DOOMed Lumberjack Trophy in Doom Classic Complete

  • DOOMed Lumberjack


    Kill 20 enemies with your chainsaw on a single map in singleplayer.

    How to unlock DOOMed Lumberjack

    The first time that you’ll be able to find a chainsaw is in Doom 1, Episode 1, Level 2. To find it, first find the red keycard. Once you’re through that door, go to the right and into the room with the toxic slime. Flip the switch on the pillar on the small island and then head back the way that you came. Directly ahead, a new room should have opened up. Head to the right until you find yourself in a corridor with several green barrels and a green armor pick up. Shoot or punch the wall behind the green armor to find the passage to the chainsaw.

    Once you have it, simply cut your way through any level with the chainsaw. Use it until the trophy unlocks. Be warned, there are far fewer enemies on easier difficulties. There are just enough enemies in Doom 1, Episode 1, Level 3 on “I’m too young to die” to get this trophy.

    Levels to replay: Doom 1, Episode 1, Levels 2 and 3

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  • Easy trophy, can be done in many levels and you don't need to get the 20 kills in one row.. but it's more fun >:D

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