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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 16 (2, 4, 9, 1)
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 7 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 7
  • Glitched trophies: None. However, do keep in mind that at the time of writing this guide, it is not possible to obtain Inquisitor Expiravit trophy_gold.png through Chapter Select.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: There is no difficulty option to choose from.

DreadOut 2 is a third-person survival horror game based on the Indonesian culture and folklore, drawing heavy inspiration from games like Fatal Frame. The game is set chronologically after the ending of DreadOut 1, and while console gamers never got to experience the first installment, the game does have a recap video of the events leading up to DreadOut 2.
As for the roadmap, we are talking about one playthrough, in which you will be finding all the Urban Legends, killing one of each enemy, speaking to all 3 Ghost NPCs, and finishing the two available side missions before the point of no return during Act 5. Although, technically, no trophy is considered missable (despite the tag under each description), since after beating the game you have access to the Chapter Select option and you can get most "missable" trophies this way, currently due to a bug in the game, Inquisitor Expiravit trophy_gold.png is considered missable, so if you decide to do a blind playthrough first, it is recommended that you perform a save back-up at the beginning of Act 5: Remnants.

Stage 1: Beat the Game While Finding all Urban Legends, Completing the Ghostpedia, and Talking to all Ghost NPCs
DreadOut 2 is a survival horror game whose story is structured around 7 main Chapters -or Acts- and a Prologue (Act 0: Guilt), which serves as an introduction to the basic mechanics and gameplay functionality.

The game is relatively short and can be completed in about 5 hours without the need of a walkthrough guide (despite that, a Video Guide is included under Snake Charmer trophy_gold.png as a handbook on how to get the in the shortest time possible), and it is relatively linear in the sense that, while you can investigate the different locations at the beginning of Acts 1-5 before proceeding with the story, most of the game has you getting from point A to point B without any important reward from exploration.

There are two main types of "collectibles" that you should keep in mind. The first one, currently missable, is related to the Urban Legends (Inquisitor Expiravit trophy_gold.png), which correspond to 11 photographs that you must take throughout the first 5 Acts; while the second one, the Ghostpedia (Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png ), is related to the 16 enemies that you can face in the game. At the same time, it is important that you talk to all 3 Ghost NPCs and visit all 6 locations in the game.

At the end of this step you will have earned the following trophies: 
A Chill Wind... trophy_bronze.png 
Highschool Never Ends trophy_bronze.png 
Some Wounds Never Heal trophy_silver.png 
Identity Thief trophy_silver.png 
I Belong To Me trophy_silver.png 
Among The Living trophy_gold.png 
Snake Charmer trophy_gold.png 
Inquisitor Expiravit trophy_gold.png Missable
Night Rider trophy_gold.png 
Don't Trust The Devil trophy_gold.png 
Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png 
Deja Vu, I've Just Been In This Place Before trophy_gold.png 
Friends In High Places trophy_gold.png 
Simply Stunning trophy_silver.png 
I Got Your Back trophy_gold.png 

Stage 2: Clean-up any Remaining Trophies
If, after finishing the game you still have any trophies left to obtain, from the main menu select Extra, from there choose Chapter Select, and clean-up any remaining chapter specific trophy!

The End Is The Beginning Is The End trophy_platinum.png 

DreadOut 2 Trophy Guide

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16 trophies ( 7  )

  • Complete all trophies

    Survive the nightmare while getting all the other trophies to earn the coveted Platinum Trophy!
  • Complete Mona's Urban Legends

    Starting from Act 1: Restitution, near the street painting shop of the Maung District (this is directly in front of the alley where you exit from Linda's house), you will be able to speak to Professor Mona, a historian whose main job is that of investigating Urban Legends and Ghost sightings, trying to prove that these supernatural phenomena are not just rumors, but rather cold facts. Keep in mind that it is necessary to speak with Mona and take the picture of the painting to start hunting Urban Legends!
    To help her prove this, you must take pictures of 11 Urban Legends, which can be found throughout the different locations present in the game, and talk to her again when you have found the last one to obtain the trophy. Likewise, It is important to mention that these Urban Legends can be hunted until before the point of no return in Act 5: Remnants (before talking to the "Old Lady" who lives in the mountain), since after this point, you will not be able to teleport back to other locations.
    This trophy is missable in the sense that even if you use the Chapter Select function (unlocked after beating the game for the first time), to return to Act 5 and finish hunting your missed Urban Legends (due to a bug in the game), you wont get the completion dialogue needed to trigger Mona's last event (even after registering all entries in the Ghostpedia). An effective solution for this, if you choose to enjoy the game without the use of a guide, is to make a save back up at the beginning of Act 5, so that once the game is over you can use it to obtain this trophy, otherwise you will have to start a new game from scratch and get all 11 Urban Legends in one run.Below is a list of all the Urban Legends in the game (in the order shown under the 100% Platinum Video Guide found in Snake Charmer trophy_gold.png), as well as their location, and the Act where you can first encounter them.

    1. The Flat-Faced Ghost
    The Flat-Faced Ghost is a famous character from Indonesian Urban Legends. This mischievous ghost is often disguised as a roasted peanut peddler and spawns in unlikely places.
    After luring in its clueless victims, the Flat-Faced Ghost reveals itself scaring them to death.
    First found during: Act 1: Restitution

    Location: This Urban Legend is located at the Maung District food market (which you enter through an alley next to the street painting shop). This is the place where you get the Pecel Lele, which is the food you need to get your friend's shoe back from the cat. To the right of the store you will see an alley with a fence, behind it you will find a cart with peanuts where the ghost is hidden (You can look at the image for the exact position where you have to take the photo... specially useful for the PS5 version of the game).

    2. Number 7777777
    The Urban Legend of "7777777" is connected to the story of Mr. Gepeng, a rich man who died in a freak accident; flattened by a falling elevator. After this unfortunate event, Mr. Gepeng was said to haunt restorooms. 

    It's unclear why he chose too haunt that specific area, but it's connected to the "7777777" story. If someone dares to dial that phone number, Mr. Gepeng would replay and ask the caller to fetch a bag full of money, which he placed inside a random restroom. If the caller took the money, Mr. Genpeng  would take their life, as compensation.
    First found during: Act 1: Restitution

    Location: This Urban Legend is located at Sman Arwana 5 school, on a wall with the numbers "7777777". To find this wall, once you exit the school lobby continue forward past the classroom blocks and turn right; once there, continue straight in this direction until you come across the wall at the end of the narrow corridor.


    3.Suster Ngesot
    Suster Ngesot ("Crawling Nurse") is one of the most popular Indonesian Urban Legends. Although it has many origins there are town main sources of these legends. 

    The first source of Suster Ngesot came from a story of a nurse who used to be working at the National Hospital. One night, on her routine shift, she was brutally raped and killed by an unknown Doctor. Due to her unclean death, she returned to this world as a Ghost Nurse who dragged her feet, hence the name Suster Ngesot.

    In the second source, she used to be a nurse who worked at an Elderly Home. She was known to be manipulative and abusive towards all the patients. Fortunately, her evil exploits were discovered. An Angry mob stormed the Elderly Home and tortured her until she's crippled. Unable to withstand the torture, the nurse died and came back as the Suster Ngesot.
    First found during: Act 2: Initiation

    Location: This Urban Legend ghost is found on a bloodstain on the floor at the Cageur Hospital lobby, past the ticket machine and in front of the glass door. Hard to miss!

    4. The Lost Doll
    This famous Urban Legend heralds from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The legend originated from an unfortunate traffic accident that claimed the life of a young girl named Uci.

    It is said that when Uci was hit by a reckless driver, her favorite doll was missing. While being rushed to the hospital, her last words were: "Where's Uci's doll?"

    Members of the community sympathized and started to look for missing doll. Strangely, the doll was never found. Since the accident, many witnesses claim to have sighted a mysterious young girl playing... and sometimes looking for something. Many suspect that the enigmatic girl is Uci, still trying to find her missing doll.
    First found during: Act 3: Mirror

    Location: This Urban Legend can be found after finishing the Ghost Rider side-quest (check Night Rider trophy_gold.png) and reaching the TPU Ciburial graveyard. Once there, continue straight from your position towards the first set of stone steps, climb them and immediately turn left. Proceed to the second tree and you will find several dolls tied to it. The ghost is hidden in one of them.


    5. The Headless Ghost
    Nobody really knows about the origin of the Headless Ghost. In the late 90's, this urban legend became quite famous among residents of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city. It was rumored that the Headless Ghost was lost inside a cemetery complex, trying to find its way back to his grave.

    Rumor said that the ghost only manifested himself if people came to search for him in odd-numbered groups. Searching for the ghost came at a cost, though: every witness would fall to a mysterious illness after an encounter.
    First found during: Act 3: Mirror

    Location: After the previous Urban Legend, backtrack your way back to the first set of stone steps, however this time instead of turning continue straight to the center of the graveyard (towards the large tree in the background). There, you will find a statue where the ghost is hidden.


    6. The Painting of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul
    The painting of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, Queen of the South Ocean, is one of the famous legends in Indonesia. Painted by the one Indonesian Maestro, it's displayed inside a special room in a well known seaside hotel. Her captivating beauty is perfectly depicted, along with her mysterious aura. 

    Many people wanted to spend nights and conduct rituals in that special room, hoping to gain an audience with the Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. It's believed that Kanjeng Ratu Kidul will make their wishes come true.

    Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is known for her fondness of the green color. It's taboo to wear green-colored outfit for visiting any Southern Indian Ocean beaches. If one dares to break it, dire consequences would wait for them. 
    First found during: Act 5: Remnants

    Location: This Urban Legend can be found after finishing the Distorted Reality of the Indiemooi Hotel at Act 4: On The Hund. To find it, return to the Hotel at the beginning of Act 5, and continue straight past the reception until you meet Tuyul with the ukulele, who is now on the first floor. At this moment, turn right and continue up the stairs until you reach the third floor, once there, take the corridor to the left until you find room 308, where you will find the painting behind which the Urban Legend ghost is hidden.
    7. Kolor Ijo
    Kolor Ijo (Green Underpants) is a person who worship dark entities to gain supernatural boons. To achieve those boons, Kolor Ijo must indiscriminately rape and murder numerous women. The name "Kolor Ijo" cmes from the witnesses to these crimes, who saw the perpetrator wearing nothing but green underpants. 

    Kolor Ijo was also used by the media as a name for a serial rapist who terrorized many cities in indonesia around the year 2000.
    First found during: Act 2: Initiation

    Location: This Urban Legend is found near the bridge that connects the "Sadiba" neighborhood (where the Fortune Teller is located) with the boarding houses for girls where Linda's block is located (you probably saw her bracelet glow blue when leaving her house). The best reference to get to this legend is to position yourself on the bridge looking towards the boarding houses and, from there, continue straight past the sign that says "MELATI" and the first three dorms on the left, immediately turn left in this corner into the alley where you will find some clothes thrown on the floor in the middle of which you will find this ghost.


    8. The Haunted Ambulance
    The legend has its origin in the story of a Dutch family that resided in Bandung, West Java. Passengers believed this ambulance would take them to the hospital. Instead, the ambulance would take them to the house where the Dutch family used to live. Every time thee authorities would try to move the ambulance, it drove itself back to the house. 

    Since then, the ambulance has been left alone, and nobody dares to move it again. Neighbors claimed they could hear the engine sound in the middle of the night without any driver around to have started it. 
    First found during: Act 4: On The Hunt

    Location: After the previous Urban Legend, retrace your steps and cross the bridge towards the "Sabida" neighborhood and the Fortune Teller's house, however instead of turning right after the narrow alley (where you would normally go to her house), continue straight through the other exit to find the ambulance where this Urban Legend is located.

    9. The Haunted Red Bridge
    The Red Bridge is one of the famous landmarks of Surabaya, the capital of East Java, Indonesia. The site and its surroundings were the places of bloodiest battles ever seen on East Java, Indonesia. It's the exact place, where Brigadier General Mallaby, a high ranking officer of the British Army was killed by Surabaya Freedom Fighters.

    Due to its violent history, the Batlle of Red Bridge become the source of many urban legends of Surabaya. Many had witnessed the sightings of mutilated ghosts around the area.

    In the later years, some unfortunate people also chose this place as where they committed suicide.
    First found during: Act 5: Remnants

    Location: This Urban Legend is located in the Kampung Cienteh area, which you can access only after finishing Act 4 and handing over the item you get to the Fortune Teller. Immediately upon reaching this location turn around and continue straight ahead down the long path until you reach the intersection. At this point turn right towards the bridge where you will find it on the ground.


    10. The Deaf Ghost
    The Deaf Ghost - Jurig Budeg - is a famous Javanese urban legend. The ghost is said to dwell on empty roads and lonely railways.
    The Deaf Ghost's legend came from stories of men and women who died tragically in the street. These vengeful spirits would make innocents suffer similar fates. The Deaf Ghost is capable of making its victims go deaf, confused and unaware of their surroundings.
    First found during: Act 5: Remnants

    Location: Continue across the bridge from the previous Urban Legend until you reach the next intersection with the train tracks. At this moment turn left, crossing the train tracks towards the wall in the opposite side and there, near the construction material, you will see clothes lying on the ground. Point the camera to reveal the ghost and take the photo.


    11. Nenek Gayung
    While her origin was unclear, Nenek Gayung (Dipper Grandma) used to be a phenomenal urban legend in Indonesia during December 2011. Her name dubbed from her depiction as a strange-looking old woman who carried a water dipper and a mat, ready to bathe her victims. If one tries to talk to her, he/she will die soon.  
    First found during: Act 5: Remnants

    Location: Return to the starting point of the Kampung Cienteh area and continue your way through the village following the main dirt road until you see a group of children playing on the left of the road. Continue down the path past the next house on the left from this children, and immediately turn left to find the well inside which you will find the last Urban Legend.

    After finding all 11 Urban Legends, you'll need to teleport back to the Maung District and talk to Mona to complete the quest and get the trophy!
  • Complete "Ghost Rider"

    The Ghost Rider is one of two side-quests available at the Maung District, and can be started at any time during the beginning of Act 3 and Act 5.

    To do this, proceed to the DH Coffee Shop, which is located directly in front of the Maung Park. As you get closer, you will hear a jaywalker talk about how he would have been hit by an unknown vehicle after hearing the noise of a motorcycle in the middle of the night and when there was nobody nearby.

    Once you've heard the conversation, interact with the coffee shops' door and choose to wait until midnight to start this sidequest.
    At night time, position yourself on one of the sidewalks, pointing your cell phone camera towards the south and in a short time (after hearing the sound of a motorcycle coming your way) you will be able see the ghost.

    Take a picture of him at the precise moment the camera starts to glitch and he'll drop an item on the ground.
    As soon as you pick the item up, you will unlock a hidden (and the only missable) new location on the map: the TPU Ciburial, which you can access through the Bike Taxi application.

    To finish the side-quest, all you have to do is listen to Pocong Motor's -quite long- story (making sure to always choose the first option during the conversation), after which you will arrive at your new destination, obtain the trophy, and a new entry in the Ghostpedia needed for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png 
  • Complete "The Bloody Love Story"

    The Bloody Love Story is one of two side-quests available at the Maung District, and can be started at any time during the beginning of Acts 3, 4, or 5.

    To do this, go to the southern part of this district where you will find three students sitting at a table with a red umbrella outside a restaurant (If you check the well-hidden map of the area at Aung Park, the location of the restaurant is marked with the number 4), who will be talking about a strange rumor of a ghost that seems to be haunting the school and its students during their afternoon activities.

    Once you're done listening to the rumor, talk to them, and choose to join their night hunt.

    During this side-quest you will have to follow a series of events that will let you discover the reason for the ghost's attacks. Start by talking to the frightened student at the school's lobby and from there proceed to classroom 2-A (this is Linda's classroom) where you will find the first traces of the ghost that is haunting to the students.
    Enter the classroom, and after the ghost disappears, proceed to the classroom that is directly next to this one, but in the back part of this same block.

    Here you will find the ghost, whom after taking some damage from the camera, will leave the room dropping a Twisted Love Letter on the floor with the words "meet me at our window".


    Exit this room, go down the stairs to the first floor and proceed towards the school's lobby. When you approach the door it you will be able to see the ghost in the window on the right.
    Use your camera to deal some damage, and you will trigger a boss fight against Jurig Amuk, one of the ghosts needed for  Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png. After defeating this ghost, go back to classroom 2-A to see a new scene.

    Finally, return to the window outside of the lobby and pick up the photograph from the place where the ghost is pointing to finish the side-quest and get the trophy.

    If you prefer a visual guide, you can check the following video:
    Don't Trust The Devil - Video Guide
  • Complete Ghostpedia Entries

    The Ghostpedia keeps the record (and the lore within the Indonesian folklore) of the many types of ghosts present in the game. You can access this registry either from the application of the same name on your cell phone or from the game's main menu

    In order to obtain this trophy you will need to complete the registry of all 16 existing ghosts, and for this you must find or kill all the different enemies you find throughout the game as well as complete both side-quests at the Maung District (Check Night Rider trophy_gold.png and Don't Trust The Devil trophy_gold.png ).

    This trophy is technically missable in the sense that you can finish the game without killing The Warden, Pocong Pacul, and even not getting the registry entries for Pocong Motorand Jurig Amuk for which you will have to complete the side-quests mentioned in the previous paragraph; however, since after beating the game you get access to the Chapter Select menu, it is possible to return to any of the Acts in which you find these ghost and obtain their entries.

    Following is a list of each of these ghosts, in the order -and Act- in which you can find them:
    GhostIn game appearanceLocation
    c6a471.jpgPocong is the first ghost you encounter in the game during the game's Prologue (Act 0: Guilt) and serves as an introduction to the basic mechanics of the camera.

    Once you take some pictures to progress with the story, talk to it to get its registry entry.
    6f79b5.jpgThe Karasukan Victim is the first "boss" you will face in the game near the end of the Prologue (Act 0: Guilt), and is located at the School lobby, behind the locked door that you open with the key you received for scaring Pocong away.
    526bbe.jpgDREADLINGS279596.jpgDreadlings are the most common enemies in the game and can be found in most chapters (with the exception of Act 3 and Act 5).

    The first time you'll encounter these enemies will be during Act 1: Restitution , where you'll need to kill a few to progress with the story.
    418b46.jpgThe Gore Surgeon serves as Act 2: Inititation's boss fight (and stalker) during your visit to the Distorted Reality of Cageur Hospital. To defeat him (and get the registry) you will need to throw 3 sets of chemicals at him which you can find inside the laboratory  (after using the Hospital Master Key).
    After you leave Linda's house, at the opening events of Act 3: Mirror, you will face Kuntilanak, a pale-skinned ghost with long hair. To defeat her (and get her registry) you must listen to her laugh to identify from which wall she will appear (it is recommended to use a headset for this fight).
    After the fight, she appears next to a tree outside of Linda's an NPC to whom you can talk.
    47b843.jpgContinuing your progress within Act 3: Mirror, you will face the Corrupted Maung Bodas in a two-stage boss battle. During the first stage, you will have to guess the alley where it will appear and attack it before it runs over you. After this you will face Maung in a slightly more open space, where you will have to evade his attacks, and use this opportunity to deal some damage.
    391829.jpgTUYUL JAWARAf9668f.jpgLate into the Distorted Reality version of the Hotel at Act 4: On the Hunt, a mischievous Tuyul will steal the access key to rooftop. After following it for a while (and passing near the NPC Tuyul with the ukulele) you will come to a room where you will find Tuyul Jawara, defeat it to get its registry.
    c831b9.jpgWhile you will face Dark Linda during the final battle of Act 3, you won't be able to log this entry until you defeat her, as part of the story, at the Hotel's Distorted Reality rooftop by the end of Act 4: On The Hunt. 
    0bf03c.jpgYou will get this ghost registry after finishing the Ghost Rider side-quest (Check Night Rider trophy_gold.png for more information).
    8a3b51.jpgYou will get this ghost registry after finishing the Bloody Love Story side-quest (Check Don't Trust The Devil trophy_gold.png  for more information).
    5e6e9b.jpgYou will encounter Buto Ijo during the dream sequence of Act 5: Remnants in which you will play with a younger  version of Linda. 

    You need to talk to this ghost in order to progress through the game's story.
    f84a44.jpgPalasik serves as the boss of Act 5: Remnants, and you'll fight it, throughout different locations in the forest area, after finishing the dream sequence where you play as a younger version of Linda.

    Keep in mind that its body does not take damage, so you should only attack its flying head.
    5428c7.jpgPocong Pacul is a ghost that can be fought during Act 6: Destiny. Inside Siska's house you will have to collect four precious stones, one of which is locked behind a counter which you must open using two hidden keys.

    This ghost appears when you use the first key on the counter, and before you can find the second key that is hidden behind the fake wall. This registry is missable in the sense that you don't need to kill it to progress with the story; also, due to a bug in the game, if you find -and use- the key behind the fake wall first, the enemy won't come out to attack you.
    be5c62.jpgGenderuwo, a colossal ghost, is the boss of Act 6: Destiny, which you will face once you finish finding the four gemstones inside Siska's house and re teleported to the Distorted -maze- Reality of this place.
    6a4409.jpgThe Warden is a rare ghost which you first encountered during the final part of Act 1, but that escaped before you could finish it off. That said, you will be able to face this ghost again during Act 7: Power; however, since it is not necessary to kill it for story progression, its registry is missable
    4a7d19.jpgBlorong is the final boss of Act 7: Power, and hence, of the game. You'll face her in a distorted space crowded with enemies and tentacles that you'll need to stun in order to find an opening to attack her. 
    While you can approach this battle calmly, stunning the enemies and the tentacles while finding the best time to deal damage to the boss, the fastest (and least frustrating) way is to continuously spam the  attack, taking advantage of the fact that this regenerates Linda's life. You will get this final entry for the Ghostpedia as soon as you defeat her human snake form.
  •   There are 6 locations in the game, to which you can easily teleport through the Bike Taxi mobile application on your cell phone.
    Of these locations, 5 of them: Sman Arwana 5, Maung District, Cageur Hospital, Indiemooi Hotel, Kampung Cienteh, and Siska's House will be unlocked as you progress through the game, so they are not missable, while the south east one:  TPU Ciburial can only be accessed by finishing the Night Rider side-quest (Check Night Rider trophy_gold.png).

    This trophy is technically missable, as once you progress through Act 5: Remnants' story, you will no longer be able to teleport back to the Maung District.

    However, since after beating the game you get access to the Chapter Select menu, it is possible to repeat any of the Acts in which you can access this location (preferably Act 5) and from there, advance through the story until you reach the last location: Siska's House at the beginning of Act 6: Destiny.

    Following is the Act in which each of these locations is unlocked:
    Sman Arwana 5 (school)-Unlocked during Act 1: Restitution
    Maung District-Unlocked during Act 1: Restitution
    Cageur Hospital -Unlocked during Act 2: Initiation
    Indiemooi Hotel -Unlocked during Act 4: On The Hunt
    TPU Ciburial (graveyard)-Unlockable on Acts 3, 4 or 5
    Kampung Cienteh (village)-Unlocked during Act 5: Remnants
    Siska's House Unlocked during Act 6: Destiny
  • Talk to All Ghost NPCs

    Ghost NPCs are "friendly" ghosts that you can to during specific moments of the game (you can tell a "friendly" ghost is nearby when Linda's bracelet starts to glow blue). One important thing to mention is that while the game features Ghost NPCs; in order to get the trophy, you only need to talk to 3 of them (contrary to the common belief, the Ghost at TPU Ciburial is not needed for the trophy).

    This trophy is technically missable in the sense that you can finish the game without having the need to talk to any of these ghosts; however, since after beating the game you get access to the Chapter Select menu, it is possible to return to any of the Acts in which you find these ghost and talk to them in order to get the trophy

    Following, each of these ghosts are presented, as well as the location -and Act- in which you can find them:

    1. Pocong

    Pocong is the first ghost you'll see during the game's Prologue (Act 0: Guilt), hiding in the form of one of the students. Once you reveal its identity (as part of the story progression) with the camera it will escape to a small storage nearby. Follow it, then use your camera to reveal the ghost, and after three attacks with , you will be able to talk to it. Pocong is one of the ghosts needed for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png.

    2. Kuntilanak
    ba2831.jpgAs soon as you leave Linda's home, during the opening events of Act 3: Mirror, you will face Kuntilanak as part of the story.  Once you defeat her (and get her necessary entry for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png, you can find this ghost standing by the tree next to Linda's house.  Point your camera's light to reveal her and be able to talk to her.
    3. Tuyul 
    5df6aa.jpgAfter defeating Dark Linda on the stairs of the Hotel during Act 4: On the Hunt and using the elevator that was being stopped by some mischievous little Tuyuls, you will return to the central area of the hotel where you must find the key that will allow you to access the rooftop. 

    On the way to find this key, specifically on the second floor of the hotel you can find a Tuyul NPC with a small ukelele next to room 202 with whom you can talk to.
  • Stun (?) Ghosts

    During Reality Distortion scenarios, Linda will be able to stun her enemies by using the camera's flashlight, by holding down  for about three seconds.

    While the description of the trophy doesn't provide much clarity regarding the number of stunned enemies required, it has been verified that you would need to stun 5 enemies to get this trophy.

  • Backstab (?) Ghosts

    A Backstab occurs when you attack an enemy by standing right behind their back and pressing  to perform an attack with your equipped weapon.

    While the trophy description isn't very clear on the amount of backstabs required, it has been proven that you would need to perform this move 10 times (not on 10 enemies) to get this trophy.

    The best way to get this trophy is to stun enemies with your cell phone's flashlight (by holding down  as mentioned during Simply Stunning trophy_silver.png) and position yourself behind them to attack while they are under the stun animation.
    Backstabs deal high damage to enemies and give you invincibility frames, so it's highly recommended to use this mechanic frequently. For this reason, it is very likely that you will get this trophy without having to farm it; however, if you choose to, you can do this as soon as you get the Knife in Act 1: Restitution, either in the room before it or the room after it.

Secret trophies

  • Finish Act 0

    Act 0: Guilt serves as the Prologue and introductory chapter to the basic mechanics within the game, taking place at the Sman Arwana 5 (School) area. You will get the trophy as soon as you escape from the school, after killing Karasukan Victim, the first boss of the game and one of the ghosts needed for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png .
  • Finish Act 1

    Act 1: Restitution takes you back to Sman Arwana 5 School (although this time you will have to face its Distorted Reality), while allowing you to explore the Maung District for the first time and learn the new gameplay mechanics. You will get the trophy as soon as you finish the School's Distorted Reality.
  • Finish Act 2

    Act 2: Initiation will take you to the Cageur Hospital and its Distorted Reality version. You will get the trophy as soon as you finish this area, right after killing the boss: The Gore Surgeon, another one of the ghosts needed for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png 
  • Finish Act 3

    Act 3: Mirror takes place at a nightmar-ish version of Maung District. You will get the trophy as soon as you defeat the dream version of Dark Linda near the Districts' main plaza (keep in mind that her Ghostpedia entry will not be registered yet).
  • Finish Act 4

    Act 4: On the Hunt will take place at a new location, the Distorted Reality of the Indiemooi Hotel. At the Hotels' rooftop you will have you final battle against Dark Linda, after which you will get the trophy and a new entry for the Ghospedia needed for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png .
  • Finish Act 5

    Act 5: Remnants takes place at the Kampung Cienteh area, a small village close to the forest. You will get the trophy as soon as you defeat Palasik, another one of the ghosts needed for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png .
  • Finish Act 6

    Act 6: Destiny takes place at Siska's House, where, after solving a series of puzzles you will face Genderuwo, another one of the ghosts needed for Mysteries Explained trophy_gold.png, You will get the trophy as soon as you defeat the boss of this area.

    Although this is the last trophy related to the story, there will still be an additional chapter left (Act 7: Power) to which you will be automatically transported once the previous boss has been defeated. At this point it is important to mention that there is no specific trophy for finishing the game or for having seen one of the two available endings; however, Act 7 is important because in it you will find the last two entries of your Ghostpedia.

    Also, and as was mentioned during the Roadmap, DreadOut 2 is a fairly linear game with few options (and rewards) for exploration, so it will be quite easy for you to find your way through the game. However, if what you are looking for is a guide on how to progress through the story and get platinum in the shortest time possible, you can check out the following video created for that purpose (please note that due to the current state of the game on PS5, the video was recorded on PS4 for a better reference).
    DreadOut 2 100%/ Platinum Speedrun Video

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DreadOut 2 Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for DreadOut 2?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for DreadOut 2 is 3/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in DreadOut 2?
    There are 16 offline trophies in DreadOut 2.
  • How many online trophies are there in DreadOut 2?
    There are 0 online trophies in DreadOut 2.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in DreadOut 2?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in DreadOut 2 is 7 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in DreadOut 2?
  • How many missable trophies are there in DreadOut 2?
    There are 7 missable trophies in DreadOut 2.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in DreadOut 2?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in DreadOut 2.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in DreadOut 2?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in DreadOut 2.

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