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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 before 1.07 patch. 10/10 after 1.07 patch. (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (6, 7, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 10-15hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must complete the game on Nightmare difficulty
  • Other pheriphericals needed?: Yes, you need a second controller to access the local multiplayer.


One of the most iconic videogames of all times makes its appear on PS4! Back from 1993, full of demons, blood and secrets, DOOM is still alive and it still kick asses. The concept of the game is very easy: you are Doomguy, a space marine that must investigate strange incidents on Phobos base. You will go through 32 maze-like levels, shooting demons and collecting keys and power-ups. Each level is very short, with a complete map of all visited locations. You will need to find keys scattered all around in order to reach the exit. Each level contains many secret areas so the strong point of this game is the exploring part.  The game is divided in 4 chapters that you have to do separately: each time you complete a chapter, you will start the next one from scratch so no need to be greedy on ammos. Also, there is a "level select" feature, that can be used in order to get trophies in specific parts of the game. To get the platinum, you need 3 playthroughs: One on "Easy" or "Normal", going for kills and collectables, one on "Easy" for a speedrun in under 2 hours and the third one in "Nightmare" using a second controller. At last, there is a new local Multiplayer feature with 2 trophies related.


Step 1: Play through Easy or Normal while getting miscellaneous trophies.

For your first run, the difficulty setting is up to you. I suggest easy to go faster but the game in "normal" is not so hard so it's up to you. Go through all 4 chapters, getting the related trophies and getting miscellaneous trophies during the way. Focus on this missions for combat and secret exit:
  • E1 M2
  • E1 M3
  • E2 M2
  • E2 M4
  • E2 M5
  • E2 M8
  • E3 M4
  • E3 M6
  • E4 M2
At the end of this step, you will get:

Knee-Deep in the Dead trophy_gold.png 
The Shores of Hell trophy_gold.png 
Inferno trophy_gold.png 
Thy Flesh Consumed trophy_gold.png 
Shoot It Until It Dies trophy_gold.png 
Not a Very Good Secret trophy_gold.png 
Headhunter trophy_gold.png 
Timing Is Everything trophy_silver.png 
Doormat trophy_silver.png 
Untouchable trophy_silver.png 
It's a Secret trophy_silver.png 
Guns Are For Wusses trophy_bronze.png 
Groovy trophy_bronze.png 
Cookin' With Plasma trophy_bronze.png 
Overkill trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Play through "Easy" for the speedrun.

For the next step, you will go through all the levels again trying to complete all of them in under 2 hours. You don't need to do it all in a sitting, the game will register your best times for each level. Also, you need to complete only the first 3 chapters for the speedrun. See the related trophy for more informations.

At the end of this step, you will get

I'm the Man! trophy_silver.png 

Step 3: Play through "Nightmare!" in coop.

The last run will be the hardest one. In nightmare mode, enemies hit harder and also respawn after an amount of time so be prepared to die. A lot. Each time you die, you will start with your first weapon so the majority of the game will be played with the gun. To play coop, you will need a second controller. The good news: you can use shareplay if you don't have any local friend that can help you, the bad news: Only player 1 will get the trophy.

At the end of this step, you will get

Not So Bad trophy_gold.png 

Step 4: Local Multiplayer

For the last step, hop on the local multiplayer. Take your second controller and do 100 kills in "Deathmatch".

At the end of this step, you will get

Showstopper trophy_silver.png 
Rookie trophy_bronze.png 
Completionist trophy_platinum.png 

Step 4: Cleanup (optional)

If for some reason you miss something, just replay the level you prefer and get the trophies you need. 

Doom Trophy Guide

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20 trophies ( 6  )

  • Unlock all trophies in DOOM

    Get all the other trophies for this classic Platinum!
  • Beat all the levels in "Knee-Deep in the Dead"

    Story-Related, Can't Be Missed

    To get this trophy, simply finish all 8 missions of the first chapter: Knee-Deep in the Dead. The bonus mission is not needed to get this trophy.

    Note: Once you finish the chapter, you will be ejected back to the main menù.
  • Beat all the levels in "The Shores of Hell"

    Story-Related, Can't Be Missed

    To get this trophy, simply finish all 8 missions of the second chapter: The Shores of Hell. The bonus mission is not needed to get this trophy.

    Note: Once you finish the chapter, you will be ejected back to the main menù.
  • Beat all the levels in "Inferno"

    Story-Related, Can't Be Missed

    To get this trophy, simply finish all 8 missions of the third chapter: Inferno. The bonus mission is not needed to get this trophy.

    Note: Once you finish the chapter, you will be ejected back to the main menù.
  • Beat all the levels in "Thy Flesh Consumed"

    Story-Related, Can't Be Missed

    To get this trophy, simply finish all 8 missions of the fourth and last chapter: Thy Flesh Consumed. The bonus mission is not needed to get this trophy.

    Note: Once you finish the chapter, you will be ejected back to the main menù.
  • Beat DOOM in under 2 hours

    This trophy is easier than it sounds. You don't need to finish the game in 2 hours in one sit, this is referring to the total time of each level. Just use the "select mission" feature and play again all the levels, trying to go as fast as possible. As soon as the total time is less than 2 hours, the trophy will pop so you don't need to play all misions.

    Some tips:
    • Pausing the game, will pause the timer. Unfortunately, the map will not pause the timer. 
    • Don't kill enemies. Follow a guide (the Doom Wiki has a good walkthrough and graphic maps) and rush to the exit as fast as possible.
    • Select the easiest difficult to easily rush through all levels
    • Select the auto-run feature in the options so you don't need to press l2.png
    • The 2 hours are referred only for the first 3 chapters so you don't need to play "Thy flesh consumed" levels
    • You don't need to hit or pass the "Par-Time" in individuals levels to do less than 2 hours but this will be a good indicator on how fast you were in that level. If you have1 or 2 minutes more than the par-time, that will be good enough.
  • Get 25 kills in deathmatch

  • Get 100 kills in deathmatch

    To get this trophy, you just need to do 100 kills in local deathmatch. E2M9 is the best place to do it: select this mission, put "Frag limits" (the number of maximum kills) at 25 and time limit to 15. Start the game with both controllers and kill player 2 25 times. Rinse and repeat other 3 times.
  • Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode

    To get this trophy, you must complete DOOM in "Nightmare!" in coop. The coop is only local so you need a second controller to be able to play this. You can also use the "shareplay" feature. Unfortunately, only Player 1 (aka the host) will get the trophy so 2 runs are needed to get the trophy for both players. Bonus missions are not needed (and i don't know if going through the exit to a bonus mission, will count for this trophy) and you only need to finish the first three Episodes.

    Note about patch 1.07

    Before 1.07 patch, this trophy was doable solo: you could put the second controller away and just rush through the levels. Now, this is the platinum-breaker. Nightmare! is the hardest difficult setting of this game and yes, this is a nightmare: with latest patch, enemies are faster, hit harder and you will die a lot. This means that you will find yourself using the pistol almost everytime against hordes and hordes of enemies that will shoot you from each direction. I tried to do it solo and in 2 days, I was able to finish only 5 levels of E1. The trophy became easier if you play with two or more players, real or in shareplay so if you have a good team, don't be afraid to try it.

    If you are a lone player like me, luckily, I found an escape plan. Looking around the internet, I found a good method to downgrade a digital game to v1.0. You don't need any jailbreak or anything illegal so I will post here the method. Before following it, however, some preparation must be done:
    • If you don't have it for any reason, download and install the latest version of the game (V1.08). Once you start the game, go to "" in-game option so you will be registered to Bethesda network. 
    • Copy your "save file" to a USB drive.
    • Delete EVERYTHING DOOM-related: games and saves. I also deleted DOOM 2, just to be sure. If for any reason, you have a save file in another PlayStation device, delet it from the other device too.
    • Now, follow this guide: How to get 1.00 Digital Games (Thanks to "Mako") andget your DOOM V1.0.
    • Once you get your 1.0 version, copy the save file from the USB drive back to your console, then you will be able to play it solo.
    Now prepare your patience and cross your fingers.

    I will list here all good and bad things about Nightmare so you will be prepared for this insane run:

    Bad Things:
    • Enemies: there are many of them and of different kind compared to easiesy difficults. Also, they hit harder and they respawn after a short amount of time. Don't try to kill all of them, just rush through the mission killing everything is an obstacle to you
    • Power-ups, ammo and healt: unfortunately, they're one shot. Since you're going to die a lot, many of this will be useless. There will be some point of the mission where you must restart because you're not able to heal yourself and you can't fight so many demons all toghether.
    • Friendly Fire: if you're playing with real friends, watch out for friendly fire!
    • No pause: Unfortunately, you can't pause the game in coop.
    • No Saves: unfortunately, you can't save on coop.
    • No Aim (Only V1.0): If you're playing v1.0, there will be no Aim. This is bad but after some minutes, you will understand how to aim freely.
    • No brightness (Only V1.0): Unfortunately, in v1.0, you can't change the brightness so you will face many dark areas.
    Good Things:
    • Weapons: Weapons never disappear. This means that if you die, you can go and get the good weapon you found before. Unfortunately, it's not always a good idea, because getting the weapon, will surely kill or harm you.
    • Keys and Switches: This is the good things about coop: every time you die, you won't lose the keys and the switches will remain active. This means that you can just run to the next key/switch without caring too much about dying.
    • Spawn location: enemies respawn but not in the same place. I don't know how the respawn system works but sometimes i found it useful because enemies respawned far from the location i had to go.
    • Don't need to do it in one sit: like almost all the other trophies, you don't need to do it in one sit. You can play missions in straight way or scrambled, as you prefer. 
    • Change brightness: You can put the birghtness to its maximum so you will have much clear areas and can see enemies and doors easily.
    • Enemies will fight each other: this can be used as you advantage. You can just rush through enemies fighting each other or just shoot weakened enemies.
    • Enemies will move only when they see you or you shoot them: Again, you can use this to make things easier. Just run past them without shooting and you can avoid some gunfights.
    • You can pause (Only v1.0)
    now, you are not prepared for nightmare but give it a try. Don't be afraid of quit and restart the mission if too many enemies will be in your way to the exit or the next switch/key and... good luck.

    Only for v1.0

    There are 3 useful videos that i used to rush through all missions in v1.0. Thanks to WhiteshirtGames for them.

    Knee-deep in the dark
    The shores of hell
  • Get 25 kills with your fists in a single level

    To get this trophy, simply kill 25 enemies in a single level using the fists. You can select fists by pressing l1.png or r1.png until you see the fists.

    This trophy is not so easy as it sounds for two reasons: the first, because enemies will not die easily. Second, there are not so many missions with 25 enemies to kill. The first and best mission to get this trophy, is mission E2M2. This is the first mission with more than 25 enemies and almost all of them are the weaker ones. Also, there is a "Berserker" power-up near the start of the level. With that, you can kill enemies in one hit. Once you start the level, put away your guns and start punching everything that moves!
  • Get 3 multi-kills with the shotgun

    The shotgun is one of the first weapon you will get in the game. This trophy is quite easy to get, specially in the first two chapters. Also, shotgun is not an hidden weapon, you will get it from the Black zombies and you will find it in plain sight in different places on various missions.

    Once you have the shotgun, simply kill two or more enemies that are close to each other and do this for three times. 
  • Finish off a Cyberdemon with the pistol

    The CyberDemon is the boss of Chapter 2 and you will fight it in Mission 8. To get this trophy, you must kill him with the pistol. Luckily, you don't need to only use the pistol, thus you can weak him with any weapon you like. The best one, is the Rocket Launcher, that you will find at the start of M8. Shoot him around 45 rockets to weak him enough and then finish him with the pistol.

    The battle is not quite easy, as the CyberDemon hits very hard. He just shoot around 3 or 4 rockets one after another so try to stay far and avoid the rockets and the explosions and send rockets to him too. To help you in this battle, abuse of the quick save (press Start, then r1.png) so if you die or unfortunately kill the boss with another weapon, you can load the save and try again.

    Note: In the Secret Mission of E3, there is another Cyberdemon to kill. I haven't tried but I think that killing him with the pistol, will unlock the trophy too. Other Cyberdemons are scattered also around M4 levels.
  • Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds with the plasma rifle

    Plasma Rifle is another weapon that you will find in Chapter 2. It consist on a rifle that shoot energy balls very fast, making it a good weapon for long range fights. 

    The first plasma rifle can be found in a secret area of E2M1: Deimos Anomaly (credit to BigMacDavis):

    This happens to appear in every level of The Shores of Hell, with the exception of the Tower of Babel level. The first plasma rifle in a non-secret area, appears in E2M5: Command Center. Also, you can find many plasma rifle in E3 and E4.

    Just explore one of those missions and once you will find the Plasma Rifle, simply kill 5 enemies fast. There are many good spots for it, I got mine in the secret mission of E2. Once you start the mission, you will fight 4 Infernal Barons. Once you kill them, there is a door that can be opened. Inside, you will find a high number of cacodemons in a small place: start firing your weapon and you will eventually kill 5 in 5 seconds.
  • Kill only a single enemy with a shot from the BFG

    The BFG is the best weapon of DOOM: it uses the same kind of ammo of the plasma rifle and can kill tons of enemies in one or two shots. You will find your first BFG in E3M4 (credit to Dangls' Game Guides):

    Once you find it, just wait until you see a single enemy and hit him with the weapon.

Secret trophies

  • Kill 2 enemies with a single barrel explosion

    This is easier than it sounds. DOOM levels are full of explosive barrels scattered around. To get this trophy, just wait until two enemies are near a barrel and then shot the barrel. There are many places in all levels to get this one but if you have any issues, one of the best spot is at the end of E1M3: to reach the exit, you will find some steps rising automatically. At the end of the steps, there are 3 or 4 imps waiting for you, together with many explosive barrels. Just shot one of the barrel with the imps near of it.
  • Crush a corpse in a door

    To get this trophy, just kill an enemy in a doorway so when the door will close, it will crush the corpse. It's very easy: bait an enemy in the doorway and kill him.
  • Finish a level with 200% armor and 200% health

    To get this trophy, you must finish a level with maximum of Health and Armor. To get 200% of health, you must acquire the blue "Supercharge" sphere power-up with 100% of health and to get 200% of armor, you must get the "Super-armor" power-up (no need to have already 100% of armor). Even if it sounds easy, it is not. You must know the location of each power-ups and try to get them just before reaching the exit so you need some strategy.

    However, there are 2 easy ways to get this trophy:
    1. In M2E8, you will face the cyberdemon and there are both "Supercharge" and "Super-Armor" power-ups. Select this mission, open all the secret areas with the 4 switches and get 200% of both armor and health. Once you did this, just face the cyberdemon trying to not get hit. Abuse of quick save and once the boss is dead, you will get the trophy.
    2. Select "local multiplayer" and go to "Deathmatch". Set E2M9 and the kill number to win to 5. When you load up the match, in the very middle of the first room, a Supercharge power-up is available. In the next room, a Super-Armor power-up is available. Now, kill the other player 5 times.
  • Find a secret level

  • Find all the secret levels

    Some levels, have a secret exit that will lead to a secret mission. There are one secret mission every chapter so 4 in total. They're not very easy to find, you can easily miss it even if you explored the levels with care.

    DOOM's secret levels can be found on:
    • E1M3
    • E2M5
    • E3M6
    • E4M2
    There is a good video guide that shows the location of all secret levels (credit to Dangls' Game Guides):

    Since the game will save the progress in your profile, you can get this trophy using the "Level Select" feature and select only the levels with a secret exit. Also, you don't need to complete the secret level for this trophy.
  • Kill one of every enemy

    This trophy will came naturally, as you will kill tons of enemies and there are not so many kind of them. Also, there are no secret or hidden type of enemies so nothing will prevent you from getting it. However, you have to wait until the end of E3, because the final boss is included in the list.

    Enemies to kill are (in order of appearance):
    • Zombieman
    • Imp
    • Shotgun Guy
    • Demon (Pinky Demon)
    • Specter
    • Lost Soul
    • Baron of Hell (Chapter 1 Bosses)
    • Cacodemon
    • Cyberdemon (Chapter 2 Boss)
    • Spider Mastermind (Chapter 3 Boss)

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