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    The TexMex Volcano is the last arena you need to complete in the game. The enemies in this one are by far the most difficult ones you will encounter, mainly because of the skills they possess. The main ones that are going to cause you issues are the ones where they can repel most of your attack damage back on to you and create an enemy to take a certain amount of damage for them before you can actually hit them again. The key is to learn what enemies have what skills and try to take out the ones with those ones as quickly as possible before they start using said skills.

    The final team is a combination of the leaders of the championship teams from the first two arenas as well as the promoter himself. Attacks that do damage to the entire team and ones that do extreme damage are what you are looking to use throughout this arena. Once you finish off the final team in the TexMex Volcano, the trophy will pop.

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