• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 Personal Estimate (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies:
  • Online trophies: 10 (5, 4 , 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3 hours+ (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 50
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?:
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?:

Welcome to Drawful2, another installment in the popular series by Jackbox.tv games. Here contestants will, with the use of drawings, try to outwit each other to score points. If you have played Drawful before, then nothing has actually changed gameplay wise, but you get two colors now! Yay! For the trophy hunters out there, it's a really easy and short experience with the use of Multifox (More explained later). But keep in mind that this game is best played with a lot of people, preferably on social sites as twitch or youtube.
Note: You play Drawful using internet browsers, it requires an internet connection.

This is a tool that you can download for Free with the Mozilla Firefox browser, it will let you enter Drawful2 multiple times on the same platform so I do recommend that you use this on your computer to shorten down a lot of time to 100% this game. Multifox 3.2.3 is the best version for this as it's really easy to use (Sessionbox for Chrome, thanks to Noid for the tip). Simply open a new tab, click on the fox heads and select New. After that load Jackbox.tv in your browser and enter the lobby code and your nickname. Rinse and repeat for as many you like, this will let you have as many duplicates as you please thus making the 50 likes and 10 audience members trophies a breeze. My walkthrough will consist only of Multifox as other then that there is no way to play the game unless you are playing with friends, casually or boosting. You Need a minimum of 3 users logged in.

Step 1:
Play the game using Multifox and set up 20 users in your web browser and keeping your "VIP" the one you let win everything, Likes and Guesses.
During this step you will earn:

Fool House
We Like to Watch
It's Better to Be Liked
Multiple Strokes
Wait, Why Are We Rewarding This?
Happy Birthday Two Hues.
Word Spud 2

Step 2:
Play the game using the User Generated Content with 3 words as it will make the road to 50 games the fastest possible. Have Multifox set up so you are three people, the limit, and simply play 50 games non-stop.

During this step you will earn:
Drawn Out
The Student Becomes the Writer

[PST would like to thank NightRusticDawn for this Roadmap]

Drawful 2 Trophy Guide

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10 trophies ( 1  )

  • Fool every other player with a title you write.

    Simply enter a title on your V.I.P user that is not what the actual drawing is. For example, on an apple drawing, put orange and have your two duplicate accounts, or your friends, pick orange.

  • Play with 10 or more Audience Members.

    Either have ten or eighteen friends all with their own smart devices or computers, then host a session on twitch.tv or similar. You could also use the Multifox as mentioned before.

  • Get a streak of 3.

    Streaks are what you get when you vote the right thing, rightly!
    Do this three times in a row, and the game cat announcer will shout out "Streak!" and you will get your trophy. Easiest way is to have everyone draw the same thing, apples or something, and vote on the same thing.

  • Play a game with User Generated Content.

    To play a game with User Generated Content you'll have to head into Episode tab called "Make Your Own" and create one episode (Any amount over 3 words will be enough for the trophy.) You then have to play that episode by loading it in the lobby. Name it something and have people write down the code into their smart devices or computers. Get creative!

  • Get more than 50 likes in a game.

    Not to be confused with playing with 50 people. Every time you write down a fake title, the people in the crowd and other participants can vote on the best title. If you are playing casually or with friends this might be a bit tricky but thanks to the Multifox add-on, you can self boost this one with 17 other duplicates, simply keep voting on your own titles with the 17 other internet tabs and eventually you will get it.
    Note: You can give yourself more time for likes if you press Pause on the game (Home button twice works as well. but just make sure that you don't exit out of the game).

  • Choose a decoy answer.

    A decoy answer is what the computer prints out for you, it's really easy to do this one if you select a language other then English or that while using duplicates have nothing but the same answer such as Tuna Sandwich. Simply pick the one you know is the wrong answer.

  • Play 50 games.

    Play a total of 50 games, this is the trophy that will take the longest. Probably a couple of hours, and you must really like drawing.

    Sadly there is no option to be "away from keyboard" for this one as the game forces you to have at least 3 players, everyone submit a drawing and if you have done nothing of above mentioned, the announcer will drop you back into the home menu after a few rants. The fastest way to complete this is to play it legit by yourself, draw and write titles as much as you are able to as it will decrease the timers a lot as there is a 30 second waiting cue per event in the game.
    Using Multifox you can watch the television or do something else meanwhile you wait to draw.
    Note: The announcer sometimes calls you out for playing too much "I can't believe you have played 10 games?!" This is a good way to keep track of your progress.

  • Enter a drawing with more than 50 lines.

    I drew a frog to get this and it was definitely not just straight lines, make a masterpiece and share it! You have roughly 30 seconds to draw something. So do it relatively quickly, tap a lot on the screen but do a lot of coloring in and don't cut corners!

  • Use both colors in a drawing. It’s easy!

    When you are drawing any picture, there are two square boxes at the bottom. These are the two colors you can use. Simply use both of them in any picture and the trophy is yours. It's really simple!


Secret trophies

  • Enter secret title in game.

    The secret title in the game is; Word Spud 2.

    Enter this sentence while you are going to enter a title for someone's drawing and this trophy is yours!

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