• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 then goes down to 3-4 as you reload/retry (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 61 (54, 5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 26-35hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None. Everything can be obtained via level select
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty selection
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are separate lists for the JP & NA/EU versions of the game
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Dungeons 3 is the sequel to Dungeons 2, which was a PC port of a 2015 sequel to the PC game Dungeons 1, which was itself a remake of the critically acclaimed 1999 PC game Dungeon Keeper 2. In these games, you play the Ultimate Evil and control a dungeon filled with minions and creatures and have to fend off the occasional dungeon raid by Heroes (the good guys). Like Dungeons 2, Dungeons 3 also adds an Overworld element to the game, where you can bring troops to the surface to attack the castles and camps of the good guys, a necessary mechanic to complete levels. Part RTS, part city management, all tongue-in-cheek, Dungeons 3 is a pretty fun game if you're into cheesy dark humour, city management and simple RTS base and army building mechanics. This time in Dungeons 3, there is a much heavier emphasis on the Overworld element but is a slightly longer and more difficult game compared to Dungeons 2, as you're now juggling the Overworld and dungeon much more.

If you're not a fan of RTS games, Dungeons 3 can get frustrating, given the game's clunky interface and timed objectives trophies. For the most part you cannot slowly develop your dungeon before attacking the surface. Not only are Hero invasions more frequent now, timed objectives on the Overworld force you to work quicker. The engine feels unoptimised for the PS4 Pro that I played on, so you may encounter performance issues when things get busy on-screen. I also experienced an annoyingly frequent microsecond pause that occurs randomly in the game, causing my inputs to be ignored which was extremely annoying.

Stability and Crashes: There's some discussion on the game being a buggy mess. I didn't encounter a single crash throughout my road to Platinum but to be fair, I started playing late into the release cycle. There are patches to download (v1.09, PS4 Pro) but the game, however, still has performance issues especially when a lot of things are happening on screen or if you suddenly drop a lot of creatures from your Hand of Evil all at once. There are also some annoying and frequent microfreezing that causes your inputs to be ignored, despite the v1.09 patch notes stating that the stuttering and lag issues have been fixed.

Walkthrough and General Tips:

The game can be Platinumed in 1 playthrough with no need for cleanup. You'll be making heavy use of the save and load saved game option, especially during some levels where 1 trophy will grey-contrast with another trophy in the same level. For the purpose of this roadmap, it's assumed you'll be reloading save games or doing one level repeatedly until that level's trophies have been cleared. I recommend you first set your auto-saving intervals under Options to 10 minutes. This allows you to quickly go back if you make a mistake and the 10 minute auto-saves acts as in-game timers for when you're attempting time-based trophies. You can also make manual saves and I highly recommend you do so to avoid unnecessary playtime at the early stages of certain levels. For certain trophies notes on manual saves are made.

Note that certain rooms listed on the West and East parts of the research tree require either Horde (Goblins etc.) or Demonic (Imps etc.) creatures to operate and not Snorts. For example: You'll need Horde creatures to operate the Machinarium to make traps and doors and Demonic creatures to generate mana on the Mana Shrine. The build menu shows the creatures required by each room if any.

It's advised that you don't mix creature types and upgrades too much so that you optimise your resources. If you're going Horde, try to stick with just the Horde and vice versa. Demonic creatures and spells are a particularly strong offensive combo, while a strong defensive strategy leans towards Horde as you need Horde creatures to make traps and doors. Some levels allow you to take your time, for those you can go ahead and upgrade both Demonic and Horde creatures.

There is an / swap issue present. In this Guide, multiple mentions of are made to confirm an action or to grab creatures with the Hand of Evil. To make a slap using the Hand of Evil or drop creatures held by the Hand of Evil, is used.

Lastly, the trophy descriptions themselves already either hint at or fully describe in-level spoilers. For the most part, the Trophy Guide will contain a lot of in-level hints, level previews and strategies. For readability, spoiler tags are used at a minimum and are used more to hide extra details that may not be totally necessary for the requirements of the trophy.

Step 1: Play the levels one by one, trying your best to clear all 3 level trophies before moving on.

There are 20 levels and every level has 3 trophies each: 1 for completing the level and 2 for different things to do within the level. You can check the trophies by using the to navigate the level select menu and review the requirements for the objective trophies.

Some of the additional objective trophies can be done in a single session if you pay attention to what's required and are fairly proficient in the game. Some trophies are time-based requiring you to be quick (e.g. do X within Y minutes) so you cannot sit and hide in your dungeon building up your strength before venturing to the Overworld/surface. It's highly recommended that you check to see what the 2 objective trophies are about before starting the level. It is, however, more likely you'll be reloading saves because it's easier to tackle some of the additional trophies separately or you're simply failing on the trophy requirements.

It is recommended that you clear all 3 trophies per level before moving onto the next since things are still fresh in your mind. If you decide to enjoy the game and finish the campaign first before going back to do the cleanup, you will get the level complete trophies at a minimum and Death and destruction! as it's almost impossible not to get that naturally.

  • The Shadow strikes
  • Death and destruction!
  • Twistram is devastated
  • The Gehenna Stones
  • The Swamplanders from the swamplands
  • The last burger
  • A trip on sea, what fun it can be
  • Damned good
  • Stock Market Crash
  • Not-So-Overproud
  • For a handfull of Catapults
  • Ogre Solo!
  • Tide Master
  • Destroy the thing
  • Difficult family relationships
  • Angel of Fire
  • Where there is Light, there is Shadow
  • At the foot of Mount Destiny
  • The Force disturbed
  • The Victorious Evil

Step 2: Complete the miscellaneous trophies and earn your Platinum!

If you didn't unlock all 3 trophies per level before moving on, you'll need to use chapter select to clean up. The toughest trophies are the time-based ones where you need to complete something within a set amount of time. A lot of experimentation is required to figure out the "critical path" or you can refer to the trophy guide.

  • Shadow hunter
  • The Evilest Evil
  • No one has to die today!
  • The Stones’ Power
  • The White Knight
  • Braiiiiins!
  • Night of the Living Dead (on Speed)
  • The One-Huge-Army-Building Evil
  • Hands off the Dungeonheart!
  • Then let them eat cake!
  • Master of Traps
  • Ignore The Level Designer's Plan
  • Factory farming
  • A little something extra
  • Spawner Killer
  • Storm And Stress
  • We don’t have time!
  • Hearts are trump
  • Flat as a pancake
  • I love the smell of Catapult fire!
  • Thirst quencher
  • Can’t stand to see an Ogre bleed
  • Lifeguard
  • Please, no interruptions!
  • Lifesaver
  • Chorus of damnation
  • This is fun, I’m going to keep doing this!
  • Hearts of Iron
  • Prepare the grave
  • Not a scratch
  • I need a hero!
  • Prison Break
  • Use the terrain
  • Discoverer
  • Can’t stand the sight of Dark Elf blood
  • Sacrifices!
  • The Benevolent Evil
  • Band of Brothers
  • It doesn't get more evil than this!

[PST Would Like To Thank arcana75 for this Roadmap]

Dungeons 3 Trophy Guide

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61 trophies ( 54  )

  • Congratulations, you have scored all Dungeons 3 trophies. By that we mean you snagged them all, not that you carved notches in all of them. Um, and by “snagged” we mean you earned them, not that you grabbed them using a fishing rod. Oh man, it’s a good thing nobody ever reads this stuff…

    At the final end of your gruelling 20 level journey, you'll truly earn this Platinum. Overall a pretty fun game if a tad more difficult than Dungeons 2, because of the time-based trophies.

  • Successfully complete the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.

    This is the level complete trophy. Finish the level "The Shadow of Absolute Evil" for this trophy. As it's the tutorial level, it's dead easy to complete.

  • Destroy 9 Heroes with Thalya's “Fire Bomb” in the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.

    Done in the "The Shadow of Absolute Evil" level. Once you gain control of Thalya, she has a powerful Fire Bomb attack that is cast once every few seconds automatically. You can either sit there and let the auto-attack kill stuff or you can manually aim. Either way you will get this trophy without even trying as the level ends once Thalya kills everyone in sight.

  • Don’t let the Shadow take any damage from light in the mission “The Shadow of Absolute Evil”.

    Done in the "The Shadow of Absolute Evil" level. In this level, you control the Shadow and need to navigate the level while avoiding the circles of light for the trophy. See the image below for what the circles of light look like (the circles).

    Don't step into any circle of light. When you possess a Hero, you can cross circles of light but beware the possession timer. Some Heroes will also patrol the area with torches but it should be easy enough to get past as long as you're patient.

  • Complete the mission “Twistram in Ruins”.

    This is the level complete trophy. Finish the level "Twistram in Ruins" for this trophy. An easy level where you can take your time to build up and overpower the Heroes.

  • Collect a total of 1000 Evilness in the mission “Twistram in Ruins”.

    This is done in the "Twistram in Ruins" level. To collect Evilness in Dungeons 3, you need to find the Islands of Good guarded by Heroes and defeat them. They are not Islands in the traditional sense, just areas in the map. Once defeated the Island of Good corrupts into a Island of Evil which will continually give out Evilness. There is no need to collect it as the game will automatically collect Evilness once the Island has been corrupted. You can find these Islands via the in-game Overworld mini-map on the bottom left.

    Collect 1,000 Evilness for the trophy but you don't have to hold 1,000 at a time for the trophy, it will pop the moment you've collected 1,000 Evilness over time. You'll get used to this since Evilness is an essential resource in Dungeons 3. If you're spending Evilness just keep playing until the trophy pops.

  • Complete the mission “Twistram in Ruins” without losing more than 3 creatures.

    This is done in the "Twistram in Ruins" level. Pretty much what it says, don't let more than 3 of your creatures or fighters die. Make sure you rotate heavily injured fighters away (press on the creature to select it in the Overworld) from front-line fighting and you'll get this trophy easily.

  • Complete the mission “The Gehenna Stones”.

    This is the level complete trophy. An easy level where you can take your time.

  • Kill at least 15 Heroes using the Stones’ magic in the mission “The Gehenna Stones”.

    This is done in the "The Gehenna Stones" level. In this level, you're required to use Thalya to convert Gehenna Stones. Once you convert one Gehenna Stone, you begin to accumulate Stone magic, which allows you to cast a powerful lightning spell. To access this spell, press to access the top right icons, then press to highlight the spell, hit to select it, then hit again on any group of Heroes. This spell will kill any Hero outright.

    As you go about doing the level, make sure to use the spell once it's fully charged to kill any Hero in sight. There are more than 15 Heroes so you won't miss out on the trophy as long as you remember to use the spell. The spell works on any Hero that is visible. Even if you have killed all the available Heroes and forgot to use your spell, you can wait for the endlessly spawning dungeon-invading Heroes although you'll have to kill them on the surface.

  • Don’t let Thalya's Life Energy fall below 75% during the mission “The Gehenna Stones”.

    Done in the "The Gehenna Stones" level. For this trophy make a mental note of Thalya's health points and simply make sure her health never drops below 75%. While she is very powerful and you'll need her in the Overworld, she is particularly vulnerable in this level as she is paralysed while corrupting the Gehenna Stones, and must be protected by your minions as enemies spawn trying to stop you. As long as you have enough minions near her, the AI will always attack the nearest minion and not Thalya.

    There are 4 Gehenna Stones to corrupt. Your 2nd Gehenna Stone (regardless of location) will spawn powerful bears. The 3rd will spawn waves of golems. Be prepared for either. The 4th one will be unlocked after the 1st 3 have been corrupted.

  • Complete the mission “The Ashspring Swamplands”.

    This is the level complete trophy. Finish the level "The Ashspring Swamplands" for this trophy. This level is also the first of several levels where you no longer can take your time to build up since there's a timer trophy. You can certainly take your time to beat the level but you will miss out on Night of the Living Dead (on Speed) if you take too long at the beginning.

  • Awaken at least 98 Undead in the mission “The Ashspring Swamplands”.

    This is done in the "The Ashspring Swamplands" level. In this level you have graveyards scattered around the map which you can have Thalya corrupt to spawn the Undead. Spawned Undead cannot be controlled and will automatically rush the enemy base. To spawn Undead, once you have taken control of a graveyard, the counter on the top-right will start to add up.

    At any time where the counter is greater than 1, you can hit then to access the spell icon then hit to trigger a spawn. Keep using the spell when ready and you'll spawn 98 Undead easily. Particularly useful for when you finally attack the base.

  • Conquer all Graveyards in less than 25 minutes in the mission “The Ashspring Swamplands”.

    This is done in the "The Ashspring Swamplands" level. In this level you have graveyards scattered around the map which you can have Thalya corrupt to spawn the Undead. There are a total of 3 graveyards marked on the mini-map and you'll need to conquer all 3 in under 25 minutes. Depending on how good you are at this game, you may or may not get this in your 1st try. You won't much difficulty with this as an army size of 7-9 should be more than enough to stay in the Overworld and conquer all 3 Graveyards in one go, especially if you have Naga which can heal allies in combat.

  • Complete the mission “The Battle of Steelsmith”.

    This is the level complete trophy. Finish the level "The Battle of Steelsmith" for this trophy. You shouldn't have too much difficulty with this level and will likely pop all 3 level trophies in one go, as long as you pay attention to dungeon invaders.

  • Own at least 15 creatures at the same time in the mission “The Battle of Steelsmith”.

    This is done in the "The Battle of Steelsmith" level. For this trophy only fighting minions count, your Snorts aka the worker minions don't count. To increase your creature count you perform research at the cost of resources, each additional creature requiring more gold and evilness. Once you've researched enough to have 15 allowable minions, spawn any 15 to reach the 15/15 cap for this trophy.

  • The Dungeonheart must not fall below 50% life in the mission “The Battle of Steelsmith”.

    This is done in the "The Battle of Steelsmith" level. Your Dungeonheart is the big red crystal in the centre of your dungeon and acts as your "heart". If it's destroyed, it's literally game over. For this trophy make sure the Dungeonheart's health never falls below 50% health. It can get injured and it will heal over time. If you respond actively to dungeon invasions you should get this easily. The Dungeonheart is also quite sturdy so you have some buffer time to defend against attackers if it is being attacked.

    The other problem is that the Heroes have built hammers that send tremors down to your dungeon and damage the Dungeonheart so you can't simply hide in your dungeon. At each set period the hammers will strike and cause damage to your Dungeonheart so you'll need to be active and destroy the hammers in the Overworld. However the good news is that the damage done by the hammers is quite low so you'll have ample time.

    The danger comes from the last set of hammers the Heroes have hidden as backup. These hammers do a lot of damage and can bring your Dungeonheart to under 50% health if you let it. However there should be sufficient time to amass a large enough force to destroy this last set of hammers before it can pose any danger.

  • Complete the mission “The End of Burgers' End”.

    This is the level complete trophy. Finish the level "The End of Burgers' End" for this trophy. Another level where you cannot hide in your dungeon if you want to get all 3 trophies at once, as you're forced to be in the Overworld if you want to go for Then let them eat cake!

  • Own 5 Gob-O-Bots at any time in the mission “The End of Burgers' End”.

    This is done in the "The End of Burgers' End" level. In this level there are 2 ways to get Gob-O-Bots (armoured Goblins): Rescue them in the Overworld (there are fewer than 5) and researching to unlock them. Once you have researched Gob-O-Bots, spawn the necessary number to have 5 total Gob-O-Bots at one time for the trophy. The simplest way is to research it and spawn 5 since there aren't enough on the Overworld. Gob-O-Bots are also the most powerful creature you can have at this time so it'll be good to have as many of them as possible. Gob-O-Bot research is on the west side of the research tree.

  • Don’t allow any deliveries to reach the city in the mission “The End of Burgers' End”.

    This is done in the "The End of Burgers' End" level. In this level you're required to destroy food deliveries to prevent the "fat" Heroes from continuing to bulk up. There are a total of 12 deliveries with 3 different paths the deliveries can take. The earlier deliveries will come in 1 or 2 slow unescorted convoys but the later ones will be fast, have escorts and will have 2-3 deliveries come via 3 possible paths. The paths are fixed but which paths are used are randomly selected so you need to intercept them early, otherwise you might not be able to catch up to them.

    Killing the donkey in a food convoy is all that is needed and you need to kill all 12 donkeys for the trophy.

  • Complete the mission “The Crossing”.

    This is the level complete trophy. An opposite to levels where you're needed on the Overworld, this one expects you to stay mostly in the dungeon since you need to manually activate Thrasher traps using your Hand of Evil for one of the trophies. This level also has a unique day/night cycle which causes Heroes to fall asleep at night and be extra strong in the day. Otherwise the level isn't difficult.

  • Kill at least 30 Heroes with the “Thrasher” Trap in the mission “The Crossing”.

    Done in the "The Crossing" level. From research, you'll need to unlock the Thrasher trap (west side of the research tree). This trap takes up 3x3 squares and requires you to manually activate it using your Hand of Evil by pressing on the trap when Heroes are inside the 3x3 space to damage them. The Thrasher does a lot of damage but for higher leveled Heroes, you will need several of these to kill them. Kill 30 Heroes with the Thrasher trap for this trophy.

    In this level, there are 2 dungeon exits, meaning that Heroes can attack from two sides. The best way to deal with such a layout is to dig new paths to divert and funnel the Heroes through a long and winding maze of traps to delay and hopefully kill them. Have a good mix of spike, arrow and Thrasher traps for good measure. This funnelling method is also something to follow for the later levels which feature more than 1 dungeon entrance.

  • Destroy at least 3 Hero tent camps during daylight in the mission “The Crossing”.

    This is done in the "The Crossing" level. This level has a unique day/night cycle which causes Heroes to fall asleep at night and be extra strong in the day. During the night, Heroes fall asleep and can be taken out very easily: Nearby Heroes stay asleep even when their comrades next to them are being attacked. Conversely, in the day they are extra strong (but not that much more). To get this trophy, you need to assemble a strong enough army (10 is big enough with a good mix of healers, melee and ranged) and go to the Overworld to attack and destroy Hero tents.

    Destroy 3 of them during the day for the trophy.

  • Complete the mission “The Prince of Hell”.

    This is the level complete trophy. You'll need to look for spiders and worms in your dungeon through excavation, and venture into the Overworld to fetch other "ingredients". There's a bit of RNG for one of the trophies but it just takes more time if you're unlucky. Once you provide all the ingredients the level completes.

  • Hold at least 7 Heroes in the Prison at the same time in the mission “The Prince of Hell”.

    Done in the "The Prince of Hell" level. This level introduces the Prison, thus allowing you to capture Heroes for various purposes. When Heroes are knocked out in combat while in the dungeon, your Snorts will drag their bodies into the Prison. While in the Prison, they'll slowly lose health for Evilness and eventually die. In the later part of the game, you'll unlock other types of rooms which utilise the Prisoners. For this trophy you need to hold at least 7 Heroes in your Prison so make sure to build a big enough one to hold 7 (hover your Hand of Evilness inside the Prison to see how many it can hold).

    The level will spawn more than enough invading Heroes to easily get 7 Heroes in your Prison at the same time as long as you have a large enough Prison. A little something extra can be done together with this trophy but you'll need to pay attention to what's going into your Prison. See A little something extra for more details.

  • Get all of the bonus creatures in the mission “The Prince of Hell”.

    This is done in the "The Prince of Hell" level. The level has a sacrificial pit that the game tells you to find ingredients to feed into to summon a Pit Fiend. However you can throw other things inside it for interesting effects and bonuses. There are 3 bonus creatures that can be granted by the pit and you need to sacrifice them to get all 3 for the trophy:

    o 5 Rogues - 1 Arachnid.
    o 5 Wardens - 2 Imps.
    o 5 Novices - 1 Succubus.

    Higher levels of these Hero types have different names e.g. Thieves are upgraded versions of Rogues. To see the list of names of upgraded Hero types, refer to the Almanac from so e.g. Rogues, Assassins and Thieves are the same type of Hero and count towards the trophy.

    You don't have to feed all 5 at one go, just 5 cumulative over time to unlock each bonus creature. However depending on your luck (since invaders spawn random types of Heroes), you may not get the necessary 5 of the same Hero type. Sadly you just have to keep playing and hope for the right ones to spawn. Once you've dropped all 15 of the required Heroes and have all 3 bonus creatures come out of the pit, you'll have your trophy.

  • Complete the mission “The Storming of Dollaran”.

    This is the level complete trophy. In this level you play a see-saw game to advance the Pit Fiend Crowley towards the enemy base. You complete the level once Crowley pushes through to the 2nd gate up to the North-East corner of the map.

    This level introduces the first time-based trophy which are trophies that make the platinum difficult. Without these time-based trophies, completing most levels are actually quite easy. For this level you may wish to make several saves and complete the level before returning to Storm And Stress. See Storm And Stress for more details.

  • Destroy all of the Hero camps in the mission “The Storming of Dollaran”.

    This is done in the "The Storming of Dollaran" level. There are 5 Hero camps in the level but 2 of them you need to advance Crowley towards the castle gate to the North-East and take it down before you can access the last 2 camps. Be careful not to advance Crowley too far: if Crowley breaks through the 2nd gate, the level completes and you'll miss out on destroying the last 2 camps.

    There's a group of Heroes guarding the 2nd gate but their aggro range is quite small so once the 1st gate is broken down you can sneak past them to attack the 2 Hero camps. The trophy pops the moment all 5 camps are destroyed.

  • Complete the mission “The Storming of Dollaran” in less than 40 minutes.

    This is done in the "The Storming of Dollaran" level. You need to finish this in less than 40 minutes, and it's a lot harder than it sounds. You'll most likely have to try the level several times before you know exactly what needs to be done to win in less than 40 minutes.

    When your creatures are near Crowley, he advances; if Heroes are near him, he retreats. Otherwise he stays put unless you activate his skill which makes him move independently for a short distance until the next skill cooldown. To win, you must escort him all the way up to the north-east through the 2nd of 2 gates. Once he crashes through the 2nd gate, the level is complete.

    To do this under 40 minutes, you need to know exactly what you want to build and get it done quickly, otherwise it's highly unlikely you'll get it done in under 40 minutes.

    The overall strategy is to spend the first 25-28 minutes ignoring Crowley, except when he's being attacked, then you'll need to send forces to the surface to defend him. Otherwise you need to quickly focus on getting the following things up and running while defending Crowley and dungeon invaders:

    1 - Researching the bare minimum to build Workshops for crates. 2-3 is sufficient. Make sure to create enough floor space to hold crates.
    2 - Researching the Arcanium to build Mana Shrines (each Shrine requires 8 crates), as well as Mana Storage research if you can, although you could just build more Arcanium floors to increase your Mana storage limit. 3-4 Shrines recommended.
    3 - Unlocking and building an army of Arachnids and only Arachnids. 10-15 of them.
    4 - Building a Library to unlock Arachnid Chitin Armour research and of course researching it. 2-4 rostrums for the Library.
    5 - Researching the 3 minimum spells of Demon Strength, Demon Portal and Meteor Shower. If you have spare gold and Evilness, feel free to upgrade your Demons.

    While building your Arachnid army, make sure to use whatever Arachnids you have praying at the Mana Shrines to build up your Mana supply as you're going to need it. You'll also want only Arachnids, as they are tough and good ranged attackers, and the best part is if they die they'll respawn at their leveled up states in your dungeon's Vortex rooms as long as you have Mana. Since you need Mana to cast spells as well as respawn dead Arachnids, those Mana Shrines are your main build goal. I suggest about 1,000 Mana to spam Demon Strength and Meteor Shower and the occasional Demon Portal to return to deal with dungeon invaders.

    Once you have 10 or so (more or less will depend on your skill) Arachnids and about 1000 Mana, check your time. If you're near or just past the 30 minute mark, then you still have a chance to get it done under 40 minutes. Begin the assault and push Crowley, using your spells and saving Crowley's skill for when necessary. Push all the way to a point in the middle of the map where it's a narrow path and the game says it's an ambush.

    Put one creature at the shown location so that Crowley can move a bit forward. Take a detour to the south with your army to avoid the ambush. Then position a creature at the position shown.

    Use Crowley's skill (hit then to highlight his skill and activate it), which makes him move a short distance on his own. One activation is enough to bridge him across the ambush and reach the other end then continue moving with your army.

    Once you're at the gate, break through it and fight off all defenders except the group guarding the 2nd gate. At this point you will want to attempt Spawner Killer and destroy the last 2 camps on either side of the courtyard if you haven't already gotten the trophy. Then escort Crowley a bit further to the centre of the courtyard as shown. Remember to liberally use Demon Strength and Meteor Shower.

    If you've gotten Crowley to the right place shown above, activate his skill (which would have cooled down by now), which will force him to move forward just enough to crash through the 2nd and last gate, ending the level.

    During the entire journey, you may have to return to defend your dungeon: use the Demon Gate spell for this then return quickly by dropping your army back into the portal spawned inside your dungeon.

    This trophy is tough but possible. Here's a screenshot of me doing it in just under 32 minutes when I got the trophy, using the method I described.

  • Complete the mission “The End of Yaina Overproud”.

    This is the level complete trophy. This is another speed level even though it may not appear that way but if you want to get all 3 trophies you'll want to hurry. You'll also fight an easy battle with Yaina at the end and play some dodge-the-bombs before dispatching her.

  • Destroy every Arcane Tear in mission “The End of Yaina Overproud” within 60 seconds maximum.

    This is done in the "The End of Yaina Overproud" level. In this level, Yaina Overproud creates 3 Arcane Tears in your dungeon that hurt your Dungeonheart. They will spawn randomly in your dungeon. To get this trophy you must destroy all 3 spawned Tears within 60 seconds.

    Because of Hearts are trump, you actually only need to do this exactly once i.e. defend against the 3 spawned Arcane Tears the first time it happens. It's actually not possible to defend a 2nd time if you want to get Hearts are trump as well. See Hearts are trump for more info.

    For the 1st wave of 3 Arcane Tears, 5 creatures are sufficient to destroy all 3 under 60 seconds, if you grab all 5 creatures (including Thalya), drop all of them at one Tear, destroy it, then quickly pick all of them up again - rinse and repeat for the other 2 Tears. The timer for the 2nd wave of Arcane Tears serves as a convenient timer: If it says more than 19:00 on the timer for the 2nd wave after you've destroyed all 3 Tears, you're in the clear.

  • Never let the Dungeonhearts Life Energy fall under 75% in “The End of Yaina Overproud”.

    Done in the "The End of Yaina Overproud" level. While it may seem like 75% is easy enough, it's a subtle bluff. The 2nd wave of Arcane Tears, each of the 3 Tears has a lot more health and does 500 damage to the Dungeonheart. During this 2nd wave you may have enough creatures powerful enough to take out all 3 Tears in under 60 seconds (to maintain We don't have time!) but in that 60 seconds the Tears would have caused more than 25% damage to the Dungeonheart.

    In order to keep the Dungeonheart above 75%, you must survive the 1st wave of Arcane Tears, then assemble an army to the Overworld and destroy the Tears on the Overworld before the 2nd wave of Tears spawn, all in under 40 minutes total. Once you destroy the Tears on the surface, the Tears will stop spawning in your dungeon. It's also at the same location where Crowley is being held prisoner and is one of the level's objectives.

    For this level's Overworld you can safely crush the Heroes with 10-15 Arachnids and 15 minutes is plenty of time to plough through the defenses to reach Crowley and the Tears, though you may have to return (via the Demon Gate spell) to deal with invaders 2-3 times.

  • Complete the mission “Once Upon A Catapult”.

    This is the level complete trophy. This level yet another time-based trophy. It's possible to get all 3 trophies in 1 go but since the level is quite short and easy, you can consider reloading or restarting for either Flat as a pancake or I love the smell of Catapult fire!. Once you destroy the 2 main Hero camps in the north, the level is complete.

  • Kill 50 Heroes by Catapult bombardment in the mission “Once Upon A Catapult”.

    This is done in the "Once Upon A Catapult" level. In this level you can capture 3 catapults scattered across the map. These catapults are extremely powerful and can kill most of the Heroes in 1 shot. There are plenty of Heroes to kill and the top 2 Hero camps endlessly spawn Heroes so there's no way to miss out on this trophy. Once you've killed 50 Heroes with catapult attacks, you'll get the trophy. To launch a catapult, hit then to highlight the catapult, hit then aim at a group of Heroes and press confirm, then wait for the lobbed shot to land.

  • Capture all of the Catapults in the mission “Once Upon A Catapult” in less than 30 minutes.

    This is done in the "Once Upon A Catapult" level. 30 minutes can be tricky if you don't know what to expect. However it can be done in under 25 minutes. There is a snowball effect where capturing the first catapult allows you to use that for the next catapult's defences and so on, thus you will need less time to capture subsequent catapults.

    What you want to do is research only Horde creatures (Orcs, Goblins, Naga) and aim for 10 creatures with a good mix e.g. 4 Goblins, 3 Orcs, 3 Naga, although you can start your skirmishes to capture the catapults safely with 6-7 creatures. You can go with 5 but expect losses, which frankly are easily replaced early on. You also want to research the bare minimum to get the Demon Gate spell to quickly get back to the dungeon to heal and defend against invaders. Demon Strength and Meteor Shower can also be handy but you'll need to excavate mana if you want to spam spells.

    Take the top exit, work your way south to the eastern-most catapult then westwards to the other 2 catapults.

    Once the 3rd catapult is captured, the trophy will pop.

  • Complete the mission “The Hungry, Hungry Ogre”.

    This is the level complete trophy. An escort mission of sorts, you're introduced to the game's first Titan, the Ogre. You should be able to beat this level easily if you focus on healing and ranged attack creatures.

  • Own more than 42 Barrels of Beer at the same time in the mission “The Hungry, Hungry Ogre”.

    This is done in the "The Hungry, Hungry Ogre" level. Beer is made by having Brewery rooms then building Kettles to make beer. However for this level, you can excavate and find more than 42 barrels of beer scattered around the dungeon. You don't need Brewery rooms for the found barrels of beer to count. You could also brew beer if you wanted for this trophy. FWIW I found 45 barrels before making a single Kettle. If you're going the brewing route bear in mind that the Brewery rooms need to be big enough to hold 42 barrels of beer.

  • The Ogre in the mission “The Hungry, Hungry Ogre” must not fall below 75% Life Energy.

    This is done in the "The Hungry, Hungry Ogre" level. Pretty straightforward, just keep the Ogre's health above 75%. In this level you'll find an Ogre that fights for you as long as you provide it with beer. Much like the Crowley level, you cannot control the Ogre and it will take on fights on its own once you feed it beer (taken automatically from your dungeon). As long as you push your forces ahead of the lumbering Ogre and pay attention to patrolling Heroes who may look for it while it's napping (Demon Gate spell comes in handy here), you'll do fine. The Ogre is also quite tough and will be a strong ally to your forces. Healing Naga and ranged attack creatures are recommended.

    Pay particular attention to when the Ogre has defeated the Treant and falls asleep: an attacking Hero party will follow. Also, later on when the Ogre attacks the castle to the North-East, be extra careful of the cannon towers defending the gates as they do a lot of damage.

  • Complete the mission “Ups and Downs”.

    This is the level complete trophy. Time to take a breather, as this is a take-your-time level. In this level you just have to pay attention to the tide counter. You have a cycling 5 minute window to go to the Overworld and attack during low tide. As long as you pay attention to the timer, you will do fine and knock out all 3 trophies in 1 go.

  • Don’t lose a single creature to the water in the mission “Ups and Downs”.

    This is done in the "Ups and Downs" level. In this level, there is a tide that will go high and low. When the tide is high, any creature in the water dies instantly. Pay attention to the tide counter, you have a 5 minute window for each tide cycle. Either go to high ground or use the Gate spell to teleport back to your dungeon. Complete the level without any losses due to high tide and you'll get the trophy.

    Midway through the level, the game suggests you make a sacrifice in the middle of the map (indicated by a ! icon on the map).

    Ignore this if you want the trophy. If you're curious, sacrificing skeleton archers (from dead Heroes captured and thrown into a Prison room) on the round tile in the middle of the map during high tide gifts you a Lich.

  • Stop anyone from interrupting Thalya while she contaminates the water in mission “Ups and Downs”.

    This is done in the "Ups and Downs" level. The main objective of the level is for Thalya to corrupt 3 water points. Similar to the previous levels where Thalya is frozen while trying to "convert" an objective, this time Thalya is frozen and 2 of the water points are in areas where high tide will submerge so you have to time your attacks and conversion attempts with the high tide window. At the same time, crabs and Heroes will spawn while Thalya is contaminating the water point so prepare your defence of Thalya, making sure to surround her. If you manage to corrupt all 3 water points without Thalya getting hit, the trophy will pop along with the level complete trophy Tide Master.

  • Complete the mission “The Titan of Alphaas”.

    This is the level complete trophy. A different spin to gameplay, this time you control a finite number of creatures with no dungeon. The only way to gain more creatures is to fight. Certain Heroes have been contaminated (they have black swirls around them) and if they die they convert into Undead. Other Undead are locked up and can be freed. Yet more Undead be found scattered around the map. Once you defeat the boss of the level the trophy is yours. Refer to Lifesaver, for further notes about this level.

  • Don’t lose more than 8 units in the mission “The Titan of Alphaas”.

    This done in the "The Titan of Alphaas" level. You won't have any problems keeping your creatures alive, as long as you manually rotate injured creatures out of the frontlines. The biggest problem you will face is near the end of the level where the level's boss awaits. Complete the level with fewer than 8 losses and the trophy will pop at the end of the level.

    The boss at the final level is a Paladin that can split into 3 and has a very powerful area attack which will drop the health of most of your stronger units down to a small sliver. In the same battle area are 2 health potions, which will heal your creatures within a small area of effect. When the Paladin does the area attack and he will, take manual control to walk your troops to surround the health potion before triggering the potion so that as many of your creatures enjoy the healing effect (full heal). Make sure to send a few units to kill the Priestess healers. If you successfully tank the Paladin's area attack once, you will actually win the battle in less than 30 seconds, as long as you bring every single available creature into the final battle.

    Obviously the stronger/higher level your creatures the higher likelihood they'll survive fights. Anyway I'd advise making a manual save just outside the boss battle area just in case you mess up.

  • Own at least 5 Banshees at the same time in the mission “The Titan of Alphaas”.

    This is done in the "The Titan of Alphaas" level. Banshees are melee Undead units which do area of effect damage and has a slow-enemy area effect but tend to be weak. Since this level has no dungeon, you'll need to find Banshees in the level. In this level some Heroes have been contaminated and once killed will convert to Undead. Some of these are Banshees. Make sure to keep them alive as they're in short supply.

    At the 1st one-third of the level you'll encounter small villages and groups of Heroes, as well as several trapped Undead. Destroy everything and you'll get 3 Banshees. At the western end of the map (denoted by a magic book icon) is a graveyard.

    Visit it and the Narrator is say something, while Thalya will make a grand speech. Shortly after, 2 more Banshees will spawn. If you kept the 1st 3 Banshees alive, the trophy will pop once these 2 Banshees spawn.

    The trophy will pop once you find 5 Banshees.

  • Complete the mission “I Am Your Father!”.

    This is the level complete trophy. One of the rare levels where you're expected to build up your dungeon and stay there. Apart from the odd Overworld incursion to take over Islands of Good, you need to stay in the dungeon and prepare for invasion after invasion, to knock out enough invading Heroes to feed to a sacrificial pit to summon the Ultimate Evil. The level ends and the trophy awarded once enough Heroes have been sacrificed.

  • Sacrifice more Heroes than needed in mission “I Am Your Father!” – until the Narrator is satisfied.

    This is done in the "I Am Your Father!" level. In this level you're required to sacrifice 90 Heroes at a minimum. You can only sacrifice Heroes that are not dead so you need to build a Prison, which will cause downed Heroes to become unconscious instead of dead. With Heroes in your Prison, grab them with your Hand and drop them into the pit. Once you have sacrificed 90, you can summon the Ultimate Evil via which will end the level. However for this trophy you'll need to sacrifice more.

    The extra requirement is 150, which will be shown once you reach 90:

    To get 150 just wait for more heroes to invade and toss all the unconscious Heroes into the sacrificial pit. Once you've sacrificed 150, the trophy will pop.

  • Complete the mission “I Am Your Father!” without the Dungeonheart taking any damage.

    This is done in the "I Am Your Father!" level. This can be tricky or dead easy depending on how well you design your dungeon for invasions and how much you pay attention to invasions. If you create convoluted and winding paths for Heroes to traverse, linking up all dungeon entrances to a funnel point, make full use of the Demon Gate spell to respond to invasions and create lots of traps, you'll be fine. The Dungeonheart must not take a single point of damage for this trophy. If it stays at full health throughout the level till the point you activate the summon Ultimate Evil spell, you'll get the trophy.

  • Complete the mission “Baptism of Fire”.

    This is the level complete trophy. One of the more frustrating levels not because it's difficult but because of the clunky controls it's too easy to make mistakes and miss out on Not a scratch. Pay particular attention to Thalya's positioning if you want to avoid too many reloads. It's easy enough to complete this level though. Refer to Not a scratch for further info.

  • Don’t let the Grave Golem’s Life Energy fall below 50%.

    Done in the "Baptism of Fire" level. Midway through the level you'll be given the Grave Golem. It is extremely strong and tough so you should not have any difficulty keeping its health above 50%

    The first time you fight with the Grave Golem, the Heroes drop a regen health spellbook, which if taken by the Grave Golem will make this trophy nigh impossible to miss. Due to clunky controls it can tricky to pick this spell book up as the game starts a wall of fire which slowly creeps towards you: you must keep moving ahead of it or lose the level immediately if Thalya is caught by the flames. To get this regen health spell book, you need to be quick with the fight and get ready for the Grave Golem to pick up the book once it's dropped.

    If you have good control of Thalya and the Grave Golem, you should be able to keep the Golem's health above 50%. If you complete the level with the Grave Golem's health above 50%, the trophy will pop once the level completes.

  • Complete the mission “Baptism of Fire” without Thalya taking any damage.

    Done in the "Baptism of Fire" level. Probably one of the tougher trophies in the game, not because it's difficult but because of the clunky controls and auto-attack mechanics, making controlling Thalya an annoyingly challenging task, especially to keep her uninjured throughout this level. Use the Grave Golem to tank all damage, and make sure to keep Thalya on a short leash as auto-attack may cause her to rush forward and take damage as she walks faster than the Grave Golem.

    In the beginning area, there's an archer ambush which may target Thalya even if you're surrounded by your creatures. Your best bet is to keep Thalya at the beginning area while your creatures go ahead. Your creatures will be more than enough to fight through. Once you reach the boss at the middle of the map, Thalya will teleport to the event and allow you to proceed without damage. Later on when Thalya is alone with the Grave Golem, pay particular attention to Novices who cast an area of effect light blast spell which may catch Thalya if she's too near.

    It's best to keep Thalya out of battle for the 1st 3rd of the level. At the last 3rd of the level keep Thalya on a tight leash. If you complete the level with Thalya staying at 100% health throughout, the trophy is yours.

  • Complete the mission “Light and Shadow”.

    This is the level complete trophy. The level completes once Thalya is freed within 60 minutes and returns to the dungeon. Once Thalya is freed the timer stops but the level does not complete until she steps into the dungeon. While 60 minutes isn't a lot of time, it's sufficient with 10 creatures to fight through the Heroes as you have a Grave Golem which is extremely tough. Therefore you can focus on ranged creatures to support the Grave Golem for your army. If you don't do it in 60 minutes you lose the level.

  • Kill 100 Heroes in the mission “Light and Shadow”.

    Done in the "Light and Shadow" level. There aren't 100 Heroes on the surface so you'll need to let the game spawn invaders to attack you if you want to reach 100 Heroes before time runs out. Scattered throughout the level are packs of Heroes as well as Hero camps. Keep all hero camps alive so they keep spawning Heroes to reclaim Islands of Good and invade your dungeon. It's entirely possible to get 100 Heroes within 60 minutes and if you don't do it in 60 minutes you lose the level anyway. It is recommended you make saves and attempt this and Prison Break separately.

    The image above shows 100 Heroes being killed at just past the 6 minute marker, which breaks Prison Break. It's not recommended that you do Prison Break and I need a hero! together but nevertheless it's possible to get both trophies in 1 session. You must still keep all the Hero camps alive, then assemble a 10-creature army with the Grave Golem to invade the main castle area at the 35-40 minute mark. There is no mini-boss battle, only standard units and castle towers, even though Tanos is standing there with Thalya.

    Once your army reaches Tanos, Thalya is automatically freed. Quickly cast Demon Gate to return your creatures to the dungeon while the characters talk. In a few seconds, you gain control of Thalya but any creature left behind will be killed hence the quick Demon Gate. Leave her there and ignore her whining, letting the game continue. The heroes will continue to spawn from Hero camps to invade your dungeon. Keep farming Heroes until you get the trophy. You can't do this if you already destroyed the Hero camps.

  • Free Thalya in less than 45 minutes in the “Light and Shadow” mission.

    Done in the "Light and Shadow" level. Not difficult as the defences aren't that strong. Once you reach Thalya, she's considered "freed". If you reach her in under 45 minutes, the trophy will pop.

    A 10-creature army with the Grave Golem is sufficient to advance and destroy every Hero camp you come across, as well as capture every Island of Good. Somewhere at the 35-40 minute mark you can begin attacking the main castle area. There is no mini-boss battle, only standard units and castle towers, even though Tanos is standing there with Thalya. Since the Grave Golem is very tough, focus on support units and build up the Demonic research tree. Combined with Meteor Shower and Demon Strength, you'll easily overwhelm the small groups of Heroes scattered about the level.

    Note that if you blitz through the map and destroy the Hero camps you'll not be able to get 100 Heroes killed by the time you free Thalya, thereby voiding I need a hero!. If you want to get both trophies together, keep the Hero camps alive. This will slightly complicate matters as you now need to deal with attacking the surface and dealing with invasions but it is doable. It's easier to make a manual save when you begin your rescue, get Prison Break done, then reload for I need a hero!

  • Complete the mission “Two Sides Of A Medal”.

    This is the level complete trophy. This mission is easy enough if not for Discoverer which is yet another time-based event. If you separate that from completing the level you can just safely take your time to level up your dungeon and creatures. To complete the level you have to destroy 10 Hero clusters and camp areas, the last being protected by a magic shield. Once you have destroyed all 10 Hero areas including the crystal that powers the magic shield protecting the last area, the level is complete.

  • Kill 30 Heroes using an Obelisk.

    This is done in the "Two Sides Of A Medal" level. In this level you'll find 2 red Obelisks which require Thalya to corrupt in order to turn it into Evil use. Once 1 is captured you can start using this powerful Obelisk to help kill Heroes. One blast will kill most Heroes save for the most sturdy and will greatly aid in your quest to destroy all 10 Hero areas. You'll be able to kill more than 30 in this level, and the trophy will pop once you get 30.

  • Find the two Obelisks in less than 25 minutes.

    This is done in the "Two Sides Of A Medal" level. A very tight time-based trophy requiring you to build quickly and get to the Overworld as soon as you can. It won't be easy but definitely doable once you know where to go and what to do. The 2 Obelisks can be found in the following image:

    Follow the path shown above to find the 2 Obelisks quickly. In terms of timing, you'll need to have found and captured the 1st Obelisk within 10 minutes or under, then push towards the 2nd by the 15th minute, finally getting close by the 20th minute. The 1st captured Obelisk and its attack will help greatly in this task and so will Meteor Shower and Demon Strength. Focus on Horde creatures for this trophy as they are quicker to hire 7 creatures which is the max before you need Evilness. Make sure to aim for Hero healers and spellcasters before the rogues and archers. You also need to factor in 90 seconds of corruption time per Obelisk for the trophy to count, you can't just "find" them.

    Once you've successfully corrupted the 2nd Obelisk in under 25 minutes the trophy will pop.

  • Complete the mission “A Disturbance In The Force”.

    This is the level complete trophy. Yet another time-based trophy with a seemingly insane schedule to keep. This time you need to be extremely fast in your research while effectively managing your forays to the surface and dungeon invasions. The trickiest part is getting Sacrifices! in a single session, as you're more likely to have a few goes at it before you get the schedule right. Without Sacrifices!, you can take your time with this level. Once the last Titan is sacrificed, you gain the Frost Nova spell needed to reach the last area blocked by Tanos's flames and complete the level.

  • Never let Thalya's Life Energy fall below 75% during the ritual.

    This is done in the "A Disturbance In The Force" level. During the sacrifice of each Titan, Thalya is left frozen and must be defended against spawning golems. Thankfully these golems are quite weak by the time you have researched Titans and have spawned them. Healing Nagas also help to keep her health above 75% while she's locked into the sacrifice. Once the level is won and you've kept Thalya's health above 75% the trophy will pop.

  • Sacrifice all of the Titans within 40 minutes in the mission “A Disturbance In The Force”.

    This is done in the "A Disturbance In The Force" level. The time-based trophy that makes this level a lot harder but if you're focused on research and keeping to a good schedule, 40 minutes is entirely possible. You have to factor in travelling and time to sacrifice so in reality you have only about 32-33 minutes to research the Ogre, Grave Golem and Pit Fiend, then summon them, then bring them to the surface and complete all 3 sacrifices at 3 different locations, all within 40 minutes.

    The key is building a large Prison to hold invading Heroes then turtle up inside your dungeon to farm invaders and build up Evil with imprisoned Heroes (Heroes left to die in Prisons generate Evilness). With the amount of Evilness you need and the rate at which you need it at, coupled with the increased number of invasions, you will want a very big Prison, holding 25-30 prisoners.

    While accumulating the necessary Evilness, the research route to take is to first research and hire the Ogre, then the Grave Golem and finally the Pit Fiend. While researching the Ogre, build an army of around 10 creatures (all Horde is fine but you'll want some Imps to generate mana in Shrines) and clear the paths to all 3 sacrifice locations. Once cleared you'll need to have researched and purchased the Ogre by the 30 minute mark. Quickly purchase the Ogre and get topside to sacrifice him using the Demon Gate.

    Meanwhile you're still defending against invaders and throwing them into Prison to farm Evilness so hopefully you will farmed enough Evilness to unlock and purchase the Grave Golem by the 32-33 minute mark, as well as have moved your army and Demon Gate to the Grave Golem site. Repeat the sacrifice and defence then relocate to the last site. By the time you reach the site you should have enough Evilness or almost enough by the 35-36 minute mark to research and purchase the last Titan the Pit Fiend. Quickly summon it then drop him into the Demon Gate you've opened up (it's a 2-way) and start the sacrifice.

    If you've kept to a tight schedule of research and farming Evilness, you will get the trophy the moment the 3rd Titan is sacrificed. There isn't enough time to wait till you have researched and purchased all 3 Titans at once before venturing to the surface.

    The 3 sacrificial sites are marked in the image below. It's recommended that you do the Ogre first, then the Grave Golem followed by the Pit Fiend last.

  • Complete the mission “Everything Has An End…”.

    This is the level complete trophy. The last level and definitely not hardest of them all by a long shot. Tanos is waiting for you at the centre of the map and you must defeat him to win. There is no time pressure except for the constant invasions via random Hero Portals, but since you can take your time, work your way towards researching and buying the 3 Titans. The Titans will make the final fight with Tanos that much easier and will make Band of Brothers a piece of cake. Once Tanos is defeated the campaign is complete and this trophy and the Platinum are yours. Refer to Band of Brothers for specifics on the Tanos fight.

  • Save all of the Heroes Tanos wants to punish in the mission “Everything Has An End…”.

    Done in the "Everything Has An End…" level. In 3 specific areas are Heroes who are being threatened by Tanos. The below spoiler tag shows the 3 locations.

    To save these Heroes Thalya must go near to a circle of fire blocking their escape from the encroaching flames and use the Frost Nova special ability to put out the circle of fire. If done quickly enough, the Heroes will automatically flee the area and join your army. They are strong fighters and do not add to your total creature count so will come in handy for defending your dungeon. Once the 3rd group of Heroes is saved by Thalya the trophy will pop. Note that the Narrator will signal that you're near one such group that needs saving and from then on, you will only have a few seconds to locate the circle of fire and use Frost Nova on it to free the trapped victims.

    The following image, shows the location of the 3 groups of heroes:

    For this trophy, no Hero can die to the flames. Once the last group is saved and every Hero survived, the trophy will pop.

  • Don’t lose a single creature to Tanos in battle in the mission “Everything Has An End…”.

    This is done in the "Everything Has An End…" level. The description is slightly misleading as it does not mean you cannot lose a single creature throughout the session. It only means that you do not lose any creature when fighting Tanos directly. Tanos is waiting in the centre of the level and won't do anything until you attack him. Once attacked, you cannot lose a single creature. This can be tricky if you're using normal creatures so bring Titans. Scattered around the map are 2 heal-over-time spell books, which will come in handy and should be given to the Pit Fiend and Ogre as they are not as tough as the Grave Golem.

    During the fight Tanos will lob firebombs occasionally and it is this attack that will likely cause deaths but will hardly damage Titans, though the Pit Fiend has the highest chance of dying if he does not have the heal-over-time spellbook. Also, since there's no time pressure, make sure to research all the Titans' upgrades.

    For the actual fight, you want to bring as small an army as possible for easier control, especially when dodging Tanos's firebombs. All you really need are the 3 Titans which will be on automatic just attacking Tanos. For support, bring Thalya and 2-3 maxed Naga to heal the Titans. During the fight, control only Thalya and the Naga (press + ), just pay attention to where the firebombs will land (denoted by a small red circle) and quickly move out of the way. When ready, use the Frost Nova attack which somehow lowers his defences enough so that your Titans do more damage to Tanos. If you see one of your Titans get low on health move him away from Tanos, let Tanos auto-target someone else then resume fighting. Just make sure to keep your Nagas alive as they will be the weakest.

    If you have kept moving and kept everyone alive, once you kill Tanos the trophy is yours and likely the platinum as well.

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