• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 45 (30, 11, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 100hrs+ (Personal opinion) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the PS4, Asia Vita and JP Vita versions of the game have their own list.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


Welcome to digital world! After 17 years, digital monsters are back and if you have already played Digimon World for the PS1, you will definitely feel yourself at home. Digimon World: Next Order, as a direct sequel of Digimon World 1, contains the same features of the first game with some innovations: New and old Digimons, new and old characters and a brand new world to explore. The idea of the game is almost the same: You will have 2 partners (instead of 1) and you need to make them stronger to fight epic enemies, recruit Digimons and try to save again the digital world. In terms of trophies, the game is pretty straightforward. You will get trophies by completing chapters, recruiting Digimons, Digivolving and completing some side-quests. There are no missable trophies, all areas can be revisited, no digimons are missable and if you know what to do and how to do it, you can get your Platinum without wasting too much time.

Before starting:
Before entering the digital world, it's good to have some information that will help you to not waste time on your platinum road:

- Digimon training: Digimons can be trained in two ways: by gym and by battles. The gym is really useful for early stages, until the stage of ultimate Digimon. After that, the stat increase will be very slow and your partners will die early. Battle will give you less stat but during a fight the time is stopped, giving you chance to increase your stats without caring about the in-game time. You can train the following stats:

  • PF: The life points of the digimon. At 0, the digimon will be KO.
  • PM: the magic points used to attack.
  • STR: the strength of your Digimon. The higher is the stat, the bigger he will hit.
  • RES: the resistance of your Digimon. The higher is the stat, the less he will take damage
  • WIS: wisdom is a stat that will define the PM needed to use an attack. The higher is the value, less PM are needed to use an attack.
  • SPD: speed indicates how often your Digimon will launch an attack.

- Stats carrying: after some time, your partners will die. They reborn with a percentage of your stats (it depends on your tamer skills), so every time a Digimon dies, it will reborn stronger. Also, the game is pretty kind: it will always give you the percentage of the maximum stat you got (for example, if your Digimon dies with 1000 ATK, it will reborn with 100 ATK. If it dies again with less than 1000 ATK, it will get again 100 ATK).

- Bound: Crucial for post-game and for some of the hardest battle, are the bonds between you and your partners and between themselves. If you have the bound at 100 with both partners and the Digifriend bound is also high, they can fuse into a powerful Digimon that will wipe out almost all your enemies so try to have the bound at maximum as long as you can.

- Digimon caring: The last thing to note, is that you have to take care of your partners. They need to eat, to poop (Megas don't poop), to sleep and to rest if they are too tired. They can also get ill, take injuries and sometimes they need to be scolded.


Now, you are ready to get into the game.

Step 1: Play the game

As I said before, the game is pretty straightforward. At the end of the story, you will have full access to all areas and Digimons so play it normally without caring too much about Digivolutions and other stuff. Start it on easy, as the stats increase is higher than normal and you will need less time for training. There are 4 chapters in which you will switch between recruiting Digimons, training your partners and continue with the story. Also, during this step try to get as many materials as you can: This will help you in the post-game, because you will need less time to farm the cards. If you have any problem with a particular boss, just stock with plugins, healing items or try to use ExE. There are no particular strategies for bosses, just try to have high stats every time you need to face one and remember there are no Game Overs so don't worry about it.

At the end of this step, you will get:

First Contribution!
Figured It Out!
Hang in There...
Signs of Improvement!
Trainer Debut!
Strategic Retreat!
Started Fishing
First Acquisition!
First Ingredient!
Rookie Tamer!
Capable Tamer!
Hardcore Attacker!
Chapter One Cleared!
Hunter King!
First-Class Tamer!
Town Revitalized!
Legendary Tamer!
Rookie with Promise!
First Camp!
Chapter Two Cleared!
Chapter Three Cleared!
Good Friend!
Best Friend!
Town Expanded!
Digimon Researcher!
Chapter Four Cleared!
Battle Maniac!
Heavy Attacker!
Master of Rebirth!

Step 2: Post-Game

Once you cleared the main game, it’s time to move on post-game. New Digimons will appear on old areas and almost all of them want to fight you. Recruiting them will grant you access to post-game dungeons, needed to get Ruler of Other Worlds! Try to get 2 megas with around 6,000/7,000 on ATK and DEF, 4,000 for SPD and 40,000 for PM/PF. With those stats, you will be more or less ready to fight all the new Digimons and almost all the colosseum battles, some of them even without the ExE. To obtain such high stats, you have to switch between training on the gym, eat Seraphimon "paradise fruit basket" and fight powerful Digimons like the ones in Infinite Cauldron.

Also, try to always have one generation of delay between your partners because this will improve the training at the gym thanks to the roulette. I suggest to start farming bits as soon as possible: every time you find yourself stuck (for example, you used your daily ExE and cannot fight other Digimons), go and farm bits with Black WereGarurumon. This will help you later, because to obtain some partners on your way to get Professor of Digimon! you will need to spend money on the restaurant and on the dojo to adjust some of the stats like weight and discipline and if you still have to get the Zillionaire! trophy, you will found yourself in a situation where you need to spend money but you will need them for the trophy. Once you get almost all the other trophies, you can focus on the last colosseum battle (the S rank), the Digivolutions and materials spot to farm the cards.

At the end of this step you will get:

Armageddemon Defeated!
First DNA!
First-Class Creator!
King of the Colosseum!
Ruler of Other Worlds!
Card Master!
Professor of Digimon!
Supreme Tamer!
Digimon World Conqueror!

[PST Would Like To Thank Mordred87 for this Roadmap]

Digimon World: Next Order Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
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45 trophies ( 11  30  12  )

  • Acquired all trophies

    Simply acquire all the other trophies to get this Platinum.

  • Prosperity at level 1

    See Revivalist!

  • Prosperity at level 50

    See Revivalist!

  • Prosperity at level 100

    See Revivalist!

  • Acquired over 100,000 bits

    See Zillionaire!

  • Acquired over 1,000,000 bits

    Bits are the value of the game and they are not so easy to farm until post-game. There are some Digimons that will give you many bits, like Black Weregarurumon in "Bony Resort Night Church" (up to 10,800 bits if you have all the tamer skill for the bits) but maybe the best way to farm bits is by fishing and selling fish. In MOD Cape there is a fishing area in which you can get some nice fish like Digiarowana that can be sell for 2,000 bits each. I suggest not to focus on this trophy until post-game, since you will fight so many enemies that will give you huge amount of bits and items and they can be fought over and over inside the 6 dimensions on Dimensional District. There is a trick to not waste bits for buying healing items: when you are going to face a boss, save the game before the fight. If you lose using too many healing items, just exit from the game and restart it, then you will be back before the battle, with all your healing items so you can either try again or save the battle for later.

  • Finished a battle with no damage

    This is pretty straightforward and you will get it without trying. If you have any trouble getting this, just try to fight weak digimons with strong partner. They will wipe out the enemy in one hit without getting hurt.

  • Inflicted 1,000 damage in one attack

    See Heavy Attacker!

  • First king-sized foe defeated

    You will find some big size Digimon during your quest. They seem to appear randomly but they appear pretty easily. Here is a list of the Digimon I found during my journey:

    - Numemon: High Plains, near the entrance to power plant #2
    - PlatinumSukamon: Logic Volcano, fire circuit
    - Botamon: MOD Cape, MOD flag Ship, after the Captain's Cabin
    - Toy Agumon: Bony Resort, bottom area
    - Red Vegiemon: Ohguino Wasteland, near the Carnivorous Camp

  • First training mistake

    It's not really clear what this trophy wants you to do. I got it during a training session in which I forgot to take my Digimon to poop and he popped inside the gym so maybe you just need to do something that will make your Digimon unhappy or something like this.

  • First Colosseum victory

    See King Of Colosseum!

  • First Tamer level

    See Supreme Tamer!

  • First Partner Digimon reborn as DigiEgg

    See Master Of Rebirth!

  • First camp

    When you recruit Greymon, he will give you the possibility to camp on a tent during your journey. During your camping, you can rest for 1 hour, sleep or cook if you have the ability to do it. The tents have limited use and if you sleep (not rest) it will become unusable until you go back to Greymon and ask him to repair it. You can find him in the Item Shop, in Floatia Business District. There are many types of tents, depending on how high is the level of your Item shop. Just camp for the first time and you will unlock it.

  • First training

    Once you recruit Wormon, he will give you a fishing rod. You can see the fishing areas on the map by pressing start: there will be a fish indicating that you can fish in that spot. Unlike Digimon World (PS1), fishing here is easier - just throw the rod and wait until a "!" appears, then press and you will get your fish. There will be many baits to use that you can unlock by recruiting Digimon.

  • First time fleeing from a fight

    Self explanatory. Press , then select "run".

  • First fish caught

    Once you recruit Wormon, he will give you a fishing rod. You can see the fishing areas on the map by pressing start: there will be a fish indicating that you can fish in that spot. Unlike Digimon World (PS1), fishing here is easier - just throw the rod and wait until a "!" appears, then press and you will get your fish. There will be many baits to use that you can unlock by recruiting Digimon.

  • First materials acquired

    During your explorations, you will see many strange circles of different colours. They are material farming spots and there you will find many kind of materials needed to improve your town:

    - Green for wood materials
    - Blue for water materials
    - Red for stone materials
    - Yellow for metal materials

    In those spots, you can also find "Old Digimon Cards" needed for Card Master! trophy so try to farm as many materials as you can from the start of the game. Increasing your tamer skills, you can get also many rare materials.

  • First food ingredient item picked up

    You will find many ingredients in your journey, just pick one of them to get the trophy. These can be used as food or as ingredients on the tent. Some of them will be needed to recruit Digimons but none of them are hard to find.

  • First Digivolution to Rookie

    See Legendary Tamer!

  • First Digivolution to Champion

    See Legendary Tamer!

  • First Digivolution to Ultimate

    See Legendary Tamer!

  • First Digivolution to Mega

    To Digivolve your Digimon, you need to make him stronger. Every Digimon has a Digivolution path that you can try to follow by increasing some stats. Scolding or praising your partners will show you the amount of stat you need. Once you recruit GrapLeomon and improve the Dojo at level 2 (you can find the Dojo in the Research District in Floatia), you can also block the Digivolution paths you don't want to follow so you can guide your Digivolution as you like. Reaching Megas is hard in first stages but once your partners grew stronger, you can reach Megas without problems. The secret is to stop training in the gym when you get your ultimate Digimon or when the stat increase is very low. This is the right time to go out and fight Digimon on the field, giving you less stats per fight but granting you a huge boost of stats in the long period if you find the right Digimon to fight. Fights will not consume your time in Digimon World and you will gain up to 24 for almost every stat. This means that with 5 fights, you can get more than 100 boost for each stats VS the 70/80 per stat you can get in the gym for 1 hour.

    Also, training too much at the gym will reduce the lifespan of your partners, making almost impossible to reach the mega Digivolution. There are also Digivolution items that you can use to Digievolve your partner but try to not use them until the end (see Professor of Digimon!). The best Digimons to fight for stat improvement are (in my opinion):

    - Psychemon (Server Desert - StepStep/Tower Road)
    - Agumon (black) (MOD Cape - MOD Ship 1.0)
    - Garurumon (black) (Server Desert - StepStep)
    - Seadramon (MOD Cape - Inlet Cape)
    - Saberdramon (MOD Cape - MOD Ship 2.0)
    - Seadramon (MOD Cape - MOD Ship 3.0)
    - WarGrowlmon (orange) (Faulty Ex Machina - East Coast/Control Island)
    - WereGarurumon (black) (Bony Resort - Night Church)
    - PlatinumNumemon (Infinite Cauldron - Layer 05)
    - MetalSeadramon (Absolute Zero - Concealed Gorge)

    Just switch between them until you find the right one to fight, it all depends on your game style and your stats.

  • Partner reached age 20

    Once you master the mechanics about Digivolutions, Digimon caring and acquired the right tamer skills, you can reach age 20 without even try to do it. There are also some items that can improve the lifespan of your partners, like "rotten melon", some digifood on the restaurant and in post-game dungeons, if you recruited him, you can find Crusadermon that can improve your lifespan.

  • Maximum value for Bond

    This trophy refers to the bond between you and your partners. You can improve this bond by scolding or praising your partner. With appropriate tamer skills, you will increase the bond also when you feed your partners or send them to poop. My suggestion is to try to focus on this as soon as possible, because high bonds will permits you to get Extra Cross Evolution (ExE) early in the game. To ExE your partners, both bonds must be at 100 and the digifriend must be high. To use ExE, one of your partners must be mega and the other should be at least Champion. You can only use ExE once per day but sometimes your partners can fuse if both go KO during a fight.

  • Raised 50 types of Digimon

    See Professor Of Digimon!

  • First DNA Digivolution

    Once you recruit Paildramon, he will grant you access to DNA Digievolution inside the Dojo on Research District. I really didn't understand how the DNA Digivolution works, it's something similar to the ExE but I never found 2 partners that can Digivolve like this. Luckily, when you take the Dojo at level 3 (Max), you can DNA Digivolve one of your partners with one of the Digimons you recruited in town. This means that you can DNA Digivolve almost all your partners. Don't focus on this, just wait until you get your Level 3 dojo.

  • Maxed out grades on all facilities as builder

    You need to max out all the facilities in the city. You can max all the facilities in the Builder, in the central district of Floatia. To do this, you need a huge amount of materials farmed in the colored spot. Upgrading them, will grant you access to new features of that building. Some buildings are maxed out at level 3, others at level 5. You can farm the rarest materials on the 6 dimensions on the Dimension District. Also, pressing in the upgrading menu inside the builder, you can see the amount of materials you have and where to find them.

  • Won all Colosseum competitions

    Once you recruit Gaomon, he will open the colosseum in the Entertainment district. Colosseum battles are very similar to the normal battles, you can use items and ExE your partners but you will have a time-cap to take into account. The battles are not very hard if you have strong partners. There are 70 battles and 6 ranks, starting from E to rank S. Some of those battles have pre-requisites to access (for example: You must have champion partners, or fire-type partners), while other can have some rules (for example, you can't use object or you can't give orders to your partners). For the element's pre-requisites, you just need to have one of your partners with the pre-requisites (for example: If you need to have fire-type partner, you just need that one of the two is fire-type. This is, however, not true for the pre-requisites of Digivolution level: both partners must be on the level needed to join the fight). Also, you will start the fight at full health so there is no need to heal before the fights. You won't receive any stats boost, bits or item, you will just receive the value used in the Entertainment District so you can't use the colosseum for farming bits or stats. Also, the battles won't count to the 300 needed for the Battle Maniac! trophy.

    The only battle that will give you hard time and that need some preparation, will be the first of the S rank. You will need Rookies and you will fight very powerful enemies that will wipe out your partners in second. There is a strategy to do this: Train 2 Lucemon with high stats (around 5,000 for strength and Defense, mine were at 7000 on ATK, 5,000 RES and 4,000 SPD, with PF and PM around 20,000) and use their powerful attacks. To get 5000 stats, I suggest to switch between Gym, fights and eating on the restaurant (Seraphimon "paradise fruit basket" will increase all your stats by 50). To help you planning well the battles, I will list now the "special" battles:

    - E-rank Battles (10 battles): There are fairly easy battles. The 6th and the 7th fight will ask you to use Champions partners. As I said before, you need both partners as champions (or less). With good stats, you shouldn't have any problems with them.

    - D-rank Battles (10 battles): The first 2 battles will ask you to use Ultimate partners, the 3rd will ask you one partner with Combat propriety, the 6th will ask you one partner with fire propriety and the 10th and last battle will give you the rules to not use items. Again, there is no need to give you a strategy for this, as all depends on your playstyle, just remember to clear off those battles as soon as you have the Digimons needed.

    - C-rank Battles (10 battles): The 3rd battle will stop you from using orders, the 7th will ask you to use Mechanical Digimons, the 8th will ask you to use Ultimate partners, the 9th will ask you to use Ice-type partners.

    - B-rank Battles (10 battles): The 3rd battle will ask you to use a Dark-type partner, the 4th battle will prevent you to use items (you will fight Rikka and Yukimura, they are strong and you can't use plugins, this is a battle in which your ExE will be your winning card), the 10th will again prevent you to use items.

    - A-rank Battles (10 battles): The 1st will prevent you to use orders, the 9th will ask you to use Ultimate partners, the 10th will ask you to use a Dirt-type partner.

    - S-rank Battles (20 battles): This is the hardest one yet. The 1st one will ask you to use Rookies (I already told you the strategy for this), the 2nd will prevent you to use orders, the 4th will ask you to use Holy-type partners, the 8th will ask you to use Air-type partner, the 18th will prevent you from using items. Also, 13th and 14th battles, will give you hard times because of the state-changes that the enemies can use against you, slowing down your partners and not letting you defeat them in the time cap.

    I recommend buying many items that can heal the status of your partners so you won't lose time during the battle. Those S-rank battles are the hardest, because you need really strong partners. I left those battles for last and used partners with around 8,000/9,000 for ATK and 7,000/8,000 for RES. With these high stats, I finished all the battles using ExE only 2 or 3 times so I think it's possible to clear them with less stats but the process will be slower, as you can fight one battle per day. It's up to you, if you love train partners and getting full stats, train and try to have powerful partners, if you are a bit lazy like me, try to get the right level of stats to finish this.

  • All skills for Partner Digimon at 1,000

    Pretty straightforward. Just boost your stats to 1,000, either in the gym or by winning battles.

  • Inflicted 9,999 damage in one attack

    You can do this once your Digimon is stronger. Just increase your attack, use powerful skills and fight weak enemies.

  • Completed DigiCards

    There are 540 DigiCards and they are random drops from the materials spots. Once you recruit Myotismon, you gain access to them and you can see how many you got. You'll find him in the Entertainment District in Floatia. This trophy is completely random and it will be probably one of the last you get. My only suggestion is to find a "farming road" that will allow you to get many materials spot spending little time. Mine started from MOD Cape, going back to High Plains. Remember that if you don't have any space for materials, you can use the tent.

  • Partner reborn as DigiEgg 20 times

    You will get this without any problems, because partners die and rebirth all the time.


Secret trophies

  • Cleared Chapter One

    Story-Related, cannot be missed

    Chapter 1 ends in the desert. You will fight a strong Digimon, that gave me many problems. However, with high stats (around 10K HP, 1,000ATK/STR), you should have no problems. Also, stock up on healing items.

  • Cleared Chapter Two

    Story-Related, cannot be missed

    In Chapter 2 you will face 3 bosses. Try to have around 3,000 per stats and you should be ok.

  • Cleared Chapter Three

    Story-Related, cannot be missed

    Abuse the ExE every time you find yourself in a bad fight. Try to have your stats around 3,000/5,000.

  • Defeated Armageddemon

    Armageddemon is the first and only post-game boss. You will find him as a Keromon (his first form) and you will fight him three times before he becomes Armageddemon. He is strong but with good partners and with ExE, you will defeat all his forms without any problems. You will find him in Infinite Cauldron, following the instructions in one of your digi-mails and then, for last battle, you will fight him in the dimensional passage in the city. For the last battle, you will have a time cap depending on how much you have upgraded the Dimensional Passage but it will not be a problem with good partners. Defeat him and you will get the trophy.

  • Maximum value for DigiFriend

    Just like the bonds, DigiFriend is something really useful for ExE. You can get it to 100 thanks to tamer skills and by sleeping or eating in the restaurant (you can find the restaurant in the Business district of Floatia).

  • Won 300 battles

    This is pretty straightforward. Keep fighting and winning battles but the colosseum battles don't count towards this trophy.

  • Raised 100 types of Digimon

    See Professor Of Digimon!

  • Cleared all extra dungeons

    Extra dungeons will appear in the Dimensional District once you beat the post-game and recruit Devimon from infinite cauldron (he is a mid-boss). You will get 6 of them. They are small areas with time limit and powerful Digimons to fight. At the end of each Dungeons, you will find one of the Digimons you recruited from post-game. To grant access to any of these areas, you need to recruit the right Digimons. Talk to Devimon and he will tell you when a new area is available. Again, with strong partners and a good ExE, you can clear the dungeons without any problems. Specially in some dungeons where you need to fight more than 1 boss, try to use your luck by let the first boss kill you and hope that your partner will get an extra ExE. Take note that you must clear Dimension M two times, because when you defeat Armageddomon for the first time, it won't count for the trophy. Also note that you can't save inside this dungeons.

  • Cleared Chapter Four

    Story-Related, cannot be missed

    The hardest part of Chapter 4 is the fight before the last boss. Stats around 6,000 will permits you to reach the end of the game but stock defense and attack plugins to make things easier. Also, remember to use ExE!

  • Raised 200 types of Digimon

    This is one of your last trophies and even if it seems hard, it will be a breeze once you block Digivolution paths and didn't waste any of the Digievolution items you will find during your journey. Under the voice "Guide" in the pause menu, you can see how many Digimons you have raised. Take note that, even if you can see the image of a Digimon in the guide, he doesn't count for the 200. You need to have him as a partner for it to count. Also, when you need to choose a new egg, press triangle to see the Digivolution path and choose the one you need more. Also, you will know if you already raised a Digimon or not by looking at his 8-bit figures: if you have it, it means you have already raised that Digimon so you can block that Digivolution path and focus on the ones you need. As I suggested in the Roadmap, try to focus on this trophy after you have Zillionaire! I often found myself in need to spend money to adjust some of their stats like the weight or the Discipline.

  • Maxed out Tamer level

    When you go out walking, fighting enemies, finding rare materials and training partners, you will get Tamer Points. With these points you will gain tamer levels, granting you the possibility of learn tamer skills. Those skills are crucial for your adventures, as they allow you to do many things. You can choose the skills depending on what you are focusing: If you want to train your partners at the gym, you can improve their training abilities or if you want to start farming materials, you can improve your farming skills. It's up to your playing style but for this trophy, you just need to reach the maximum level, which is 50. When you recruit Datamon, he can reset your tamer skills so you can change them every time you need. Personal advice: when you start to boost Professor of Digimon!, remember to take care of them! I found myself in trouble because I was focusing only on the digivolution and I lost many tamer points because I never got them the food or took care of the bounds. Those things are still important because with the right Tamer Skill, feeding, pooping and improving the bounds, will grant you extra EXP points. If you need to farm EXP points at the end of the journey, there are 3 nice ways to do it. I don't know which one is the best, as they are all a bit long and boring but they will grant you nice amounts of points:

    - Ohguino Wasteland, Palace of Thorns: inside the palace, you will found 3 Woodmon and 6 Kabuterimon. Fighting them, will grant you a nice 405 EXP points per run. They are very easy to defeat with ATK and RES at around 6,000 and PM and PF at around 20,000. You can fight them for all the day, stopping only 1 or 2 times when your partners start to be tired.

    - Absolute Zero: on the Internet, I found a nice strategy: Go in absolute zero and start walking in circle for a full day. At the end of the day, rest on the tent or go back to the city and you will get up to 6000 EXP points for the walking per day. You can do this by using a rubber band and putting both levers in a way that will make your character to walk alone in circle. With this method, you can easily leave the game running while you do something else.

    - Dimensional Dungeon, Dungeon M: in memory 9 of the Dimension M, you will find several Infernomon. Defeating them, will grant you 500 EXP per battle, which is a good amount. The only problem of this method, is that you need very powerful partners, with more than 7,000 in ATK and DEF and more than 30,000 in PM and PF. Also, I never tested this method as I stopped to train partners.

    I can't say which of the three is the better one, as everything depends on your game style. A nice combination of the three will be the better way to farm EXP: if you have powerful partners but you have to wait for something, you can go and farm EXP in the dimensional dungeon. Also, if you already have completed almost everything on the game, you can just leave the game running on absolute zero. It's up to you.

  • Maxed out city's Prosperity

    To max out city's prosperity, you need to recruit Digimon around the world. Many of them are bosses that you must fight, others are just Digimon wondering in the digital world. To continue with the story, you need to reach certain prosperity so you will always be in search of Digimon. To recruit them is very easy - they will give you a quest to do and when you complete it, the Digimon will go in the city. Sometimes the quest is to find another Digimon, sometimes is to find an item, and sometimes is just a fight. There is no need to link a Guide for the Digimon, as you can check where the Digimon are by talking with Botamon in Jijimon's house: he will tell you where to find the Digimon. Also, when you talk with the Digimon you want to recruit, you will receive a Digi-Mail with all the information you need to recruit him. There are only 3 Digimon that needs particular attention, as they need certain items:

    - KaiserGreymon: In server tower (post-game). He will ask to you a Speed Chip, which is a rare item that will boost your speed by 100. Try to not use all of them when you get some. Also, when he will ask you to find MagnaGarurumon, you can find him in “Infinite Cauldron”. At the end of the quest, Susanoomon will appear and you will find him in the Hidden Red House on Logic Volcano.

    - MetalSeadramon: In MOD cape, MOD ship 2.0. He will appear if you have a Digisalmon in your inventory. You can find Digisalmon in the MOD Cape fishing spot. He will also give you the item needed to recruit PlatinumNumemon.

    - Darkdramon: In MOD cape, MOD ship 3.0. He will ask you a sparring partner with 3 different characteristics: first he will ask you a partner with good punching abilities, then a partner with a sword and at last a partner with a cape.

    There are 250 types of Digimon and I think is almost impossible to know which of them works for him so I will list the ones I used and the ones I found on the Internet.

    - Punch: For this, he accepted my Leomon and IceLeomon. Searching on the Internet, it seems that also BanchoLeomon, GrapLeomon, Angemon and Gargomon are accepted.

    - Sword: He accepted my BanchoLeomon. Again, from the Internet, it seems to accept MagnaAngemon, Omegamon, Jesmon and Gallantmon (CM)

    - Cape/Scarf: Again, he accepted my BanchoLeomon. Other Digimon that could work are Rosemon, Angewomon, MagnaAngemon, Omegamon and Jesmon

    At the end of the game, there will be a side-quest where you have to fight the game bosses (like Titamon and MetalEtemon) and they will join the city. There is no need for prosperity or for other trophies so it's up to you if you want to fight them or just ignore the side-quest.

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