• Estimated trophy difficulty: 9 or possibly even 10/10 (As of patch 1.07) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (5, 6, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25 Hours (Highly Skill Dependant) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: None due to level select
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must beat every level in local co-op on Nightmare difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: No stacks
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes
  • Additional peripherals required?: 1 additional controller for local co-op and deathmatch strongly recommended


Doom II, originally released in 1994 is the faster paced first person shooter sequel to Doom. Those who played the original will be aware of the increased difficulty and enemy variety of this entry, with that comes a considerably more difficult road to the platinum which will be covered in due course. Otherwise the list is structured very similarly and all trophies with the exception of 1 are very easy to get.

Thanks to WhiteshirtGames for some of the videos in the guide!


Step 1 - Complete all levels in under 2 hours on the easiest difficulty, secret levels and misc trophies

Use this step to play through each level in under 2 hours, this time is lenient as most levels are very short once you know where to go. Also keep an eye out for misc trophies and secret levels, you'll likely unlock a lot of them naturally, otherwise just use level select to cleanup whatever is missing.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

The Space Station
The City
I'm Superbad!
Until It Is Done
Heavenly Joy
Bad Monster!
Skeet Shooting
Superior Firepower
That Can't Be Good
Not So Friendly Fire
It's a Secret
Not a Very Good Secret

Step 2 - Master Levels, Deathmatch, cleanup

In this step, complete all 20 Master Levels. These levels are a bit harder than the main game so I'd suggest using a speedrun video walkthrough for them. Also get the deathmatch trophies and whatever other misc trophies you are missing in this step, if any at all.

By the end of this step you will have unlocked:

The Master Levels
Slip of the Finger

Step 3 - Nightmare Co-op

Difficulty warning as of patch 1.07!

As of patch 1.07 this step is considerably more difficult than what was already very hard before, more information in the trophy description, but it's believed to be virtually impossible to beat nightmare solo now and even if you had a human player helping, still significantly more difficult than before.

Use everything you've learned and hopefully by the end of this step you will have unlocked:

When I'm With You

[PST Would Like to Thank Sellers for this Roadmap]

Doom II Trophy Guide

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20 trophies ( 6  )

  • Unlock all trophies in DOOM 2

    Collect all other trophies for a well earned platinum trophy!

  • Beat all the space station levels (episodes 1-11)

    This will unlock upon completing levels 1-11.

  • Beat all the city levels (episodes 12-20)

    This will unlock upon completing levels 12-20.

  • Hell


    Beat all the hell levels (episodes 21-30)

    This will unlock upon completing levels 21-30.

  • Beat all the Master Levels

    The Master Levels are a combination of 20 bonus levels included with Doom 2, they are a bit harder than the main games levels but you can again play these on the easiest difficulty. Unfortunately you have to play each level one at a time, they do not roll over to the next one which means you have to go back to the main menu and select the next level manually, which in turn also means you can't carry over any weapons or ammo, it's quite annoying to have to start every level with just a pistol.

    A lot of these levels have quite tedious and frustrating level designs, you can get trapped and sometimes killed quite easily, save often and consult a video guide, I didn't enjoy these levels personally and quickly resorted to watching speedrun videos to get them over with asap.

    See a video below of all master levels being completed in an hour from WhiteshirtGames.

  • Beat DOOM 2 in under 2 hours

    For this trophy you need to beat all Doom II: Hell on Earth levels in a cumulative time of less than 2 hours, you do NOT have to complete the Master Levels.

    This is a lot easier than it sounds, you can play on the easiest difficulty which means there are far less enemies in each level and you can take a lot more damage. If you have prior experience with the game this will be a breeze for you, otherwise I suggest looking up speedrun videos on youtube, most of the same strats and tricks can be replicated on console without needing too much skill and each level usually doesn't take more than a few minutes, just save often and reload if you think you were too slow or made a mistake.

    You don't have to do this in one sitting, the game keeps track of your fastest times on each level, so you can come back to the game and do a level faster to contribute to your overall time across all levels, unfortunately there is no way to check your cumulative time.

    Below is an excellent playlist from WhiteshirtGames completing all levels in just 43 minutes.

  • Get 25 kills in deathmatch

    See Glorious.

  • Get 100 kills in deathmatch

    I recommend 2 controllers and playing on the first map. Just kill the 2nd player 100 times as the first player.

    It is actually possible to do with just 1 controller, you can switch user and ready up as the 2nd player, but this means you would need to switch to the other player every time they die to force them to respawn, which would make this extremely tedious.

  • Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode

    Patch 1.07 warning!

    As of patch 1.07 this trophy is now considerably more difficult, the developers fixed an unintended bug with Nightmare mode on the re-release which restored the difficulty to that of the PC original game, this means enemies now move and attack twice as fast, I've listed my findings below.

    I tested on nightmare on the lastest patch using god mode and noticed a big difference:

    • Pinky/Spectres move and bite you ridiculously fast and more frequently, it's actually quite hilarious to see
    • All other monsters move faster and attack more aggressively/frequently
    • Monster projectiles fly at you waaaaay faster and seem to be spammed even more, the cacodemon fireball spam on mission 29 makes it look completely crazy
    • Not noticed much difference with hit scanners, since they are basically always shooting and not moving around anyway

    I do question if this is even possible now for solo players, I've tested some levels such as 29 and 17 and it feels almost impossible to get through them alone, even with a partner it's going to extremely difficult.

    Below description is only valid for patches prior to 1.07

    The rest of this decription is only relevant to patches below 1.07, I cannot give any solo strats for patch 1.07 since the game difficulty has spiked so much, find a friend and try persevere, otherwise there is almost no chance at all you'll be getting this platinum, it's so much harder than it was before, when it was already quite difficult even then.

    You can play this mode with 1 controller by switching to another account, however with the fast paced play and enemy respawns on Nightmare I absolutely do not recommend this, especially as briefly controlling the 2nd player on Level 29 can help a lot.

    This is by far the hardest trophy in the game. You need to complete all 30 Doom II levels in splitscreen co-op, on Nightmare difficulty, the Master Levels are not required. This is very difficult and frustrating, before even thinking about attempting this you should familiarise yourself with the route for every level before tackling them, since you can't pause on nightmare and enemies respawn, memorisation is key. This requires skill and a lot of patience to get through.

    Do note that this can be done over shareplay which would make it slightly easier, but only the host will get the trophy.

    Nightmare co-op differences:

    • Way more enemies, and more powerful varients earlier on
    • You take way more damage
    • Enemies respawn after around 30 seconds
    • Pausing the game doesn't actually pause, enemies and so on are still active
    • Players respawn at the start of the level after dying but without any weapons
    • Any keys remain collected after dying, as well as other level progress events

    The main gist of this, is that you'll be brute-forcing your way through most levels, dying dozens of times and respawning until you can squeeze through to the end. Due to the sheer number of enemies and them respawning quickly, killing them all is not viable at all. You will hit many stumbling blocks along the way in plenty of levels, the big one being level 29.

    Level 29, if the previous levels weren't bad enough, is very difficult to beat due to the unforgivable level design amplified by nightmare difficulty, it's the only level where you absolutely cannot beat it if you die even once as you need powerful weapons and ammo for the entirety of the run, if you die even once you respawn with a pistol, making it completely impossible to beat. To get around this you need to complete at least Level 28 again in order to gear up for 29, Level 28 isn't too hard, but having to repeat it every time makes the process a lot more tiresome and frustrating. You can gear up a bit better if you do both 27 and 28 prior, but it's doable from just 28, but a bit more comfortable if you do both, this is up to you.

    I have linked a video below from my own successful completion of Levels 28-29 back to back, it took me several hours to complete, this is where the bulk of the difficulty lies.

    Here is also a link to a full level playlist from WhiteshirtGames.

  • Get 100 chainsaw kills

    The best spot to farm this trophy is on the first level on the easiest difficulty. At the start instead of going forward toward the 2 enemies, turn around and you will find a chainsaw. Now either play through levels normally, killing everything in your path with the chainsaw, or make a save on the first level and keep killing everything and reloading your save until the trophy pops.

  • Shoot 200 bullets consecutively with the machine gun

    There are many places and ways to get this trophy. On level 5 for example you'll find many chaingun enemies. Simply save up all your chaingun ammo until you have 200 (or more if you picked up a backpack) and just hold R2 to fire 200 bullets without stopping. You can also easily get this in deathmatch by picking up chainguns over and over until you have at least 200 ammo.

  • Kill yourself and an enemy with your own rocket explosion

    You can get this basically anywhere you have a rocket launcher. Make sure you have 80 health or less and go right up to a weak enemy like a zombieman or imp and kill yourself and it with a rocket.

  • Kill 4 enemies in 1 shot with the super shotgun

    It's very likely you'll get this without even trying as the super shotgun is very powerful with a wide spread and it's very easy to shred through a group of weaker enemies with it, you can find one in Level 2 at the earliest. If you find a spot with 4 or more zombiemen or imps just save your game and attempt the trophy, if you miss it just reload and try again.

    I personally unlocked this right at the start of level 4, there are several zombieman in the starting area, try to group some of them up and kill 4 of them in one shot.

  • Kill 12 enemies in one shot with the BFG

    The BFG is the most powerful weapon in the game, capable of killing many enemies with one shot. The best place to get this trophy is on level 16, provided you picked up the BFG from the previous level, a huge amount of imps will start teleporting in after collecting the blue key, wait until enough spawn and fire the BFG at them, make a save beforehand just in case.


Secret trophies

  • Take damage from an environmental hazard

    Many levels have green or red liquid that will damage you when you run over it, you'll get this naturally.

  • Cause an enemy to kill another enemy

    You can get this right at the start of the first level on the two zombiemen in front of you, alert them to your presence and move around so you can lineup one of them to shoot the other, this will cause them to start shooting each other until one of them dies.

  • Kill a teammate in co-operative multiplayer

    Simply start a co-op game and shoot the other player to death with any weapon of your choice.

  • Find a secret level

    For this trophy you need to find the Wolfenstein secret level from the secret exit on Level 15. See Not a Very Good Secret.

    Here is a great text guide from the Doom wiki which will guide you on how to find the secret exit leading to this level.

    If the text guide from the wiki is too difficult for you to follow, see below video from WhiteshirtGames.

  • Find all the secret levels

    There are a total of 2 secret levels in Doom II which are counted as Levels 31 and 32. You must find the secret exits leading to the levels, simply loading them up via level select does not count. The second secret level is accessed from the first.

    Here is a great text guide from the Doom wiki which will guide you on how to find the secret exit leading to the 2nd secret level.

    If the text guide from the wiki is too difficult for you to follow, see below video from WhiteshirtGames.

  • Kill one of every enemy

    You will unlock this naturally playing through the game and/or the master levels. The Blue soldiers on the Wolfenstein secret levels are not required.

    I have listed all enemies below:

    • Zombieman
    • Shotgun Guy
    • Chaingunner
    • Imp
    • Demon (Pinky)
    • Spectre (Invisible Pinky)
    • Cacodemon
    • Pain Elemental
    • Lost Soul
    • Hell Knight
    • Baron of Hell
    • Revenant
    • Mancubus
    • Arachnatron
    • Archville
    • Spider Mastermind
    • Cyberdemon

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