Rush Hour Trophy

  • Rush Hour


    Win a Pro Tour race online against 7 competitors.

    At the time of writing, a very frustrating trophy, but still doable. It’s getting harder simply due to the less popular online mode and the remaining players being generally badass; if you do get a full 8-man lobby, it’s a matter of avoiding the massive pile ups and being lucky getting some poor opposition. Alternatively, you can get a few friends together to boost this. Get a team of 8 in a single lobby to easily obtain it one at a time, if 8 people cannot be found, get a few people and join lobbies hoping to fill it up. Once 8 people fill the lobby, pick one guy to win, then the rest of the team focus on wrecking and taking out the randoms. A bit of teamwork and this trophy will be yours.

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  • i think that is hardest trophy on this game but with some patience and practice anybody can get it without boosting on the way to Level 30
  • Please boost with me. Add me on PSN: bigburt82
  • @BigBurt82 I've added you! But we nedd more to boost... :S
  • @BigBurt82, have added you as well
  • hey guys i need help on this one aswell PSN: SHINIGAMI_25... just drop me a msg so i know who u r
  • Anyone still up for boosting add me. Psn: Un-Logical
  • hi i need a help too. add me thx
  • If anyone is still here. Would love to get this and Level 30 done for the plat. Half-H3ro
  • Add me if help is required. My PSN ID is ZN-42-VS
  • If anyone still looking for the trophy {RUSH HOUR} pls add me PSN ID sparco133133 plus if anyone need boost any other trophies welcome just message pls thanks ...
  • anyone for on-line trophies please add me - Obejame. as long the servers are up, i can help.
  • @Obejame I will add you, are you still able to help? I still need some online trophies

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