Gut It Out! Trophy

  • Gut It Out!


    Win a DiRT Tour event without winning a race.

    In Pro division you will start to unlock the Team Events and Multi Race events, both of which can be used to unlock this trophy.

    In a Team Event, just ensure your partner finishes 1st and that you also finish highly so that you come top as a team without you actually winning the race. The best way is to keep taking out whoever is in front of your partner to guarantee the win.

    In a Multi Race event, just keep coming 2nd and taking out the person who finished 1st in the previous race to ensure you have a points victory overall.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You may want to redo the races again and make sure you win at each track, as the trophy You’re the Best, Around! can sometimes be messed up by winning an event but not each race within it. You may miss certain tracks.

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