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  • Biggus Stickus


    Inflict 10,000,000,000 damage.

    - Do 10 Billion damage on any single unit in one attack.

    Here are all the ways to top off your damage. You do not need to do all of these steps listed. This is just a list of the absolute best way to do maximum damage. If you did everything listed below you would do far far more than the 10 Billion needed for the trophy. How many you do need to do is up to you and your own grinding speeds and levels.

    Equip character with 3 Trapezohedrons. Should be level 300 with 3 attack (or whatever stat your attack will focus on) bills passed and 3 anything else (move is best, or a secondary stat). Have the full amount of stored levels at 186,000 then reincarnate to genius (use serums packed with double stat innocents if you have them) and then level up to 9999. Max your amplitudes in Chara World to 300% (at least the stat you will be attacking with). Equip a rank 40 weapon of your choice, maxed out at level 300 as well with growth in its respective area. Use a character with a good innate damage increasing evilty. Equip a secondary damage increasing evilty. Have innocents all equipment; such as 1 max weapon one on your weapon (i.e. fencer on a sword), 1 max guardian on top armor (only need in first armor slot only), 1 max professional, and then fill rest with max double stat ones (i.e. snipers). If you are having trouble getting max stats, you can use cabinet positions, legendary tree relationships, evil symbols, support from adjacent style evilties, and geo symbols like ally boost all to help drive them up through the roof.

    My setup (for max damage, not just 10 Billion):
    Reincarnate your max ally to a tier 6 Mystic Beast. Level up to 9999, put all bonuses you can into attack, after that it does not matter. Give him secondary evilties from Mystic Beast- Axel Blow and Succubus- Dream Hunt. Then also give Prinny Kurtis max armor and weapon items (Trapezohedrons and Crowbar all at 300 level with innocents, also use fusion lover innocent) and level him to 9999 (you do not need to worry about aptitudes or anything). Build a map with a large amount of land that makes at least 1 full turn left or right (need 30+ move spaces in total). Put a target with no items equipped and at level 1 at the end of the map.

    Begin by giving the mystic beat 3 pairs of shoes with max move boosts (around 21-27 moves added, plus chara world moves added to Mystic Beast should be around 31 total moves). Place the Mystic Beast at his single full move range away from the target. Boost his wind elemental, this can be done with innocents or on the map through charge element skills. Go put the target to sleep with any other character. Now its time...Fuse Prinny Kurtis into the Mystic Beast. Then move the Mystic Beast the full range next to the target. Equip Mystic beast back with top equipment (3 Trapezohedrons @ level 300 with Guardian, and dual stat maxed innocents). Take out all allies who have the lucky song evilty (up to 6 max). Finally attack the target with the Mystic Beast's S level wind skill Moonlight Raid (the level of that spell does also count, so you can use mentor to boost up to lvl 99 prior to fight for up to 4X damage output, as well as boost the skill to level 9 upgrades with the evilty NPC). For even more damage, put ally boost panels under the spot where the Mystic Beast will land.

    Here is another example from: stgermain
    The easiest way I have found to get this trophy is to use Desco and have Prinny Kurtis. Equip her with a level 300 Crowbar and 3 level 300 Trapezohedrons. Have a level 500 Monster Hunter and 7 level 19998 Gladiators equipped on the Crowbar. Have a level 500 Guardian and 7 level 19998 Gladiators on one of the Trapezohedrons, and 8 level 19998 Gladiators on the other two Trapezohedrons. Max out her special "Yog Sothoth" and give her the evility "Mana Scarcity". Create or find a user stage that has a large stack of Ally Boost +50% geo blocks in a cross formation (Ally Boost can go as high as +450%). Have an enemy on a similar stack of Enemy Weaken -50% geo blocks. Begin the stage and have Desco stand in the middle of the cross, and fuse Prinny Kurtis onto her, creating a Giant Desco. Have as many allies as possible stand next to Desco to max out the ATK at 99 million. Use the special "Yog Sothoth" on the enemy. I did over 16,000,000,000 damage using this method. Ouch!

    There are some well made User maps online built for this as well. See if you can find one or build one yourself if you need the extra help. Also, a great method has been found for getting an maxed out ally right away. You can capture user pirates during Item World runs. So if you have a maxed out generic ally and put it in your pirate group, others can grab it and get their own with little to no effort. Find some one with a maxed out ally and grab one.

    See Cress' guide to this great method HERE.

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