Mix It Up! Trophy

  • Mix It Up!


    Play in every discipline online (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

    There are 8 disciplines you will have seen during career, this is how to find them online:

    Pro Tour > Time Bomb > Rally
    Pro Tour > Time Bomb > Trail Blazer
    Pro Tour > Skirmish > Landrush
    Pro Tour > Skirmish > Rally Cross
    Pro Tour > Skirmish > Raid
    Pro Tour > Ruckus > Last Man Standing
    Pro Tour > Ruckus > Domination
    Jam Session > Custom Join/Create > Gate Crasher

    Complete a race in each for the trophy. As crazy as it sounds, the lack of online players means that this may have to be boosted depending on your luck. Just get a partner and search at the same time to be paired up together.

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  • can somebody help with last discipline:Jam Session > Custom Join/Create > Gate Crasher, my ID dzentelmanASS

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