I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost! Trophy

  • I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!


    Choose a ghost, download and beat it!

    Go to Dirt Tour, pick a location, and select Time Trial at the bottom where the throwdowns usually appear. Next, pick a track, then a ‘Time Trial Ghosts’ screen will appear, showing your personal best (if you have one) and the World Record. Select ‘Empty Slot’ and Leaderboard, and scroll all the way down to the bottom, where you will find the time in 20,000th place. Select this and if it looks beatable, then click ‘Select Ghost’. Now click continue. The game will download the ghosts, and you will race against them. You probably won’t beat the world record (well done if you do!), all you need to do is beat the time set by the guy in 20,000th place. If this time is too good repeat the process to find a ridiculously easy ghost, they are still out there.

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  • Such a hidden feature, if it wasn't for your instructions I wouldn't have discovered it by myself. Thanks.
  • Looks like you can't get this trophy anymore with Dirtnet taken down.
  • This achievement is closed for a few months but I still have hope that we can change that thing. I don't like Codemasters' behavior especially because a few weeks ago there was a discount for Dirt 2 on Marketplace (3$) and many people bought it and they still play this game. I heard that servers are often full so turned off DirtNet is for me very incomprehensible. Everybody like me, without [b]Tourney [/b]and [b]I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost[/b], should write on this official Codemasters forum: http://community.codemasters.com/t5/DiRT-2-General-Discussion/Return-DirtNET-please/m-p/182620. Maybe this is a last hope for return DirtNet. We need to show Codemasters that there are people who still want to unlock these two achievements. [b]I think we should try. It's nothing to lose
  • And? Has it helped? Is there a chance we would be able to platinum this game? PSN ID: ZN-42-VS
  • No, they don't care.
  • So how actually i can help because i really want this 2 trophies PSN ID : sparco1331333
  • Sorry the PSN ID is sparco133133 :)

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