-Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 50 (38 9 2 1)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-10 hours, provided you're decent at the game and use my technique for 'Multi-Millionaire'.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: No storyline to play through.
-Number of missable trophies: 0
-Glitched trophies: N/A
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A
-Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes. 'Consistently Awesome' and 'Master Of All' require you to be very good at this game.

This game is a 6 because it may be quite difficult to get a Sing It Superstar rating in 10 songs and even harder to get them in a row. Also, getting a Pro rating on all of the lessons is hard to do since you have to be perfect.

Disney Sing It: Pop Hits is a singing game in the same vein as SingStar, Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The game consists of 30 songs that have been featured on the Disney Channel. It incorporates technology that reads your pitch and even when your voice stutters. This makes it a potentially difficult platinum to obtain for some.

STEP ONE: Complete the lessons in Sing It Pro first. It just might help to go through the different techniques before playing any of the songs. Go for Pro ratings but don't be afraid to save that for later since it's difficult and frustrating.

STEP TWO: There are trophies that require you to play all 30 songs in any mode and multiplayer mode. I suggest going through the entire song list in Single Mic Duet to get both of these trophies. Go for the song-specific trophies, one of each bonus and 1,000,000 points on each while doing this and it will make the process go even faster. After all of the songs are finished, play one song in each mode except the one mentioned above. The different modes are listed under 'Explorer'. Afterwards, play 9 more songs in Duet mode for another trophy.

STEP THREE: If you have 10 different songs in which you can obtain a Sing It Superstar rating, you can now try to do all of those in a row. At the very least, you'll be ever closer to 100 songs played and 100,000,000 points earned.

STEP FOUR: Finally, earn all remaining trophies. There shouldn't be more than a few left after the previous steps.

If this game gets to be too much at times, take a break and check out the lyrics online while listening to the song in the game. Learn the high notes, low notes and everything in between. Give it a shot when you think you've got it. The lessons will take many, many tries even for the best among us. Getting frustrated will only cause you to fail more. The best advice for this game is to take your time and listen carefully to what needs to be done.

Disney Sing-It: Pop Hits Trophy Guide

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50 trophies ( 38  )

  • Win all pins and ribbons

  • Finish 100 songs in any mode

    You can use any of the songs and play in any of the modes. You MIGHT reach 100 songs just going for the rest of the trophies. For a nice strategy, check out my suggestion in 'Multi-Millionaire'.

  • Accumulate a total of 100,000,000 points in Solo mode

    This sounds like a daunting task, but I found an easy way to get this score quickly. Solo, 10 Songs, 'Let It Go' by Hatching Pete (choose that one for all 10 songs). Place the microphone in front of a fan or the TV. 1.5 million points is easily achieved this way just one time through (that's 15 million per session). Repeat this as necessary and you'll get the total in no time.

  • Complete all Sing It Pro lessons with a Pro rating

    This is, without a doubt, one of the hardest trophies in the game. It's bad enough getting through the lessons with the minimum score requirement. You have to sing perfectly... and I mean PERFECTLY... in order to reach Pro level in the singing lessons.

  • Reach a combined total of 7,000,000 points in a single multi-round, multiplayer game

    Play Showdown mode. Choose 'Let It Go' by Hatching Pete. Choose 4 rounds. The trophy will unlock once the scores total over 7 million.
  • Complete 60% of Hidden Harmonies where songs have them

    You have to find and hit 60% of the hidden harmonies in each of the 19 songs that have them. You can check how many songs with hidden harmonies you've played by going to the Awards section.

    Tip for finding hidden harmonies: When a lyric comes up and there's a hidden harmony within that lyrics, blue sparkles will appear above or below each note. Sing the lyrics higher or lower than what it shows and you'll hit the harmony notes and still get a Great rating for that lyric.

    The 19 songs are as follows:
    Steve Rushton - Emergency
    Miley Cyrus - 7 Things
    Miley Cyrus - The Climb
    Jesse McCartney - It's Over
    Jesse McCartney - How Do You Sleep?
    Jonas Brothers - Love Bug
    Jonas Brothers - SOS
    Jonas Brothers - Hold On
    Jonas Brothers - When You Look Me In The Eyes
    Colbie Caillat - Realize
    Jem - It's Amazing
    Hannah Montana - Let's Do This
    Hannah Montana - Let's Get Crazy
    Love & Theft - Don't Wake Me
    Demi Lovato - Don't Forget
    Demi Lovato - Get Back
    Demi Lovato - La La Land
    Taylor Swift - I'm Only Me When I'm With You
    Vanessa Hudgens - Sneakernight

    NOTE: Thanks to markoprime for the list

  • Achieve or witness 10 Sing It Superstar ratings in a row on different songs, in any mode.

    This is the other really hard trophy. You have to get at least 1,250,000 points in 10 different songs IN A ROW. This can be done in any mode. I suggest getting 10 of them done and feel confident in them. Then make a setlist containing those songs. If you are not going to hit the score by the end of the song, pause and retry. Experiment with difficulties since harder difficulties reward you more for accuracy.

    I suggest playing the following songs on the difficulties I've recommended:
    Jesse McCartney - How Do You Sleep? (Easy)
    Duffy - Warwick Avenue (Normal)
    Miley Cyrus - Hoedown Throwdown (Normal)
    Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall (Hard)
    Jem - It's Amazing (Normal)
    Colbie Caillat - Bubbly (Normal)
    Miley Cyrus - The Climb (Easy)
    Colbie Caillat - Realize (Normal)
    Taylor Swift - I'm Only Me When I'm With You (Easy)
    Hatching Pete - Let It Go (Easy)

  • Achieve at least 50% Flair in every song

    This should unlock once you've gone through each of the songs just playing normally. It really is that simple. It's easy to max out the Flair in most of the songs before the end, so halfway isn't bad at all.
  • Complete the Sing It Pro Masterclass

    There are 5 Topics in Sing It Pro mode. This is the fifth one and once you finish every lesson within this topic, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete Topic 4 in Sing It Pro

    This topic is called Sliding & Riffing. Complete this with the minimum requirements and you'll get the trophy.

  • Complete Topic 3 in Sing It Pro

    This topic is called Duets & Harmonies. Complete this with the minimum requirements and you'll get the trophy.

  • Complete Topic 2 in Sing It Pro

    This topic is called Highs & Lows. Complete this with the minimum requirements and you'll get the trophy.

  • Complete Topic 1 in Sing It Pro

    This topic is called Breathing & Accuracy. Complete this with the minimum requirements and you'll get the trophy.

  • Unlock Topic 5: Masterclass

    Once you finish the other 4 topics in Sing It Pro mode, this topic will unlock and you'll get the trophy.

  • Achieve Sing It Superstar ratings on at least 10 songs

    To get a Sing It Superstar rating on a song, you need to score 1,250,000. Learn the songs and try, try again. It's not as hard as it sounds for a good number of the songs.

  • Get every Bonus at least once

    There are 5 Bonuses that you can get:
    Hidden Harmonies, Prediction, True Talent, Accuracy and Flair

    The Hidden Harmonies bonus is achieved by finding and hitting hidden harmonies within songs that have them. Prediction can be done in Run The Risk and you have to reach your goal to get the bonus. True Talent is done by hitting most of the notes in the song. Accuracy can be achieved by hitting all notes in one section of a song. Flair is gotten by hitting notes. There is a meter on the left side of the lyrics that shows your progress on the way to Maximum Flair.

  • Get a Harmony Bonus in every song that has Hidden Harmonies

    Check out the list under 'Harmonizer' and find the hidden harmonies. Blue sparkles appear above or below the notes when they come up and you just have to hit those notes instead of the actual song notes. You get the bonus when you hit all of them in a single lyric.

  • Finish 10 songs in Duet mode

    Select 2 players and Single/Dual Mic Duet. Sing 10 songs and this trophy is yours.

  • Tag


    Tag 10 songs as favorites

    Go to the song selection screen and press Triangle to get the ratings up to 5 stars for 10 different songs and the trophy will pop up.

  • Finish all 30 songs in multiplayer mode

    Choose any mode with 2 or more players and finish each song on the song selection screen.

  • Finish a song in every mode at least once

    The modes are as follows:
    Solo, You're On Your Own (both single player AND multiplayer), Single Mic Duet, Dual Mic Duet, Showdown, Run The Risk, Team Play

    Complete one song in each of these modes and you'll get the trophy.

  • Sing all 30 songs in any mode

    This can be unlocked in multiplayer mode to get this trophy at the same time as Party Planner.

  • Get on the high score table on every song

    All you have to do is sing each song. You get on the scoreboard for each with more than 400,000 points. Cycle through each of the 30 songs in the song selection screen and you'll get the trophy.
  • Pass 2 Lessons in Sing It Pro

    Just pass two of the lessons within any of the topics in Sing It Pro mode.

  • Score 1,000,000 or more in 'It's Amazing'

    Exactly what it says. Learn the song if you need to and keep trying until you get it. It's one of the easier songs in the game.
  • Find 80% of the Hidden Harmonies in 'How Do You Sleep?'

    Just like all the other hidden harmony trophies, focus on only those. 80% could take a few tries.

  • Reach Maximum Flair in 'When You Look Me In The Eyes'

    Sing this song and keep an eye on the Flair meter to the left. You know you have this trophy once it's full. It's another easy song and maxing out the meter isn't difficult.

  • Successfully predict 700,000 points or more on '7 Things'

    Select Run The Risk mode and predict that you'll get 700,000 points. Get that score or better and you'll get the trophy.

  • Hold a note for 5 seconds in 'Warwick Avenue'

    There is a long note towards the end of the song. You'll know it when you come to it. Hold the note until the end and you'll get it. It actually goes longer than the required 5 seconds.

  • Score 250,000 points in You're On Your Own! Mode during 'The Climb'

    Select Solo, You're On Your Own, 1 Song. Choose the song. Choose Easy. Place the microphone in front of a fan and you will get the score without needing to know the lyrics. If you don't have a fan, you can try holding the microphone up to the TV.

  • Play 'La La Land' in You're On Your Own! mode

    Same as above, just a different song and no required score. Just finish the song.

  • Get to number one on the high score table with 'Change'

    You will need more than 1 million points to reach the top of the high score table. Sing it the best you can and you'll eventually get this. I don't know the song and my first try netted me 980,000.

  • Get 90% of the curved notes in 'Get Back'

    This is another that may take a couple tries. There are plenty of curved notes, so it shouldn't be a problem to get to know where they are. Just hit most of them and you should get it.

  • Get on the high score table with 'Bubbly'

    You only need more than 400,000 points to get on the high score list. This will not be difficult at all.

  • Get all the spoken words spot on in 'Hoedown Throwdown'

    This is another that can be done by placing the microphone in front of a fan or TV. It will hit all the rap/spoken word portions of any song.

  • Sing 'Hold On' in Duet mode and get a Sing It Superstar rating

    1,250,000 is the cutoff for a Sing It Superstar rating. Try your best to learn the song every time you try to reach this score. Then it may only take a few tries.

  • Find 50% of the Hidden Harmonies in 'S.O.S.'

    50% shouldn't be too big of a target as long as you try to focus on the harmonies instead of the lyrics.

  • Get a Sing It Superstar rating in 'Don't Forget'

    Once again, try for at least 1,250,000. You'll have to learn the song if you don't already know it. There really are no tips I can give to make it any easier.
  • Reach 50% Flair in 'Lovebug'

    You should easily get this by playing the song normally. The Flair meter is on the left next to the lyrics. Once it's half full, you know you've gotten what you need. Just finish the song and you'll get the trophy.

  • Score a Pure Pop Star or better in 'Sneakernight'

    I'm not sure about the score required for Pure Pop Star, but aim for 1 million points. I can't imagine it being any closer than that to the required score for Sing It Superstar.

  • BFF


    Complete '7Things' in Single Mic Duet mode

    This only requires one microphone and you can do it yourself. Just finish the song to get the trophy.

  • Play 'Burnin' Up' on the hardest difficulty level

    Choose Hard instead of Easy when you start the song. It's not all that difficult on Hard and you only have to finish the song.

  • Finish 'Violet Hill; in 2P Showdown mode

    Choose 2 players and Showdown and pick this song. Get through it and the trophy is yours.

  • Use Sing It Encore and enhance 'Get Back'

    When you finish a song, you have a choice to end your session or choose Sing It Encore. Choose that second option and click the middle icon. The trophy will pop up once you do.

  • Score a Hidden Harmony bonus in 'Emergency'

    Try to hit the hidden harmonies in this song and you should get the trophy as long as they're all you're focusing on.

  • Score an accuracy bonus in 'Realize'

    You have to hit all the notes in one section of the song to get this bonus. The song is not hard at all and you should get this on the first try.
  • Score some rap points in 'Sneakernight'

    Another simple task. Sing this song and when the rap part comes up (quick little notes), hit at least one of the notes and you'll get this when the song is over.

  • Get 65% of the curved notes in 'Hold On'

    Just like 'Riding The Wave', memorize where the curved notes are and hit them the best you can. You'll probably have this after the first time through anyway.

  • Find a Hidden Harmony in 'I'm Only Me When I'm With You'

    Any percentage of the hidden harmonies will do, so just complete the song and you'll have found some of at least one hidden harmony.

  • Win some Flair in 'Fly On The Wall'

    Complete the song and you'll get this trophy. It's that easy. You only need a tiny bit of Flair to get it and it's easy to accidentally get some.

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