• Estimated 100% difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 12 (1 4 7 )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 4 (1 of each chapter)
  • Number of missable trophies: 5 (Well Educated, With a Little Help..., Man of Shadows, Fund Raising, Gotta Catch a Few)
  • Glitched trophies: As far I am aware, if you play 100% on either the PS3 or Vita version, none of the trophies are glitched. It may be possible using cross save that Well Educated will reset the counter for bookshelves to 0, forcing you to do all 30 again. Until a patch is released to fix the memory leak in the PS3 version, I recommend playing with the Vita version.
  • Do trophies stack: No
  • Does difficulty affect any trophies: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: None
  • Additional accessories required: No


Dragon Fantasy is a homage/parody of the early Dragon Warrior/Final Fantasy games. It is divided into several chapters with a loosely intertwined story between the four. Developed by the Muteki Corporation, it was first available on Android and iOS platforms using an 8-bit engine. For the PS3 and Vita, the graphics have been bumped up to 16 bits.


Note: These steps do not have to be completed in any particular order, as they are presented chronologically in the story. However, completing Ogden's quest before Anders' will make unlocking the latter's trophies easier.

Step 1 (Complete Chapter 1 - Ogden's Story):

Time - about 5-8 hours

Ogden is a former dragon slayer turned semi-retired captain of the guard, whose best days are behind him.. His is probably the hardest of the four scenarios to complete because he has no other party members with him. However, with a judicious amount of recovery supplies and spell usage, you will be able to make it through with no problem.

Ogden's chapter has only one missable trophy, Well Educated, so make sure that in every town you visit, that you inspect each bookshelf. If you do this, you'll unlock this trophy in the last city you visit. If you miss one, you can Warp back to all the cities that you have visited and search again. There are no bookshelves in dungeons to worry about.

Trophies earned:

Ogden's Story
High-tech Weaponry
Well Educated

Step 2 (Complete Chapter 2 - Anders' Story):

Time - about 2 hours

Anders is the crown prince of Wester who turned down a chance at becoming King so he could live his life the way he wanted. However, what he wanted didn't include having to track down and save his little brother from the Dark Knight. As Anders can have up to three extra party members accompanying him, this is signifiicantly easier than Ogden's chapter. There is also less to do, so this chapter will fly by.

However, there are two missable trophies that will add some extra time to the chapter, as they have to be done in a certain order. First, Man of Shadows requires you to visit the site where Ogden fought the cave troll (north of Lakehaven). After that, you can get With a Little Help.... which requires you to visit Derwent (the first town Ogden visits) to recruit Serps from the inn there.

Trophies Earned:

Anders' Story
With a Little Help...
Man of Shadows

Step 3 (Complete Chapter 3 - Jerald's Story):

Time - 3-5 hours

Jerald is a thief who finds himself in possession of the Voidstone that Anders' was trying to send to a safe location. He hopes to be able to sell it to get him and his niece Ramona out of the facist state of Sandheim and to a better life.

There is only one missable trophy here, Fund Raising, which is to pickpocket 25 NPC's. However it's very easy to farm this in the first town you visit (Jobton)

Trophies Earned:

The Fantastical Dragon!
Jerald's Story
Fund Raising
Treasure Hunter

Step 4 (Complete Intermission M: A Minecraft Story):

After leaving with the Voidstone, the Woodsman, Ogden, Anders, and Ramona find themselves on an odd island. Build yourself an axe and get crafting, but keep an eye out for Creepers.

The only missable trophy here is Gotta Catch a Few, however it's very easy to capture monsters - you just have to make sure to drop the first two off with Freya, so you can capture another two.

Trophies Earned:

Intermission M
Gotta Catch A Few

[PS3T Would Like to Thank cycoivan for this Road Map]

Dragon Fantasy: Book I Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 7  )

  • Complete the main storyline in chapters 1, 2, and 3.

    Self explanatory, just finish the first three chapters.

  • Complete Chapter 1: Dragon Fantasy

    This chapter is the toughest of the bunch, so you might as well get it out of the way first.


    • Always have extra herbs, antidotes, ropes, wyvern powders, and (if you can afford it,) potato juice on hand. Travelling between cities can be a slog, and you don't want to lose half your gold by not having enough on hand to prevent yourself from dying.
    • Personally, I found upgrading armor first was preferable to upgrading weapons. There is a 20% miss rate on weapon attacks and it's better to be able to weather any blows.
    • Grind a bit before going anywhere new, as this game is supposed to be a homage to Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy. Monsters get tough rather quickly, so don't go and try to do a speed run.
    • Pay attention to who has the first turn, as it will stay that way for the whole battle. For enemies that take a turn before Ogden, keep an eye on your HP and heal earlier to compensate.
  • Complete Chapter 2: The Heir Unapparent

    This chapter is an easy intermission between Chapters 1 and 3.


    • There is really not too much to note here. Make sure you unequip Chest after beating the Rat King but before talking to the Queen. The extra iron gear comes in handy.
    • Hang on to all the potato juices you find, as for a spellcaster, Casty doesn't really get much for MP.
  • Complete Chapter 3: Operation Desert Plunder

    This falls inbetween Chapters 1 and 3 in terms of difficulty. You have the benefit of multiple characters, but there's only a maximum of two.


    • To get gold quickly in the beginning, steal from Cranky Condors. You can get Wyvern Wings worth 50G when you sell them. Stealy Dans drop 50G when beaten too.
    • Save up to buy equipment in Bandit's cave. Their treasure isn't that great, but their shops are decent.
    • Utilize the 0MP skills that Jerald and Ramona get. Not only do Lightning Strike and Turbo Slap do double damage and multiple enemy damage respectively, they have 100% success rates.
  • Receive the Woodsman's Finest Pokin' Stick

    Obtained in Ogden's chapter. Story related - the Woodsman will give you this before you leave his house at the beginning of the game.

  • Read 30 Different Books in Ogden's Story.

    If you check every bookcase in every town, you will get this in Crescent Cove. The only books that count are those with text that is NOT "Ogden picked up a book and found it boring, so he put it back."

  • As Anders, Recruit Punchy, Casty, and Serps at the Same Time

    Missable. After escaping the castle basement and talking to the Queen, you can recruit Punchy and Casty from the recruitment center (top left building in the city of Wester).

    Serps can be recruited in the inn of Derwent (the town next to the Woodman's shack.) He's the character wearing the black shirt.

    Must be done after Man of Shadows if you want to do it on the same playthrough. If you miss it, you can try for this in a new playthrough in about 20-30 minutes. (credit to Loko4FourLoko for the info.)

  • See How the Cave Troll Acquires the Rusty Helmet

    Missable. This is obtained in Anders' chapter. Travel to the cave north of Lakehaven and find the room where Ogden fought the Cave Troll. You will see a scene play out and get the trophy.

    This must be done before With a Little Help... (credit to Loko4FourLoko for the info.)

  • Have Jerald Pick-pocket 25 People

    Missable. As Jerald, approach "mark" NPC's from behind (kids, women, and old people) and try to talk to them. If successful, a coin will pop out. You can farm this in Jobton in the beginning. There are five NPC's you can pickpocket. Pickpocket them all, enter a shop, exit and repeat.

  • Find the Bandit Treasure Room in the Bandit Cave

    Story related. This is received in Jerald's chapter. The bandit cave is west of Sandheim. The first floor consists of some decent shops, an expensive inn, and an outhouse you can save your game at. The cave entrance is south of the outhouse.

    In the cave, if you are at a low level, you can ignore all the treasure chests as most of them are Bitey Boxes and will hit you hard for not a lot of reward. Also, there are no random encounters, so you can explore to your heart's content

    On the second floor, make your way to the south east corner of the map and go down, then on the third floor, go north all the way, then west. Essentially, where you see two ladders separated by a space you can't cross, go up to the second floor and down the other ladder. You'll have to do this at two other places.

    After the second time, follow the path and you'll see a ladder which leads down to a room filled with treasure boxes (filled with junk). The trophy will unlock here.

  • Complete Intermission M: A Minecraft Story

    What if Dragon Quest and Minecraft had a baby? It would look something like this. This "chapter" is a pretty quick play, especially when you have a party of four.


    • Buy two sticks and three stones at the store right away and then craft an axe at the cabinet in the upper right corner. You can use that to cut a shortcut into the cave behind the store.
    • When you go through the shortcut, go all the way to the north and then west. All along the wall here are minerals. Work your way south and there's a room with a bed and a crafting table. You can make a diamond sword and all iron armor for Woodsy. It makes the chapter much easier.
    • Creepers make excellent captures, as they can hit hard with no equipment (credit to Anewlife2010.)
  • Have Woodsy Capture 4 Unique Monster Types

    Missable. In battle, have Woodsy cast Capture. I personally have had a 100% success rate with this. Capture 2 different monsters, leave the cave and drop them off with Freya. Then go in and capture another two that you wish to keep. I beat the chapter with an Enderman and a Zombie Pig with no problem.

    Reports are that it may be glitched, but in a good way. The trophy may pop when you get three captures. It's so far unconfirmed, but Ramona may count as a "capture."

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