Trophy Difficulty: 4.35/10 (Taken from Official Trophy Difficulty Rating Thread)
Trophy Breakdown: 36, 8, 3, 1 (8 trophies online)
Approximate Time: 25-40 Hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1+ Miscellaneous Cleanup
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None.
Do Cheats Disable Trophies?: No Known Cheats
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No, play as easy or as challenging as you like.

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT?: As you will probably be aware, this game is a rally-based racing game, it is very fun to play and a fairly easy platinum to boot. The format is nothing new, you unlock races and events as you rank up and as you progress, your opponents will become a little harder to beat. Your rally career will culminate in the X Games where, when you win, you will be known as a legend worldwide!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game has become impossible to platinum unless you have already achieved the 2 trophies Tourney and I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!. The developers have stopped supporting DiRTNET therefore there are no more weekly tournaments and no ghosts to download. You can still play online matches and rank up, so if you have the 2 aforementioned trophies, you are OK for now. Thanks to malo who brought this to my attention, and also showed me this thread: https://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/x.../t/347667.aspx

NOTE: This game has a pretty cool feature in the form of a menu that tracks your progress relating to trophies. In your trailer select My Stuff > Trophies for a detailed breakdown of what you need.


Step 1: Complete the Career, to make it easier for yourself you can play on Easy difficulty, however this is so insanely easy you may want to play on Casual so it does not bore you, plus this will surely help you become a better racer for the online modes later on. However if some of the trophies that require you to fulfil a criteria and still win are causing you trouble, change it to easy if you need to. In this step you will unlock the trophies related to ranking up, racing in different classes, and so forth. Don’t spend any money for the first 10 races or so, and you will unlock the Big Bucks! trophy. Try and win every single race and event you can so you don’t have to repeat it later on. Winning every single race will also help ensure you don’t get frustrated later on with You’re The Best, Around!.

Step 2: Now for the online modes, there are 8 trophies here and since the online is dying out it can be tricky to get these without boosting. See the individual trophy descriptions for more information. Find boosting partners here: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/dir...ng-thread.html

Step 3: Mop up - most likely this will mean random miscellaneous trophies that may not have unlocked for you but are pretty simple to obtain. Again, check the descriptions below for individual trophies.

[PST Would Like to Thank morg106 for this Roadmap]

Dirt 2 Trophy Guide

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48 trophies ( 36  2  )

  • You've unlocked every other trophy - Congratulations!

  • Earn those big bucks.

    This trophy requires you to accumulate a certain amount of cash, the exact amount can be found in the ‘My Stuff’ section under ‘Trophies’ where it will say how much you have against how much you need to get, for example 234000/666666. To get this trophy early just don’t spend a penny for your first few races until it pops, they are easily winnable with the early cars. If not, you will probably get this trophy naturally but if you do happen to miss it you can win a few races to rack up the cash.

  • Win every event in the DiRT Tour.

    You can tell which events you have won by the little holographic number 1’s that appear on the name of the event; simply win them all to obtain this trophy. Remember, the difficulty level does not matter, so play on easy if you have trouble.

  • Drive every vehicle in the game.

    There are 35 vehicles in the game. Once a vehicle is unlocked, it can be found in the trailer, under My Stuff > Stats > Vehicle. Select a vehicle to check the distance driven, if it says 0 miles, you haven’t driven it! Use every vehicle in a race, online or offline, to get this trophy.

  • Win a DiRT Tour event without winning a race.

    In Pro division you will start to unlock the Team Events and Multi Race events, both of which can be used to unlock this trophy.

    In a Team Event, just ensure your partner finishes 1st and that you also finish highly so that you come top as a team without you actually winning the race. The best way is to keep taking out whoever is in front of your partner to guarantee the win.

    In a Multi Race event, just keep coming 2nd and taking out the person who finished 1st in the previous race to ensure you have a points victory overall.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You may want to redo the races again and make sure you win at each track, as the trophy You’re the Best, Around! can sometimes be messed up by winning an event but not each race within it. You may miss certain tracks.

  • Roll your vehicle and still win the race.

    You will most likely get this naturally, but if you use rewind a lot you may not. In a race you need to roll the car, do not use rewind and still win. A good time to do it is in a Domination event, as you can concentrate on awesome laps and then try and roll over, or even in any random race if you flip, and have a good lead you may as well just carry on and win. Another good place is Rally, usually you will catch the opponents anyway, if you roll just carry on.

  • Finish with Flair! Cross the finish line with no more than two wheels touching the ground.

    There is an absolutely minimal chance you will miss this as many finishing lines involve a jump at the end, meaning you finish with no wheels on the ground. If by some miracle you miss it, try one of the tracks in Baja, most there have a finishing jump.

  • Win a DiRT Tour race without crashing.

    This can be done in races where there are no other competitors, which is the best time to do it. Just complete a Rally event and be very careful to stay on track. Usually you will still win anyway through being careful.

  • Take terminal damage while travelling at over 140mph (225km/h).

    This trophy is very easy on the first trailblazer in Utah. Before the race, put it on easy mode for maximum flashbacks during the race, turn damage on, and turn car setup on. Then pick your fastest car and tune the gear ratio to long, for higher speeds. At the start there is a long straight, get up to 140 mph and then find a rock to smash into, without losing your momentum too much. You will take terminal damage providing you hit the rock head on at 140+ mph, and the trophy will pop immediately.

  • Win an event.

    You will most likely get this in your first race, if not the first one you win. This trophy will be earned on the way to getting Dedication.

  • Win a race at every track in the game (in any game mode).

    It does say (in any game mode) which does mean you can get this trophy online or offline, however, you will get this trophy on the way to getting Dedication, providing you make sure you win every single race you enter. Some people have experienced frustration with this because they finished 2nd on a certain track in a multi-race event, but went on to win the event; winning an event does not mean you have won at every track.

  • Win a domination event, getting the maximum available points.

    To get this trophy you must enter a Domination event and get the best time in each sector 1-4 whilst also finishing first; 10 points per sector and 10 points for the win = 50 points. This will probably come naturally but if it causes you trouble just change the difficulty to easy.

  • Win a Timed Throwdown.

    Throughout the game you will be offered throwdowns in the various locations, some of them will challenge you to beat a lap time set by one of the superstars. Simply beat their time to win the throwdown. You will get this trophy on the way to getting I like a Challenge.

  • Be second to last at each elimination point but go on to win a Last Man Standing race.

    In a Last Man Standing race, the person who is last gets eliminated every 20 seconds, the timer will appear on the screen when this is about to happen and it will glow red if you are last. At the start ensure you are in front of the last person, when they get eliminated quickly overtake the next person, and continue this process until finally you overtake 1st place leaving them in 2nd and subsequently eliminated. Change the difficulty to easy if this causes you trouble, the AI are pretty slow and easy to overtake.

  • Hit every gate in a Gatecrasher event.

    This is another trophy that you will probably get naturally. If you don’t then just enter and Gatecrasher event and ensure you hit every gate. Taking it slow, especially around blind corners, is the key. You will still probably win due to the time bonuses but with this trophy, winning is not required.

  • Become true friends with a superstar.

    See Best Friends Forever!

  • Become true friends with 4 superstars.

    See Best Friends Forever!

  • Become true friends with every superstar.

    There are 7 superstars to befriend in the game. Check your relationship status in the trailer, under My Stuff > Relationships. As you progress through the game and win races, more superstars will begin to respect you, and a message will come up at the end of a race stating that *Insert superstar name here* thinks you are a legend. You will also unlock liveries for their cars. Don’t worry about this trophy it will come with natural progression in the game.

  • Race in your first DiRT Tour race.

    You cannot miss this trophy providing you play the single player portion of the game! It will pop upon completion of your first race, win or lose.

  • Pro


    Win a Pro division event.

    In each location there are 3 levels of events, Rookie (bottom row), Pro (middle row) and All-Star (top row). Pro races will unlock as you level up, before you race your first Pro race you will need to upgrade your car to Pro level (or purchase a car including the Pro package) in order to be able to compete. Win one of these races to unlock the trophy.

  • Win an All-Star division event.

    In each location there are 3 levels of events, Rookie (bottom row), Pro (middle row) and All-Star (top row). All-Star races will unlock as you level up, before you race your first All-Star race you will need to upgrade your car to All-Star level (or purchase a car including the All-Star package) in order to be able to compete. Win one of these races to unlock the trophy.

  • Win a Throwdown.

    See I like a Challenge.

  • Win 12 Throwdowns.

    After certain races, a superstar will challenge you to a throwdown, involving either beating their best lap time, or a 1-on-1 race with them. Meet the requirements for the challenge they set, and the first time you do it, Piece of Cake will pop. After 12 successful throwdowns, I like a Challenge will also pop.

  • Reach Level 15 in the DiRT Tour.

    See As Good As It Gets.

  • Reach Level 30 in the DiRT Tour.

    Level 30 is easily achieved by winning all the races in the DiRT Tour. If you are going for platinum, you will get this trophy and Getting A Reputation on the way, so don’t worry about this.

  • Beat Travis Pastrana in a Throwdown.

    See I like a Challenge if you are unsure how throwdowns work. You will have multiple opportunities to beat Travis Pastrana, beat him once for the trophy.

  • Beat Ken Block in a Throwdown.

    See I like a Challenge if you are unsure how throwdowns work. You will have multiple opportunities to beat Ken Block, beat him once for the trophy.

  • Compete in a race in every location.

    Complete, not even win, a race in each of the 9 locations in the game. So one race in L.A., Utah, Baja, London, Croatia, Morocco, Malaysia, Japan and China. You will get this trophy if you are going for platinum, if not, this trophy can be done online - I know this because it popped after I completed a few races online before unlocking all the locations in Single Player.

  • Win all the World Tour events.

    At Level 19 the World Tour events will appear on the far right of the map. You need to win qualifiers to enter them, all of which will be All-Star events on the DiRT Tour. Win the qualifiers and subsequently, all the World Tour events, and the trophy is yours.

  • Win all the X Games events.

    At the top left of the DiRT Tour map, there are 3 posters, with Europe, Asia and America X Games competitions. You will unlock them as you gain XP in the DiRT Tour. Just progress through the rounds of each event and eventually, win the events, to unlock this trophy. The 4 trophies X Games Europe Champ, X Games Asia Champ, X Games America Champ and Showboating will all unlock on the way to this one.

  • Win 5 Pro Tour races online.

    Becoming a little tricky with the thinning online, mainly due to players who are level 280+ and dominating constantly, or finding no opponents to play. Still, it would possibly come with time. This can be boosted if you and a partner enter a little used mode such as Ruckus and are paired up together, then trade wins. Just be sure to enter Pro Tour and not Jam Session where the wins won’t count.

  • Take part in four tournaments.

    Go ‘Outside’ and look at the News menu. Under tournaments it will state the requirements for this week’s tournament, usually setting a time on a track, or rolling over as many times as possible, something along those lines. Fulfill the requirements during an online or single player race (whilst being signed into DiRTNET) and at the end, a message will confirm your tournament entry. Usually, entry is purely accidental! There is one tournament a week so this trophy takes 4 weeks minimum to get. Do well and you will get XP, contributing towards Notorious.

  • Reach Online Fame Level 15.

    See Notorious.

  • Reach Online Fame Level 30.

    You gain Fame Points (FP, the equivalent of career-mode XP) by entering tournaments and competing in online races. Thankfully, level 30 is not too much of a grind and is pale in comparison to what some other racers have (level 280+). However it’s a bit frustrating with the dying online, so you may want to concentrate on the missions (Multiplayer > Online > My Stuff > Missions) and fulfil some requirements there for some more FP. For instance just doing 100 donuts will get you 4350 FP alone. Also, finishing higher in populated lobbies will help more than winning races against one other person. Just keep going and you will eventually achieve this.

  • Win a Pro Tour race online against 7 competitors.

    At the time of writing, a very frustrating trophy, but still doable. It’s getting harder simply due to the less popular online mode and the remaining players being generally badass; if you do get a full 8-man lobby, it’s a matter of avoiding the massive pile ups and being lucky getting some poor opposition. Alternatively, you can get a few friends together to boost this. Get a team of 8 in a single lobby to easily obtain it one at a time, if 8 people cannot be found, get a few people and join lobbies hoping to fill it up. Once 8 people fill the lobby, pick one guy to win, then the rest of the team focus on wrecking and taking out the randoms. A bit of teamwork and this trophy will be yours.

  • Play in every discipline online (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

    There are 8 disciplines you will have seen during career, this is how to find them online:

    Pro Tour > Time Bomb > Rally
    Pro Tour > Time Bomb > Trail Blazer
    Pro Tour > Skirmish > Landrush
    Pro Tour > Skirmish > Rally Cross
    Pro Tour > Skirmish > Raid
    Pro Tour > Ruckus > Last Man Standing
    Pro Tour > Ruckus > Domination
    Jam Session > Custom Join/Create > Gate Crasher

    Complete a race in each for the trophy. As crazy as it sounds, the lack of online players means that this may have to be boosted depending on your luck. Just get a partner and search at the same time to be paired up together.

  • Win 25 Rally races in the DiRT Tour.

    If you go for platinum, this trophy will come naturally. There are more than enough rally races spanning over most of the locations, simply win 25 rally races for the trophy.

  • Achieve a 'Cautious' impact rating in Multiplayer races (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

    Pick Skirmish races (so that damage is on) and stay behind the pack, being careful to avoid hitting any other racer or skidding off track and hitting the environment. Be careful not to go too slow so that the others catch up and smash you up, just stay at a reasonable pace, away from the pack. Do this for a few races, maybe 3 or 4, and your icon will turn green like the tile above, netting you the trophy.

  • Beat Dave Mirra in a Throwdown.

    See I like a Challenge if you are unsure how throwdowns work. You will have multiple opportunities to beat Dave Mirra, beat him once for the trophy.

  • Choose a ghost, download and beat it!

    Go to Dirt Tour, pick a location, and select Time Trial at the bottom where the throwdowns usually appear. Next, pick a track, then a ‘Time Trial Ghosts’ screen will appear, showing your personal best (if you have one) and the World Record. Select ‘Empty Slot’ and Leaderboard, and scroll all the way down to the bottom, where you will find the time in 20,000th place. Select this and if it looks beatable, then click ‘Select Ghost’. Now click continue. The game will download the ghosts, and you will race against them. You probably won’t beat the world record (well done if you do!), all you need to do is beat the time set by the guy in 20,000th place. If this time is too good repeat the process to find a ridiculously easy ghost, they are still out there.

  • Win a race using a custom vehicle setup.

    If you use the above method for Terminated! and win the race too, you will get this trophy, because tweaking the gear ratios is one of the customisations you can do. If you want to get this out of the way before then, make sure you turn car setup on in the pre-race menu, and when the car setup menu appears, change something quite small such as lowering the ride height one notch, win the race and the trophy will pop.

  • Win two team events with the same female team-mate.

    Team events will require you to pick a team mate before you start the race. Simply pick one of the two girls, either Katie or Jayde, win the race, and remember to do the same thing next time you encounter a team event.

  • Win X Games Europe.

    See X Games Champ!.

  • Win X Games Asia.

    See X Games Champ!.

  • Win X Games America.

    See X Games Champ!.

  • Bask in your success at X Games America.

    See X Games Champ!.


Secret trophies

  • You drove 100 miles (161 kilometres) without unlocking any other trophy.

    This could unlock naturally during the DiRT Tour as it did for me. Or, it could be the last one left apart from hitting level 30 online, during which it will almost certainly pop unless you hit level 30 before this trophy pops, in which case you must race 100 miles again as it will reset. My advice, don’t think about this trophy, there is a good chance it will come by accident. Online miles do count towards the trophy.

  • You've won the Colin McRae Challenge Event.

    The Colin McRae Challenge unlocks after winning all the X Games events. Complete this last challenge event for the trophy.

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