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    Take part in four tournaments.

    Go ‘Outside’ and look at the News menu. Under tournaments it will state the requirements for this week’s tournament, usually setting a time on a track, or rolling over as many times as possible, something along those lines. Fulfill the requirements during an online or single player race (whilst being signed into DiRTNET) and at the end, a message will confirm your tournament entry. Usually, entry is purely accidental! There is one tournament a week so this trophy takes 4 weeks minimum to get. Do well and you will get XP, contributing towards Notorious.

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  • Looks like you can't get this trophy anymore with Dirtnet taken down.
  • This achievement is closed for a few months but I still have hope that we can change that thing. I don't like Codemasters' behavior especially because a few weeks ago there was a discount for Dirt 2 on Marketplace (3$) and many people bought it and they still play this game. I heard that servers are often full so turned off DirtNet is for me very incomprehensible. Everybody like me, without [b]Tourney [/b]and [b]I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost[/b], should write on this official Codemasters forum: Maybe this is a last hope for return DirtNet. We need to show Codemasters that there are people who still want to unlock these two achievements. [b]I think we should try. It's nothing to lose

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