Drawn Out Trophy in Drawful 2

  • Drawn Out


    Play 50 games.

    How to unlock Drawn Out

    Play a total of 50 games, this is the trophy that will take the longest. Probably a couple of hours, and you must really like drawing.

    Sadly there is no option to be "away from keyboard" for this one as the game forces you to have at least 3 players, everyone submit a drawing and if you have done nothing of above mentioned, the announcer will drop you back into the home menu after a few rants. The fastest way to complete this is to play it legit by yourself, draw and write titles as much as you are able to as it will decrease the timers a lot as there is a 30 second waiting cue per event in the game.
    Using Multifox you can watch the television or do something else meanwhile you wait to draw.
    Note: The announcer sometimes calls you out for playing too much "I can't believe you have played 10 games?!" This is a good way to keep track of your progress.

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