• Estimated trophy difficulty: Platinum Difficulty Rating
  • Offline trophies: 49 (38 , 7 , 3 , 1 )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 70-90 hours (varies based on platform, personal skill, online/offline play, main character choice, and leveling methods)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 8
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Losing connection during online co-op can cause you to lose earned talismans needed for the Talismaster trophy, and experience for Paragon.
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


By default you must start the game on Normal difficulty which has a level cap of 35. You will not have the option to change it until your second playthrough, but even then you can only choose between the current difficulty (Hard) and the previous one. Because of this you will have to play through the main story on your primary character no less than three times, in order to get all three difficulty and speed kill related trophies. In reality it will amount to far more than three on your main character, due to the need to grind up to level 99.

Your first order of business will be choosing which character will suit your play style best. Ideally the first one you play with will be a perfect match, but don't worry if it isn't. After leveling your first character and collecting numerous higher level NPC allies, equipment, and knowledge of the game, subsequent playthroughs will be substantially faster and easier. This allows you to level up a new character in a fraction of the time, which you will need to do anyway for the platinum. I suggest reading over the character specific trophies to get a grasp of their abilities, as well as the in game bio's.

Because there are no missable trophies and the game requires at least 8 playthroughs to platinum it, the majority of the work comes in the form of being organized and having a plan. You will want to complete all 50 quests on your main character in order to acquire the most skill points possible, rather than splitting them up across several characters. This will in turn make the Infernal clear and Labyrinth of Chaos less difficult, as well as the Ancient Dragon speed kills.

In general the NPC allies are very ineffective against equal or higher level opponents. They often stop attacking, use skills and potions at terrible times, stand in fire and are all around incompetent. They also have their equipment break very quickly and unfortunately there is no way to repair it, or select a new set of gear while fighting. This can hinder chain stage running that rewards the best experience and items. They are, however, extremely powerful when fighting lower level monsters. This makes them perfect for speed leveling new characters.

Nine times out of ten you will be better off playing in a random online co-op room than you would be with NPC allies alone. The only danger of doing this is you run the risk of disconnecting from a room, and losing all your experience you've gained while in it. Although doing as many stages in a row will result in optimal experience and item gains, I suggest leaving if you aren't the host of the room and are at around 2-3 million score. You can tell if you are the host because you will not see a "Waiting for host player" message between stages.

Lastly, you should always be keeping track of which special food ingredients you eat at the camps, that become available in the second half of your first playthrough. Check the Gourmand trophy for a list of all 11 of the rare foods. The regular ingredients aren't really worth noting because you can replay all three camps solely for them without much effort, after the rare ones are out of the way.

Step 1
Beat the game on Normal difficulty

Before you begin playing you should remember to always get the appropriate bonus experience prayer at Canaan Temple. You get a new one on each difficulty. The first one is Adventurer's Boon (10% bonus), the second is Explorer's Boon (25% bonus), and the third and final one is Trailblazer's Boon (50% bonus). You can only have one prayer active at a time, so don't overwrite it with another prayer that you don't need.

For your first playthrough you should focus on learning how to control your character, how the enemies behave, how to maintain your bags of equipment, and getting strong NPC allies. The best NPC allies are versions of PC characters that you get from picking up bones during online play, so it is a good idea to get at least 8-10 solid ones before the end of your first playthrough. Doing so will help you progress a great deal.

The first eleven quests become available after you clear the first nine stages of the game, but half require replaying Route A of the stage. This isn't worth the effort until you've obtained all 9 talismans and need to level up. Aside from "Henritta's Automatic Doll", none of the quests can be immediately completed on the first playthrough without replaying a stage or doing multiple of them.

These are the five quests you should have active until you reach the Mage's Tower when the B Routes open up:

  • Beastmaster
  • Morgan's Web
  • Must Love Hellhounds
  • The Owlbear Menace
  • Search and Resurrection

These five quests are just five of the "non-stage specific" quests in the game, that can be completed in any stage of the game that an enemy is found. Since you are trying to be as efficient as possible you should have these five active until you are ready to clear the B Routes for Mage's Tower and Lost Woods.

If you haven't completed two or more by the time you reach that point in the game, deactivate "Search and Resurrection" and "Beastmaster" and replace them with "Henritta's Automatic Doll" and "Forest Clearing". Do not worry about losing any progress in them because it is saved regardless of if they are active or not.

You should have at least two or three of the quests completed by the time you've gotten all the Talismans. You'll most likely be somewhere between level 25 and 32 at that time, meaning you will need to level and gear up a bit more before you can tackle the final boss.

Rather than completing all the leftover quests now, you should focus on chaining together B Routes for optimal experience. They are worth more completion bonus and are almost all shorter than A Routes, so it's a quicker way of getting to the level cap. I suggest doing this online in hopes of acquiring a high level NPC ally to help you dispatch the Ancient Dragon easily.

Step 2
Level up in Hard A Routes, complete quests, and/or power level your second character (if you are on the PS3 and have two controllers.)

Once you beat the game you will be at a serious level disadvantage when it comes to the stages on Hard Mode. The lowest level B Route is a staggering 15 levels higher than the max level on Normal. Rather than just diving into the B Routes and dying repeatedly you should power level your second character, only if you are playing on the PS3 with two controllers. For Vita owners and everyone else you can disregard power leveling.

If you don't have two controllers, are on Vita, or don't want to power level your characters, skip the section below.

To power level a new character simply create a new one of your choice using the Player 1 controller, then load up your main character using the Player 2 controller. Bring two NPC allies with you and complete the quests you have for each stage available. Don’t even worry about your second character at all. Let it die and don’t even use money for a continue, because it will still receive EXP and talismans for each stage. Doing all of this will net you some alright experience and the much needed skill points you need for Hard and beyond.

You can either stop after you reach the B Routes or get the entire playthrough out of the way now. Just be sure to always have the appropriate quests active for each stage, otherwise you are missing out on valuable experience and skill points.

If you choose to get the entire playthrough out of the way you should be somewhere around level 41 or 42 when all is said and done. Just the right level for doing Hard mode. Plus you will have unlocked an additional 11 quests that you can start to do on Hard.

The alternative to power leveling a second character is chaining together as many A Route stages as possible in Hard online co-op, while snagging talismans whenever your group can manage it. Once you’re around level 50 move to Step 3.

Step 3
Collect every talisman then make a second save; kill the Ancient Dragon

Now that you are a higher level you can take on B routes just fine. As usual it’s typically easier to do them online, but be sure to select the route that the majority of your team chooses as it is the best indicator of what level your team is comprised of. If all three of your teammates instantly choose Route B every time and you aren't struggling, it is a good sign that your allies are of a high enough level to handle it. If on the other hand you struggle with the content you should seek out a different room rather than waste your time failing stages.

Once you are around level 60 and have all 9 talismans make a separate save. You can now attempt the Ancient Dragon to see how you fare. If you are unable to defeat him then seek out help in the Co-op Partners Thread, while leveling to 65. Attempt him again with the assistance of players or once you reach 65.

By the end of this step you should have unlocked the following trophy:

  • Hardcore Hero

Step 4
Backtrack and complete remaining quests; level second or third character (if you are on the PS3 and have two controllers)

Once you’ve reached Infernal difficulty it is a good time to backtrack and complete any remaining quests you have leftover. You’ll need every skill point you can get for the next difficulty and the extra experience and gold will be helpful as well. If you've managed to complete all 50 quests by this point, you can skip to Step 5.

To see a list of all of the side quests and how to complete them, please visit this link.

The safest and fastest way to complete the solo quests is on Normal difficulty. You can simultaneously do the stage specific quests while you are at it to be extra efficient. Once you’ve gotten all of the solo quests out of the way you should create another character and level it up while you quest. This is only applicable if you are playing on the PS3 and have a second controller. This will save you a lot of time later on.

By the end of this playthrough you should have unlocked the following trophies:

  • Dabbling Collector
  • Amateur Collector
  • Art Lover
  • Art Connoisseur
  • Amateur Curator
  • Art Fiend
  • Art Hunter
  • Art Expert
  • Renowned Art Expert
  • Gallery Owner

Step 5
Grind A Routes until mid 70’s online, or the Labyrinth of Chaos offline

Now that you are on Infernal difficulty the experience conversion rate jumps up to 200%. When combined with Trailblazer’s Boon and chain stage score bonuses you can get +450% experience gains, which makes leveling extremely fast until the high 80’s. The reason you want to do the main story instead of the Labyrinth if possible are the stage completion bonuses. The Labyrinth doesn’t have them so leveling is far slower there. However, it is still a viable option if you can’t play with others online and is superior to playing on Hard for levels.

Once you are around level 75 you should proceed to step 6.

Step 6
Chain at least 9 stages together, reach level 97, get 5,000,000 score, kill Ancient Dragon and Demon Lord

This should be the prime time for getting huge scores since it will be the bulk of your leveling experience. If you use Trailblazer’s Boon and have a decent party it should take you roughly 1 ½ to 2 hours to get to 5 million score. Once you reach it you should immediately leave to town the second you finish whichever stage you are on. Don’t risk losing connection and not getting the trophy. While you are pushing for the score you should also complete 9 stages in a row for Insatiable Adventurer.

Now that you’ve finished leveling to at least 97 you should take a crack at the Ancient Dragon. It gives 2.4 million experience for the kill which is why it’s convenient to kill it before you reach level 99. As always be sure to make a second save in case you or your NPC allies die, as well as to have an on demand speed run file. It is best to attempt him with a premade group of PC allies, but if you can’t find one be sure to use Emergency Rings to keep your party alive. Also avoid using the NPC Amazon because she takes far too much damage and will die in no time. Please refer to the Blazing Hero trophy for help and a video of the fight.

After killing the Ancient Dragon you should seek out someone that has the Demon Lord unlocked (floor 9-1), if you don’t already have it available. If you’re unable to find someone to take you to the Demon Lord you will have to clear through all 9 floors—25 stages in all—to get to him.

If you aren’t already level 99 or didn’t manage to get the Best of the Best trophy before killing the final two bosses, then go hit the B Routes again to finish them both off before moving to the next step.

By the end of this playthrough you should have unlocked the following trophies:

  • Insatiable Adventurer
  • Best of the Best
  • Paragon
  • Blazing Hero
  • Order to Chaos

Step 7
Hard and Infernal Speed kill trophies

The reason you don’t need to worry about Normal is because you’ll easily get it when you level another character using high level NPC’s.

Now that you have cleared infernal and defeated the Demon Lord you should get the three speed kill trophies out of the way. If you were lucky enough to unlock them during your first kills then you can skip to Step 8 below. You have various options for how to approach the speed kill trophies. You can load up your previous save(s) and attempt them with other players. You can find someone that needs the trophy as well and has the talismans available. Or the long choice is to collect all the talismans again, which will add a considerable amount of play time to your platinum. Regardless of whatever your choice may be, you can refer to The Destroyer trophy for assistance.

By the end of this playthrough you should have unlocked the following trophies:

  • The Destroyer
  • Conqeuror

Step 8
Level alternate characters, get 50,000 score during camp, and eat all foods

You should now level whatever alternate characters you want, in whatever order you’d like. The fastest way to do this is by using three level 99 NPC allies for the A Route clear, then dropping one and using your main character for the talisman clear on a second controller. The reason for this is that your main character will make the bosses much easier, because you can focus all of your damage on the boss itself, while the NPC’s take care of any adds. This is especially true for the Red Dragon, Arch Demon, and Ancient Dragon.

While you are doing the leveling you should be keeping track of all of the foods you’ve eaten, if you haven’t already. Refer to the Gourmand and Three-star Chef trophies for assistance with these.

By the end of this playthrough you should have unlocked the following trophies:

  • Fantastic Fighter
  • Amazing Amazon
  • Dazzling Dwarf
  • Epic Elf
  • Wondrous Wizard
  • Scintillating Sorceress
  • Three-star Chef
  • Renowned Art Expert
  • Gallery Owner
  • Museum Owner
  • Gourmand

Step 9
Trophy Cleanup

Now comes the time to do whichever trophies you haven’t already unlocked. Most likely all that will remain are the secondary tasks that don’t really impact the game, such as going to jail ten times or the colosseum. If you’ve followed all of the aforementioned steps this shouldn’t take you more than two hours at best.

Please see the individual trophy walkthroughs for any further assistance that you may need.

By the end of this playthrough you should have unlocked the following trophies:

  • Merciful Fossor
  • Devout Follower
  • King of the Colosseum
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Oniomaniac
  • Unsullied
  • Legendary Strike

With this final step completed you should have successfully unlocked the Dragon’s Crown.


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Dragon's Crown Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

49 trophies ( 38  30  )

  • Earn all trophies!

  • Complete the game as a Fighter.

    The Fighter is the easiest character to play in the game. He has the best defenses without sacrificing a lot of damage in the form of very straightforward, yet potent offensive abilities. If you are unsure about which class to take when you are just starting out, or are worried about the general skill curve or difficulty, definitely try the Fighter out first. If you don’t enjoy it you can use it to power level a secondary character very quickly.

    When playing the Fighter you should always have two weapons equipped and at least one of them hotkeyed. There are multiple reasons for this:

    • Due to his high attack rate his durability will diminish quickly, causing your weapon to break and reduce your damage.
    • Occasionally he will drop his weapon (like all of the melee characters) when knocked down. If you quickly swap to your other weapon you will immediately restore it without having to wait, or physically pick it up off of the ground. This can be a life saver and exponentially increase your damage.
    • Your two weapons should differ in terms of their abilities. Your main weapon should always do bonus damage to humans since they are the most common boss and enemy type in the game. Your offhand will vary based on the bag/build, but the order of importance is Undead -> Demon -> Natural -> Draconic (Least common enemy type, second most common boss type). In fact, Draconic deserves its own tailor made bag due to the boss factor as does Demon.

    Here's a list of his best abilities that will help you clear the game and excel at the character:

    Cyclone Masher - One of his two main damage sources and the best boss/group damage skill. The attack range on this ability when leveled up is enormous which allows you to devastate a giant swath of foes, or hit multiple points on large bosses.

    Distraction- Great damage booster as well as a peel from your allies. When used in conjunction with Strength Drought potions you can almost double your damage for a decent amount of time.

    Reflex Guard - High chance to automatically guard from incoming damage. Best defensive skill in the game.

    Shield Tactics - Further increases the effectiveness of your Reflex Guard and really helps against boss burst. Second best defensive skill.

    Adroit Hands - Lots of weapon swapping and skill usage results in massive cooldown times for items. Decrease it with this skill along with guard to stay effective and minimize risk.

    Deep Pockets - Reserved secondary weapon slot and skills means you should learn this skill immediately at each new tier.

    Nutritionist - This character makes the best use of bonus health and food in general, thanks to his awesome defenses. He will need the fewest number of healing potions if you play him correctly, which can't be said for any other character.

    Beating the game with this character will also reward one of the six Treasure Arts you receive for completing the game on Normal, with each individual character. A total of 57 Treasure Art pieces are needed for the Museum Owner trophy.

    You will also get a unique ending, which you can see below along with the treasure art for this character.


  • Complete the game as an Amazon.

    The entire design of the Amazon is built around the Berserk mechanic, which allows her to do more damage the lower her health is and the more often she attacks. It is a passive effect but it can be improved by upgrading the Berserk Supplemental Skill as well as Incite Rage.

    The key to success with the Amazon is the use of well timed Parry's, health management, damage mitigation, and using skills in rapid sucession. Aside from the Wizard no other character in the game can hit anywhere near as hard as the Amazon can, but like the Wizard it comes with a high risk vs. reward play style.

    Here's a list of her best abilities that will help you clear the game and excel at the character:

    Berserk - You will want to stay in Berserk mode for as much as possible through the use of Incite Rage and regular attacks. This is her bread and butter skill and without it she would be subpar.

    Incite Rage- Immediately puts her into a Berserk at the cost of HP. This is her second best skill which instantly boosts her damage output on demand and synergizes exceptionally well with the Adrenaline. Works best with Defense potions and Iron Will.

    Adrenaline - Increases damage as your health decreases. This skill is immediately triggered by Incite Rage which you will be using a lot. It's an enormous damage boost.

    Brandish - One of her two invincibility skills that also does great damage and has a large range. When timed correctly it can function as a key defensive maneuver. Mastering this skill is of the utmost importance.

    Adroit Hands - Because she is the most item/skill intensive character in the game you will want to lower the cooldown any way possible. Being able to equip a second weapon when your main one is knocked out of your hands is also crucial, just like the rest of the melee characters.

    Deep Pockets - Reserved secondary weapon slot and skills means you should learn this skill immediately at each new tier.

    Iron Will - Being at low HP is all but mandatory to make good use of all of her abilities, so using this ability correctly is a must. Use Strength Pot -> Iron Will -> Incite Rage and you will be an unstoppable wrecking ball.

    Deadly Revolution - Awesome skill vs. large bosses such as Chimera, both dragons, Medusa, Demon Lord, etc. Best used when conserving potions/skills or out of them.

    Beating the game with this character will also reward one of the six Treasure Arts you receive for completing the game on Normal, with each individual character. A total of 57 Treasure Art pieces are needed for the Museum Owner trophy.

    You will also get a unique ending, which you can see below along with the treasure art for this character.


  • Complete the game as a Dwarf.

    The Dwarf is built around using Throw, Rockskin, and support items effectively. Always keep Rockskin up since it's massive passive damage reduction that lasts 20+ seconds. He doesn’t have very many abilities so don’t hesitate to stack a lot of +defense/damage potions on him and spell rings.

    His best damaging skill against regular enemies is Throw (+). Pick up enemies then jump and throw them down into groups of other enemies to do enormous area damage, as well as knock them down. It's best to not throw them linearly across the screen unless they are very spread out, because it can make hitting things difficult for the rest of your party.

    Against bosses you'll use Frenzy almost exclusively along with spell rings, scrolls, and if you feel like going bearhand a lot or swapping weapons frequently.

    Here's a list of his best abilities that will help you clear the game and excel at the character:

    Power Bomb - This will boost your throw damage along with giving it extra reach on its area effect. It scales very well and will be your go to source of damage until you get some really good weapons late in the game.

    Rock Skin- Reduces all damage taken for ~20 seconds after holding for two. Coupled with Toughness and decent damage reduction items you will take minimal damage.

    Toughness - Even more damage resistance that stacks with Rock Skin. Also makes it less likely to be knocked down by small attacks. Great ability.

    Frenzy - The Dwarf's second best damage output skill and primary source of damage against bosses.

    Grand Smash - This skill is best used late in the game when you have skill points to spare. It does very large area effect damage and is good against bosses due to its wide area of effect radius. Best used in conjunction with Lethal Fists.

    Lethal Fists - Synergizes really well with Grand Smash and also works with Frenzy and Lava Bracer. If you upgrade this to max you won't need to swap to a secondary weapon as often if you get disarmed. Add on "The True Fist" Rune Magic and you'll see some really big damage.

    Adroit Hands - This skill isn't as important to the Dwarf as it is for everyone else early on in the game, but during the end of Hard and all of Infernal you'll need every slot you can get.

    Beating the game with this character will also reward one of the six Treasure Arts you receive for completing the game on Normal, with each individual character. A total of 57 Treasure Art pieces are needed for the Museum Owner trophy.

    You will also get a unique ending, which you can see below along with the treasure art for this character.


  • Complete the game as an Elf.

    The Elf is considered by many to be the most difficult character in the game to play. She is designed around damage avoidance and a hit and run play style. Her main damage output is her bow, but it requires a steady influx of arrows that can be sparse when needed. What makes matters worse is that you must manually pick up arrows to replenish them, which can be really difficult when they are laying under a boss or among a ton of enemies.

    The Elf plays best with the Fighter and Dwarf characters because they do a good job of soaking up damage and distracting enemies. Your main source of damage will come in the form of Clone Strikes with Salamandar Oil/Toxic Extract, which does some of the best sustainable damage in the game.

    Also never hesitate to pick up weapons that are lying on the ground. She has the highest DEX in the game which allows her to do the most damage with found weaponry. She also has an ability that allows her to use them for longer than some other characters as well, making them the perfect resource when you are running low on arrows.

    Here's a list of her best abilities that will help you clear the game and excel at the character:

    Clone Strikes - This is the Elf's best ability in the game. When you use the crouched charge attack (+ hold ) she will shoot a bunch of arrows in the air. What makes it especially awesome is they do damage when they are going up and coming down. If you have Impact Arrow it will also do damage when it hits the ground to all nearby enemies, making it a 3x damage skill. Furthermore, if you have Toxic or Salamander activated when you do the charged attack you will do even more damage. Hands down the best skill, no contest.

    Impact Arrow- This skill gives your attacks some additional area of effect bonus damage. Works best with crouched charge, which you will be using a lot.

    Battle Hardened - Reduced knockdown chance and damage taken while charging arrows. Since you will spend the majority of your time charging arrows against bosses and large groups, this is an absolute must.

    Salamander Oil - You should get this and only use it with crouched shot. When you do it will create pillars of fire that do massive amounts of damage. Works best against Natural enemes (trees, bugs, etc.) and Undead.

    Spacious Quiver - More arrows. Good for obvious reasons.

    Power Shot - This skill is a mixed bag. It shoots in a direct line and doesn't really do that great a damage until skill level 6+. It also doesn't hit a lot of enemies that move around a lot, or are flying. But when you get a lot of crit and + damage it can shred targets from a safe distance.

    Deep Pockets - She requires at least two additional slots for Toxic and Salamander, along with a second bow and strength drought.

    Slide Attack - This is the only real skill you have to get things off of you. It's also your best non-bow attack.

    Beating the game with this character will also reward one of the six Treasure Arts you receive for completing the game on Normal, with each individual character. A total of 57 Treasure Art pieces are needed for the Museum Owner trophy.

    You will also get a unique ending, which you can see below along with the treasure art for this character.


  • Complete the game as a Wizard.

    The Wizard is the highest burst damage character in the entire game. He is also the most frail and difficult to master. Aside from his Slow and Fire Ward spells he is built to be entirely offensive at all times.

    The key to having a smooth clear is to always have the right type of Rod equipped at the right time. Use Fire vs. Nature and Undead enemies, Ice vs. Demons and Dragons, and Lightning vs. Humans and everything else. Try and match up +damage to X enemy type with their natural weakness for optional damage.

    Once you have the spare bag slots you should always carry a lightning Rod in every bag + a main damage source for that bag's build, then switch between the two as you encounter different enemy types.

    Here's a list of his best abilities that will help you clear the game and excel at the character:

    Slow - arguably the all around best anti-boss skill in the entire game, it will leave enemies sitting there helpless for almost a minute.

    Thunderbolt - the second highest area damage ability in the game, right behind Meteor.

    Levitation - gives 50% bonus damage while in the air at max rank, which is amazing, plus it allows you to avoid a lot of damage on the ground while your items are on cooldown.

    Flame Burst - absurdly high burst damage to Natural and Undead enemies with a nearly instant item recovery rate.

    Adroit Hands - reduces item cooldowns by 50% at max... an absolute must for a class that chains together items constantly.

    Deep Pockets - an absolute must have because of the large number of spells he needs to have equipped.

    Beating the game with this character will also reward one of the six Treasure Arts you receive for completing the game on Normal, with each individual character. A total of 57 Treasure Art pieces are needed for the Museum Owner trophy.

    You will also get a unique ending, which you can see in the video below along with the treasure art for this character.


  • Complete the game as a Sorceress.

    The Sorceress is the only true crowd control character in the game. She is also the only one that can forcibly heal her allies without the use of a healing ring, which is a huge asset when playing with NPC's or in co-op. She doesn't have the damage output of the Wizard, but her ability to support her group through skills like Protection, Petrification and Gravity are unmatched. The bulk of her damage will come from her Staff attacks that are quite potent when combined with Levitation.

    Here's a list of her best abilities that will help you clear the game and excel at the character:

    Create Food - This skill is a life saver for both yourself and your party.

    Nutritionist - You will always have food available so you should make the best use of it that you can.

    Blizzard - Her most potent damage ability and one of the best in the game. It continuously hits every target on the screen and absolutely destroys demons and dragons.

    Protection - Reduces damage that everyone in your entire group attacks for a very, very long time. Truly invaluable in boss fights.

    Ice Prison- A damaging crowd control skill that can be combo'd really well with just about every other class. In my opinion it is her best CC.

    Levitation - gives 50% bonus damage while in the air at max rank, which is amazing, plus it allows you to avoid a lot of damage on the ground while your items are on cooldown.

    Deep Pockets - No other character in the game has as many great non-passive abilities. You will need every single slot and will constantly wish you had more.

    Beating the game with this character will also reward one of the six Treasure Arts you receive for completing the game on Normal, with each individual character. A total of 57 Treasure Art pieces are needed for the Museum Owner trophy.

    You will also get a unique ending, which you can see in the video below along with the treasure art for this character.


  • Obtain 1 piece of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 5 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 10 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 15 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 20 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 25 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 30 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 35 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 40 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 45 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Obtain 50 pieces of Treasure Art.

    See Museum Owner

  • Fill the entire Treasure Art gallery.

    You will be given a piece of Treasure Art every time you complete one of the 50 optional side quests. You can also unlock one for beating the game with each the six character classes, as well as one for beating the game on Infernal—the hardest difficulty. This amounts to a total of 57 pieces of Treasure Art.

    It is very important that you unlock all 57 on a single save file. If you beat the game with several characters on a different save file, than you did with the others, you will need to clear them yet again on your main save.

    Lastly, you do not need to complete all 50 quests on a single character to have them count towards this trophy; just on the same save. It's possible to do 30 on one character and the final 20 (different quests) on another, for a total of 50. However I strongly suggest doing all 50 on your main Infernal character because you will need all of the skill points you can get. Especially since experience plays no factor in beating the game with other characters.

    If you are unsure which quests you've completed across all of your characters, you should refer to the Gallery in game as well as the Quest list. The gallery will tell you what quest you need to perform to unlock a specific piece of art, while the quest list shows whether or not it's available yet.

    To see a list of all of the side quests and how to complete them, please visit this link.


Secret trophies

  • Complete your first mission.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    Your first mission in the game is to seek out a man named Roland in the Ancient Temple Ruins and assist him, in order to gain membership to the Adventurers Guild. Enter the ruins and clear your way until you meet with Roland. He will ask you to pick up bones of fallen allies, which look like small little bone piles on the ground. Fight your way through a few rooms until you see one on the ground. Pick it up with triangle and finish clearing out the stage.

    Once you make your way back to the Adventurers Guild you will have successfully completed the mission. The trophy will unlock once you exit the guild and you will now be able to start taking on quests. The first of which is called “Help the Honey Buzzards”.

  • Retrieve the royal scepter.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    Once you have successfully joined the Adventurers Guild you will be offered your first official guild mission. Samuel asks you to head to the Castle and see what they would like you to do for them. Go to the Castle and the Prime Minster will ask you to retrieve a scepter that had been stolen by a bandit named Tommit.

    After receiving the mission from the Prime Minster you must head to the Old Castle to seek out Tommit. Clear your way through the stage until you defeat the Wyverns and force Tommit to hand over the scepter, which will then unlock the trophy.

  • Obtain the bones of the magician Lucain.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    During your first mission from the Adventurer's Guild you will make your way to the Ancient Temple Ruins stage. Shortly after entering the stage you will come across a small bird cage on the ground that has a fairy in it, sitting in front of some crates. Attack the cage until it breaks open, freeing the fairy. It will fly away and you won’t encounter it again for a little while.

    You will meet with the fairy after completing the second mission from the Adventurer's Guild, that has you retrieve a Scepter from the Old Castle. When you exit the Castle she will be standing there and have you follow her to the Old Tower. There she will ask you to seek out her master, a magician by the name of Lucain.

    Head to Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth and proceed through the stage until you come across a pile of bones laying on the ground. Pick them up with triangle and you will unlock the trophy.

    Completing this mission will also unlock the quest “Delicacy Delivery”.

  • Successfully gather intel from Bilbaron Fortress.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    The fourth mission and stage will have you venturing into the Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress.

    Count Dean summons you to the castle to ask you to do some reconnaissance work, by spying on a group of orcs located at Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress. Head to the stage and clear your way through it. Eventually you will encounter a hulking Minotaur boss at the end of the level. Dispatch him and you will also be given the Sword of Javleen, which unlocks the quest “Reclamation of Honor”.

    Head back to Count Dean at the Castle in order to complete the quest. After you exit the Castle the trophy will unlock.

  • Unravel the mystery behind the missing village girls.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    The fifth mission and stage will have you venturing into the Castle of the Dead: Catacombs.

    In it you will have to find several missing girls that are trapped inside multiple rooms throughout the stage. Unlock each wooden door you come across in order to not miss a girl. When you come across one all you have to do is walk over to them to set them free.

    After all three of the village girls are with you, clear your way to the end of the stage. You will reach a large room where a female vampire is standing. She will sprout wings and periodically attack the village girls. Additional vampires will also show up and attack them as well. When the vampires latch onto the girls immediately attack them before they do too much damage. Try not to pursue them too far from the girls otherwise you risk one of them dying.

    Once all the vampires are dead you will have successfully completed the stage. Return to the Adventurers Guild to turn in the completed quest and unlock the trophy.

  • Retrieve the royal orb.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    The sixth mission will send you to the next stage, Ghost Ship Cove.

    After finding Samuel praying at Canaan Temple, exit the area and you will be promptly jailed for several days until Count Dean comes to get you out. He informs you that the Prime Minister had actually been controlling the Princess in order to take over the throne. Count Dean freed her and the Prime Minister stole the Royal Orb, another item needed for secession, and sailed off with it. Count Dean asks you to find the Prime Minister and reclaim the stolen Orb.

    Make your way to Ghost Ship Cove where pirates have stolen the orb from the Prime Minister. Fight your way to the end of the stage where you will find the orb atop a pile of treasure. Pirates will ambush you and attempt to summon a genie from a magic lamp. Attack the lamp wielder before he can summon the genie, then pick up the lamp and use it against them to quickly dispatch the pirates.

    If you are playing with NPC allies it’s best to walk near the lamp and have one of them summon it, while you guard him and pick off nearby pirates.

  • Replace the holy seal.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    The seventh mission and stage of the game sends you to the Forgotten Sanctuary.

    The goal of this mission is to research various rune patterns and activate a large stone Golem using runes—etched marks that can be seen throughout the stage. To activate the runes click on two of them in the background, followed by the large green one underneath your character. Each rune you activate will be memorized and added to Lucain’s Rune List, where you can view what their combinations do.

    Once you’ve reached the end of the stage you will see two large golem statues. Walk past the second one and find the runes just to the right of it. Activate the runes and the golem will come to life and begin walking. Kill all of the enemies that try to stop it until you reach the enemy golem. Assist your golem in killing the enemy golem, while guarding it from attackers.

  • Acquire the rune stones.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    The eighth mission of the game sends you to the eighth stage, the Mage’s Tower.

    When you return to Lucain with the Stone Tablet he reads a portion of what is written on it. The words are the same ones that the beggar outside Canaan Temple murmurs when you give him a coin: “Majina-Gusna-Idra-Shin”.

    Exit Lucain’s Tower and enter Canaan Temple. Leave the temple and you will run into the man. He gets excited and takes the tablet from you. After inspecting it and casting a spell, he will tell you a short story and then vanish. Now head back to Lucain’s so he can direct you towards the Mage’s Tower.

    Leave Lucain’s and proceed directly to the Mage’s Tower. Clear the stage and defeat the Warlock to get a pair of black Rune Stones. The second you finish looking at the stage details the Rune Stones will appear on your screen and the trophy will unlock.

  • Acquire research on the Ancient Dragon.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.
    The ninth mission of the game sends you to the ninth stage, the Lost Woods.

    After showing the Black Rune Stones to Lucain he tells you that you must seek out the Hermit in the Lost Woods. In order to gain an audience with the Hermit you have to get a letter of introduction from the King. Get it and make your way to the gate, only to discover that it is closed off.

    Head back to the Adventurers Guild in order to unlock the stable for safe travel. Use the stable to immediately/safely travel to the Lost Woods or use the gate and take your chances.

    Clear out the stage and you will be rewarded with the Hermit’s notes and the trophy.

  • Obtain a talisman.

    See Talismaster

  • Obtain all the talismans.

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    Upon completing the ninth mission in the Lost Woods you will be able to visit the alternate routes of each stage, known as the “B Routes”. In them you will encounter new bosses that will reward you with different colored Talismans, that are required to progress the story further and slay the final boss. There are nine talismans in total and they are located in the following locations:

    (LVL 18/50/80) Green Talisman
    -Stage: Ancient Temple Ruins
    -Boss: Medusa

    (LVL 20/51/81) Aqua Talisman
    -Stage: Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth
    -Boss: Cyclopes'

    (LVL 22/53/83) Orange Talisman
    -Stage: Bilbarron Subterranean Fortress
    -Boss: Gargoyle Gate

    (LVL 23/54/84) Black Talisman
    -Stage: Lost Woods
    -Boss: Killer Rabbit

    (LVL 25/55/85) Yellow Talisman
    -Stage: Castle of the Dead
    -Boss: Wraith

    (LVL 26/56/86) Red Talisman
    -Stage: Ghost Ship Cove
    -Boss: Kraken

    (LVL 27/58/88) White Talisman
    -Stage: Mage’s Tower
    -Boss: Chimera

    (LVL 28/59/89) Blue Talisman
    -Stage: Forgotten Sanctuary
    -Boss: Arch Demon

    (LVL 30/60/90) Purple Talsiman
    -Stage: Old Capital
    -Boss: Red Dragon

    Once you have collected all nine talismans the trophy will unlock.

    Now that you have them all, head back to Lucain’s Tower to discuss your next step. He will tell you to head to the Illusionary Lands to defeat the Ancient Dragon.

    To get there go out of the Gate in the eastern part of town. Walk down the stairs until you see a circle of runes engraved on the wall. Click the top-center rune that should now be glowing to activate the portal to the Illusionary Lands. Now walk to the right of the screen and enter the first blue “In” exit to get to the Illusionary Lands.

    Important Note: Before attempting the dragon I suggest you make two separate saves. That way if you die you won’t lose your NPC allies or the talismans, because you can load your previous save. Repeat this process as many times as needed until you win. If you don’t beat him in under 2 minutes the first time you should keep one of the saves available for later attempts.

  • Conquer the game on Hard difficulty.

    You must defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty to unlock Hard. On Hard difficulty the level cap is raised from 35 to 65 and you only need to collect the talismans via Route B clearing. You no longer need to re-clear through Route A to activate the secondary routes. Collect all 9 talismans and defeat the now level 65 Ancient Dragon yet again to unlock the trophy.

    Because the level cap for Normal is 35 and the weakest enemies in the main story Hard stages are 40—in Route A no less—you should either head directly into the Labyrinth of Chaos until you have more gear and levels, or power level a second character if you have two controllers. Both methods are far more effective than going back to Normal and grinding. If you don't mind a lot of dying and people getting frustrated/quitting you can dive straight into online co-op instead. But I suggest sticking to A Routes until you are in your mid 40's.

  • Conquer the game on Infernal difficulty.

    You must defeat the Ancient Dragon on Hard difficulty to unlock Infernal, the highest difficulty level there is. In Infernal difficulty the level cap is raised from 65 to the in-game max of level 99. Just like on Hard you only need to collect the talismans and defeat the Ancient Dragon, who is now level 95.

    Just like when you first reached Hard difficulty you will be very under leveled and geared. It is ideal to immediately jump into online co-op and do A routes if possible, or the Labyrinth of Chaos if you can't find a good group. The reason being that enemies are substantially more difficult on Infernal and the level and gear disparity will be huge. Fortunately the creatures on the first floor of the Labyrinth are level 20, and don’t reach level 50+ until ten stages (5 floors) in, so you can do it offline quite easily.

    Power leveling a second character at this point for experience is no longer a viable option. Due to the fact that the experience gains on normal are atrocious for a player of your level.

  • Defeat the Ancient Dragon within 2 minutes on Normal.

    See The Destroyer

  • Defeat the Ancient Dragon within 3 minutes on Hard.

    See The Destroyer

  • Defeat the Ancient Dragon within 4 minutes on Infernal.

    Before attempting a speed run you should always make two separate saves at the Inn. If you fail to clear it within the time limit or outright die, simply quit to the XMB screen and then load up your save again. Continue to do this until you succeed. It is best not to even attempt a speed run without being an equal level to the dragon itself, which would be 35 on Normal, 65 on Hard, or 95 on Infernal.

    Your best bet of being successful is to bring three decent players that are all higher than the dragon. Because the NPC allies behave particularly poorly against both the Ancient Dragon and the Red Dragon, it’s best not to even bother using them outside of Normal difficulty, and only if they are very high level. Using them on Hard can work but only if you use a Healing or Emergency Ring to keep them alive.

    The Ancient Dragon will always have the same skills regardless of the difficulty you are playing on. The only difference is its appearance and how much health it has. There are two phases to the fight that you rotate through; an air phase and a ground phase.


    For a full list of his abilities, phases and a text walkthrough of the fight, please see below:

    Its special attacks and how to deal with them are as follows:

    Phase 1 - Ground

    Storm Attack: The very first ability it will use at the start of the fight. On both the left and right sides will be some green spinning, sparkling lightning orbs. After ~5 seconds of spinning they will both turn into tornados and spin all across the map. Destroy them before they become tornados to avoid huge damage and knockdowns.

    Fire Bombs: After the storm attack the dragon will rain down 3 separate fire bombs that slowly descend to the ground. It is best to immediately destroy the one you are closest to, rather than running to an ideal location. Once they hit the ground they explode in a wide area, so be sure not to get too close to the ones you let land.

    Ground Stomp: It will raise up and slam both of its claws on the ground, which knocks everyone down and briefly stuns them. Run all the way to the left or right behind the structures to avoid falling boulders that, yet again, knock you down, stun you, and do big damage.

    Fire Breath version 1: When he pulls his head way back and starts showing some fire he will launch his full screen fire attack. Run behind either structure until it is over.

    That is the full list of his avoidable special abilities and how to deal with them. His common attacks are simply a bite and an orb fire breath. You just need to recognize when they are coming and dodge them. There’s no trick to it.

    Phase 2 - Air

    If it goes this far during the Normal attempt you will fail to kill it within 2 minutes, unless it dies while in the air.

    After a while it will fly away and breathe a massive amount of fire all over the screen. You need to avoid it because it is the single most damaging ability of the fight, but also the easiest to avoid. Once it’s done breathing it will fly far out into the distance and launch green orbs at the structures on the side. First it will attack the left one three times, then the right.

    When it does you need to attack the orbs to reflect them back at the dragon. This will do enormous amounts of damage to it and is the only method of hurting it during this phase.

    Once all the orbs are done it will fly back over you and land, triggering the start of phase 1 again.

  • Defeat the Demon Lord in the Labyrinth of Chaos.

    The Labyrinth of Chaos will unlock once you clear the game on Normal difficulty. It is a 9 floor, randomly generated tower with three stages on each floor. At the end of every stage you will face a random boss. Only certain bosses can spawn on each floor, so don’t expect to fight a Red Dragon on stage 1-1.

    If you clear an entire floor you will be able to proceed to the following one. If you leave the tower you can always come back and start from any of the floors you previously cleared, or at the one you are currently cleared up to, starting in the first of the three stages.

    It is possible to join a game with a friend and have them take you to any floor they previously cleared, including the 9th. This is the fastest way to get to the Demon Lord, since you will not have to clear the previous 8 using this method. However, when you leave the room none of the cleared progress will be saved, but the trophy will still unlock.

    The dungeon starts out with relatively easy level 20 enemies and gradually scales up. Eventually you will reach the final floor (9-1) and immediately face off with the Demon Lord; the “true” final boss of the game. He looks just like the Arch Demon but is a different color. Defeat him and you will unlock the trophy.

    Here is how the tower is divided up in terms of levels:

    Floor 1-1: Level 20
    Floor 1-2: Level 24
    Floor 1-3: Level 29
    Floor 2-1: Level 30
    Floor 2-2: Level 34
    Floor 2-3: Level 39
    Floor 3-1: Level 41
    Level 3-2: Level 44
    Level 3-3: Level 49
    Floor 4-1: Level 50 - a mini-boss will now start to appear at random on each stage’s floor
    Floor 4-2: Level 51
    Floor 4-3: Level 59
    Floor 5-1: Level 60
    Floor 5-2: Level 64
    Floor 5-3: Level 69
    Floor 6-1: Level 70
    Floor 6-2: Level 74
    Floor 6-3: Level 79
    Floor 7-1: Level 80 - multiple mini boss' will now appear throughout a stage; sharp difficulty spike
    Floor 7-2: Level 84
    Floor 7-3: Level 89
    Floor 8-1: Level 90
    Floor 8-2: Level 94
    Floor 8-3: Level 99
    Floor 9-1: Level 100 - Demon Lord

    Before you set out to face the Demon Lord be sure to do the following:

    • Get the "Heaven's Protection" prayer that grants +3 life points
    • Repair all of your gear and try to use some item degradation as well, since it is a very long fight
    • If you are using any NPC allies make sure they have a lot of -demonic damage equipment, otherwise don't consider bringing them
    • Bring an emergency ring and/or large defense pots, and encourage any other players you are with to do the same; he does a ton of area damage that will hit your entire group

    The Demon Lord is the most unique boss in the game because it uses every single element and type of magic, most of which are only found during this encounter. He uses lightning and ice attacks to start out with along with a Medusa style petrification, then ramps things up with raining acid, lightning, and fire attacks. He also seems to have no real weakness that I can discern at this point. Once he reaches 50% health he will consistently spawn undead and demons, similar to the Warlock and Ancient Dragon.

    Lastly, and this is the most important part, he will start casting a large purple pentagram around ~30% health that drain heals him while anyone is standing inside of it. I can't stress the importance of getting out of this ability enough. Drop everything you're doing and move when you see it, otherwise he will just endlessly heal and eventually wear you down.

    Use as much +/- demonic damage as possible, along with +ice and any undead that you can spare. If possible try and use an item with immune to petrification because it will greatly boost your damage through more up time. I wouldn't suggest even attempting the Demon Lord until you're in the mid-to-late 90's.

    Please see the video below for a walkthrough of the fight.


  • You were thrown in jail 10 times. Poor impulse control leads to multiple incarcerations.

    In order to get thrown in jail you must attack the man that is carrying a basket of apples in town. Attack him until he falls down and then do it again once he stands up. He will call the guards on you and you will be thrown in jail, lectured, then released the next day. You don’t lose any experience or gold for being locked up.

    Repeat the process ten times and the trophy will unlock. It should be noted that you must be locked up ten times on a single character for it to work. If you do it 5 on one and 5 on another it won’t work.

  • Buy all the items in the store.

    To unlock this trophy you must purchase every available item at Morgan’s Magic Item Shop, which is located at the western end of town. The shop will become available to you after completing the first mission from the Adventurer’s Guild.

    Once the shop is open for business you can head over to the store and go into the Buy Items tab. Purchase every single thing in the list and the trophy will pop. If you want to get the trophy out of the way early but don’t have enough money, you can sell all of your equipment, buy all of the items, and then quit to the XMB menu. You can then reload your save without ever spending a dime.

  • Clear a round without taking damage.

    If you have two controllers this is the fastest and easiest method for clearing a round while taking no damage, without the assistance of another person. It can also be done with a higher level friend instead of the two controller method.

    You will need a higher level character and high level NPC allies—20+ is fine, but the higher the better—in the room of a newly created character, or one that hasn’t opened up the B Routes yet.

    Start a game with the low level character as Player 1, then select the higher level character as Player 2. After that bring two of the highest level allies you have with you. They will help you kill things quickly and also guard the low level character.

    Now go into the first stage of the game, the Ancient Temple Ruins. Use the high level character to clear the way. The NPC’s will mostly stay back with your AFK character which will help guard it. If you see anything spawn from the left side of the screen quickly dispatch it first.

    Skip all of the optional areas and keep continuing to the right. Once you reach the spike room use the low level character and safely guide it through; this is the only time you will control it in the run. Once you reach the Harpy just kill it with your biggest attacks as fast as possible. It should die in a matter of seconds without it even being able to get off an attack.

    If you were successful the trophy will unlock after it dies.

    If you only have one controller you can also do it like this, but it’s riskier:

    On Normal difficulty beat Old Capital to unlock the “Beastmaster” quest, which puts sabretooth tigers at the start of the stage. Load up Old Capital by yourself, with no allies whatsoever, and kill the enemies without being hit. Mount the sabretooth tiger and go through the stage killing everything. If you get hit while mounted it won’t negate the trophy, but try to avoid as much damage as possible so your tiger doesn’t die.

    Skip the optional rooms and make your way to the underground area, where you will run into a blue Dragonkin/raptor looking enemy. Attack it and when it's on the ground swap out for it because your Sabretooth will have taken a bunch of damage by now. Use it to fight the boss and again, avoid as much damage as you can. If you do it right you can kill the boss without ever being dismounted.

    If for whatever reason you get dismounted try your best to avoid damage and kill off the boss.

  • Clear all 9 rounds in the Labyrinth without returning to town.

    Despite what this trophy description says, you do not need to clear any rounds in the Labyrinth of Chaos to unlock it. What you must do is clear 9 rounds in a row of the main stages. To do this simply go in any of the stages and keep selecting “Continue” after clearing one. If you choose “Return to town” at any point before finishing the 9th stage, you will not unlock the trophy.

    It doesn’t matter what difficulty you complete this on or what route you choose. I suggest not being worried about this until you are on Infernal difficulty, since that is when chaining many stages together really starts to matter.

    If you are absolutely determined to get it out of the way early on for whatever reason, you can load up a game that has the B routes on Normal difficulty along with some very high level NPC allies. Keep selecting the B routes because they are typically shorter than the A’s, and just breeze through everything.

    With this method each stage should take you somewhere between 4 and 6 minutes, for a total of roughly 45 minutes worth of work.

  • Purchase a Life Point for a dead companion.

    Each player has 2 Life Points that they may use to resurrect themselves during a a stage. After exhausting all of their points they must use a “Continue” to bring their character back to life, which requires a donation of Gold to the Goddess.

    When playing with another adventurer—be it the computer or another player—click on their portrait at the top of the screen when it is flashing the word “Continue?”. You will use your own gold to immediately resurrect them and subsequently unlock the trophy.

  • Bury 100 sets of bones.

    You can start to bury bones after the first mission. To do this simply pick up some bones that are scattered randomly throughout every stage. Once you have some bones head to Canaan Temple at the western end of town and select “Bury”. Whenever you bury an adventurer they will vanish forever and you will not be able to resurrect them. You can carry a maximum of 32 bones, so don’t forget to bury all of them prior to setting out on an adventure.

    You can mass bury them by pressing , which is a lot faster than doing them one-by-one. This trophy will unlock over time without much effort because you will pick up a ton of bones in the search for good allies.

  • Offer 100,000 gold to the goddess.

    You offer gold to the goddess by resurrecting yourself and by praying. The bulk of the gold you will offer to the goddess will come in the form of resurrections, since it costs much more than the prayer and gets more expensive the higher you get in levels. The 100,000 gold will come naturally as you play through the game. There is no need to grind it or save up.

  • Be the champion of the colosseum ten times.

    After you beat the game on Normal difficulty the Colosseum will become available, where you can battle against other players as well as NPC’s. To get there walk out of the gate and enter the green area with the blue “In” words.

    The fastest way to unlock the trophy is by beating a weaker NPC. Go to the Inn and take out the lowest level ally that you have available. If you only have ones that are close in level to you, be sure not to take out the Fighter. With the NPC in tow make your way to the Colosseum.

    Enter the Colosseum, create a room and apply the following settings:

    • Time Limit: 3 minutes
    • #Life Point: 0
    • Number of Participants: 2 people
    • Add NPCs: ON
    • Rules: Forbid potions
    • Temporary equipment: No temporary weapons on the field

    When the round starts simply kill the NPC to become the “champion of the colosseum”. Hit continue and kill it another 9 times until you have successfully won a total of 10 times. The second you win the 10th match the trophy will unlock.

  • Score over 50,000 points during camp.

    After clearing Lost Woods on Normal difficulty you will be able to enter various Camps after completing certain stages. They are the Ancient Temple Ruins, Old Capital, and Ghost Ship Cove.

    At the camp you are able to cook 8 different types of food—that vary depending on bosses you’ve killed and which camp you are at—as well as add three different special ingredients to them. The rarer the food (bosses, etc.), the more special ingredients you use while cooking (3 instead of none or 1), and how well you cook it (flipping the dish over and not burning it) will all increase the point value of the dish.

    The easiest way to get this trophy unlocked is by killing 2-3 bosses that have a special ingredient, while having 1-3 other people cooking with you. If you all add special ingredients, flip them over and don’t let them burn, you can easily eclipse upwards of 100k points with just two people.

    Whether you’re attempting to do this by yourself or with another person, here is the best route to take and cooking strategy:

    1.) Start at Wallace’s Underground Laboratory and choose A route. When you get to the Doom Beetle don’t kill it before you kill one of the cocooned worms.

    This will give you the Worm ingredient at the camp.

    2.) Continue on to the Forgotten Sanctuary and choose Route B. Kill the Arch Demon. This will give you the Arch Demon heart ingredient at the camp.

    3.) Continue yet again to the Old Capital. Kill the Red Dragon any way you see fit, but whatever you do don’t let him fall off the ledge at the end of the stage.

    This will give you the most valuable ingredient in the game, the Red Dragon Meat, that is worth 23,000 score when cooked correctly.

    4.) Continue for the last time to end up at the camp.

    5.) Throw the second to the right meat (arch demon) in the right pan. Add the three special ingredients to the pan, flip it twice, then wait for it to start flashing that it’s done. Take it out and eat it.

    6.) Throw the far left meat (worm) into the left pan. Add the three special ingredients to the pan again, flip it twice, then wait for it to start flashing that it’s done. Take it out and eat it.

    7.) Throw the red dragon meat into a pan or pot. Add the three special ingredients to the dish again, flip it twice, then wait for it to start flashing that it’s done. Take it out and eat it.

    This meat won’t appear again so don’t worry about cooking it as soon as it appears.

    8.) By now the Worm and Demon meat should almost be back. Until they are you should add ingredients and cook whatever you wish using the same method. Once they reappear immediately start cooking them again the same way.

    9.) Rinse and repeat until you are finished. The heart, worm, and dragon meat alone will put you over 40,000 points if you prepared them correctly. All you have to do is cook a few more dishes and you will be well over 50k.

  • Eat all the different food that can be made at camp.

    Camps become available after clearing the Lost Woods for the first time, which opens the B Routes.

    There are 35 different types of food that can be found in the game. Some of them require you to kill a special creature in order for it to appear, such as a boss or rare animal. Furthermore, each type of food can be cooked in two ways: fried (pan) and boiled (pot). You must cook each and every type of food both ways in order to unlock the trophy.

    (Credit to Lifearmor for confirming the above, as well his Gourmand thread that originally listed the food types and their locations.)

    Here is a list of every type of special ingredient and which camp they can be found at:

    Ancient Temple Ruins Camp:

    • Harpy - Ancient Temple Ruins (Route A)
    • Minotaur - Ancient Temple Ruins (Route B)

    Old Capital Camp:

    • Myconid - Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth (Route A)
    • Worm - Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth (Route A)
    • Arch Demon - Forgotten Sanctuary (Route B)
    • Wyvern - Old Capital (Route A)
    • Dragon - Old Capital (Route B)

    Ghost Ship Cove Camp:

    • Chimera - Mage’s Tower (Route B)
    • Gazer - Lost Woods (Route A)
    • Killer Rabbit - Lost Woods (Route B)
    • Kraken - Ghost Ship Cove (Route B)

    To get to camps without any special ingredient appearing, you must select their respective stage and do the following:

    1.) Ancient Temple Ruins Camp - choose Route B; defeat Medusa.
    2.) Old Capital Camp - choose Route B; flee from the dragon.
    3.) Ghost Ship Cove Camp - choose Route A and defeat the pirates; can also choose Route B instead and flee from the Kraken if you are doing the “Living Fossil” quest.

    Once you’ve eaten both versions of every special ingredient as well as all 8 regular ingredients, you will unlock this trophy.

    Rather than going out of your way to do this, I suggest making a checklist for the special ingredients instead (feel free to print this page and use it) and just playing the game normally since you will kill them countless times over the course of the game. Once you have 100% of the 11 special ingredients out of the way you should then do all 24 regular ones, in a row.

    Important Note: There are also camps inside the Labyrinth of Chaos. Because you will need to fully clear this in order to unlock the platinum, I suggest also clearing it before worrying about this trophy as well. Since you will encounter a great deal of random bosses that can actually make eating every food substantially easier, if you are lucky enough to get the right combination of bosses in a row.

  • Reach level 99.

    You must beat the game on Normal and Hard difficulty in order to raise the level cap to 99. The quickest way to level is with a premade group of friends on Infernal difficulty. Make sure to get the Trailblazer’s Boon prayer that boosts your stage summary score by 50% before you begin.

    The reason that you want to play on Infernal is due to the experience conversion rate for clearing a stage, which looks like this:

    • Normal: 10% of score (100,000 score=10k experience)
    • Hard: 50% of score (100,000 score=50k experience)
    • Infernal: 200% of score (100,000 score=200k experience)

    I suggest playing with friends because finding a good room at random can be very difficult. Playing solo with NPC allies can be extremely frustrating as well if your NPC’s aren’t of a considerably higher level than the content you are fighting.

    Please use the Co-op partners thread if you are looking for people to party up with.

    In addition to playing on Infernal and with friends you should also:

    • Loot every chest
    • Uncover all hidden treasure (white sparkles in the background)
    • Explore all optional and hidden areas
    • Kill every enemy before moving on to the next area
    • Use the "Double Score Bonus" rune magic (D-S-B)
    • Chain together multiple stages in a row
    • Play B Routes for higher stage completion bonuses
    • Clear stages fast for higher bonuses
    • Learn the "Money is Power" skill in the Common category

    Important note: There is currently a glitch that happens when you lose connection to an online game. It causes you to lose all of the experience and talismans you collected during that adventure. It will also freeze your game if you go into a shop after returning to town, so head right into the inn and save first.

    Needless to say this can result in hours upon hours wasted. In order to counter this I suggest only doing long adventures when you are the host (it will frequently say "Waiting for other players" when you are), and/or with an extremely good group. If the players are all very good there is less of a chance people will quit and force a room change, which often results in a crash.

    If you are ever over 6 million score and have a lot of broken gear, or your party is struggling, you should just leave immediately to bank the experience and talismans. There's no point getting 10+ million score just to lose it to a disconnect.

    Lastly, be sure to see which route your party chose before you confirm. Even if it isn't a route you want it's safer to go with them to avoid losing your teammates and forcing a room change.

  • Deal over 100,000 damage in one strike.

    To unlock this trophy you must see 100k+ damage appear above the enemy's head. Unfortunately it is not cumulative, so if a skill simultaneously hits 10 targets for 10k+ each it won’t unlock. Aside from the Wizard none of the classes are able to consistently break 100k damage without some careful planning, farming the right gear, and a bit of luck.

    Wizard Method
    In order to dish out over 100,000 damage in a single attack as a Wizard, you will need to level up the Meteor Storm ability to level 3 (max rank). After you do you will also need to reach somewhere around level 80+, as well as acquire a large deal of Increased Damage to Objects—like the suit that I am wearing in the video. You can do it with increased damage to just about anything, but objects is by far the easiest to do the trophy with.

    Once you have a full suit of increased damage gear and a weapon with a lot of bonus damage, equip it all along with a Strength Drought potion.

    Now head out of the gate into the Illusionary Lands where the Ancient Dragon is. There will ALWAYS be a pile of bones and a crate at the entrance. Walk over to the crate and use the Strength Drought potion, then cast Meteor Storm on top of the crate. It should do over 100,000 damage if you've stacked enough + damage.


    Bomb Method (Used for every other character)
    The other characters in the game do not have attacks that hit as hard as a Wizard's Meteor Strike. Because of this you will have to use one of the bombs dropped by a Goblin to destroy a crate. This doesn't work very well at all for the Sorceress or the Wizard, because their STR stat is extremely low. However, it does work fine for the Amazon, Fighter, and Dwarf.

    There are dozens of places where goblins drop bombs that you can use on crates, but the most reliable location is in Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress (Route A). Immediately after selecting the A route you will come out to a path with multiple Goblins and Orcs; three of which are carrying bombs. The moment you see them be sure to attack them and make them drop the bombs, otherwise they will use them on you and you will have to restart the stage.

    After you've dispatched the enemies, pick up the bomb and use all of your additional +damage skills and potions. Now immediately head to the right where you will find a crate and two Orcs. Walk up to the crate and drop the bomb. If the bomb does considerably less than 100k damage (~85k), you will need to clear the Ghost Ship Cove beforehand to get a +damage buff from eating food at the Camp. Return and try again once you've gotten it.

  • Earn over 5,000,000 points in one adventure.

    You accumulate score in this game by defeating enemies, opening chests, picking up items dropped by enemies, discovering hidden items (white sparkles in the background that you click on), clearing stages, and eating food at camps. You can earn score bonuses by activating runes, eating at camps, praying at the temple, and doing multiple stages in a row.

    To unlock this trophy you must have the score meter at the top of the screen read 5,000,000 points during one “adventure”. An adventure is simply a string of stages played back-to-back without returning to town. It can take anywhere from 7 to 11 stages to amass enough points and it will vary based on how well your group performs.

    The best way to accrue 5 million points is to continuously play on Inferno difficulty, with the Trailblazer’s Boon prayer activated—which provides 1.5x score bonuses for each stage cleared. Try and do as many B routes as possible because they reward the highest stage completion bonuses, not to mention they are generally shorter in length.

    Make sure you have at least 4 or 5 bags of useful equipment before you start the run, or 2-3 suits with some decent item degradation reduction on it. When you join a room pay attention to how your team is playing. You want to be with competent people that are killing effectively and using non-broken gear, otherwise you run the risk of them leaving and having a difficult time later on, perhaps even needing to quit before you get enough points.

    If you want to attempt this without co-op I suggest waiting until you are level 90+ and only do the A Routes. The problem with NPC allies is their equipment breaks pretty quickly and they become useless. It can be risky doing a long run because their gear will start to crumble and they will become useless, all the while enemies continue to have bonus health and come in larger quantities.

    As always, please use the Co-op partners thread if you are looking for people to party up with for this trophy.

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