Dragon Quest Heroes II (PS4) Trophies

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43 trophies ( 13  26  14  )

  • Awarded for successfully acquiring every trophy.

  • Awarded for activating every party member's coup de grâce.

  • Awarded for experiencing every type of weather in every wild zone.

  • Awarded for successfully clearing your first dimensional dungeon.

  • Awarded for training every single character to level 40 or above.

  • Awarded for training your hero to level 20 or above in every available vocation.

  • Awarded for reaching a proficiency level of 15 or higher with any weapon.

  • Awarded for stringing together a combo of 350 hits or more.

  • Awarded for summoning 150 monster minions.

  • Awarded for rescuing 15 people from monster attack.

  • Awarded for gathering ingredients from sparkly spots 300 times.

  • Awarded for making 30 trades at the swap shop.

  • Awarded for delivering 150 mini medals to Maxi Malone.

  • Awarded for defeating every marked monster at least once.

  • Awarded for obtaining the maximum number of Healstones and maximising their power.

  • Awarded for maximising the capacity of your monster medal holder.

  • Awarded for earning the maximum number of party power points.

  • Awarded for learning every party power.

  • Awarded for attuning yourself to every Zoomstone.

  • Awarded for collecting a total of 300,000 gold coins.

  • Awarded for opening every chest in every wild zone.

  • Awarded for obtaining every single weapon.

  • Awarded for obtaining every single orb.

  • Awarded for obtaining every single accessory.

  • Awarded for obtaining every available ingredient.

  • Awarded for defeating every single species of monster.

  • Awarded for recruiting every single species of monster minion.

  • Awarded for completing every quest.

  • Awarded for obtaining every kind of item monsters drop.


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