Legendary Medal Collector Trophy in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

  • Legendary Medal Collector


    Collected all Digimon medals.

    How to unlock Legendary Medal Collector

    For best results, it's better to play on hard mode when hunting for medals to increase the item drop rates, along with a team of 3 BlackKingNumemon each equipped with 3 Large Capacity USBs for far better chances to obtain medal drops.

    Digimon medals are collectibles in this game, there are 500 medals in total. 300 of them are exclusive to 10 Gacha machines, capsule toy vending machines placed around the game. Each of the 10 gacha machines give 30 unique medals. Which medal you get from a gacha machine is completely random, some are even rare too. You can also get medals from battles. They drop from certain Digimon just like any regular item drop. The rest are obtained from shiny objects on the ground that can be picked up or from investigation cases.

    Investigation cases are cases where Digimon ask you to find their dropped/lost items. They reward you with a medal of the Digimon that issued you the case. To unlock investigation cases, you need to send a DigiFarm team on an investigation (the purple colored investigate option in the DigiFarm). This type of case can be repeated whenever needed. The case result you get depends on the farm rank, Digimon level categories and how many Detective's Essence farm goods are equipped. Another way to obtain medals is from the Offline Coliseum, there are a number of unique Digimon you can fight in there and each of them drops their medal.

    Best way to get all 30 medals from each gacha machine is to turn in all your medals to the medal old man NPC in Nakano Broadway 4F, make sure your medal tab in the items menu is empty, then keep using 1 gacha machine until your medal tab lists 30 medals. As long as you don't switch to another gacha or fight Digimon, you can tell if you got all 30 unique medals from a gacha by counting the medals you have on you. Repeat this with the other gacha machines.

    The 10 Gacha machines can be found in the following places:

    • Nakano Broadway 1F: Near the elevator.
    • Nakano Broadway 1F: Near the escalator.
    • Nakano Broadway 2F: In front of the card shop (unlocks later in the game).
    • Nakano Broadway 3F: Next to the stairs.
    • Shinjuku: Before the subway entrance (second map).
    • Shibuya 1: Outside Tower Records store (second map).
    • Shibuya 2: Inside Tower Records store (second map).
    • Akihabara 1: The blue Gacha machine in the upper main street, next to Sega store.
    • Akihabara 2: The red Gacha machine in the upper main street, next to the map exit.
    • Ueno: Outside the digital shift (second map).
    • Victory Uchida: The NPC with a V-shaped yellow hat.

    This trophy is not missable anymore, due to the addition of a New Game+ mode in the English version of the game (the Japanese version got patched soon after the English release to include this mode as well). However, if you do not want to play a second playthrough just for a single trophy, it's best to get the 10 missable medals from Victory Uchida (pictured above). He will reward you with items and/or medals each time you find him. You have to find this NPC across 14 chapters. Just go to his location at the beginning of each specified chapter and talk to him.

    Note: You can also get these 10 Digimon medals from the free Demon Lords DLC cases.

    Here is where you can find Victory Uchida:

    • Chapter 04/05: Shibuya, In front of Tower Records store. Available late chapter 04 until early chapter 05. Receive Ninja USB.
    • Chapter 06: Nakano Broadway 3F, northeast of the escalator. Receive Vigor Mushroom and Creepymon Medal.
    • Chapter 07: Kowloon Lv. 4, southwest side of the second map. Receive Researcher USB.
    • Chapter 08: Tokyo Metropolitan Office lobby, bottom left corner. Receive Mental Melon and Barbamon Medal.
    • Chapter 09: Nakano Broadway 3F, next to the stairs. Receive CAM USB.
    • Chapter 10: EDEN Free Area. Receive Power Pine and Lilithmon medal.
    • Chapter 11: Nakano Underpass. Receive Billionaire USB.
    • Chapter 13: Asakusa. Receive Aegis Apple and Leviamon medal.
    • Chapter 14: Central Hospital lobby. Receive Large Capacity USB.
    • Chapter 15: Nakano Broadway 3F. Receive Clever Carrot and Beelzemon medal.
    • Chapter 16: Shibuya, inside Tower Records store. Receive Panic Barrier DX.
    • Chapter 17: Akihabara. Receive Acceleration Banana, Belphemon SM medal and Belphemon RM medal.
    • Chapter 19: Shinjuku, shopping district area. Receive Tactician USB.
    • Chapter 20: Odaiba roof, the bottom right side. Receive Miracle Meat, Lucemon medal, Lucemon SM medal and Lucemon FM medal.

    Note that once you finish the story events in a chapter, it is highly likely that Victory Uchida will disappear, even if you're still in the specified chapter. So it's recommended to find him at the beginning of every listed chapter.

    Visit my guide for a list of all the 500 medals and their locations.

    This trophy and the trophies related to it unlock as soon as you obtain the specified Digimon medal number for each of them.

    If you're having trouble getting the Agumon medal, then see this thread by YenRou: LINK

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  • does anyone know what medals can be missed? im looking at guides but the only mention is of Uchiha NPC related medals that become available in most missions after chapter4-5 any confirmation?
  • none can be missed. trophies says ALL >.>
  • You can miss the ones from the Uchiha freak since the game doesn't tell you about him and if your not going off a guide like I was you can get all but whatever one's he gives up unless the DLC comes out what from what heard be just easier to do a NG+ since you keep what you already have then fight the DLC bosses
  • nickX5, well aware it says all, but most medals can be obtained after you miss them by returning to the areas where they are, BUT what i was inquiring is what medals can only be obtained at a certain time in the game then they are gone for ever, such as uchiha medals, if you dont talk to uchiha you cant obtain that particular medal and then have to NG+ or restart entirely
  • yes you don't talk to uchida in chapters 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, and 20 where he gives medals you miss them and need a NG+ to get them cause a new game would just wipe out all the medals you got already
  • There are also 30 Medals (from what i've seen in articles) per Medal machine.
  • Medal Guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/757436-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth/faqs/71778?page=6 , http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/757436-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth/faqs/71778?page=7 and http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/757436-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth/faqs/71778?page=8
  • Wow, getting this trophy is a needless grind. I pretty much spent 70 hours after I completed the game getting every medal that didn't come naturally through doing the story, picking up every medal that's found on the ground and doing the every non-farm sidequest which was only around 120 medals. What I did post story is go down every page and try to get any missing medals in order since I didn't touch any of the Gacha Machines and most of them do come from these machines. Since the drops are random, I ended up getting most of the other medals without trying too hard but getting the last few rare medal out of those machines is going to take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to get a specific rare medal depending on luck. Following Draken70's guide on GameFAQs will help you find missing me
  • Dear lord this is hard to do even with the guide. Thre is a way of spamming the fetch quests in order to get the last few... Simply have all the slots for the search quests open, then get your farms to research quests. Just before you check the board in the agency save first. If it then gives you a quest you want, continue, if not, reload and try looking again. Rinse and repeat until you have found / completed each. There are 2 medals you HAVE to get in this way...
  • The Veedramon medal was the last one I got. Needed New Game + to do it - just waited until I got to chapter 2 and unlicked Kowloon L2, then did the Research / Save Scum method. Got it first time. Plat got :)
  • I recommend not putting this off until you get to the end game, it'll just make the RNG a lot harder. At the very least, get the guest for Agumon (Black)'s Property as soon as you do the quest that takes you to Kowloon Lv. 3, at the start of Chapter 3. I had 5 farms full of Champion tier digimon Investigating, WITHOUT any farm goods. I was resetting for the quest for almost 4 hours after beating the game, but doing the same thing on NG+ I got it on the first try. NG+ itself doesn't affect the chances, just the fact that the Green Cases had a much smaller pool of locations to have quests for, so it was easier.
  • In case anyone is still missing the medal for BlackAgumon or MetalGreymon(Blue). This worked for me: Clear your board of helping tasks. Have at least 2 farms with each 10 digimon on ultimate level with the searcher ability(Patch can be bought in Eden) and no farm goods! Have them search for cases and save the game shortly before they're done then reload if the Case doesn't show up. BlackAgumon Case showed up twice and MetalGreymon (Blue) after less than 30 Minutes for me. Good luck everyone.

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