Community Vote: 8.5/10
My Opinion: 4/10
Time to Platinum: >100 hours. Significantly less if you already have an advanced save file
Offline trophies: 51 (42 5 3 1)
Online trophies: 0
Playthroughs needed: 1
Missable trophies: None, but Cinco de Panelo is easier to do in a story mission that you cannot repeat
Bugged trophies: None that I know of
Cheats disable trophies?: As demon-like as it is, there's no cheating
Retroactive trophies?: Trophies aren't retroactive, but you can use old save data to get a head start on the leveling process needed before you can attempt most of the trophies.

Road Map
1. Complete the main story:
Your first goal should be to complete the main story. Make a point to get Cinco De Panelo in the Chapter 3 mission "Board Conspiracy" or it will be much harder to get later. You might as well also get ABC's of Hitting before you finish chapter 4. There are a few others you can get during the main story, but there is nothing else pressing.

2. Level Level Level:
I've made a mini guide here that will give you some specifics on leveling your characters to 9999. It is most important that Mao gets to this point, as the fastest way to get a strong party is by capturing monsters (also described in that post), and your ability to do so depends on Mao. You'll also need a few of your own characters leveled to this point until you can capture the monsters.

3. Collect Illegal Tickets:
After you've levelled, you'll want to begin hunting pirates in the item world. Whenever you defeat a group of Pirates, they will drop an illegal ticket. You can only get 1 per type of pirate. There are also illegal ticket vendors found randomly in the item world who will sell a total of 20 tickets. All in all you'll need at least 34 tickets. Once you have them, complete 35 X-dimension levels to get the Chicken Hat. By now you'll have gotten many, but not all, of the pirate trophies.

4. A monster of a party:
Pass all the stronger enemy bills you can and go to the Land of Carnage item world in the strongest item you have. Get to the floors above 90, collecting items in mystery rooms along the way, and start capturing monsters. You'll need at least ten, some of which should be war slugs. Once you have them, pass all the weaken enemy bills. These monsters should be strong enough on their own to kill everything except the Baal Pirates, so you want to run through high level Land of Carnage item worlds looking for good equipment for them and then level this equipment.

5. Finish the pirates:
Get a weak legendary item to floor 90 in the Land of Carnage item world, exit, and then save. Run the last 10 floors looking for pirates, quitting and re-loading each time until you have all the pirate trophies. The amount of time this takes is based entirely on luck.

6. Buy the Hero Prinny DLC:
Just do it. It's a dollar and it will save you hours of work. Use him to get the 10 Billion Damage Man.

6. (Alt) You're a masochist:
Too cheap to buy Hero Prinny? Then complete the epilogue to get Flonne and use her to get 10 Billion Damage Man. This will take a long time.

7. Cleanup:
By now there are still plenty of trophies left. Each of them deal with some small specific action that would probably never come up over the course of normal play, yet are not that difficult to stage. Follow the steps in the guide if any of them are giving you trouble.

Thanks go out to Attack__Cat who made some good suggestions.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Lonesheep for this Road Map]

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 42  )

  • Get all other trophies.

    Unlocks when all other trophies have unlocked.
  • Beat floors 1 to 100 in an Item World without exiting.

    Only legendary items (flashing gold) have 100 floors. You should designate a character as a runner, probably a moth monster or a masked hero (unlocked with a level 45 gunner and thief) as these classes are not blocked by enemies. You should probably level up their movement speed once or twice in the class world and equip them with 3 pairs of shoes (possibly also leveled in their respective item worlds to each have +1 movement, for a total of 2 per shoe). You will also want a martial artist with at least Triple Strike and Final Arts.

    The strategy is to bypass all enemies on each level and go straight to the gate with the runner. If he can't make it, help him out by throwing him. If there is a gatekeeper, throw your martial artist and use the appropriate skill to move the gatekeeper off of the portal.

    If you are a low level, you should use a low level item. Since the item world is random, it is possible that on rare occasions you won't be able to move the gatekeeper and if the collective strength of your party can't kill him you're screwed. Also, be wary of mystery gates on higher floors. Some of them can take you into battles with strong enemies. If you win the battle the item will level up, but if you can't, wait two turns and you'll be booted out of the battle.

  • Get a Trophy from a Trophy Shop on the 90th floor.

    You can find the Trophy Shop in a mystery room on floors 90+ of an Item world. It's a square room with a thief-type character in the center. Talk to her to get the trophy. This room looks very similar to the one that gives you a Mr. Gency Exit, so don't leave without checking.

    The most efficient way to get the trophy is to make a save after clearing 90 floors of an item and reload if you find nothing on the last 10.

  • Beat floors 1 to 100 in a Land of Carnage Item World without exiting.

    The same strategy as Item Warrior will work here, just make sure you're in the Land of Carnage when you enter the item world. To unlock the Land of Carnage, check my post here.

  • Defeat Wise Innocents in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat UFO? in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat Eryngi Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat Donnax2 Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat Lucky Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Cheerates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Cowboy Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Asian Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Sports Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Pirate Cleaners in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Ghost Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat Z Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Horizon Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the UFO Pirates(?) in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Pirate Club in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Garden Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Boney Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Kit Cat Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Element Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Shinsengumi in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Red Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the Prinny Pirates in the Item World.

    See Defeat 10 Gents Pirates.
  • Defeat the 10 Gents Pirates in the Item World.

    In the item world there is a chance that at the end of the enemy phase a new group of enemies (pirates) will appear. They are all high level, so don't even look for them until your characters are maxed out. Usually if they do not appear after the first enemy turn it's not worth waiting; move on to the next floor. Also, you'll want to be looking for them on high floors (60+) as they have a better chance of appearing. In general, you'll fight harder versions of pirates in more powerful items, so you should stay in weak ones. At the end of the day whether or not you find them comes down to luck. You need to be in the Land of Carnage on floors above 90 to find Prinny, 10 Gents, and Baal pirates (though any of the pirates could appear under these conditions).

    One strategy if you're not worried about illegal tickets is to get a weak legendary item to level 90. Exit the item world and save. Keep running the last 10 floors by reloading your game until you get all the pirate trophies. The pirates will be relatively weak ("relatively" of course meaning stats in the hundred thousands).

  • Defeat the Baal Pirates in the Item World.

    I made this separate because the Baal Pirates are extraordinary. They will appear very rarely in Land of Carnage item worlds on floors 90+ and they are MANLY. In a very weak item, the 6 Baal Pirates could take multiple attacks from an A rank skill with 6 million attack. They are far beyond any of the other pirates. A useful strategy I came up with was to send two characters to block the pirates before they can leave the ship. When they use their powerful AoE skill, they will almost certainly hit each other, making the fight a lot easier. Leave a few powerful ranged attackers (at least 3 spaces behind your blockers) with the Naive Glasses you got from completing X-Dimension levels (they give 100% accuracy, see Item duping here for how to get more than 1) to bombard the Baals in the meantime. Dragons (DLC) or War Slugs are good choices, as they can be captured within Land of Carnage item worlds with abnormally high stats (see about capturing monsters here). You should also try to make use of any helpful geo effects on the map (invinciblity, for example).

  • Get all the treasure boxes in the Treasure Room in the Item World.

    In your item world runs you'll probably come across this room. There will be a bunch of columns each with a treasure chest on top. You'll have to jump to reach most of them. Note that Mao's height of jumping is related to his level. There is also a club called the Birdmen Watchers, that, if Mao is a member, allows him to jump much higher. Without Birdmen Watchers, the room can be cleared at level ~1200. For a few of the pillars you won't be able to make it to the top of them; you'll have to mash X while you're in the air and hopefully be able to grab the chest. Naturally, if you have Birdmen Watchers, this can be done earlier. See Obey the Cat God to find out how to unlock this club.

  • Talk to the Cat God at the top of the Treasure Tower.

    In the item world, you will find a room with a tower of boxes in the center surrounded by chests and a cat on the very top. After encountering this room once, you can submit the Birdmen Watchers topic in the homeroom. With Birdmen Watchers and Mao at level ~1500 you can just barely talk to the cat god.

  • Get all the Reverse Pirating treasure boxes.

    See Reverse Viking.
  • Steal from all the Innocents while Reverse Pirating.

    See Reverse Viking.
  • Steal from all the Innocents and treasure boxes while Reverse Pirating.

    Once you defeat a group of pirates and every other enemy on the map, you'll capture a pirate ship. You can talk to the item world guide and choose to reverse pirate once you've done this. The ship you use determines how many Innocents/Treasures you can steal and how long you have to do it. You'll want to use the War Galleon, which can be gotten from a number of the pirates.

    First, complete the item world of a crap item. You will need:

    • A team of 2 cheerleaders, one who can buff throwing range for a large group and the other to buff movement distance (+6 on each of these skills should be ample). A cheerleader will have access to both of these skills by level 100.
    • A few slimes: level is unimportant, just make sure they have enough Def and HP so that they don't die. You want to use slimes, as they have the maximum bounce distance of all monsters.
    • A full set of equipment that increases movement (your runner's equipment should be fine). There is a trick that lets you switch equipment in and out as long as you don't act. You'll be swapping the boots in and out of each character to maximize their movement.

    Now, once you complete the 30 levels of the item's world, choose to reverse pirate on it's 20th floor. If the map looks like a pain, quit and reload. Buff your party and set the slimes up so they can bounce to each other and onto the ship. You may want to supplement your slimes with other monsters if you find the range is too much. Send your party out and throw all of the treasure chests, innocents, and level spheres onto your slimes. With a little bit of luck, you'll be able to get everything on your ship in the three turn limit.

    Do not kill all of the enemies before your ship is loaded, as this ends the map prematurely.

  • Do over 1,000,000 damage.

    See The Ten Billion Damage Man.
  • Do over 100,000,000 damage.

    See The Ten Billion Damage Man.
  • Do over 10,000,000,000 damage.

    Note that for each of these the damage must be done to one unit in one attack (you can hit multiple units, but you must hit one of them for X damage to qualify for the respective trophy). The damage can be dealt to you by an enemy and the trophies will unlock.

    The million and hundred million damage can be done relatively easy with high stats. You can boost yourself with various abilities such as Atk+50% geoblocks in Chapter 5:Rotten Grudge, Saphire's innate ability to buff males by standing next to them, cheerleaders, combo multipliers (see Combo No.255), brave heart and so on. Still, you won't reach 10 billion with just this.

    The best way to do this will be through reverse healing. You'll need to have completed the postgame story missions to the point where you've recruited Flonne. Level her to 9999 and teach her evilty healing paradise to 8 level 1 cheerleaders (400,000 mana each). Make sure you have a high level monster and put it in the same club as Flonne (preferably the Shura Support group, which unlocks after you defeat Baal in the Land of Carnage). Max Flonne's "Power of Love" and equip her and the monster to the max; the goal is going to be to get Flonne's Res with the magichanged monster as high as possible.

    Head to X-Dimension Chapter 1: Strongest Crossroads. This map has a reverse healing geo effect; bring out all of your cheerleaders to boost Flonne. You can make Flonne even stronger by utilizing a combo boost (you can use this opportunity to get the Combo No. 255 trophy). Once you've got the combo boost high enough, magichange, and use Power of Love on a cheerleader. If your Res is high enough, with all the other boosts you should be able to break 10 billion.

    If you've picked up the Hero Prinny DLC you can teach him the evilty Hell's Finest, which while increasing his evade makes him take 10x damage. For the 10 billion trophy, pass all of the stronger enemy bills and go fight the Baal in the Land of Carnage. Send one character to cast brave heart on Baal, then send Hero Prinny the next turn. Baal should do over 10 billion IF he uses his ranged attack. You can keep Prinny just outside of his movement range to help ensure that he uses this skill. I highly recommend this strategy if the DLC is available in your area, as it takes minutes while the reverse healing strategy takes hours.

  • Counter Attack over 10 times.

    Choose two characters with base counter (the red crossed swords in the status menu) of 3. Use the class world to increase this value twice for each character (55000 mana each), then equip each of them with a fist-type weapon (which will add 2 to counter). Finally, level a cheerleader to where she learns Counter Attack up and upgrade this skill at the evilties vendor twice. Equip the two fighters such that they won't be able to kill each other easily (high Def, low Atk/Spd) or find a stage with invincibility panels. Use counter attack up on them, which will raise counter to a max of 9. Have them attack each other. It may take awhile for you to get 10 counters, just be patient. Heal the characters as necessary. Consider getting this trophy while getting Combo No. 255.

    Alternatively, if you want to, you can buy DLC character Zetta, whose base counter is 9, then go into the class world and have him fight his own dropout. Another DLC character, Revya, has an evilty that gives a 100% chance to counter if HP is below 25%. The usefulness of this should be obvious.

  • Clear Geo Panels with 5 color changes in a row.

    In Chapter 3, there is a mission called Board Conspiracy (where you fight a bunch of Raspberyls). You start next to a blue geo block. Place this on a red square and destroy it and you should get a chain of exactly five. You will be unable to return to this mission once you beat it unless you start a new cycle.

    If you're past this mission your best hope is to go into the item world and search for a room where you can clear with 5 color changes. Note that you have to clear ALL geo panels, even if you clear after a 5 color combo, if there are still other colors remaining you won't get the trophy.

  • Clear Geo Blocks with 10 color changes in a row.

    Go to Chapter 2: Childhood Memories. You're goal is going to be to create a line of geo blocks stacked two high in the following pattern:

    Red Yel Red Yel Red Yel Red Yel Red Yel
    Yel Red Yel Red Yel Red Yel Red Yel Red

    You'll need destroy or move blocks with monks in order to lift blocks of the same color that touch. Finally, start the chain by throwing a red block at the base of the right side.

  • Play for over 10 hours without stopping.

    You can leave your game on, or play straight through. For it to unlock, you have to save after the time period elapses. You can quit to the title screen but do not exit the game.

    Some reports indicate that game time is slower than real time, and that the save may or may not be necessary.

  • Get hit by ABC Gum.

    In Chapters 1-4 and the Epilogue, there will be a Prinny Statue in the Academy. Walk behind it and talk to it nine times.

  • Defeat an enemy with 10 combos or more.

    You'll want to have five weak Baciels, which will be unlocked by the time you beat the game. They possess the ability to attack twice if they haven't moved in a round. Equip them so they have high def and position them around an enemy. Wait one turn, then have them all attack at once along with a very powerful character to finish the combo. Each Baciel attack after the first will add 2 to the combo so 5 should be enough, but you can bring a few more in case one dies. It is imperative that the Baciel's attack is low enough not to kill the enemy until after the combo meter is at 10.

  • Jump inside Evil Academy 100 times.

    Fairly self-explanatory, just jump like a maniac. It will probably unlock even if you don't want it to.

  • Defeat an enemy with a 10 story tower.

    Once you have 10 characters, get into a battle and line up all of your characters in front of an enemy. Have the second from the end lift the last guy, then have the third from the end lift up the stack of two and so on until you have a stack of 10. Then attack the enemy. Choose enemies that will be weak enough to kill in one such attack.

  • Find Axel in the Item World.

    Axel will randomly appear in a mystery room on floors 61 and above in the item world.

  • Force the Student Council to approve your Home Room request.

    Once you suggest a bill in homeroom, there is a good chance the council will decline. If they do and you are still a low level, you will likely be stomped if you try and take on the level 900+ representatives. There is a way to get through in this situation. Bribe at least the highest level representative until you're sure he'll vote yay. After initiating the persuade by force, lift a representative who voted nay (red health bar) and throw him into the higher level who voted yay (yellow health bar), or the other way around, it doesn't matter. The monsters will merge and whichever had the higher level will remain with the combined level. If this was one who voted yay, it will maintain neutrality in the battle. Remove all the nays in this way and you'll win. A word of caution: you can't merge enemies to have a level greater than 9999, you can't merge legendary reps, and if a neutral enemy gets hit by you or an enemy attack it will turn hostile.

  • Accomplish over 255 combos in battle.

    You may notice that if your character doesn't move but continues to attack from the same spot a combo counter builds up above his picture. Your goal is to get this to 255. Counter attacks will add to the combo. Go to X-Dimension Chapter 1: Strongest Crossroads or any map with contiguous invincibility panels. Kill all but 1 enemy, and then have your strongest character lift the last one. This will prevent the battle from ending yet also prevent the enemy from interfering. Send out two characters with high counter attack rates and have them stand next to each other either the reverse healing panels or the invincibility panels (depending on what map you choose to get the trophy). See the Attack of the Counter 10 trophy to maximize your counter attacking ability. Have the two characters hit each other until the combo reaches 255. This will take a while.

  • Capture an enemy during battle.

    If you throw an enemy onto your base panel, a capture sequence initiates. As long the collective strength of everyone inside the panel is significantly greater than the monster's, you should successfully capture it. Note, you can't capture classes you haven't unlocked, tiers of classes you haven't unlocked, or monsters with a higher level than Mao.

  • Magichange 5 times in a battle.

    Once you have 5 monsters and 5 human type characters, put the monsters and humans in clubs at a 1-1 ratio. You start with one club which will accommodate 6 members, so you'll have to unlock 1 other. Go into battle and put monsters next to humans of the same club and select magichange.

  • Receive 4 times and move over 20 panels.

    See Receive 9, Move 60
  • Receive 9 times and move over 60 panels.

    These trophies refer to throwing an object to a character a certain distance. Slimes work very well for this, since they have a bounce distance of 7. You can also use the class world and cheerleader's spells to increase the throw distance of your other characters, but that's very time consuming compared to the slime tactic.

    Make or capture 9 slimes. Go to Chapter 1: Practice Map and follow the video. My slimes move farther than normal slimes because I've loaded them up with boots. This isn't necessary, it will just take a few less turns to get them into position. Use square to make them face the proper direction.

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