Melancholic Curtain Call Trophy in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

  • Melancholic Curtain Call


    Cleared the Return of the Saiyans Saga!

    How to unlock Melancholic Curtain Call

    For this trophy, you must complete every battle in the Return of the Saiyans Saga. For all these fights you must talk to Trunks in the "Time Nest" to trigger the fight.

    Infestation! Saibamen Scourge

    1. Custom Character/Tien/Yamcha vs 20 Saibaman enemies

    Arrival of the Saiyan Warriors

    1. Custom Character/Piccolo vs Nappa
    2. Custom Character/Gohan (Kid)/Krillin vs Nappa
    3. Custom Character/Goku vs Nappa/Vegeta

    Power x10! Vegeta Transforms

    1. Custom Character/Goku vs Great Ape Vegeta
    2. Custom Character/Goku/Krillin/Gohan (Kid) vs Great Ape Vegeta

    Prince's Pride! Limit Battle

    1. Custom Character/Goku vs Vegeta

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