Angels, Demons, and Humans Trophy in Disgaea 1 Complete

  • Angels, Demons, and Humans


    Completed Ep. 10 "Angels, Demons, and Humans"

    How to unlock Angels, Demons, and Humans


    This is story related, but it can be missed if you have lost to Mid-Boss and saved over your file, have more than 50 Ally Kills before the end of chapter 3 and chose “Yes” to kill Hoggmeiser, or if you have over 100 Ally Kills before the end of chapter 5 and choose “Yes” to kill Maderas. This unlocks after completing the map Inferno.

    This is another map that’s all about killing the enemies. Again, if you lose to Mid-Boss here, you get an ending which will start New Game+ and cause you to miss the rest of the game if you save over your file.

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