D.D.'s will only take you a couple minutes. To complete this one, all you have to do is have some Bubble Tea with D.D. at Penland Coffee, and then head over to the Red House to have D.D. take her picture with some kids. After that, speak to Bo Yin just across the road, over on Exit No.6, and after a little story, you'll complete her quest and get this trophy. It's the only one where absolutely no fighting is necessary!
  • Completed chapter 1.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for completing the first real story quest, Chapter 1, "Daily Life". For the most part, this Chapter acts primarily as your introduction to the game and its basic mechanics. It's a fun Chapter, as the majority of it takes place in Chaos Playland in Youshanding, which is essentially a massive arcade with giant-sized games.

    Towards the end of this chapter, you'll fight two "bosses" in separate encounters, first in Chaos Playland and then on your way back to the Tumaz Mart. That boss-like enemy is called a "Large Chaos Beast a". They're not real bosses, but they're essentially elite-level Chaos Beasts that are stronger than anything you would have faced yet.

    You'll get this trophy once you return back to the shop after meeting Bette.
  • Completed chapter 2.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 2, "Overture". This Chapter continues your introductions to new characters, mechanics, and more. It will also take you to two new locations: Climax 508 and the World Trade Center (Youshanding). You'll get the trophy after a brief cutscene when you return to the shop, after your victory against this Chapter's final boss.

    You'll start off the Chapter with a mandatory side quest, as part of your introduction to them. You should be checking the map every time you return from a quest to see if new side quests have spawned. (See Youshanding's Jack of All Trades trophy_gold.png for a complete list of side quests & when they unlock.)

    Another important thing you'll be introduced to are the Possessed. These are ordinary citizens who have been possessed by Chaos Beasts. While they will be marked on your map to start, that is only the case for this Chapter. That said, you'll find them pretty much everywhere, and they're quite easy to spot. (See The Evil Within trophy_bronze.png for more info.)


    This Chapter also contains your first real boss fight. After you head out to Climax 508 to meet up with your old friend, Le Viada, Bette randomly attacks her, and all of you are quickly pulled into the World Trade Center (Youshanding). Here, you'll have to make your way through the level until you catch up with the duo.

    Although you might be tempted to try using Le Viada against her for ranged damage, Viada is not strong enough at this point to really do much, and Bette can be quite painful. Use your Burst when you can to stun-lock her with constant attacks and build up towards your Burst Ultimate. Otherwise, the only real tips are the normal, obvious ones: try to get Just Dodges and counterattacks where you can, and most of all, avoid her bats! They can end up stun-locking you by constantly knocking you back and throwing you in the air.

    This fight is also the first time you'll learn that enemies have Bursts, too! Once they get to around 1/3rd health, Bette will use her burst, which increases her armor twofold.

    Once you finally get her health down far enough, you'll learn about your own Burst EX, which increases your max Burst Gauge to 200%. (See Transformation Sequence trophy_bronze.png and Show Me Your Moves! trophy_bronze.png to learn more about Bursts, Burst EX, and Burst Ultimates.)
  • Completed chapter 3.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Chapter Unlocks: New max Orb Synthesis level & recipe: Dark Orb (level 2).

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 3, "Welcome to this Crazy City", where you'll also recruit the last member of your party (for now), Bahet. It'll also be your first time visiting two important locations: SCCP and Civic Boulevard (Youshanding).

    Other than a couple new side quests, there isn't much to do here beyond the main story. It's a relatively short one as well. Firstly, SCCP is an extremely small area in the Human Realm, with very little to do. As for Civic Boulevard, it's essentially a very long highway, where you'll fight many groups of Chaos Beasts along the way. This location probably has the most fights, as it feels as though there's a battle every few steps.

    It's also important to note that at this time, you'll only have access to a part of Civic Boulevard. It has several sections and each one will be unlocked in another Chapter quest. When you reach the end of this Chapter's section, you'll be introduced to a couple very important people, and face another boss fight, this time against a woman known only as "The Mysterious Warrior".

    This mysterious woman, who is also wearing a D.ARMS Suit, has a similar fighting style to Yumo, but with a sword. Her speed is definitely the bigger challenge, because she can be quite quick. Overall though, it's not a tough fight. It might have been harder, except that it only lasts until you take off a third of her health. At that point, she runs away and the fight ends, after which you'll get this trophy.
  • Completed chapter 4.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 4, "Indicator", which you'll get once you return to the Tumaz Mart after defeating this Chapter's final boss. This Chapter is extra important because it unlocks two important features in the game: the Ritual and the Dragon Vein Shards collectibles.

    You'll start off this Chapter by meeting a loud-mouthed, over-protective (and likely to become a fan-favorite) friend of Le Viada's, named Ull. Meanwhile, Boss sends you out on yet another errand, masked as a quest.

    As part of Boss's errand quest, you'll finally unlock the Tianhou Temple's special "Ritual" feature. It's a Possessed locator system, which you can use once per chapter, that marks the location of all of the "special" Possesseds (tougher enemies that drop more and better items) on your map. (See The Evil Within trophy_bronze.png for more information about the Possessed and the locator system.)

    Later on, you'll briefly revisit Civic Boulevard and will meet Bo Yin, Bette's mentor. This unlocks the Dragon Vein Shards, which are collectibles spread through nearly every location in Youshanding. If you played the first Dusk Diver, you'll recognize these right away. This time though, you won't find them in the Human Realm. Additionally, they're technically part of a Collection Quest called "Bo Yin's Dragon Vein Shards", so every 10 Shards you collect, you can hand them in to Bo Yin for a reward. There are 100 Dragon Vein Shards in total, and you'll need to collect all of them for the More Precious Than Diamonds trophy_silver.png trophy. (See said trophy for more information and a location list.)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: After you finally meet Bo Yin, free exploration unlocks for several areas, allowing you to revisit them and collect each area's Shards. However, complete free exploration AND the second collectable type (Outfit Designs) do not unlock until next Chapter, so it might be better to wait until you do Chapter 5 to begin any collectible collection runs, so that you can collect both at once, rather than needing to return multiple times.

    As for the main bulk of this Chapter's story battles, you will visit and unlock yet another new location, the SCCP Control Area (Youshanding). This location's special mechanic is using something called "Meng Zhang's mysterious device" – You'll see a large blue or yellow energy field spread over a large wall on the side of certain buildings. Interacting with it will move buildings out of the way or into a different configuration, thus opening and closing various routes. It can be a little frustrating if you get turned around, but it's actually really simple if you understand that all you'll have to do is interact with each gate once, and that will take you straight to the end.

    The fight at the end is just a standard elite-level enemy-boss fight, against a machine called the "Unknown Defense Weapon". This machine somewhat resembles a spider, but with 4 legs. To defeat it, you'll need to destroy each leg. It's simple enough. It has 3 main attacks: it shoots missiles, it spins like mad as it goes toward you, and it can jump up in the air and then land on top of you. The latter is telegraphed ahead of time though, so it shouldn't be a problem; a couple seconds before it lands, it displays a red square on the ground to show exactly where it will fall. For the most part, just be wary of it when it spins, and you should be fine. One small tip is that you can use Bahet to attack multiple legs at once, and if you can reach Yumo's Burst Ultimate, it will also take out a good chunk from all of the legs if you position yourself well.
  • Completed chapter 5.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Chapter Unlocks: New items in Tumaz Mart Secret Store (Medium-level items).

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 5, "Back to the Backyard", and you'll get it once you return to the store from the Beimen PassageSeveral important things happen or unlock in this Chapter.

    Firstly, a TON of side quests unlock in this Chapter, and as usual, it's highly recommended you take care of those first, before completing the main story's quest. Included in these are Leo's and Le Viada's Companion Quests. Completing these will unlock a new equippable Special Attack for Yumo (her circle.png move).

    Secondly, when you enter Ximending's MRT Station for the first time this Chapter, you'll run into Yawen. This meeting finally unlocks the second major collectible of the game: Yawen's Outfit Design Pages. There are 61 in total, and you'll need to collect all of them. (See Fashionista trophy_silver.png to learn more.) Like the other collectibles, this one also has a Collection Quest called (predictably) "Yawen's Outfit Designs". You don't get anything for completing it, but the good thing about it is that you can track both the Outfits you've found and the ones you've purchased by looking at the Quest details in the Menu.

    Lastly, as part of unlocking the Outfit Designs, you now unlock complete free exploration. You can take a little time off from quests and revisit past areas to collect the Shards and Outfits that have now appeared in almost every Youshanding location.

    As for the main quest, you'll visit another new location, this time the Beimen Passage. At the end, you'll face another mini-boss type of boss; more of an elite mob than a true boss, called the "Fusion Chaos Beast Type A". Main quest-wise, this is a very short Chapter. You'll likely spend the majority of your time in this Chapter doing side quests and exploring for collectibles.
  • Completed chapter 6.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Chapter Unlocks: New max Orb Synthesis level & recipe: Common Orb (level 3).

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 6, "Masquerade Party", which is one of the longest Chapters, as the story has quite a lot to do and places to visit, and several new, unique mechanics.

    Your very first objective in the main quest is to visit Dadaocheng. Once you arrive there and complete that objective, the next step is to visit the theater next door, but, as the game warns you, "once you enter the theater, free exploration will be unavailable for a while." Once you enter, you won't be able to do any side quests or anything else until the end of this Chapter, because the game will automatically take you from place to place for the remainder of Chapter 6. Because of that, it's strongly recommended to complete all new available side quests firstbefore you begin the main story.

    Among the several new side quests that unlock here, the most important ones are Bahet's and Nemea's Companion Quests. Like the previous ones you did, completing Bahet's "Bahet's Problem 1" quest will reward you with a new equippable Special Attack (circle.png) for Yumo.

    For this Chapter, you will go from Dadaocheng's theater, straight to Hesperia's headquarters in Climax 508 for the party. So far, the entire Chapter has been all story, no fight. After the party however, you will go straight to the SCCP Underground Passage.

    This part of the quest can be a major headache. Depending on whether you're following a guide, or whether you are able to quickly understand the pattern, this level can turn into a total mess. The SCCP Underground Passage contains a maze, otherwise known as "The Trap". If you understand the trick however, you shouldn't have a problem.

    As you are going through the maze (with no mini-map, mind you), you'll notice that in each room, there will be four small statues of the mini Chaos Beasts. Each statue will be facing a specific side. You need to pay attention to the direction they're facing to navigate the maze. Essentially, look for the two statues that are facing the same direction. That tells you to go in the direction they are facing.

    If the two statues on the same side of the wall are facing the same direction, then you should go through the entrance that's on the same wall as them. So if both statues are on the North-side on the left, then you go straight through the north-west door. If the two similar-facing statues are on opposite walls, you go in the direction they are facing. It's as simple as that.

    However, you're going to want to get all the collectibles, too. The only way to do this is to know when to follow the statues and when to go against the maze, to force it into a different part of the maze to get the other items. If that room you enter has an item, it will be dead in the center, in between all 4 statues.
    (Click the images to enlarge.)

    Once you escape the maze and reach the end of this area, you will move to yet another location; the SCCP Control Area

    The SCCP Control Area also has its own mechanic: Anomalous Phase Rifts. As you proceed, you'll run into a building with a red haze, which you discover is some kind of reverse Dragon Vein energy. To be able to continue, you're going to have to find a way to clear that negative energy out. On your mini-map, you will see small green icons spread around the area. Those are "Anomalous Phase Rifts", which you'll have to close to be able to cleanse the energy. Cleansing these rifts is basically the same thing as how you would close fissures; enter the rift and destroy the Chaos Beasts within.

    At the end of the SCCP Control Area, you'll face this Chapter's final boss: Raven. She is definitely one of the tougher bosses in the game, as she wields her flaming chainsaws with great skill. She can do a lot of damage if you aren't quick on your feet. Thankfully, her heavy weapon means she's a bit slower, but she's still a big threat.

    Most of her attacks contain some kind of fire and explosions, so you're going to want to watch out for that. If you're too close to her, you'll get hit much more often. Try to keep a relatively decent distance in between attacks, which will help you to dodge her moves. Using Bahet's scythe attack Cyclone Slash, which has a longer range, and Yumo's Lightning Kick, which stuns enemies briefly and interrupts their attacks, can be helpful.

    Once you get her down to 1/3rd health, the fight ends, as does the Chapter.
  • Completed chapter 7.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 7, "Teenagers' Blues". It's another relatively short quest story-wise, but you've also got a handful of new side quests to complete, including a missable Companion Quest. For the story quest, you'll bounce around a lot in between locations, but for once, you won't be unlocking any new ones.

    That said, you'll have to visit the Beimen Passage here which contains a very similar Maze to last Chapter's trap in the SCCP's Underground Passage, so hopefully you were able to get the knack of it in last time. It works exactly the same way and even the rooms and passage look fairly identical. Once again, it's strongly encouraged that you take the time to even go against the maze to pick up all of the collectibles before leaving.

    Note: Once you start the main quest proper by going to Beimen, you'll need to continue it through to the end as you'll hop from location to location, so you should complete this Chapter's side quests first.

    After you finish Beimen Passage, you'll immediately enter Civic Boulevard, to a new section you weren't able to access before. There are quite a few collectibles here to grab as well. Finally, once you reach the end of the Boulevard and take down another Dragon Vein Control System, you'll head into Dadaocheng (Youshanding). Be wary of the floating red squares on the ground. Stepping on one activates an alarm and you'll have to fight off a wave of enemies. While the squares are avoidable, they're kind of a pain. Each pair has a pattern that you'll need to exploit to get past them. Whether it's worth it to take the time to do so or not is up to you.

    This is (finally) the last location for this Chapter, so you'll face this Chapter's final boss at the end. To complete the Chapter, return to the Tumaz Mart for a brief cutscene, after which you'll earn this trophy.

    This boss is a large, almost angelic-looking robot, with a sword for an arm. It's not that tough of a boss, just be wary of its teleportation skill and its charge. For the former, it shoots up into the air, where you can't attack it. After a few moments, it drops down. When it does so, make sure you're far away, because the hit box is quite large. Otherwise, it's got a few standard attacks, like shooting lasers at you, swiping with its sword, and so on. All in all, it's nothing special; it's a rather standard boss for this game.
  • Completed chapter 8.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Chapter Unlocks: Weapon Rank 8 (required for skills). New items in Tumaz Mart Secret Store (Large-level items).

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 8, "Inquiry for Truth", which also happens to be one of the most important Chapters. This is in part because being in Chapter 8 means you can now upgrade your weapons to Rank 8. Every character has new skills you can buy, and it also unlocks the ability to upgrade your current skills. You'll need to do this at least once for the Diligent Training trophy_bronze.png trophy.

    It's also yet another Chapter that has loads of new side quests to do, including Companion Quests for each party member. Additionally, it's a major turning point in the story. After you complete this Chapter, the remaining Chapters in the game are much more heavily focused on the main story, so most of the things to do on the side will drastically slow down. In fact, except for one other Chapter (Chapter 11), no new side quests will appear after Chapter 8/starting in Chapter 9.
    You should absolutely complete ALL remaining Companion Quests before continuing with the main story. At the start of the next Chapter, the game will place all side quests on hold, so this is your LAST chance to complete the missable side quests. If you do not, some of them will automatically fail and you will no longer be able to complete them after this point. Nemea's quests in particular are highly missable.

    Despite this Chapter's importance, the actual story quest is relatively short. You'll visit a couple locations, but the primary location for this Chapter is the Dadaocheng Control Area (Youshanding). After you finish that area, you'll unlock a new location, the Dadaocheng Pier, where you'll fight this Chapter's boss, who just happens to be a familiar face...

    Yep, time to fight this strange Diver once again. There's no real need to go into detail here as it's the same exact fight you faced back in Chapter 3 (see Welcome to this Crazy City trophy_bronze.png).

    Once you defeat her, you'll run back to the Tumaz Mart to discover a horrible surprise, after which you'll earn this trophy.
  • Completed chapter 9.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 9, "Salvage, Sally". At the very beginning of the Chapter, you're informed that all side quests have been put on hold. While you can run around, visit different areas, etc., there isn't much to do at this point, as they want you to just head straight to the main quest after you make any "preparations" (e.g. buying items, upgrading skills, etc.) that you need to do.

    It's a rather brief quest though, so it shouldn't take you very long. You'll have to go through Dadaocheng (Youshanding) to get to your main goal, the Tamsui River. This is a rather unique location, once again with its own, unique mechanic.

    To allow you to cross the river, Boss manages to use a special machine to freeze parts of the river. However, there are still some bits of ice that are too far apart to cross, so to fix that, you'll need to use explosives to blow apart bits of the ice. You'll notice that throughout the whole area, there are the remains of many dead and destroyed robots. You can collect intact robot cores from their remains to explode the leftover robots (marked on your map with a green icon), thus breaking off pieces of the ice to use as platforms.

    Once you finally reach the very end of Tamsui River, you'll have to defeat the boss, "Unknown Recycling Weapon". This boss is a large sphere that levitates off the ground. It's not super difficult, but it has two phases and a few heavy-hitting moves worth mentioning.

    In Phase 1, it mostly just sits in place and lets you attack it. As for its attacks, firstly, it will often open its "mouth" and shoot bits of trash at you that includes intact robot cores. Be careful around them, because if you get too close and/or hit one, they explode. The boss can also make them explode as he can hit them, too.  His other main attack is shooting a large red laser beam at you, which is quite strong and can be rather painful, so you're going to need to take care to avoid that.

    In Phase 2, it keeps the same attacks as before, but adds another two. At some point, it will raise up in the air, open its mouth, and shoot massive rocks that will land all around the arena. You are meant to use these rocks as cover for when it shoots lasers or trash at you. However, after a period of time, it will open its mouth and pull all of the rocks back into it, and you alongside them. You'll have to fight the gravity pull by constantly running in the opposite direction, and/or dodging away.

    Just keep melting it down until you get through its armor and can use a Break Strike on him. Once you get him into that Break State, it falls on the ground and opens its mouth, revealing its vulnerable core within. Attack that with everything you've got, perhaps a Burst if you have it, and you'll be able to destroy it.
  • Completed chapter 10.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Chapter Unlocks: New items in Tumaz Mart Secret Store. New max Orb Synthesis level & recipe: Clear Orb (level 4). (Required to create Rank 5 Orbs; see This Is...?! trophy_bronze.png.)

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 10, "Elysium", which is another all-story Chapter; once again, there are no new side quests as they are still on pause. As mentioned in the trophy above, this is one of the rare times when a Chapter ends and a new one begins while you're still out in Youshanding. You do not return to the Tumaz Mart (or the Human Realm at all) in between Chapters. Instead, you're immediately thrown into the next part of the story quest.

    At the end of the previous Chapter (Chapter 9Salvage, Sally trophy_bronze.png), Ull picks you up after the boss fight. When this Chapter begins, he drops you off at a new area: the bottom half of Dragon Vein Lake (Hills). You will have to traverse the Hills to reach Fort Avalon.

    There's nothing special in either location; no unique mechanic or challenge. Just keep moving forward and killing the robots and beasts as they spawn.

    In Fort Avalon, once you reach the closed gates, Raven approaches you and knocks you all the way back down to the top-half of the Dragon Vein Lake.

    Once you're back in the Dragon Vein Lake (Hills), you'll have to face the first of this Chapter's two bosses: Raven. Once again, this is the same exact fight that you faced back in Chapter 6 (Masquerade Party trophy_bronze.png). There's really nothing new to mention here. Just fight her again until you win.

    Once you beat Raven, you will automatically be taken back to Fort Avalon. Proceed through the area yet again. Once you reach the still-closed gate, you'll have to defend Boss as she hacks into 3 separate "Dragon Vein Interference Devices" (AKA the large shiny blue spheres that Hesperia claims is for clean energy). After that's over, when you proceed through the now-open gate, a little further in is your second (and thankfully final) boss of this Chapter: Vandak.

    First though, you'll have a long cutscene wherein you learn a lot about what's really going on.

    While Vandak is quick and agile, it seems his armor and health are somewhat weak as he takes a lot of damage (for a boss, at least). However, this is really more of a teaser, or a mini-boss fight, as once he reaches 60% health, the fight and the Chapter ends.
  • Completed chapter 11.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Chapter Unlocks (After Chapter 11 boss): Weapon Rank 12 (required for many skills & trophies) & Yumo's Burst EX and special skill D. Rush (see TV Taught Me How to Fight trophy_bronze.png).

    This trophy is for completing Chapter 11, "Yes, We're Villains". This is a very important Chapter in your Platinum, in several different ways. It's also a very unique Chapter — instead of unlocking Rank 12 in Chapter 12, you will unlock Rank 12 towards the ends of Chapter 11

    First things first, at the start of the chapter, once you go outside, you'll see that new fissures have spawned all over the human realm. There are 10 in total, and you'll need to close all of them for the Dimensional Fissure Master trophy_silver.png trophy.

    The majority of the main story quest sees you go through a new location, the East District Passage, along your way to Climax 508. Once you get there, you'll face the main boss of this Chapter — "The Beast of Chaos". After you defeat him and return to the Tumaz MartRank 12 will unlock (thereby allowing you to get Ultimate Craftsman trophy_silver.png), as will the last remaining side quests in the game. These include the last companion quests (each of their Level 3 quests), which allow you to earn each of their Burst EXes and special skills as well.

    This is the final point of no return. As the game will inform you, "this will be your final opportunity to complete any unfinished business." What this means is... because there is no post-game free roam, this is the very last time you can explore on your own. Once you proceed with the main quest, there is no turning back; you will complete the story and your game will end there. Any trophies you have not unlocked will be voided and you will have to start all over again in a new playthrough to earn them. Because of that, you should stop and take the time to complete all other trophies before continuing with the main story.
    It is highly encouraged to make a separate save at this point to keep on the side, just in case you need to return to clean up any trophies.

    Honestly, the boss fight is incredibly easy, so there's little to say. It has 3 main attacks: it either swipes at you with its paw, shoots a large blue laser at you (that you'll have a lot of time to prepare for and dodge), or it'll drop some swords or pillars from the sky and then, after a few moments, it'll slam its paw down and a bunch of "eyes" will flash on screen and those pillars will turn into lightning bolts. Really though, it's an extremely easy fight, and you can pretty much ignore the boss for the most part and just keep dealing damage.

    Just keep attacking the large beast's paw over and over until you break through its armor. Once you do, it will drop its head and expose the ball of light in its mouth. If you have a Burst, pop it and destroy the ball of light. It's extremely weak so it takes a lot of damage, so this should be really quick. If you have a Burst, you can probably kill it in one phase, but if not, just repeat the same thing to get another Break State to finally put it out for good.
  • Cleared all the main quests.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.
    You'll get this trophy once you complete the last Chapter, Chapter 12, "Never Give Up". After completing the previous Chapter, you'll have a chance to restock and prepare for the coming fight. Once you're ready to begin, interact with the Lounge Staff Only door and choose "Rest". Just be aware that once you do, there's no going back. Not only for that Chapter, but ever.
    Unlike the previous game, Dusk Diver 2 has NO post-game exploration/free mode. Once it's over, it's over. Instead, they have a New Game+ mode, but that's all. Because of that, it is highly encouraged to keep a save from Chapter 11 on the side, especially if you need to clean up anything like side quests, collectibles, and any other missed trophies..

    This Chapter takes place in Kunlun's 35th Dimensional Gate, where you will work your way through multiple levels to reach its Reactor Core and Furnace. You'll have to face two bosses back-to-back, Vandak and Typhon, though you will have a Safe Zone in between them to heal and restock.

    Aside from the bosses, there's nothing else of note, really. At this point in the game, there are no more collectibles to find, just a few treasure chests spread throughout the base.

    This fight isn't tough at all, honestly. It's no harder than an average battle, and there's no strategy to note, honestly. Just kill him. You can ignore his clones, you don't need to bother with them. Once you lay out your Burst Ultimate, it's over. In the end, you don't even need to finish him off, as Raven comes in and takes care of the last bit for you.

    This is the real boss fight. Vandak was just a teaser. Still though, it's not that tough, and if you know his attacks and his routine, it's much easier.

    When you approach, you find Typhon sitting in a large robotic machine, powered by the Dragon Vein energy all around. While he's in that machine though, he cannot be reached; he's too high up and invulnerable. However, on each side of Typhon, you'll see a reactor core-type machine. You'll need to destroy both of them, and only then will you be able to hit Typhon directly.

    While you are attacking the cores on the sides, Typhon has a few different attacks he'll throw at you:
    1. One will be a blue-ish laser, and he'll telegraph exactly where he'll shoot it a second or two in advance, so you should have more than enough time to dodge out of the way. This will track you as you around, so keep moving and dodging until it ends.
    2. Another is also a laser, but a pink one that comes top-down. This is also telegraphed by a circle on the floor a moment or two before the laser hits. This also tracks you around, so keep moving and dodging until it ends.
    3. Probably the most annoying of his attacks, Typhon will occasionally put a massive blue gravity field in the center of the room, which will pull you in for several seconds before it explodes. As long as you keep trying to get out —keep pushing your joystick away and constantly try to dodge out (r2.png)— you should be able to get out immediately before it explodes.
    4. The last and easiest one is a few blue energy-like balls on the ground that explode after a few seconds.

    Once you get Typhon to half health, you'll get a brief cut scene before the fight begins again. His attacks remain relatively the same, just faster; the lasers are a little quicker than before.

    You should be able to kill Typhon in two vulnerable phases: 1 to get him to 50%, and 1 to finish him off.
  • Upgraded everyone's weapons to Rank 12.


    Unlike the other pieces of equipment, your weapon does not change. Each character keeps their same weapon throughout the entire game. So, instead of replacing it with a stronger version, you can upgrade its Rank. The weapon's max rank increases by 1 every Chapter. So if you are in Chapter 3, the max Rank is 3; if you're in Chapter 9, the max Rank is 9; and so on. Rank 12 is the only exception, as it unlocks mid-way through Chapter 11. To upgrade your weapon's Rank, go to the Tumaz Mart's Store (or access it via any Save Point) and choose "Upgrade Weapon".

    To get this trophy, you'll need to upgrade all 5 main characters' weapons to Rank 12, which is the maximum Rank (for your first playthrough), and which can only be done towards the end of Chapter 11 (see Yes, We're Villains trophy_bronze.png). Around mid-way through the Chapter, you'll face a massive boss called "The Beast of Chaos," and after you defeat it, you'll return to the Tumaz Mart for a meeting in the Communications Room. Once that meeting is over, several things will unlock, as if it were a new Chapter, including the weapons' Rank 12.

    Each weapon Rank increase requires a few hundred Wafers and a couple materials, but you don't really need to worry about them. You'll automatically get the required materials, typically from defeating the previous Chapter's final boss. There are only a couple times where you might not immediately have enough to upgrade all 4 weapons, but in those scenarios, you'll get the materials for the others fairly quickly anyway (usually within the next step or two in the main quest).

    Upgrading your weapon's Rank is incredibly important, so you should always do so immediately at the start of each Chapter, as soon as the max rank increases.

    Firstly, specifically for your weapon, the higher rank increases its attack power. In addition, when you begin the game, your weapon has no Orb slots, but reaching Rank 7 adds one slot to your weapon, and reaching Rank 12 adds a second slot.

    Secondly and much more importantlyincreasing your weapon's Rank unlocks certain skills for purchase on that character. Rank 8 is probably the most important one, as it not only unlocks another skill to learn, but it also unlocks  your ability to upgrade SP skills. (See Diligent Training trophy_bronze.png.)

    Note: This trophy includes D.D.'s weapons as well. It applies to all 5 of your party members: Yumo, Leo, Bahet, Le Viada, and D.D. (It does not apply to the new party members you get in NG+.)
  • Synthesized an Orb that is Rank 5 or higher for the first time.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: It's unconfirmed whether this is a glitch or how it was intended, but you may get this trophy the first time you synthesize any Level III Orb. I got it upon synthesizing a Critical III Orb. It's possible that this was a healthy glitch, but it's more likely that "Rank 5" doesn't necessarily mean a "Critical VOrbs, but instead the Rank may be referring to a different internal ranking system.

    One of the features in the new equipment system is Orbs. These Orbs are essentially gems you can place in any piece of equipment that has Orb slots. (marked by a dark circle on the top-right corner of the equipment info screen; see below).

    Starting in Chapter 2, you'll be able to begin crafting Orbs at the Tumaz Mart. At first, you'll only be able to craft very low-level Orbs, but as you progress through the main story, higher level crafting recipes will gradually unlock.

    Crafting (AKA Synthesizing) Orbs requires materials, which are the Chaos Beast material drops you get from killing Chaos Beasts. Additionally, each new level of Orb crafting that unlocks has two recipes. Both recipes will craft the same level, or the same pool of Orbs; they're just there to give you another option with different materials.

    To get this trophy, you'll have to wait until at least Chapter 10, when you unlock the Clear Orbs recipe, because that's the first time you'll be able to synthesize Rank 5 (or IIIOrbs. Just spam the recipe until you get one.

    TIP: If you don't want to waste all of those materials, you can reload your save once getting the trophy, since it really doesn't matter to keep hold of those Orbs.
    REROLLING USING SAVES: What Orb you get via Synthesizing is entirely randomized. Because it's all up to RNG however, you can exploit that by saving beforehand and reloading your save if you're not satisfied with the results. It's been confirmed that the results are not set beforehand, so unless you are extremely unlucky, you'll craft a different set of Orbs each time you repeat it. You can repeat this as many times as you want to.

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Dusk Diver 2 Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Dusk Diver 2?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Dusk Diver 2 is 3/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Dusk Diver 2?
    There are 53 offline trophies in Dusk Diver 2.
  • How many online trophies are there in Dusk Diver 2?
    There are 0 online trophies in Dusk Diver 2.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Dusk Diver 2?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Dusk Diver 2 is 25-30 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Dusk Diver 2?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Dusk Diver 2?
    There are All non-story-related trophies are missable missable trophies in Dusk Diver 2.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Dusk Diver 2?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Dusk Diver 2.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Dusk Diver 2?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Dusk Diver 2.

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