SPECIAL NOTE: Do not download the patch (In USA: 1.11, JP: 2.0, EU: 1.01, or any later versions) of the game until you have read the guide or at least the section in the FAQ about the duping glitch.

This patch, once downloaded, will eliminate the duping glitch, but you can play the game just fine without the patch. You will not be able to go online or access DLC without the patch though, but it can save you many many hours if you do take advantage of this duping glitch.

If you download the patch and make a game save, you cannot access that save if you then delete the patch. Only download the patch once you are ready to move on and leave all old glitches behind. Existing saves will work once the game is patched though- just not the other way around.



Estimated trophy difficulty: 7.5/10
Overall number of trophies: 51 (1, 50: 42 5 3)
Offline: 51
Online: 0
Approximate time to 100%: 175+ hours without patch, 250+ with patch
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
Missable trophies: 10. The following trophies are only obtainable in a single playthrough though but can also be gotten with new game+ cycles: Items Roadshow, Special Stalker, Scavenger Hunt Champion of the Netherworld, The End of the Beginning, Fight the God Fight, Of Promises Past, Fenrich's Mission, The Melancholy of Fuka Kazamatsuri, Desco's New Purpose, Vote for Emizel.
Glitched/Unattainable Trophies: Possibly Scavenger Hunt Champion of the Netherworld not popping once all chests found in one playthorugh.
Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats. Several beneficial glitches currently exist pre-patch though.
Required peripherals: 1 Controller


Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is the latest entry from the famed hardcore strategy RPG series. While Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics put SRPGs on the map, the genre was all but close to fading into obscurity when NISA came along with the Disgaea series and has kept in the main light ever since. With hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay possible in each game for the hardcore, or a simple 40 hour story if you like, Disgaea had a little something for all. Each entry since has taken its now famed depth of style and added a few new layers to the masterpiece, and the fourth entry does not disappoint.

To get a few things clear from the get go: This is a guide to get the platinum for this game. If you are interested in the main story and want something fast to play, forget about the plat and just enjoy the parts you encounter. Plat runners for this game need to be ready to buckle down and do serious grinding. To get the plat you will be playing the same maps over and over and over again, reloading save files over and over and over again in hopes of getting 1 item you want, playing endless levels of dungeons and hoping upon hope that a little pirate ship will finally appear when you want it to. If any of that sounds unappealing, turn back now. This is a game for the hardcore. The grinders. The OCD freaks who love to unlock everything in a game and exploit it to its very core. The game is not difficult per se. Fights do not require that much skill to beat. Maybe at the very beginning some skill is needed, and some Dim-X maps require puzzle skills, but almost every problem in Disgaea can be solved with time spent grinding. Over leveling was made for this game, and it can solve almost everything. So in a sense, the game is not hard, but takes along time. What is hard- is keeping everything organized in your head. It’s only taking 60 hours to do what others took 120 hours to do, because you planned ahead. Its reading the 800+ page guides for the previous 3 games, and sifting through hundreds of message board pages to gleam the very best way to accomplish every last little thing, and do it all at the same time and from hour 1. Extreme organization and multitasking, those are the skills needed here. It can be very overwhelming for many and can make the game hard to play. That coupled along with the high gaming hours needed causes its difficulty rating to be so high.

This is not an end all guide to the Disgaea series. That would take more posts to cover then PS3T.org may have server space for, LOL. I must assume you understand some SRPG and Disgaea basics and how to play the game in several ways. Otherwise each trophy would require pages of posts to explain in full. I will do everything I can to make it clear and simple how to get each trophy in the game, but I cannot cover everything, so please….be gentle. Also, while Disgaea 1-3 where heavily covered by great guides from Doublejump Books, sadly they went out of business. The only current guide for Disgaea 4 is from Bradley Guides, and it is pretty embarrassing. It works well enough for beating the main story and is great actually for the Dimension X maps. Beyond that it is full of misprints, errors, and a complete lack of 80% of the real game; the post game content. This means much much much of this game remains unexplored, unexplained, and it up to the players to figure it all out. Luckily the hardcore come armed with an army of math types as well as dedicated and persistent players who love sniffing these things out. We have discovered much, but not everything. This also means any guide will be a dynamic one that will change over time and could be completely wrong at times. Please keep that in mind when reading. I will do my best to culminate information from the message boards on PS3T.org, Gamefaqs.com, Existing strategy guides, and the Japanese game’s Wiki to compile the best information that we as gamers have on each trophy.

My thanks to all of the players who have helped on the various sites, mathed out the formulas, and discovered the many secrets of the game. You are all awesome, and too numerous to name to get them all. Just know- we all thank you for your continuous efforts and help.


STEP 0: Do Nothing.
Don’t touch anything. Just watch the opening. See This is Disgaea 4!.

STEP 1: 1st cycle, Beat the story
Now you can start the game. For first timers and those new to Disgaea 4, the story is basically a very long tutorial. It will teach you all of the basics you need to know to play the game effectively for the most part of the beginning. Relax, take it slow, and enjoy the story. There is soooo much post game work to do that this is merely foreplay, so there is no need to rush it.

First basic rule is to save; very often. Before and after every battle would be a good start. Multiple save files are also recommended. Also, customize the settings before you get really started. Pick your animation speeds and text speeds. You can turn the animations off to help speed up the game, but 2 things you should know. 1 – you miss out on many of the cool animated sequences that were made for the game, and 2- all special skills need viewed once to obtain Special Stalker. There is a way around this. If you turn the animations off, hold down at the beginning of a turn and hold it down and all animations will play out the long way. Then let go when you want the short cuts back on. In some of the boss fights during story mode, there are skills that need to be viewed, so see the trophy details for help on that.

There are a handful of trophies you can get right off the bat within the first 5 battles (including even the actual tutorial). Save before the very first battle in the game, then play the first map to get Collateral Damage and Success comes from Failure. Re-load up your save, and then go for Viva Sprites. After that is completed, go back to the nice advanced graphics if you wish.

In every chapter of the story, there are hidden treasure chests in the base with random goodies for you. You need to obtain all of them to get Scavenger Hunter Champion of the Netherealm. Your main character jumps higher as he gains levels, but you need to be level 3000-6000+ in order to reach all of the post game chests, so you should really wait to do this on your second playthrough.

Play out the rest of the story to get: New Party Established, E Pluribus Netherealm, End of the Beginning, and get the first epilogue Of Promises Past. NOTE: Before you beat the final boss, make a separate save file that you do not overwrite. This will be used to get all of the epilogues later. Also, if you used the Legendary Tree evil symbol and established any relationships- remove all of them in the senate before you beat the game for the first time.

While finishing the first playthrough, the goal should be to also get a vast majority of the bronzes: How’s That Item World Coming Along?, Power of Creation Compels you, Baby’s first Reincarnation, Lead Tongue Tyrant, Step back and watch the fireworks, Lobbyist Hobbyist, Timid Timmy, Hanging at the Quick Yield, Pirate is as Pirate does, Snare Bear Stare, Treasure Hunter, Phantom Thief, Damages with Wolves. It is very possible to also get, but more likely these will happen in post game depending on how you play: Axel Statue Down, Dominatrix Lovin, Scrooge the Pooge, Pirate Ninja.

Make sure you are also working towards Items Roadshow along the way. Buy, steal, and earn as many items that have “new” on them as possible.

There is some debate at this point as to which way you should go with the Roadmap. Some believe that the best way to play is to stay in the first cycle and continue to get every single trophy you can- including most grinding ones in the post game. Then only start cycle 2 after most of the game is finished. Reason being is that a new cycle makes getting the pirate ship parts very much easier. The downside is that you lose out on all 2nd cycle benefits for the vast majority of the game, including access to the highest rank generic humanoid class. If you are going for purely speed, this is the route for you. If you want to enjoy all that Disgaea has to offer, I recommend my route for maximum enjoyment. At worst, if you want the pirate ship parts easily you can always start a 3rd cycle and just beat the story mode 1 more time. It does add time to the total game experience though. The choice is up to you on how you want to enjoy the game.

STEP 2: 1st cycle, Post Game Events
After the final story chapter is finished, you enter the post game. First post game task is to knock out the other epilogues. Use the save you made before the final boss fight, and reload it up. See Of Promises Past for the details on all of the epilogues and get them now. You will have every ending/epilogue trophy now but Fight the God Fight, which will be covered in another step soon enough for good reason. There are other special endings, but no trophies for them so I will not cover it in this guide.

Continue to work on all of the silver and gold trophies as you play through. Once you have the epilogues, its time to start a new cycle with the Time Traveler in your base.

STEP 3: 2nd cycle, Beat the Story
Start a new cycle, and simply beat the story again. This should be a breeze at your current levels. If you did not get Scavenger Hunter Champion of the Netherealm yet, ensure you get all of the chests in every chapter on this run. Also, now that you are going through the story a 2nd time, ensure you have all of the missable and viewable boss skills for Special Stalker by the end of this run.

Start a save file before map 10-6 and do not overwrite it. Obtain Fight the God Fight. Then reload your save file, beat the game with a normal ending (just use multiple allies on last 2 maps) and continue on to the post game.

STEP 4: 2nd cycle, Post Game Grind
This is the playthrough that you will take to the limit. Power level in the extreme and go for the top.
The first goal is to power level enough to beat the post game event battles. Reason being is that the Pringer X has a special rare item that is only carried once per playthrough, and needs to be stolen the first time you encounter him for Items Roadshow. You also get some cool allies to play with. You could do these battles in the first cycle if you like, but you will need to get to around level 100-4000 for these battles so that why I say put it off until later. Try them out yourself though and see. Unlocking Mountain of Ordeals and its coveted map 4 for level grinding is also of high importance at this point. With this map you can grind to 9999 with ease if you take advantage of innocent farming. See Bottom of the 9999th! for details.

Through the item world, you will encounter many mystery gates with strange rooms. In 2 of these rooms a vendor will sell you tickets that unlock Dimension-X maps. For clearing a certain % (20 increments, 20/40/etc) the Dim-X navigator will reward you with rare legendary items. These are also needed for Items Roadshow. Clear all of the maps to obtain X-tra-Dimension-al Conquistador.

When strong enough and up to the task, make sure to visit the Land of Carnage. See Carnage in the Streets for details on how. It’s an alternate world of all the same maps you already have, but with INCREDIBLY more powerful versions of them. Do not take this lightly. This is where the real Disgaea is played. It is also necessary to unlock the rank 40 items for each weapon, armor, and emblem for Items Roadshow. Also, you need to fight Pringer X here in his later event map, known as “Roar/Poison”, in order to get Roaring Pringer Bringer Downer.

Grind out all of the final trophies: Biggus Stickus, Evildoer of the Year, Items Roadshow, Pimp My Ship, Intelligence Director, Special Stalker. See each one for individual notes on how to obtain. You should be working your way towards all of these the entire game. Few of them only need final touches to complete and unlock.

Note: Playing new cycles resets Post Game Event battles, Legendary Tree relationships, Item World Innocent Town meetings (i.e. Prinny Kurtis, Shroom, Prinny), and all Dimension X maps cleared. Be careful investing too much time in any of these events if you plan on starting another cycle. You will lose all progress. The extra battle characters will come back into your party once you clear their event stage again. They will be the level and have the items they had when they were last in your party, despite what shows up during the event battles themselves. Dim-X battles will all show up as not cleared, but you can also get the bonus items each of the 20% cleared milestones again.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Metal_Jaws and stgermain for this roadmap]

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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51 trophies ( 42  50  )

  • Complete all other trophies. You have obtained all the trophies.

    At last…my true plat has come home. Plat is awarded like most games for achieving the other 50 trophies on a given profile.


Secret trophies

  • Inflict 10,000,000,000 damage.

    - Do 10 Billion damage on any single unit in one attack.

    Here are all the ways to top off your damage. You do not need to do all of these steps listed. This is just a list of the absolute best way to do maximum damage. If you did everything listed below you would do far far more than the 10 Billion needed for the trophy. How many you do need to do is up to you and your own grinding speeds and levels.

    Equip character with 3 Trapezohedrons. Should be level 300 with 3 attack (or whatever stat your attack will focus on) bills passed and 3 anything else (move is best, or a secondary stat). Have the full amount of stored levels at 186,000 then reincarnate to genius (use serums packed with double stat innocents if you have them) and then level up to 9999. Max your amplitudes in Chara World to 300% (at least the stat you will be attacking with). Equip a rank 40 weapon of your choice, maxed out at level 300 as well with growth in its respective area. Use a character with a good innate damage increasing evilty. Equip a secondary damage increasing evilty. Have innocents all equipment; such as 1 max weapon one on your weapon (i.e. fencer on a sword), 1 max guardian on top armor (only need in first armor slot only), 1 max professional, and then fill rest with max double stat ones (i.e. snipers). If you are having trouble getting max stats, you can use cabinet positions, legendary tree relationships, evil symbols, support from adjacent style evilties, and geo symbols like ally boost all to help drive them up through the roof.

    My setup (for max damage, not just 10 Billion):
    Reincarnate your max ally to a tier 6 Mystic Beast. Level up to 9999, put all bonuses you can into attack, after that it does not matter. Give him secondary evilties from Mystic Beast- Axel Blow and Succubus- Dream Hunt. Then also give Prinny Kurtis max armor and weapon items (Trapezohedrons and Crowbar all at 300 level with innocents, also use fusion lover innocent) and level him to 9999 (you do not need to worry about aptitudes or anything). Build a map with a large amount of land that makes at least 1 full turn left or right (need 30+ move spaces in total). Put a target with no items equipped and at level 1 at the end of the map.

    Begin by giving the mystic beat 3 pairs of shoes with max move boosts (around 21-27 moves added, plus chara world moves added to Mystic Beast should be around 31 total moves). Place the Mystic Beast at his single full move range away from the target. Boost his wind elemental, this can be done with innocents or on the map through charge element skills. Go put the target to sleep with any other character. Now its time...Fuse Prinny Kurtis into the Mystic Beast. Then move the Mystic Beast the full range next to the target. Equip Mystic beast back with top equipment (3 Trapezohedrons @ level 300 with Guardian, and dual stat maxed innocents). Take out all allies who have the lucky song evilty (up to 6 max). Finally attack the target with the Mystic Beast's S level wind skill Moonlight Raid (the level of that spell does also count, so you can use mentor to boost up to lvl 99 prior to fight for up to 4X damage output, as well as boost the skill to level 9 upgrades with the evilty NPC). For even more damage, put ally boost panels under the spot where the Mystic Beast will land.

    Here is another example from: stgermain
    The easiest way I have found to get this trophy is to use Desco and have Prinny Kurtis. Equip her with a level 300 Crowbar and 3 level 300 Trapezohedrons. Have a level 500 Monster Hunter and 7 level 19998 Gladiators equipped on the Crowbar. Have a level 500 Guardian and 7 level 19998 Gladiators on one of the Trapezohedrons, and 8 level 19998 Gladiators on the other two Trapezohedrons. Max out her special "Yog Sothoth" and give her the evility "Mana Scarcity". Create or find a user stage that has a large stack of Ally Boost +50% geo blocks in a cross formation (Ally Boost can go as high as +450%). Have an enemy on a similar stack of Enemy Weaken -50% geo blocks. Begin the stage and have Desco stand in the middle of the cross, and fuse Prinny Kurtis onto her, creating a Giant Desco. Have as many allies as possible stand next to Desco to max out the ATK at 99 million. Use the special "Yog Sothoth" on the enemy. I did over 16,000,000,000 damage using this method. Ouch!

    There are some well made User maps online built for this as well. See if you can find one or build one yourself if you need the extra help. Also, a great method has been found for getting an maxed out ally right away. You can capture user pirates during Item World runs. So if you have a maxed out generic ally and put it in your pirate group, others can grab it and get their own with little to no effort. Find some one with a maxed out ally and grab one.

    See Cress' guide to this great method HERE.

  • Unlock all Evil Symbols.

    - Obtain all of the 23 evil symbols.

    Evil Symbols are statues that are placed on the ally map board in the Camp-Pain HQ and have member slots in different and unique shapes. They can be placed on any open board space and then occupy that space. Allies placed in the member slots receive special effects. These member slots can be rotated around the statue. Each symbol can have the number of slots increased to 6 total member slots through Chara World upgrades on the 10th floor mystery room. A list of all the symbols is below.

    - Symbol Name, # of default member spaces, its effect, how to unlock.
    * Special notes.

    - Base, 0, no effect, available from the start.
    * Cannot be moved.

    - Aura Pyramid, 3, members gain +50% Mana from each other’s kills, available from the start.

    - Training Ground, 4, members gain +10% Exp from each other’s kills, available from the start

    - Defense Fortress, 3, allows you to defend adjacent allies and take their damage, default senate bill.
    * Activate by standing adjacent to any ally unit and selecting Defend. There is a % chance that any direct attacks on the adjacent ally, then the defending unit will jump over them and take the attack instead. It does not work on AOE attacks.

    - Heart Cannon, 2, members will normal attack adjacent enemies when that enemy receives an attack from any other ally, default senate bill.
    * One of the best features new to Disgaea 4. Place a member next to any enemy (within normal attack range), then attack that enemy with normal attacks or other HC members to gain plenty of free attacks. When the enemy receives an attack, all HC members within normal attack range will then do a normal attack as well each time provided they have a counter attack left.

    - Discipline Room, 3, allows you to capture enemies, throw enemies 3 times.
    * See Snare Bear Stare for details on capturing.

    - Hall Monitor, 4, extort items from senators, successfully steal from an enemy.
    * Can extort as many items as members in slots. Expand the slots so you can grab more. Then go to same screen you give bribes to enemies before a bill is passed and now you can look at the items they carry and choose what you want. The action can fail, but may succeed if you keep trying. Better items and items lower on their list are harder to get. Need room in on hand inventory to keep items received. See Phantom Thief for details on how to steal.

    - Babel Tower, 4, enables dual throw, attack an enemy with a tower.
    * Dual Throw is used by towers. If bottom of tower in is member slot, you can choose any ally in tower to be the thrower. This helps with reaching targets on high ground.

    - Sacrificial Alter, 3, leader absorbs member’s HP to keep from dying, have 2 units die within 4 maps.

    - Nether shoe lab, 4, move of ally is +5 but can only go in a straight line, unlocked during ch 2.

    - Cam-Pain Board, 4, ally members show up as senators in senate, 3 senate bills approved.
    * Only useful in the beginning. Place your high level allies here to help turn the tide of votes in senate. Note that they can vote against you. This process is also crucial for the original duping method. Use the PPS on your allies when they vote against you and you force the vote. See Lead-Tongued Tyrant if you need helping pass the bills by force.

    - General Advisor, 4, members receive 10% of dead member’s stats, ten members die in battle (accumulative)

    - Rosen Queen, 3, sells items to Valvatorez, clear ch 2.
    * To use, place the statue down, then jump on top of it and press X. Items offered change based on what panel on the map it is placed on. Move it around and keep checking it. Does not seem placing units in the member slots has any effect on the members or the items in the shop.

    - petanque.hades.org, 4, members will replace and lift an enemy when thrown at them, receive/bounce an ally off of a monster 30 times (accumulative).
    * Easy and quick way to do this is. Build a user map with a sole enemy with Guard AI on and in a corner somewhere, and also plenty of running around room. This way you can take your time. Load up the user map. Need 6 total allies: 4 throwers, 1 monster, 1 target (any). 4 human throwers standing on each side of an ally monster (N, S, E, W) away from it by the number of spaces the monster has in its throw stat. Should make a big “plus” looking sign. Place the sixth ally target next to any thrower. Ensure the monster is facing the next thrower, any of them. Pick up the target and throw at monster. It should bounce into hands of thrower #2. Then, turn monster to face thrower #3, and throw target. Repeat process to #4. Then repeat process back to starting thrower #1. End turn, and repeat. 4 throws per round, will take only 8 rounds to finish. Clear map and unlock symbol.
    * This symbol is necessary to clear some of the Dim-X maps.

    - Nether Express, 1, enables special skill Station (creates 2nd base panel), move an ally 10+ spaces.
    * Put ally runner in Nether Shoe lab, equip 3 sets of shoes and a weapon with move boost, make the ally a masked hero or mothman. The easiest map to use is my custom map as I have built a straight away for this exact task. Username: Jaws_420, Strength: 554. Pull ally runner out of map and just go 10 steps ahead on the strip with no geo panels. Clear map by striking the geo block next to base panel, and symbol unlocks.
    * Effective use is putting one of your item world runners in the member slots. They gain a new special skill “station”. This skill allows that ally to put a station one time on an enemy map. Then any ally that comes out of the base panel has a new option at the top that says “depart”. It is free to use and does not count as a move. It warps you instantly to the created station. This way you can easily put your entire base panel army next to say….an Item World gatekeeper.

    - Item World Radar, 4, more events happen on Item World Mini Map, defeat an Item King in Item World once on floor 30/60/90.
    * Expanding the number of member slots here is said to increase events in Item World even more. Events like pirates. This can be crucial when collecting parts and looking for those rare pirate groups. See notes in Master Crafter for Item World floors and bosses.

    - Legendary Tree, 3, establishes relationships between allies, unlocked during ch 4.
    * Two main functions here. Relationships make the different epilogues possible. They also have very specific benefits between the leader and the members. See Fenrich's Mission for details.

    - Information Bureau, 4, damage received from repeat special moves on members lowered, clear ch 4.

    - Blight House, 4, stats increase by 10% when members are also cabinet members, clear ch 7.

    - Fusion Weapon Lab, 3, fused monsters can magichange, kill a level 100+ enemy with a fused monster.
    * Easiest to do this on a user map. Place any 100+ level ally of yours on a map, set AI to guard, then load your map and deploy your team. Fuse 2 monsters together for the deathblow. Fusion only lasts 3 turns, so ensure you can kill the target in that amount of moves.
    * This allows you to have the giant weapons.

    - Dual Dojo, 2, can wield dual magichange weapons, kill a level 1,000+ enemy with a magichange weapon.
    * Use same method as Fusion Weapon Lab for an easy kill. This allows you to have not only 2 weapons of any kind, but 2 giant weapons.

    - Beast Lab, 4, member monsters get stat bonus on fusion or magichange, beat post game event 6.
    * See Party On, Asagi.

    - Carnage Master, 1, can fuse 4 monsters together, have a stat over 20,000,000 in anything other than HP/SP.
    * See Biggus Stickus for tips of maxing out stats to extreme levels to get this.

  • Collect all items (excluding grades). Now aim for completing all the grades, too!


    - Obtain all of the 714 items once. You do not need the three grades of each.

    Type - # of ranked items, # of magichanged items, # of giant magichanged items, # of fun items, # of slayer [total]

    Fists – 40, 3, 3, 0, 1 [47]
    Swords – 40, 4, 4, 9, 1 [58]
    Spear – 40, 3, 3, 6, 1 [53]
    Bow – 40, 3, 3, 2, 1 [49]
    Gun – 40, 4, 4, 1, 1 [50]
    Axe – 40, 3, 3, 5, 1 [52]
    Staff – 40, 3, 3, 0, 1 [47]
    Monster - 80 (2 sets of 40 ranked weapons), 0, 0, 0, 2 (one slayer for each monster weapon type) [82]

    Equipment – 40 (armor)
    Support Equipment – 60 (belts, shoes, orbs, muscles, glasses, weights)
    Special Treasures – 11 (emblems)
    Rare Equipment – 7 (Dim-X rewards and 2 rare steal items)

    Snacks – 34 (food)
    Special Items – 27 (senate bribes, hands, Mr. Gency Exit, Cellphones, 3 treasure tickets)
    Secret Medicine – 34 (Exp potions, mana potions, serums)
    Tickets – 63 (Dim-x map unlocks)

    There are many items and many types of items in Disgaea 4. This task will take quite awhile and will easily be one of the last trophies received in the game, if not the final one. Items can be received in a number of ways. They can be given to you by various events, such as mystery room prizes and geo bonus prize lists. Items can also be bought from a multitude of stores from various places, including the base panel and various mystery rooms. Items can also be stolen, and several can only be obtained this way. Items can be obtained from capturing and disciplining enemies. Finally some items are not actually obtained at all, but are held temporarily through the process of magichange and fusion and counts towards the total needed for this trophy.

    For this trophy you need to obtain one of every item in the game. Almost all items can come in three different grades, see Master Crafter for notes on rarity, and some come only in one grade. You can check your progress by talking to the data NPC in the base and looking up all of the items you have found. You do not need to find all grades of all items; just one copy of each item is enough. You can tell if an item has not been obtained or not as it will have “new” in bright yellow letters on it if you have not got one ever. You do not need to hold onto these items. Once obtained and in your inventory, they count and can be sold off when you like. Note that the “new” symbol will appear when new grades are found, so just because it says its new, does not mean you need to obtain it.

    Items also come in a method of measurement called rank, with 1 being the lowest and 40 being the highest. Weapons, armor, and emblems all come in this range. It is an invisible measurement, as there is no screen you can go to in order to see what that number is. You can go to the data NPC and look at the lists, but it only will have entries as you find them. The first 40 spots of all weapons and armor are these ranked items. There are additional items beyond these ranked items though. I’ll cover these as well later. Ranks 1 to about 34 can be found in the regular item world, but ranks 35-39 must be found and stolen on either special enemies or by visiting the Item World inside the Land of Carnage. The LOC Item World will have generic enemies who carry all the way up to legendary rank 39 items on the higher floors. The mystery room shops will have higher rank items as well.

    On your first playthrough, your main objective is to just start filling in the blanks. Your first and easiest source of items will be bonus prize lists from defeating all units on any given map. These lists are random and you can reload a map to change the items on it. The bonus gauge is filled by two main ways. The first is by destroying geo symbols or blocks and causing chains to be set off on the map. The second is by attacking and defeating enemies. Using combos and team attacks will cause this to fill much more quickly. You will get many free items, experience, and HL through this way. Your next source will be through shops. In the base panel there are three NPC shopkeepers. They will sell you weapons, armor, and equipment to help you. See Hangin' at the Quick Yield for details about product and customer rank. This will also be a great source of early power in the game. The stores only carry up to about to mid thirties rank items at max rank, so while this will fill in much of the lower items, other methods are needed to complete your list.

    Another source for items will be some of the mystery rooms that show up in the Item World. See Master Crafter for details on finding mystery rooms. Several of these rooms have various shops. In many of them you can buy the same weapons, armor, and other basic items but usually they will be of higher rank, have better rarities, and tend to have better innocents on them. Beyond the items you have seen so far, there are also unique items that only appear in certain mystery rooms. If you encounter a prinny salesman, ensure you have all versions of the cellphone items. A magic knight will sell you experience and mana potion items. The Roc salesman will sell you senate bribe items of unique nature. If you are level 6000-9999, you can scale the jumping tower test that has treasure chests on it and a saber cat salesman at the top who sells you versions of serums you will need. Finally there are 3 different ticket salesmen. Two of them are explained in X-tra-Dimension-al Conquistador as they sell the Dimension-X tickets. The third is another ticket salesman, see Pimp My Ship, but his tickets only give chances at treasures on maps, similar to disciplining. He carries many tickets, but only three different kinds of which you need one of each for your collection.

    Some of the items you need are not ones that you can technically own. Any ally monster can stand adjacent to a human ally and the use the special command of magichange. At this point they ally monster will turn into a pre-specified weapon with unique skills. This weapon counts on your list of total ones needed. The skills the weapon can do count towards the Special Stalker trophy as well. The magichanged weapon will only last two turns (unless you have the Bond of Souls evilty), so use it wisely. When two monster allies stand next to each other, they can also fuse together. Have the one who will be absorbed use the command. This will create a giant ally monster. If you have the ally monster in the Fusion Weapon Lab evil symbol (see Evildoer of the Year), you can take the giant ally monster and perform magichange with them. They will turn into a giant form of their magichanged weapon. They have the exact same skills, but the AOE of the attacks is increased dramatically. This giant weapon also counts separately on your list of needed items. It is best to save this step for when you have all or most of Intelligence Director completed as you will need all of the monster classes available to you to use. You will also need each of the story characters who are monster class (Raspberyl, Prinny Kurtis, and Desco) as well.

    There are also several unique items that need to be earned by completing certain tasks. There are five unique items obtained from completing the Dim-X maps. One is received at each of the 20% milestones. See X-tra-Dimension-al Conquistador for details. There are also two unique events that happen in the Innocent Towns of the item world (see Master Crafter for details) that give you items. They involve meeting a specific NPC a certain amount of times. One is a regular Prinny, and you will know him as his title or class is listed as a “wandering traveler” when you see him and he wants to play a game of "find me" and talks about being a chef. After seeing him the amount of times he specifies, he will grant you an fun item on the final encounter. The other NPC is a Shroom who does the exact same thing as the Prinny. To ensure a meeting with them, use a Mr. Gency on any 10th floor of an item in the Item World. Then re-enter and see if you go to the innocent town, and then see if you meet either of the NPCs. If you do not, reload. Be careful if you are inside of an item with a lot of innocents in it, as the NPCs can blend in. Always look around a lot before you leave the town. There are also other NPC wandering travelers (Axel, Prinny Kurtis, Pink Sabre Cat), but none of them give you any items. See Party on, Prinny Kurtis for details on Prinny Kurrtis though, as finding him does unlock something else you want.

    A valuable source for items comes from the ability to steal. See Phantom Thief for details on stealing. Have a thief always on hand, the higher level the better, and plenty of "hand" items in your inventory. Always check the enemies on the battlefield for what they carry and see if they have anything you need, especially on the upper floors of the item world. Stealing is the only way to get rank 40 items, and must be done in the LOC.

    An easy way to get rank 40 items is to enter the item in the regular item world and then travel in it to floor 99. It is very important that you exit on floor 99. If you go any further this trick will not work. Next go to the LOC (see Carnage in the Streets for details). Re-enter the item in LOC on floor 99. Proceed to the exit and go to floor 100. The Item God there will always be carrying the next rank item, and it will be a legendary one. If you are going for rarity matching, reload until you get what you want. Steal the item once you find the right one. A level 9999 thief will ensure this is always possible. You can do the whole 100 floors in LOC if you wish; you’ll just face higher level opponents is all. All rank 40 items must be obtained from the 100th floor from the LOC of rank 39 items. There is one more item that needs to be stolen for your collection. When you first battle Pringer X, he will be equipped with a Prinny Suit. You must steal this. It is only available once per a cycle playthrough. Later Pringer X battles will have a Makai Wars emblem on them (as does Zetta). You need to steal this item once as well, but you can return to this battle multiple times if you wish.

    In the process of capturing and disciplining enemies to get Pimp My Ship, there are other treasures that can be found as well. See Dominatrix Lovin' for details. As you hunt for pirate parts, you will also encounter “fun” items. Items that have funny names and designs, but have very valuable and unique innocents. These are found in the treasure chests that the enemies reveal. One of each must be found. If you capture very high level enemies (5000+) from the LOC and discipline them, there is a 1/8 chance you will also get a very special weapon called slayers. These start as low level items, but they gain power for every user pirate you defeat with them. They can be very powerful if you defeat enough pirates with them, but this process can take a very long time. One very unique note about slayers; you can only carry one total at a time. Once you have one in your possession, you cannot carry another of the same type. There exists one slayer for every weapon type. These are needed to complete your collection. These should be the final items you need to get this trophy.

    See the guide posted by Komori Kiri HERE for more info on slayers.

    There are a couple unusual places to find items as well. One set of pirates that appear, do so all with fun weapons equipped that can be stolen. The Artist Pirates appear on floors above 70, on the item boost path only. This is an easy and quick way to pick up several of the fun items. Another place that can be a source of rare and fun items is one of the mystery rooms. One of the rooms contains a prinny who has three chests behind him, one of each rarity. He tells you that you can choose only one. Once you do though, you can fight him and grab the other two. Remember he is a prinny, so you can just throw him to beat him. What is special about this room is that these three chests can contain even the fun items.

  • Collect all of the Pirate Ship parts.

    - Collect all of the 205 ship parts.

    Pirate Groups: 20
    Pirate Parts: 22 body, 39 head, 29 rear, 38 left, 38 right, 39 top

    Pirate ship parts are obtained two ways. The majority of the pirate ship part of body is obtained by defeating pirates in the Item World. The rest of the parts (head, rear, left, right, top) are found by capturing and disciplining enemies. See Master Crafter for details on pirates appearing and Dominatrix Lovin' for info on how to discipline. You need to discipline a lot of enemies. You will get not only ship parts, but HL, Experience, and important items needed for Items Roadshow will also appear. The important part is to always save before asking an enemy where the treasure is. Once you do it is locked in and cannot be changed. Always save, then ask for treasure, open treasure, and if you don’t like what you get then you can still reload. You can capture up to 16 enemies at once.

    Pirate treasures can also be found through the use of Tickets purchased through a shop in a mystery room. These tickets are used just like cell phones (just select them twice while in the base panel from the item menu) and then a treasure is revealed on a map. Save before you use the tickets, and if you don’t get what you want, reload. This is a very long and tedious trophy and will be one of the last obtained. There are ways to ensure your odds of getting parts go up.

    See the thread by Komori Kiri HERE for links to full lists of pirates and pirate parts. Do note that the best way to find parts (or just the quickest) is to start a new cycle over and do it at the beginning. This means you will want to either follow the speed path mentioned in the Roadmap, or play a 3rd cycle to follow this method. Otherwise parts can found at any time if you wish as well.

  • All ranks of all job and monster classes can be created through Character Creation.

    - Unlock all of the 20 human classes, 19 monster classes, and then all 6 tiers of each class.

    Human Classes
    Android: Beat the game normally and start a new cycle. The God Ending and the endings for losing certain battles do not unlock this.
    Archer: You need a both a Healer and a Valkyrie who are at least level 15 each.
    Armor Knight: You need a male Warrior level 20 or higher.
    Battle Suit: You need a male Warrior and an Armor Knight each at least level 30, and must have Episode 8 completed.
    Beast Master: You need a male Warrior and a Valkyrie both level 15 or higher each.
    Bouncer: Complete Episode 7.
    Gunner: You need a Thief and any Skull both at least level 15.
    Lady Samurai: You need a Valkyrie and an Archer each at level 30 or higher.
    Magic Knight: You need a male Warrior or a Valkyrie at least level 30, and any Skull or Witch at level 30 or higher.
    Masked Hero: You need a Thief and a Warrior both at least level 25 each.
    Ninja: You need a Thief and a Skull at level 30 or higher
    Onmyo Monk: You need a Sorcerer and a Ninja both level 30 or higher.
    Professor: You need a Healer and Onmyo Monk level 20 or higher for each one.
    Sorcerer: You need a Skull and a Witch both at least level 15.
    Star Mage: You need a total level of 50 between all of your Red, Blue, and Green Mages.
    Star Skull: You need a total level of 50 between all of your Red, Blue, and Green Skulls.

    There are 20 human classes and 19 monster ones other than the story characters. All of the human classes but 1 is unlocked by leveling up your existing classes and completing the story mode. This should happen fairly easily and naturally as you only need to get your team above about level 30 in each requirement. The 20th human class, Android, in unlocked by starting a new cycle for the first time. If following the roadmap, this will happen when you start cycle 2. The monster classes are all unlocked by finding and defeating a single monster of that type of class. This will happen mostly in the story mode, but also Item World as well. There are also well made user maps that have all of the monster classes on a single map so you can get them all at once.

    Try User: SmakitDaSailor, Strength: 86 (has 15 of the harder to get monsters)

    Once you have a class unlocked, you need to then unlock the tiers. There are 6 tiers to all of the classes. Each is unlocked by leveling up the previous tier to a specified level. Once the next tier is unlocked, and you will get a message confirming this fact, you will need to reincarnate the character as that next tier. When you reincarnate, choose to begin as the next tier of the class you are working on. Then level up that tier until you get the next message. Continue this process until all 6 tiers are unlocked.

    An easy way to do this is using the Mana (Aura Pyramid) and Exp (Training Ground) benefits of the Evil Symbols. Take one strong tank character and make them the leader of both symbols. Put the classes you want to work on in all of the member slots. Go to Mountain of Ordeals 4 with max SEB (strong enemy bills) passed. Beat it 1-2 times with your tank leader. All of the members will gain so much Mana and Exp, you will easily unlock the tiers and have enough mana to reincarnate. Rotate the classes around the Exp and Mana panels as needed and rinse and repeat until they all are unlocked. I suggest creating one whole brand new unit for every class out there, both human and monster, and keeping them. This will aid in Special Stalker when you need to see all of the skills and create all of the magichanges. It will also aid in getting Items Roadshow as you need the weapons made by the magichange.

    Ways to speed this up: Tank leader should have 16 statisticians equipped, and the rest of the spaces (other than guardian) filled with managers and brokers. Some evilties and geo panels also raise Exp gain, but with the statisticians and the MOO4 map- you really won’t need them, especially if done in the LOC version of MOO4.

  • Watch all of the special skills.


    - View the full animation of all of the 270 special skills. (does not include DLC allies or patches to game).

    * See FAQ about glitches with the in-game data list of special skills for unpatched games. Slumber Cat, Prinny, and Professor specials and magichange skills may not appear.

    Type: Total
    - Amount per unit, Name of unit, Notes

    Magic: 43
    - First 20 can be obtained be 1 unit reincarnating through all 4 magician or witch elemental types (fire, wind, ice, star) all the way up to Tera level.
    - 10 Healer, 11 Sorcerer, 2 Artina (has Braveheart and Target Lock).

    Fist: 8
    - First 6 found on Axel, Fenrich, Eddie, or Masked Hero.
    - Last 2 must be found and purchased from two different Chara World Old Combat Masters.

    Sword: 8
    - First 6 found on Valvatorez, Zetta, or Laharl.
    - Last 2 must be found and purchased from two different Chara World Old Combat Masters.

    Spear: 8
    - First 6 found on Etna, Valkyrie, or Armor Knight.
    - Last 2 must be found and purchased from two different Chara World Old Combat Masters.

    Bow: 8
    - First 6 found on Archer.
    - Last 2 must be found and purchased from two different Chara World Old Combat Masters.

    Gun: 8
    - First 6 found on Asagi, Gunner, Artina, or Professor.
    - Last 2 must be found and purchased from two different Chara World Old Combat Masters.

    Axe: 8
    - First 6 found on Fuka, Warrior, or Combat Suit.
    - Last 2 must be found and purchased from two different Chara World Old Combat Masters.

    Skills: 46 (does not include DLC skills)
    - 3 Valvatorez, 3 Fenrich, 3 Emizel, 3 Fuka, 3 Desco, 3 Artina, 1 Nemo (Fear The Great, missable), 3 Axel, 3 Laharl, 3 Etna, 3 Flonne, 2 Zetta, 3 Raspberyl, 2 Asagi SD, 3 Prinny Kurtis, 2 Desco X (Final Boss Arises, True Godly Weapon, missable), 3 Pringer X.
    - 3 FA Flonne, 3 Asagi HD will appear if you have downloaded these DLC allies.

    Human Skills: 8
    - 6 Magic Knight, 2 Beast Master.
    - All Professor skills may not show due to glitches, see FAQ for details.

    Monster Skills: 68 listed but 76 exist
    - There are 19 monster classes and each has 4 specials exactly
    - 8 skills (Prinny and Slumber Cat) may not show due to glitches. See FAQ for details.

    Magichange Skills: 40 listed but 44 exist
    - 2 Desco, 2 Raspberyl, 2 Prinny Kurtis
    - There are 19 monster classes and each has 2 magichanges exactly
    - 4 skills (Prinny and Slumber Cat) may not show due to glitches. See FAQ for details.

    Tower: 5
    - Any ally can do all 5 of these. Need 3-4 units in a tower to activate.

    For this trophy you need to witness the full animation for each unique special skill in the game. Keep this in mind if you turn the animations off in the settings. Use the trick mentioned in the roadmap to ensure you witness new ones as they pop up. My best advice is to ensure you have most of if not all of Intelligence Director before going for this trophy as it will give you access to almost all of the skills you will need. Make sure to buy all of the special skills available to each class and tier before you move on to the next one. You need several human classes, all of the monster classes, all of the story allies, and even a few bosses for all of the skills needed. You will also need the Chara World unlocked, but that will happen with ease if you are gaining levels and reincarnating at all. I found that creating a user map with a room full of allies on guard is very helpful in moving this trophy along. It gives you time to pull your specials off and to have targets to aim them at. One very important note: the boss skills that need viewed are only available once per cycle. Make sure you turn the animations on or hold during these battles. These skills all need simply to be viewed, so they can be done by you or to you and still count.

    Most of the human skills will be unlocked by gaining levels, mana, and unlocking and reincarnating as tiers within a class. Just make sure you go to the NPC and buy all of the specials you can for all allies as they become available. Keep checking back in when you reincarnate as a new tier, as the 3rd and 5th tiers often unlock new skills and evilties. Especially with the Magician and Witch classes. These have a vast majority of skills in each tier. You will also need a great deal of mana to get the Tera level of each type of spell. Some allies will gain so many specials, that they will overflow and will be put in the ally’s special warehouse. You can only have so many specials equipped on an ally at one time. Go to the menu, to “special” and you can look at what is and is not equipped on every ally. Be mindful of this when using all of the Magician/Witch spells as they easily flow over and will need swapped out.

    Two sets of human weapon skills will take some special planning and grinding. Inside of the Chara World, on the 10th floor, if you destroy all of the geo blocks while at least one enemy is still alive a special mystery gate will appear. Upon entering it you will encounter one of two special rooms. One room enables you to expand evil symbols. This is the far more likely room by almost 90% of the time from early reports. The other rare room is a single prinny NPC called the Old Combat Master. He sells you skills for the different human weapon types. There are two versions of him as well. One version sells the tier 7 skills of all weapons for 2400 mana apiece. The other version sells the tier 8 skills for 4800 mana apiece. Only one of him appears at a time. You can only buy one skill per trip. Note: Monsters cannot buy any skills. If you get the Master inside the Chara World of any monster type unit, it’s purely a very sad waste. You need all 6 of the tier 7 and all 6 of the tier 8 skills. An easy way to teach these skills to multiple units once obtained is to have any human unit learn the skill, and then you can simply teach it to the other units from Chara World skill inheriting afterwards. Stealing a maxed user pirate who has these skills is also yet another way, as described at the end of Biggus Stickus in Cress' guide. You can also simply witness these skills. This means if you find a user map with units that perform these skills on you, it will count.

    Try User: Widget624, Strength: 4,200,429

    Generic Monsters type units all have 4 special skills. Story ones have a pre-set amount. By gaining levels, mana, and unlocking tiers through reincarnation they will all be available to you. In addition to these skills, all monsters have two more skills that need viewed. All monsters have the ability to magichange and perform two special skills. Although performing a fusion and then a magichange will affect the AOE of a skill, it is still the same skill. View each once for the collection.

    A final special note needs to be made about boss skills. There are 6 in total. All skills but these ones can be performed, and therefore controlled, by you. Boss skills need to be performed on your team, and you need to survive the map afterwards as well. This involves some luck and strength. One set is not too hard to get because it can be repeated as many times as need to get it. The downside is that the toughest unit in the game uses the skill. Pringer X has three unique skills that must be viewed for your complete list. Luckily he is on a repeatable map. Two of the needed skills come from the Desco-X battle. These skills are similar to the ones Desco uses, but are counted separately. The final skill is performed by Nemo, the final boss.

  • Clear all of the X-Dimension maps.

    - Clear all of the 63 Dimension-X maps.

    For every single story chapter in the game, there exists an alternate version. They are called Dimension-X maps, and have the exact same name as the original maps, except they say X in front of them like- “X-map name”. They are almost primarily puzzle like stages that take some time to figure out, sometimes no matter what level and how strong you are. Use of “game over” geo symbols, and hard to reach islands will challenge your skills to their fullest. The max enemy level is only around 1000.

    These alternate version maps are not available to you until they have been unlocked by buying them. The location to buy them is a random mystery room located in the Item World. There are 2 separate rooms that contain a singular vendor. One exists between floors 1-49, and will sell you the items that unlock Dimension-X maps for chapters 1-5. The other exists on floors 50-99, and sells you the rest. The items are called “promotionhell tickets” and their description tells you what X level they unlock. They are all legendary items, but that does not matter. They cost billions of HL to purchase each. The room is random in its appearance and there is no way to boost its chance to appear.

    By simply purchasing the items, the maps automatically unlock. You do not need to do anything with them. A new NPC magic knight dimensional gatekeeper will show up to the left of the main story dimensional gatekeeper. Simply speak to the gatekeeper to access the maps. After buying the tickets, the stages will remain unlocked, so you actually do not need to hold onto the items any longer. You can sell them back for a lot of HL and free up space in your warehouse if you like. Complete every map once on any cycle to gain the trophy. Trophy pops after you get the 100% prize by speaking to the NPC one last time.

    Here is some tactics and advice on beating these maps. Having movement and throw upgrades an a few characters will come in very handy High levels and strength will make some maps much easier. Ensure you have the petanque.hades.org evil symbol as it is very handy on several of the later maps. Always save before taking on one of these maps. As you clear maps the dimensional gatekeeper will often tell you things and let you know your completion percentage. At each of the 20% milestones (i.e. 20/40/etc..) you will be given a rare legendary reward item. If you save before this happens, you can reload until you get a rarity 0 one if you prefer. The items have very handy rare innocents and are needed to get Items Roadshow. Getting 40% complete also rewards you with access to the Land of Carnage if you have the ship parts. If you start a new cycle, your completion percentage will reset to zero, but access to LOC will restored once you clear the first story map. The completion items can be received again.

    For explicit instructions on each map, see the guide by stgermain HERE.

  • Defeat Pringer X: Roar in the Land of Carnage.

    - Unlock the Land of Carnage, unlock the second Pringer X event battle, defeat a single Pringer X Roar unit in LOC.

    First ensure you have Party On, Zetta which means you have all of the needed post game event battles completed. Also ensure you have Carnage in the Streets which means you can access LOC. The first Pringer X battle was before Zetta. After you defeat Zetta, a new map for Pringer X will appear called “Pringer X Roar”. The first time you fight this map, you will face a tougher version of Pringer X on a new map. If you re-enter that map again, as it does not vanish after completion, it will have eight Pringers to fight on the same map. This is the map you want.

    To get the trophy, go to LOC, engage in the final version of the Pringer X Roar battle, the one with 8 Pringers (NOTE: the battle available before Zetta does not count, and the single Pringer battle after Zetta does not show up in the LOC menu), and defeat any single Pringer unit once. If you are having trouble with Pringer’s strength, see Biggus Stickus for some ways to boost damage output. Each of the enemy's stats will be in the 4 Million range, so be ready.

    A helpful tactic on boss battles is to sacrifice any single character by lifting the boss unit with your last available character and keeping them held up and end your turn. You will lose the ally, but the enemy does not get an attack off. You also get to determine where the enemy is on the map. Keep in mind between the first Pringer battle and this one, that he has 3 skills that need to be viewed in full animation for Special Stalker. Pringer also carries some very fine items to steal. Even worth reloading until you get legendary ones. Pringer also has a unique evilty that allows it to not take damage from the same special skill more than once from the same class. When fighting all 8, this applies to all of them. One attack against one is now null to the rest. He also has over 400 Million HP, so don’t take him lightly.

  • Watch the opening anime. Enjoy Disgaea 4!

    Load up the disk. Do not touch the controller. Let the game load up, and then it will naturally play the opening anime introduction in full. Once it completes you will receive the trophy.

  • Clear up to Episode 3 in the main story.

    Play out the story. Cannot be missed.

  • Clear up to Episode 7 in the main story.

    Play out the story. Cannot be missed.

  • Clear the main game and unlock the Post-Game.


    Play out the story to completion. Game is not over here. Post game is still a playable time where you have access to all maps and base functions. You will continue to exist in the current game cycle you are playing in until you talk to the Time Traveler in the base. This NPC can start the game over and begin a new cycle when you are ready to, but do not do so until you are sure what you are doing.

    I do advise creating a save file before the final boss battle that you do not overwrite. This is so you can easily get all of the different epilogues from a single file. After you beat the game, when prompted, save to a new file slot. Beating the game will trigger an ending followed by an epilogue. For details, see Of Promises Past for details, Fenrich's Mission, Fight the God Fight (if this particular trophy initiates there will be no post game, and then the trophy will not pop).

  • Visit the Land of Carnage.

    - Clear 40% of the Dim-X maps, collect 5 P Flonzor ship parts from enemy disciplining, find and defeat the Meowkin pirates for the 6th piece, visit LOC.

    The Land of Carnage (LOC) is an alternate world you can visit that has a usable but different base panel. All of the NPCs have been replaced by prinnies. You can access all of the normal base functions here. The difference? All of the enemy levels have been increased dramatically. And that can be augmented by senate SEBs as well even further.

    Besides the given trophy here, LOC gives you access to high end enemies needed to capture for interrogation of pirate ship parts, slayer weapons, and fun weapons. Item World also changes in that if you reach floor 100, the Item God will be holding a legendary version of the next +1 higher (i.e. rank 24 IG will have rank 25 item) rank item (weapon, armor, emblem). If it’s top rank, IG will have the same item possibly. Rank 40 items can only be gotten by this method from rank 39 items. All of these items are needed for Items Roadshow. LOC is also where you need to fight Pringer X Roar for Roaring Pringer Bringer Downer. You can also find rank 35-39 items in this world on enemies, mystery room shops, and in bonus lists.

    To access LOC, first you need to have cleared at minimum 40% of the Dimension-X maps. See X-tra-Dimension-al Conquistador for details. Next you need to build a very specific ship to get there. You need 6 parts altogether to make this ship.

    5 of the parts are obtained by capturing specific enemies and disciplining them to find treasure locations. They can be obtained from any map. Ensure you have cleared as many Dimension-X maps as possible before starting for this, especially high end ones from Ch 8 and above. Also ensure you have the Discipline Room evil symbol unlocked. It is also recommended that you pass the max SEB in the senate so that enemy levels are as high as possible. Next go to the specified level, pick up the specified enemy, toss them into the base panel (see Snare Bear Stare for details on capturing), and clear the map.

    Go to the Beast Master NPC to discipline your captured enemy. See Dominatrix Lovin' for details on disciplining. Once the enemy is at zero SP, save. Then ask the enemy for a treasure location. Once you do this the location is set, so do not save after the location is revealed. The location is told to you, and the map has a treasure chest icon next to it in either the normal dimensional gatekeeper or the Dim-X menu. If the treasure told to you is on a normal map, reload. It must be on a Dim-X map. Once a Dim-X map is identified (higher maps seem to have better luck, such as Ch 8 and above) go to that map, and a treasure chest is visible on that map somewhere. Use runners if you have them to get to the chest and break it open as quick as you can. What you are looking for is “P Flonzor Part”, where “part” is the specific part you are going for. P-parts are identified as bright green robot body parts. Note: there are “U” and “G” versions as well, but those do not count (you will want these parts as well though for Pimp My Ship). If you do not get the P-part, reload and ask for the treasure again or capture another enemy. Once you get the part you want, that is the only treasure you can get from one enemy so do what you will with them now. The parts info is listed below.

    Enemy Class, Ship Part, Recommended Stage

    Thanatos, Left Side, 7-3
    Prinny, Right Side, 7-6
    Rifle Demon, Rear, 9-6
    Magic Knight, Top, X-Final Episode-1
    Professor, Head, X-Final Episode-1

    The 6th and final part is even more difficult to find. Their name is the Meowkin Pirates, and they are somewhat rare to say the least. Many people have been very frustrated by looking for these pirates. They have the body of the ship, and you get it by finding and defeating them. The Meowkin Pirates are found in the Item world on legendary items on floors 90+. Get to floor 90 in any legendary item and Mr. Gency out. Then reload and on each floor, wait 3 turns and see if they appear. If no pirates by floor 99, reload and try again. Pirates do not appear on stages with mystery gates. Be patient and have hope. It can take a lot of time, or if you are very lucky, it may happen on the first try. Just try not to brag about it to anyone, LOL. There are theories on how to make them appear more, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. This includes using higher ranked items, and going down the treasure path in the Item World. This path is located down the dead middle; go innocent path, then boost path, and keep alternating all the way down. It is so called for amount of treasure events that happen on this path.

    Once all 6 parts are obtained, talk to the NPC at the bottom of the base allowing you access to the ship you have made, a large green robot. Speak to them to use the ship and travel to the LOC and get your trophy. Once assembled, the ship will remain in your base at all times, unless you start a new cycle over. Then the ship will not be available until the first map has been cleared again.

  • Watch Fenrich's epilogue.


    - Complete the relationship requirements with Valvatorez and the specified ally with the Legendary Tree evil symbol member slots, then beat the final boss.

    To do this quickly, I recommend that you use save files to basically get every epilogue at almost the same time. By just reloading right before the final battle and getting the requirements set right, this can be done quickly and easily. Otherwise you would have to play through a whole new game cycle each time to get each one of these. Note that there is a hierarchy to endings. If you fulfill the requirements for more than one, only one will play. This means you do not want to begin the requirements for any ending or epilogue but the one you are going for, especially the Fight the God Fight ending as no epilogue plays after that. See it for details.

    Begin by starting a save file before the final boss fight. Ensure you have Of Promises Past already, and if you do not- go ahead and just beat the final boss now to get it (put that save on its own new slot as well so you can come back to it later). Save to yet another new file slot as well. Use a different icon to help ID it. This step is not necessary, but helps to not make any changes you make permanent. Put the legendary tree symbol on the map. Put Valzy (nickname for Valvatorez in the game) in the leader slot of the Legendary Tree. Save.

    - Load save back up
    * Put Fenrich in one of the open tree member slots. Stand next to or jump onto the top of the tree and assign him to the Comrade branch. Go to any map (I use lvl 1-1) and perform 10 team attack (just stand next to each other, and use attack with Valzy, both must then flame up and attack together to count) as Valzy and Fenrich. Then go back to map, and a mini-event should take place confirming the relationship you have made. Then save to a new save slot (this is just in case you don’t beat final boss and have to reload is all). Then go beat final boss. You can skip ending and credits, and then watch the epilogue for the trophy.

    - Re-Load save of Valzy alone in tree back up.
    * Put Fuka in one of the open tree member slots. Stand next to or jump onto the top of the tree and assign her to the Mentor branch. Go to any map (I use lvl 1-1) and perform 10 Spell Gains (just stand next to each other, and Valzy uses a spell from his list only there because Fuka is next to you, Target lock is easiest IMO, use skill on any ally). You can just stand in the corner and use target lock 10 times. Then go back to map, and a mini-event should take place confirming the relationship you have made. Then save to a new save slot (this is just in case you don’t beat final boss and have to reload is all). Then go beat final boss. You can skip ending and credits, and then watch the epilogue for the trophy.

    - Re-Load save of Valzy alone in tree back up.
    * Put Desco in one of the open tree member slots. Stand next to or jump onto the top of the tree and assign her to the Stepsibling branch. Next put the Defense Fortress symbol on map 1 square under the tree. Rotate it so both Desco and Valzy are in the spaces. Go to any map (I use lvl 1-1) and perform 10 Protects of Desco by Valzy (just stand next to each other, Valzy uses defend and Desco just stands there, direct attacks to Desco should be blocked by Valzy. He jumps over her to do it.). Then go back to map, and a mini-event should take place confirming the relationship you have made. Then save to a new save slot (this is just in case you don’t beat final boss and have to reload is all). Then go beat final boss. You can skip ending and credits, and then watch the epilogue for the trophy.

    - Re-Load save of Valzy alone in tree back up.
    * Put Emizel in one of the open tree member slots. Stand next to or jump onto the top of the tree and assign him to the Rival branch. Go to any map (I suggest using the item world or user made map) and perform 10 attacks on Emizel by Valzy (just stand next to each other on invincible or reverse damage panels/blocks to make it go much quicker). Emizel must survive the attack and perform a counter attack for it to count. You need 10 total attack counter initiations, so the number of attacks that happen after the first does not matter. Then go back to map, and a mini-event should take place confirming the relationship you have made. Then save to a new save slot (this is just in case you don’t beat final boss and have to reload is all). Then go beat final boss. You can skip ending and credits, and then watch the epilogue for the trophy.

    Once you have all 5 epilogues, go back to any one save of them all to continue on to the post game and continue to follow the roadmap.


    See Fenrich's Mission.

  • Watch Desco's epilogue.


    See Fenrich's Mission.

  • Watch Emizel's epilogue.


    See Fenrich's Mission.

  • Watch Artina's epilogue.


    - Beat the game on the first playthrough with no relationships setup.

    This is the default ending on your first playthrough, and will play if you have not set any other ending requirements. It plays after the ending and the credits, both of which can be skipped if you want. To ensure that this is the epilogue you get on your first cycle, you must not have any relationships established through the Legendary Tree evil symbol, or have set the requirements for Fight the God Fight.

    If you have established any relationships, you need to go to the senate and dissolve the relationships through bills for 1000 mana each. If that still is not enough and the correct epilogue is not playing, setup Valvatorez as the leader on the Legendary Tree and Artina as a member. Then make a Lover’s relationship. Have Valzy heal Artina 10 times and return to the tree to see the cut scene. Then beat the game.

  • Defeat God (self-proclaimed) and watch the ending.


    - Defeat level 10-6 with only Valvatorez ever taken out of the base panel. He must also be of level 500 or higher.

    To get this unique ending, you need to have Valvatorez at a high level (500+). He then must defeat the next to final map by himself. This means at absolutely no time can any ally unit other than Valvatorez be taken out of the base panel. After the ending, expect a special bonus battle.

    This is a unique ending as it does not allow you to access the post game after it completes. Once it finishes, you will receive a game over and need to start a new cycle immediately. No epilogues will play out either. You will not be granted access to the android class either if this is your first playthrough. Because of this I recommend you use the same tactic as Fenrich's Mission by creating a save file before the requirements are needed, get the ending, and then reload. Do not overwrite your original save file after 10-6, as you will lock in this ending once you do. Ensure you keep it in a separate slot.

  • Defeat Axel in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

    The post game events are all similar in that you are fighting high end unique bosses, and they join your team if you defeat them. Each map has its own little unique angle to it, but the answer is almost always the same. If you level up enough none of them are very difficult. If you decide to tackle one a bit too soon, some strategy is needed. The most common boss strategy, once all underlings have been taken care of, is the lift and hold technique. Hit the enemy unit with all of your strongest attacks, but save one unit. Take out a nothing low level unit (or even better a high end unit in General Advisor evil symbol) and pick up the enemy, and then end the turn. You will lose the unit, but the enemy does not get an attack off and you control where he lands. Losing one unit is much better than several units and boss units typically have nasty powerful AOE attacks.

    Each battle will need to be unlocked in the senate in order to begin. They get progressively harder to pass and cost more mana. They can only be fought in order too, as the next will not open until the previous has been cleared. Once cleared, the battle disappears forever, and the boss unit joins your party. If you are having too much trouble on any battle, the best way to combat that is by leveling up and increasing your damage output. See Bottom of the 9999th! and Biggus Stickus for help.

    Axel: Once in the Post-Game, go to Cam-pain HQ and pass a bill called "Attend the Dark Hero Live Show", which costs 1000 mana. At the Dimension Gate, go to "Postlude", and select the stage "Dark Hero Show". He is around level 100 and has over 30 support enemies at about the same level. Use powerful AOE skills to take out the hordes of followers. Hit Axel with your best shots. Axel has some strong AOE attacks so watch out for him.

    Flonne: After recruiting Axel, go to Cam-pain HQ and pass a bill called "The Love Evangelist Appears!", which costs 2000 mana. At the Dimension Gate, go to "Postlude", and select the stage "Love Missionaries". She is around level 200 and has about 7 followers of similar level. There is good news and bad news here. Bad news is that all of the enemies are sitting upon Enemy Turbo X 3 geo squares. Good news is that they are locked inside a No Entry geo set as well. You have 2 choices. Rush her and take out both geo panels and then it’s a free for all. Otherwise, if you have gunners or other far range attackers, you can just hit them from a distance and never take a shot. You can also try throwing a unit to the heart geo setup. Get them right next to the no entry panel, then attack, and then use their movement to get out of their range. Repeat. You get free hits and they cannot follow you.

    Raspberyl: After recruiting Flonne, go to Cam-pain HQ and pass a bill called "The Legendary Delinquent Appears!", which costs 4000 mana. At the Dimension Gate, go to "Postlude" and choose "Volunteering!". She is around level 300 and has about 13 followers of similar level. This battle has an interesting geo setup. You begin surrounded by a handful of enemies and No Ranged geo panels. Defeat them and then move across the bridge on the left. You will face a few more enemies along the way but none are too fearsome. Take a single long range thrower all the way over the bridge and to the lone geo panel, and then toss it onto the area where Raspberyl is. Then pick them off from afar or toss over a few heavy hitters and give her and her friends your best shot. With her wide AOE skills taken from her she poses much less of a risk to you.

    Etna: After recruiting Raspberyl, go to Cam-Pain HQ and pass a bill called "The Nice-Bodied Appears!?", which costs 8000 mana. At the Dimension Gate, go to "Postlude" and choose "Yes! Nice-Bodied!". She is around level 500 and has about 14 followers of similar level. You are faced with a tough geo setup for this battle, but only if you have not powered up enough. All enemies are on Enemy Boost 50% panels. Do not destroy the Enemy Boost geo block as it will make the map unbeatable if you do. If you are strong enough, just march forward and kill everything you see. There are prinnies on this map, so if you are having trouble, lift and throw ally prinnies to slim out the crowd. They are too far to chain, but a good throw can take out 3 at once at least. You can also place ally prinnies in the gas to make chains possible.

    Laharl: After recruiting Etna, go to Cam-Pain HQ and pass a bill called "Another Netherworld's Overlord Appears!", which costs 16000 mana. At the Dimension Gate, go to "Postlude" and choose "From Anether World!". He is around level 1000 and has about 10 followers of similar level. To make things worse, three of the dragon zombie pairs fuse on turn one and two of the dragons magichange and dual wield for Laharl. This stage also has some great items that are worth planning for. Laharl is wearing items worth stealing, and you can reload until you get legendary versions if you have the patience and luck. Get to him by making a chain of allies and toss them all the way to a step behind him. When you end turn, the enemies will focus on the weakest ally on the map, so use that to your advantage by having a few throwers be low level bait. If you can, also kill the dragons next to Laharl to prevent the magichange, as that will help a lot. Know this though, he regains all HP once he does it, so don’t waste an attack on him if he can still complete the change. It’s a tough fight. You’ll want to do some serious grinding to ensure this goes in your favor.

    Asagi: After recruiting Laharl, go to Cam-Pain HQ and pass a bill called "Destroy the Root of All Evil", which costs 32000 mana. At the Dimension Gate, go to "Postlude" and choose "New Main Character!", She is around level 1500 and has about 10 followers of similar level. This battle has stages as there are no entry geo panels holding the enemy off so that you can’t stop the turn one events. Kill the three gunners and as many of the battle suits from a distance as you can. Be of high level for this battle. What the geo panels are stopping you from is the two giant top tier rifle demons that magichange with Asagi on turn one. She is packing some serious firepower that can hit from range and hit multiple targets. Use the lift and hold technique when all other enemies are dead and hit her with everything you got.

    Zetta: In the Post-Game, after defeating Asagi and Pringer X (lvl 3000) for the first time, you can pass a bill in Cam-Pain HQ called "Challenge the Badass Overlord!", which costs 256,000 mana. The odds are pretty low to pass these later game bills. After passing the bill, go to the Dimension Gate. Go to "Invasion of the Badass Freakin' Overlord!" and choose the stage "The Badass Overlord". Zetta, much like Pringer X, is pretty straightforward. No allies. No geo panels. Just one level 4000 badass overlord some distance off. Use a couple throwers to get him near the base panel, unleash hell upon him, and use the lift and hold technique. Pound him round after round and don’t let him get an attack off. You either have the manpower and damage to kill him or you don’t. He has good items worth stealing as well. Even if you don’t want them, taking them from him makes him weaker and easier to kill. After you defeat Zetta, the Pringer X Roar battle opens up.

  • Defeat Archangel Flonne in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

    See Party On, Axel for details.

  • Defeat Raspberyl in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

    See Party On, Axel for details.

  • Defeat Etna in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

    See Party On, Axel for details.

  • Defeat Laharl in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

    See Party On, Axel for details.

  • Defeat Asagi in the Post-Game and make her an ally.

    See Party On, Axel for details.

  • Defeat Prinny Kurtis in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

    Find and speak to Prinny Kurtis 5 times. He is in Innocent Towns in the Item World found possibly on every 10th floor. Easy way to ensure meeting him is to use a Mr. Gency exit on floor 10. Save then re-enter the item and clear the floor. If no innocent town or Kurtis, reload. Repeat on 5 floor 10s or 5 different items. The meets with him are accumulative as long as you do not start a new cycle over, as this will reset your meet amounts. After 5 visits, just pass the bill in senate to unlock this battle. Once cleared, trophy will unlock and he will be available to play. He is only level 150 and is alone, so not much of a challenge here if you are every far in the story line at all. Hit him with you strongest attacks, and if he survives the first round, have your last ally lift and hold him for a second round of attacks.

  • Defeat Zetta in the Post-Game and make him an ally.

    See Party On, Axel for details.

  • Fight five battles with the 'Classic' display option. Pixels still rock!

    At any point in the game (even before the first battle), go to settings by pressing triangle, set the “chara sprites” from advanced to classic. After 5 battles, the trophy will pop. You can switch it back anytime after that if you wish.

  • Reincarnate for the first time.

    Reincarnation is a way to store levels into an ally. When ever you begin a character you are given bonus points to adjust and raise your beginning stats. As you store levels you earn more of these bonus points. Therefore the more levels you earn and then store, the stronger you begin as. Then as you level up you become even stronger than before. Therefore it’s almost always best to get as many levels as you can in before reincarnating to get the most out of the action, but it still can be done at any time.

    Story allies also gain a 5% bonus to their aptitude levels. This can mean a serious gain in stats when fully leveled up. You can do this five times and still get the bonus for up to a 25% increase in aptitude. For monster and generic human classes, reincarnating alone does not affect your aptitude. It can unlock tiers, which have better innate states and abilities. See Intelligence Director for tips on this. Until you can gain hundreds, if not thousands of levels and have the mana to back it up, reincarnating is not the best use of your time yet. The Item World will pay off much better until you can meet the hefty leveling and mana needs of constant reincarnations for max benefit.

    Once you have reached Episode 2, go to Cam-Pain HQ and select a character you want to reincarnate (must have at least 101 mana). For an easy and early trophy though simply save, and then go to the senate and use the reincarnate bill (does not need approval). Does not matter what you pick or do. Soon as you reincarnate, the trophy will pop. Reload back before this action and you are good to go.

  • Throw and capture an enemy character in the base panel.

    You need the Discipline Room evil symbol first, see Evildoer of the Year. You can only capture enemies lower than the main char in level. Also the enemy must be a class and tier you have unlocked (i.e. you can make one of those units). Then just go to any map and pick up a human or monster unit and toss them into the base panel. This does not work on boss units. If you fail, enemy will kill entire base panel and all units inside it but will have 1 HP left. If successful, unit will end up in interrogation, where you can question it for HL, treasure, or even make it an ally once you have reduced its SP level to zero.

  • Get a Game Over from having your party get defeated.

    At anytime, have your party get defeated. Easiest way is to simply save before the first battle in the tutorial, then take all of you allies out of the base panel and just do nothing. Let them get defeated by the enemy, and the trophy pops. After the game over, just reload up and play on.

  • Defeat an ally character.

    At anytime, defeat one of your own allies with another ally. Simply take out a low level ally, and use a high level ally with good attack to kill that unit. Trophy should pop right away. Could easily get this at the same time as Success Comes From Failure on the first map if you want.

  • Open 100 treasure chests.

    As you play the game there will be many opportunities where small treasure chests will appear both on the base map, and on battlefields. They need to be opened by interacting with them on the base map and mystery rooms, destroyed on battlefields, and can be thrown onto your pirate ship when reverse pirating. They come in three kinds: yellow chests, blue chests, and gold chests. They hold experience, HL, or items. The items rarity is determined by the chest type: yellow has regular but can sometimes have any of the three types, blue always has rare, and gold always has legendary. Also, enemies have a chance to drop a chest when they are defeated. This chance can be dramatically increased if the enemy is standing on a “treasure” geo panel. You do have to destroy the chest yourself to count though. Enemies attacking the chests or geo chain damage do not count. You need to receive a small message window indicating what was inside the chest for it to count.

    All chests count towards this accumulative total. So as you see chests along the way in the game make sure you get them. There are many opportunities for chests in the game, especially in the mystery rooms in Item World where several rooms have nothing but chests in them. This trophy should come along without any real need for grinding for it specifically. User maps also count towards this total.

  • Persuade by force three times. Demons should always resort to violence!

    - Fail to pass a bill, then force it through successfully, 3 times

    This trophy will come with great ease over time. Once your team is over level 1000, you can basically wipe out all of the senators with ease. Until then passing bills requires one of two things: luck or skill. With enough reloads you can pass many bills by luck. If any bill does not pass, you always have the option to force a bill through.

    Here are some tactics to help. Before the vote starts, you can use bribes to influence the outcome. Non-bribe items can be given to senators to make them happier. The level it affects them depends on when you select the item. The menu will tell you who much the senator wants it. It will range from “slightly interested” to “wants it”. Senators have levels of support that go from “loathes” in red text to “loves” in blue and many ranges in-between. With enough items you can change senator’s support from red to blue. Thus does not guarantee they will vote for you. There is always a chance any senator will vote any way.

    There are also senate specific items to help. Things like gold bars are almost always wanted from senators. Other items like chloroform can put senators to sleep, or alcohol to make them drunk. The main thing is to look at the senator’s levels. This also affects how much weight their vote has. You are better off focusing all of your bribes on the highest level senator to flip them, then getting several low level ones on your side. Or if you can’t win them over, put them, to sleep (wont vote then) or make them drunk (chance to vote either way). All of which may help turn the tide.

    Another method exists during the fight itself. If you decide to force the vote, you can fight to make it pass. Once the vote is cast, some senators will hopefully have voted “Aye”, and are now your ally as a NPC. They will not fight for you in the battle, but will not fight against you either. These new allies do have one key advantage, they can be combined. When combining characters, the higher level one always takes precedence. So if you have a level 500 NPC ally, and toss a level 400 enemy into it, you get level 900 NPC ally. If the enemy’s level was higher or exactly the same, the enemy would have won. In essence, you can then take one high level NPC ally, and toss all of the enemies into them. You can also toss the NPC ally into the enemy. This can be used to win senate battles very early on and is very effective.

    If your NPC ally takes any damage either directly, or by geo panel or enemy, they will go from a NPC ally to an enemy. Be careful when using AOE attacks so you don’t trigger that by accident, or stand too close to them so enemy AOE attacks hit them as well. Also, using bribes may not always win the vote, but it could turn the vote of a high level senator. This is not for winning the vote, but to have one high level NPC ally to toss enemies into. Take note where the senators are sitting as well. It’s much better to have a NPC ally sitting in the front row where you can reach them, then way up in the back row. Watch out for geo panels and the geo blocks in the senate too. You can see where and what they are before you cast the vote. Watch out for bad combinations like: mighty enemy, ally damage, enemy turbo, etc… Setting off a geo chain can convert the whole room against you too if you are not careful.

    After all of the enemies are gone, either by being defeated or combined, you win the vote. Win 3 votes altogether to get the trophy. Later in the game, you will be of such high level that defeating the senate will be easy, so this trophy will be a pop at some point.

  • Explode ten Prinnies in a row.

    Prinnies have a unique innate evilty that when they are picked up and thrown that they explode when they land. They then damage anything within a 2 panel radius. The damage is based on the HP of the prinny thrown. Any prinny that receives explosion damage from another prinny will itself instantly explode. This means that is prinnies are all within 2 panels of each other, they can be chained into a combo of explosions. The first thrown prinny and the first exploded prinny do not count. Ensure the prinnies are not all adjacent when you throw the first one. Prinnies that die in the initial explosion do not count, as they have to be a panel away to cause it to link. You need ten linked explosions from the first in order to get this trophy.

    There are a couple ways to make this happen. The only naturally occurring repeatable map this could be done on is 7-5, but they would also take some of your own prinnies, with high move bonuses, placed on the map is strategic locations to ensure the chain goes long enough. Event battle 4 could also be used with enough placed prinnies. Heck, if you have 10+ prinnies of your own, you could do this on any user map. Put 10-15 on the map one panel apart and save, test play it, and then deploy your own as well. Just lift and toss to start the chain. Trophy will pop at the end. Easiest way is to play a custom user map already made for this trophy. I have made such a map for people to play.

    Username: Jaws_420, Strength: 554.

  • Conduct your first Map Edit.

    You must reach Episode 4 before you can do this. You must pass a bill in Cam-Pain HQ called "Create My Original Map". Talk to Darth Gator who appears in the Northeast area of the base. Here, you can create your own map.

    To make a quick map, use the following commands:
    Map Edit -> Begin Edit -> Map 1 -> Original Map -> Menu -> Random Placement -> Place All -> Menu -> Save -> Yes.

    Once you save the map, the trophy will unlock.

  • Conduct your first Reverse Pirating.

    - Get a pirate ship, clear 20 floors of an item in item world, and clear a reverse pirate map

    First go into the Item World of any item. See Master Crafter for details on pirates and clearing floors. Defeat a pirate group and win a ship. Once you have unlocked a pirate ship, a NPC ally will appear in the base, and you can now build your own pirate ship. Go to the Pirate NPC first and select any data slot and build your very own ship. The pieces used will determine how long the missions last, and other benefits. Save the data. You do not need to populate the ship with allies for the next part. To access reverse pirating, you need to have at least 20 floors of the item world cleared on any item. Once you have 20 floors cleared, put the item in your hand held inventory. Go to the Item World NPC and a new option will be available. You are able to access the 20 floor milestones of the item you have (20/40/etc..), up to a max of 5 different events.

    For an easy trophy, save before you do the reverse mission. Once it begins, the menu will tell you how many turns are left. As long as you have a single ally left by that point, the ship will set sail and the mission is over. Be careful though, any allies that are not in the base or on the ship are considered to be defeated when the ship sails. If you have ten dispatched characters on the map when the stage ends, you will get a Game Over! Simply take out a single ally, and then end the turn. Don’t worry if the unit is defeated or not. When the counter is up, you should still have a couple units left, and the ship will set sail. You may not earn any chests or innocents, but you will get the trophy. You don’t need to even save if you don’t like the results, but you still get the trophy.

  • Open all chests at the base from Episode 1 to Post-Game.


    - Open all 35 chests.

    In each chapter of the game, 3 treasure chests are spawned inside the base. You only need to find then and open them as you go on. None are hidden too hard and can be found with just a little searching. The only problem is once you get to the post game. 5 chests spawn here. Two are easy to find and get to. One is harder to get to, as it is on top of the Valvatorez statue in the middle of the base. It seems out of reach, but if you leap from the top of the stairs you can get it. You don’t need to be standing next to it. You just need the chest screen to flash long enough to hit the button. If you are quick on the draw, it will be yours.

    The real issue is the two chests on top of the large closed portal gates in the top corners by the Item World and the Chara World NPCs. They are very high up, and you cannot reach them until later. As Valvatorez levels up, he gains the ability to slowly jump higher and higher. The 2 chests that will torment you for many more hours to come will be reachable around level 6000. You can reach them as early as level 2750 with some skill of jumping and mashing the button though.

    This trophy has seen some glitches by a few players, myself included. Even after all of the chests are obtained, the trophy did not pop. It is unsure as to why this is or what the trigger caused by. The good news is you can always start a new cycle over and get all the chests from ch. 1 on again.


    Episode 1:
    - By the bulletin board.
    - Southeast area.
    - In the Northeast by Amos MK III. Note that this chest may be hidden. Use and to see it.

    Episode 2:
    - On top of the Weapon and Armor Shop.
    - Southeast area.
    - Behind the General Store.

    Episode 3:
    - Behind the Armor Shop.
    - Behind the Evility Shop.
    - Northeast area.

    Episode 4:
    - Behind the Nurse.
    - Southeast area, on the stairs.
    - On top of the General Store.

    Episode 5:
    - Southeast in the stairs (north part).
    - Behind the General Store.
    - Southwest in a higher elevation, just south of the Dimension gate.

    Episode 6:
    - Behind the Dimension Gate.
    - On a higher elevation behind the Weapon Shop.
    - Southeast area.

    Episode 7:
    - Northwest area, on a higher elevation.
    - Southeast area by the lava.
    - Higher elevation behind the Armor Shop.

    Episode 8:
    - Southwest Area. May be hard to see. Rotate the camera if necessary.
    - On top of statue near the Data Shop.
    - Higher elevation behind the General Store and Specialty Store.

    Episode 9:
    - Behind the Data Shop.
    - North above the jail. Rotate the camera to see some steps. Climb up and jump across.
    - On top of the bulletin board.

    Episode 10:
    - To the left of the Weapon Shop. This is hard to see, so rotate the camera if needed.
    - Skull in the Southeast area, before the stairs.
    - Northwest area on a higher elevation.

    Post Game:
    - Northwest area on a higher elevation. Valvatorez needs to be at a high level to reach it.
    - Southwest area on a higher elevation. Valvatorez needs to be at a high level to reach it.
    - Southeast of the Data Shop.
    - On top of Statue in the middle of the base. It is possible to reach using a running jump from the top of the steps.
    - Northeast area behind Amos MK III

  • Clear 30 floors in the Item World.

    See Master Crafter for details on clearing the Item World. This trophy is accumulative. Just clear a total of 30 floors across as many items as it takes. You will get this easily as you play the game if you use Item World with any frequency.

  • Max out the Rosen Queen Company customer level.

    - Spend enough HL in the various Rosen Queen shops to get to customer level 12

    In the beginning of the game, the shops serve as a great place to find more powerful weapons and armor. Use them while you can. The best gear later will come from bonus prizes and stealing mostly. As you buy things, there will be a meter that appears on the bottom of the shop screen. This is a progress bar. As you spend HL, it fills up. Once full you gain a customer rank. You begin on rank 1. You will make insane amounts of HL later in the game, and some necessary items in the mystery rooms of the Item World cost billions of HL, so getting this trophy over time will be a piece of cake. Don’t worry about doing any extra specific tasks to get this. Just buy plenty of what you need as you go along.

    The store also has a product rank. This refers to the level of quality of the items it will sell to you. You can only buy up to the customer rank you have obtained. Once your customer rank reaches the next level, you will need to go to the senate and pass a bill (better items) to increase your product rank 1 level. Stay on top of this early as you can get some great gear early on that really raises the strength and defense of your team. Both ranks max out at level 12. Things bought in any Rosen Shop count towards this total. This includes the 3 main shops in your base, and shops found in the various mystery rooms.

  • Steal 10 Rare and/or Legendary items.

    Unlike most games, stealing is not a menu option command in this game. In order to steal, all you need is a very specific line of items called “hands”. They come in different qualities and all but the top tier of them can be bought in the store. They can also be won in bonus lists. The quality of the hand item will determine the range of panels you can be away from the target and still steal.

    The success rate of the steal is determined by several factors. First is what side you steal from. Worst chances are from front, and the best are from behind. Next factor is the value of the Hit stat in the hand item. The higher the stat the better, and it can be leveled up in the Item World or innocents added to it. The final factor is the ally doing the steal. At best all allies can do 50% chance of stealing, unless you are one specific class. The thief class can ignore the 50% cap, and go all the way up to 99% success rate due to its innate evilty. The thief’s ability to steal is dependent on a single major factor though, its level. The thief must be, at minimum, equal to or a higher level then its target. Always keep a high level thief in your base (9999 is obviously best) for stealing from all enemies throughout the game.

    For the trophy, all you need to do is steal 10 items of rare or legendary rarity. See Master Crafter for notes on item rarity. This can be done at any time, and with items of any value. You can even go back and play the first set of maps to get it quickly if you want. You don’t even need a thief. Make sure to have a good amount of hands in your inventory always ready to steal with. The ten items are an accumulative total and does not have to happen all in one fight. This will happen with ease during your gameplay. Stealing is a great way to get better gear, and in some cases the only way to get some items. See Items Roadshow for details. Upon the 10th stolen item, the trophy will pop.

  • Inflict 100,000 damage.

    This will happen pretty easily by the end of the story mode. Level up your characters and their items. A weapon leveled up in the Item World is your best bet for early high end damage. Use tips in Bottom of the 9999th! and Biggus Stickus for increasing your ally’s damage output.

  • Accidentally destroy Axel's statue in the Mystery Room.

    - Destroy Axel’s statue in the Item World

    New to Disgaea 4 is the presence of objects in many of the maps. These objects can be anything from random decorative objects, to enemy spawning objects, and even giant statues in celebration of some of the game’s more notoriously infamous celebrities. The statues don’t do anything in and by themselves. They come in two varieties usually. One is in dark black and the other in light grey. Only difference is visual aesthetics.

    The trophy description is actually misleading. Statues appear in both mystery rooms and just on any old item world floor. Axel’s can be found in both. The Mystery Room is a fight where you meet Axel and a pink saber cat. Behind him there are about 6 statues against the back wall. Talk to Axel several times to initiate the fight. During the fight just ensure you target one of the statues and destroy it. While proceeding through the item world, scan each map for Axel statues as well. They can pop up at any time. Just destroy the statue on any map as well and the trophy will also unlock. The statue does seem to appear more often on upper floors, such as 50+, but that is just conjuncture at this point.

    Once destroyed, statues can also be bought for user maps. It has a hefty price tag though, starting at 500K CP. If I make enough CP, I will add an Axel statue to my existing user map for others, to see if the trophy can also be easily obtained that way as well.

  • Train an ally up to LV 9999.

    - Defeat opponents, defeat higher level opponents by combining enemies, take advantage of bonus list experience, use experience boosting geo panels and common used maps, take advantage of the level 99 trick, pass strong enemy bills in senate to keep experience gain high, unlock and use MOO 4, capture and maximize statisticians, LOC.

    Gaining levels is something that almost never really ends in Disgaea. Considering you can store up to 186,000 levels plus the last 9999 at max levels, a single trip to 9999 should be no problem right? It’s all about access to the right map and the right materials. With the proper setup, leveling is a breeze. The hard part is the slow road leading up to that access. Sometimes it helps to focus on one main tank that will get most of the leveling done as opposed to a whole team getting levels.

    Start by playing through the story mode as it is presented to you. Clearing maps as you go, replaying the occasional map for some extra experience when needed. Do a few trips to the item world to boost your weapons and armor. Just keep playing along until you get to map 5-2. This is your first chance at a real grinding map. Take advantage of the exp boosting blocks here. As this level starts to give less exp for your trouble, try throwing enemy monster units into each other to combine them and increase their level by the sum total of the two. You can also pass enemy stronger bills to keep the exp gain at a high level. Do not exceed level 99 though. The amount of exp gained at that level plateaus off until level 325 or so, so it does no good to drive the level any higher then 99 unless you are going for an enemy level of higher than 325. The exp gain is the same. Grind 5-2 for awhile with level 99 enemies and this will help boost you quite a bit. Remember to set the enemies back at their weakest level once you move the story ahead again. The next decent grinding map is on 9-4, but still with enemies under 99, so either one will do really.

    Repeated trips to the item world can also help. The enemies get strong fast and often there are experience prizes in the geo bonus lists. On very high floors, take advantage of reverse damage and invincible panels to wipe out much stronger enemies than you for some serious level gains. Once you get any item past floor 20, you can also now reverse pirate. See Master Crafter and Pirate Is As Pirate Does for help and details on how. Load up a single reverse pirate map. Pick an item that has room for innocents, and then remove all of the subdued ones first. Go to the first RP map and look first to see if the innocents on the stage are a Statistician at all. If not, reload. Keep loading and searching until you find one. Once you do, make sure you kill that innocent first as quick as you can, and that you survive the RP mission. This is the most important innocent of all.

    If doing this the long way, clear many items and subdue many Statisticians and keep combining them until you get a single one of value 300. Repeat this process until you have up to 16 of them. If you want to do it the much faster way, use the duping trick and ensure the Statistician is on the item. Make a bunch of copies and combine away. You will have 16 max 300 Statisticians in no time this way. Equip 1 ally with 2 armor items that have 8 innocent openings, and give them all 16 Statisticians. Do not go over 16 of them though as it caps out at this value. With this gear you will level up incredibly fast. Ensure you have the Training Ground Evil Symbol in good use while you grind away. Level up as many other allies as you can.

    Keep playing along and build up mana until you have enough to unlock the Mountain of Ordeals (MOO). Pass this bill right away, and clear all 4 maps. What you want is the fourth maps. The 3rd map is no joke though, and will test your skills. Once the 4th map is available, you have found grinding paradise. You will play this one map more than all others combined probably. Make sure your unit has a good AOE skill (like Big Bang), and go out and kick some MOO4 butt. With the Statisticians on your unit, you will gain levels fast. As you start to plateau on exp gain, pass SEBs to raise their levels. If you are fortunate enough to have unlocked the LOC (see Carnage in the Streets), go there and clear MOO4 for some real exp gain. 9999 will not only be obtainable by this point, but also easily repeatable. Trophy will pop after first map you clear at level 9999.

  • Increase an item up to LV 300.

    - Obtain a legendary item, take it to the item world, go down item boost path, collect level spheres, find item boosting mystery rooms, and use reverse pirating to hit level 300.

    Item World Overview
    Items have a stat on them called rarity. For the most part it does nothing. It does not increase damage output in any way, except if you equip more than one item of the exact same rarity. You get a 10% bonus to all of your stats for each like rarity item you equip. So…2 = 10%, 3 = 20%, and 4 = 30%. The one other thing rarity does is identify the type of item. Item of rarity 31 and higher means it is ordinary and in black text. 8-30 means it is rare and in flashing blue text. 0-7 means it legendary and has flashing gold text. These three classifications also mean one more thing. In terms of the Item World it also represents how many floors the Item World contains. Ordinary items have 30 floors, rare items have 60 floors, and legendary items have 100 floors.

    The Item World is constructed as such. It is broken up into 5 floor segments. Each floor is a random generated map with any amount of enemies, objects, and geo panels. The map can be almost any shape and height. The levels of the enemies start off small, but they gain more every floor all the way down. On each floor there is a dimension gate, colored red-orange. It may or may not be occupied by a gate guard. Your goal is to reach this gate, and standing upon it at any time means you instantly clear that floor. Killing normal enemies does not help to increase the level of the item, only clearing floors does.

    There are other things you will see in the Item World as well. If the item has unsubdued (red) innocents on the status screen, they will then appear as random characters somewhere on an Item World map on your journey. They will have a green life bar, the screen will zoom in on them and say “check”, and enemies will attack them on their turns. Defeat them to capture them, and they become subdued. Do it quickly, or the enemies will kill them and you will lose this chance to obtain them. If defeated by an enemy (or geo panel or anything else), they will show up again on another map. On the innocent boost path, innocents can also appear at random. Treasure chests may also appear in any of the three rarity types.

    You can also see Mystery Gates. These are yellow-green in color with a question mark overhead and never have a guard. Stepping on these will take you to a Mystery Room. There are some 29 different rooms. Some contain items to buy (weapons, items, senate bribes, serums, cell phones, Promtionhell Tickets, music, character colors, and more), some are random events where you get a gift, there is a hospital, and some are pre-set battles. There are two kinds of mystery rooms of interest to your 300 level run. One is a fortune teller who can give you a random fortune (gives horrible -5, bad -3, good +3, great +5 levels to the item). If you get one of the two bad fortunes, you can start a fight with the NPC and get +4 (does not work if fortune was good). The other is a battle with 7 large fused monsters. You have two turns to defeat them and if you do you gain additional levels for the item. No other rooms help the level of the item, but still have many goodies.

    Also of interest are items called level spheres. In the item world they exist as big green rotating orbs on the map, which the screen will zoom in on it as well at the start of the level. Your goal is to pick this item up and have it held overhead before you either clear all enemies on the map or reach the dimension gate. It does not do anything if you use a mystery gate though or if it is destroyed in any way. It is worth +5 levels to the item, and more than one can appear. You can also run into event blocks. These are purple and are usually in some kind of symmetric configuration. If you move the cursor over it, it will tell you how many characters are needed to activate it. These can be allies or enemies or both. If you get the predetermined amount on top of it, it will do one of a specified number of events: mystery gate, level sphere, treasure chest, or other.

    On every 5th floor there will be 2 gates you can use if you want. Both are red. One has a smiley face floating over top of it, and the other has a sword over it. You want the sword, which is known as the item boosting path. Taking this route every time has 2 advantages. One is that item spheres appear more often on this route. The other is that you gain more levels for every ten floors. The other path is for boosting innocents and only gives 10 levels for 10 floors. If you stay on the item boost path the whole way, you get more levels out of it.

    On the 10th floor, you will fight a boss. On floor 10/20/40/50/70/80 you will fight an Item General. On floors 30/60/90 you will fight an Item King. On floor 100 you fight an Item God. Each one gives a massive boost to the stats of your item. If you kill this boss (and ensure you have at least one other enemy still on the map), then use a Mr. Gency Exit, you can re-enter the item and kill him a second time for an additional boost. This only works once. It may not boost the item’s level, but it raises its stats by a good amount.

    Another event is Innocent towns. These can exist randomly after clearing the 10th floor. It is a place that you can heal, recover SP, find treasure chests, meet random NPCs and visit the item world senate. Random NPCs include Prinny Kurtis, a wandering traveler prinny, and a wandering traveler shroom. Each will award you a prize if you see them enough times in innocent towns. The senate is a place where you can pass bills only for this item. The only 2 things to ever pass here are movement bills to increase your range or More Growth bills to up the stats of the item by large amounts. You can visit the senate 6 times in Disgaea 4 (in Disgaea 3 you only could visit 3 times). Its best to do this as early as possible because there are more benefits the longer the increase is on the item. Soonest appearances are on 10/20/30/40/50/70. If you are double killing the boss on floor ten, saving in-between, and want the innocent town and it does not show, you can just reload until it does. The senate does not always show up in innocent towns. Reload if you want it. The innocent town does not increase the item’s level in any way.

    One last event during Item World is pirates. On every floor except the 10th ones, pirates may appear. Simply have a full turn end for the first three turns. On any of those turns the screen may have a red light flash and an alarm bell goes off indicating the arrival of pirates. More than one can appear and on different turns. If none show up, move to the next floor. When pirates do show up, you need to defeat all of their units. When you do a message window appears letting you know the group has been defeated. Most pirate groups will give you the prize of a pirate ship body for defeating them the first time you meet them, and a message window will indicate that. Pirates do not help raise the item level, but will be needed to reverse pirate later which does. See Pirate Is As Pirate Does for details on that. On every reverse pirate map, there is either a yellow level sphere (worth +10) or a red level sphere (worth +15). This is random and you can reload until you get what sphere you want. To obtain it, you need to throw the level sphere onto the deck of the ship before it sets sail, and have it intact when it departs. A fully completed item of 100 floors will have 5 reverse pirating opportunities.

    Ally Unit Setup
    I suggest first having a team of 3 runners. This consists of 2 masked heroes equipped with 3 pairs of shoes (boosted in item world with move bills helps) and a fist weapon that also has a natural move bonus and move bills passed. They should also have the chicken heart evilty equipped and be in the Nether Express Evil Symbol. Teach them all of the fist skills. Then make any ally unit and ensure it has been reincarnated as a Masked Hero, a Slumber Cat, and then finally a Mothman. Give it 2 evilties of Chicken Heart and Rapid Move, 3 shoes (like the masked heroes have on) and its own weapon with a natural move bonus and move bills passed. If you have the time, take all three through Chara World at boost their movement twice. Then pack on as many levels as you want to these allies. Do not level up the attacks of the masked heroes in the special skills boost shop though. Their goal is to move enemies, not kill. If you want power, teach them Big Bang (or any non-moving fist skill) and level just that skill up. Then they have some killing power if need be.

    Next I would make a team of 2-3 Armor Knights, all who have been through Chara World to boost their throw range. Equip with shoes and get their jump value as high as possible. You don’t need to give them anything else as they are only going to be throwing your team around, except maybe evil symbols like Babel Tower and petanque.hades.org. Next have a thief as high level as you can get him; 9999 is best. This way you can steal all you want on your trip if you still need items for Items Roadshow. Lastly have your core real team of tanks, spell casters, healers, and status changers on hand and ready to go if need be.

    In your on-hand inventory put 1 Mr. Gency Exit and as many Hand items as you want for stealing. Leave the rest blank or bring any goodies you want like cellphones. These are not needed but can all come in real handy. You can’t always have a one track mind in this game. As you go for a level 300 item, you should be doing a whole bunch of other things simultaneously as well. Be looking for pirates, items to steal, checking bonus lists for items you need, mystery rooms with are items like Dim-X tickets, etc… Get the most out of every action you do to make this game go quicker, especially if you happen to find something rare like the Meowkin pirates on floors 90-99. Don’t waste rare opportunities.

    The Process
    Start by obtaining a legendary item. It can be anything you want, but a weapon or armor item is probably best. If your team is not top notch, you may want to use a low rank item as the enemy levels will be lower. By floor 100 the enemies will be in the thousands with ease. If you can handle it, then use the best items you have to help better your team. Especially an armor item if you plan on duping it later, as all of your allies will be able to make use of it. The best choice is the highest legendary emblem you have.

    Enter the item. You start on floor one. Your goal is to simply reach the dimension gate. If it is empty, just send your runners straight to it. You will not see any level spheres in the first 20 floors or so, so don’t waste too much time looking for them or worrying about event blocks. Mystery Gates are of use. You are hoping for a fortune teller or the 7 giant monster battle. These are not needed, but welcomed if you find it (unless you get a bad fortune, if you do reload right away). Continue looking for mystery gates and going straight for the dimension gates on every floor. On floor 5 you want to make sure you choose the Item Boost path every time. Never choose the innocent boost path. Continue on to floor 10. You can choose to double kill the boss for stats (does not add to item level), or just run to the Item Boost Gate if you want. Innocent town is not needed at all, but a welcomed find if you do. Floors 11-20 are a repeat of the first 10. Follow the same strategy to a tee. You are given a chance at every 10th floor to exit the item. I always take this opportunity leave and adjust my items, heal, and most importantly to save.

    Starting on floor 21, you should start seeing up to 2 level spheres between floors 21-30. It will appear by random event, already be on a map or by event block. Keep using mystery gates when you see them. Also make sure on every 5th floor you always go with the Item Boost path. Repeat this strategy for floors 31-40 as well. Beginning on floor 41, start looking for up to 3 level spheres per a set of 10 floors cleared. Follow this milestone all the way through level 80. From floor 81-90 you are looking for up to 4 level spheres. Repeat this again on the last 10 floors as well.

    The goal is to be at an absolute minimum of level 225 by floor 100, but much better to hit level 250 or higher if possible. If you are not looking to hit 225 by floor 80 or 90 you can take extreme measures. Mr. Gency out on every floor and reload until you get either a level sphere event or a mystery room that boosts your item. Finish out Item World with your 225-250 item. Use duping methods if you want along the way to get some great gear on your team as you go.

    Final steps are done through Reverse Pirating. You get 5 missions for a 100 cleared floors. You are guaranteed at least a yellow sphere (+10 levels) on each trip. If you reload enough times a red one (+15 levels) can appear if it is needed. Plan out how many levels you need per trip to get to the finish line. Conduct your last 5 missions and finish off your level 300 item. After you finish the last pirate mission (or earlier depending on how you did), the trophy will pop. If you are using the duping glitch, here is your one and only chance to make copies of the 300 item en masse. Make a ton of them and watch your team become gods.

  • Enforce discipline 100 times.

    - Unlock discipline room, capture enemies, use discipline commands 100 times

    Ensure you have the Discipline Room evil symbol. See Snare Bear Stare for details on it and capturing enemies. Go to the Beast Master NPC to discipline your captured enemy. Use the various discipline commands to lower the enemies SP amount to zero. You can keep using discipline commands even after the SP is all gone. You are allowed actions based on the amount of user slots in the evil symbol. The beginning is 3 slots, which equates to 4 actions. 1 update to 4 slots nets you 7 actions. Use Chara World to expand this early to help make this process go much faster. Once used, this amount can be reset by simply clearing any map. Then you have full amount of actions again. Repeat until 100 actions have happened. In going for Items Roadshow and Pimp My Ship you will be doing a lot of disciplining, so no need to really grind this amount until these two trophies have been achieved.

  • Cancel 1,000 battle actions.

    Disgaea veterans have been using this technique since the first game. In these games you have the ability to do half actions. The most common one used is “lift and cancel” where you take an ally out, lift up a enemy who is in your way, allowing you passage past, then select your lifter and cancel, which sends them back to the base panel. None of that cost you a single move. You can do it again and again as long as you have an ally left to do it.

    Another use of canceling is combos. Set 1 ally up to do a normal attack adjacent to an enemy. On the three existing sides of the attacking ally, take up to three other allies out of the base panel and place them adjacent to your existing attacking ally. Attack the enemy, and hope for a team attack (there are ways to improve these odds). After the team attack has occurred, cancel each of the three adjacent allies to send them back with no moves used. Good way to earn them experience as well.

    A final way is to use evilties that take advantage of adjacent characters. These can lower or raise damage, stats, elemental ability, etc.. Take them out, place them next to target or ally. Use to your advantage. Then put back before your turn is over.

    Each of these cancellations counts towards the 1000 total. These are very common moves used by players, and if you have them in your common repertoire, the trophy will pop before the story mode is most likely even done.

  • Give 50 bribes.

    - Go to senate, give out successful bribes before the vote, 50 total times

    When the dark senate becomes open to you, the ability to pass bills becomes accessible. Passing bills requires a bit of luck in the early chapters of the game. The senate is filled with senators, who have feelings for or against you. This is influenced by the kind of party or monster type they are, or how many times you have killed them in previous senate bills. There are items that exist to help you sway the favor of these senators. Some are specific to this process only (i.e. gold bars, angel cake, etc...), but any item can actually be used, even weapons and armor.

    Begin by emptying all items you actually want to keep from your currently held inventory. In their place fill the 32 some slots with junk items you do not want. This is best done when you have acquired a bunch of new weapons and are looking to sell the old ones back. Instead of selling off unused items, we are going to use them as bribes.

    Start any bill. Does not matter what it is or how much favor you have. Before the vote starts you can run around the senate and view the senators. Go to any senator and select them. A menu will appear that enables you to choose to offer them a bribe. Your selection is anything in your held inventory. You want to give only items to a senator that actually wants them. The amount the senator wants it does not matter as long is it is some form of wanting the item (i.e. slightly interested). Go around the room and try your items on every senator. You are bound to find at least one who wants each item in your inventory. Use all 32 items as bribes, then pass the bill, re-fill on items and do it again. Trophy.

  • Get over 100,000,000 HL.

    Don’t bother going for this until you begin grinding stages for levels. Feel free to use the shop to strengthen your team and work towards raising your customer rank. In post game you will have hundreds of billions of HL with ease, so don’t worry about this one early on. Adding broker innocents or HL supportive evilties will quicken the process. As far as I can tell, it is not accumulative so this refers to current HL amount only.

  • Defeat 100 Pirate Crew members in the Item World.

    This refers to the accumulative total of pirates killed in Item World. Pirates can show on any floor other than the 10th ones on your first 3 turns. On each Item World stage, stay for up to 3 turns to see if any pirates show. Kill them as you meet them and this will come with ease. I do not know if user pirate groups count towards this goal or not, but in case they do always have at least low-level pirates turned on. You will kill much more than 100 in total by the end of this game, so no specific grinding should be needed.

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