Jerald's Story Trophy in Dragon Fantasy: Book I

  • Jerald's Story


    Complete Chapter 3: Operation Desert Plunder

    How to unlock Jerald's Story

    This falls inbetween Chapters 1 and 3 in terms of difficulty. You have the benefit of multiple characters, but there's only a maximum of two.


    • To get gold quickly in the beginning, steal from Cranky Condors. You can get Wyvern Wings worth 50G when you sell them. Stealy Dans drop 50G when beaten too.
    • Save up to buy equipment in Bandit's cave. Their treasure isn't that great, but their shops are decent.
    • Utilize the 0MP skills that Jerald and Ramona get. Not only do Lightning Strike and Turbo Slap do double damage and multiple enemy damage respectively, they have 100% success rates.

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  • My personal favorite chapter. This one reminded me of Dragon Warrior IV on the NES. Much more evolved than the other 2 chapters.

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