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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 21 (2, 10, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 1-2 hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 run on each of the game's 3 modes (plus cleanup)
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, certain trophies have to be done on specific difficulties - see guide for details

Devastator is a fast paced twin stick shooter from the same developers as Inferno 2. If you're looking for a short, but entertaining game, that won't hand you the plat, but at the same time won't overstay its welcome, this is a great pick up. Just don't expect a cake walk - this game will test your skills and the rarity is skewed by a small number of players who have done all the stacks.

The game is cross buy, so you get both the PS4 and PS5 versions, and there are 4 stacks - EU/NA/AS/JP - for 8 total potential plats. Read on for the most efficient way to approach this game.


Step 1: Complete Sector I on Standard (and Optionally Sector II and part of III for the 500,000 and 1,000,000 Score trophies)

Technically you can do Step 1-3 in any order. I would say Sector mode is the easiest and the best one to start with. You are faced with 11 very short waves. The goal of this mode is to clear all enemies as quickly as possible. There is only one phase of enemies in each wave, so most waves will only take 10-20 seconds to clear. You need to complete all 11 waves with no continues (you can die, but you can't run out of respawns - you will start with 3). This is quite easy in Standard, and in fact you probably can clear Sector 1 without a single respawn.

This is probably the best mode to get the 500,000 and 1,000,000 point trophies, as well as the S rank, but that is ultimately up to player preference. If you do want to cut down on your plat time, don't quit or let yourself die after completing Sector I, but instead keep playing - you will reach 500,000 midway through Sector II, and 1,000,000 not long after starting Sector IV.

Trophies earned in this Step - 2
Sector Master trophy_bronze.png 
Sector Devastated trophy_gold.png 

And Optionally - 2
Mega-Standard trophy_gold.png 
Veteran trophy_gold.png 

Step 2: Complete Cycle I on Standard

Cycle mode is simlar to Sector, except each phase has multiple waves of enemies. This is harder and longer than Sector, with a full run taking 10-15 minutes. You will need to complete this mode without running out of respawns. You will start with 5 so it is a bit more forgiving, but given the length of each phase, you will probably need a few respawns. Keep moving, and remember to collect the blue triangles that restore your shield every time you collect 4. Don't be afraid to use your blast either, it can really get you out of a jam.

Trophies earned in this Step - 2
Cycle Master trophy_bronze.png 
Cycle Devastated trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: Complete Quadrant Mode on Practice

This is, in my opinion, the hardest mode. You need to survive an infinite number of waves and enemies that keep spawning. You only have one life - you do have a shield so you can take one hit, but if you don't restore your shield the next hit will kill you and there are no respawns here. To clear the mode, you would need to last 3 minutes on Standard. This is difficult (but doable) if you are skilled enough. You can certainly try, but the game also allows you to play on Practice. While there are no scores and you won't earn a ranking, Practice only requires you to survive 1:30. This is very helpful for the Quadrants Devastated trophy_gold.png trophy - which is arguably the hardest trophy in the game if you want to do it on Standard. You will need to play a few more rounds of Quadrant to get the trophies for Quadrant Morphs, so clean those up in this Step as well since we won't be using this Mode otherwise for clean up

Trophies earned in this Step - 3
Morphology trophy_silver.png 
Quadrant Master trophy_silver.png 
Quadrants Devastated trophy_gold.png 

Step 4: Clean up

The rest of the list consists of miscellaneous trophies. Most of these come naturally and you will probably unlock some or most of them by the time you have completed Steps 1-3. Only two require specific attention.

You will need to reach a score of 500,000 on Elite difficulty. This can be done in any mode of your choosing. It really isn't that much harder than Standard. I would recommend doing it in Sector mode, but again you can do it in whichever mode you feel most comfortable.

You will also need 3 total C Ranks or higher (which likely will come after completing your runs in each mode) and at least 1 S Rank. The latter is arguably the hardest trophy. Theoretically if you have the skills you can do this in any mode, but the scores are really quite a challenge. By far the easiest is Sector mode. As long as you are quick and efficient, you should be able to do this with a little practice. The key is to try to run the mode without taking a single hit, as your score is double as long as you are shielded.

Refer to the trophy guide for details on earning any of the other miscellaneous trophies should you need help.

Trophies earned in this step - 12
Veteran trophy_gold.png 
Exterminator trophy_gold.png
Persistence trophy_gold.png 
Explosive trophy_silver.png 
Super Collector trophy_silver.png 
Interruption trophy_silver.png 
Maximizer trophy_silver.png 
Surprise trophy_silver.png
Overachiever trophy_silver.png 
Decathlete trophy_silver.png 
Centennial trophy_silver.png 


Devastator Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

21 trophies ( 10  2  )

  • Get all trophies

    As with all other games, this will unlock one you have all other trophies.
  • Get a 1,000,000 score

    Scoring is only available in Standard and Elite difficulties. You will earn scores for killing enemies, collecting power ups, and completing levels and waves quickly.  Additionally, all scores are doubled when you have your shield intact.

    1,000,000 can be done in any mode. A perfect run in Quadrants should do it, but is also the most difficult in my opinion.

    The easiest way to earn this, although slightly longer, is to play Sector mode through to Stage III. Scoring continues until you lose all your respawns. You should get about 350,000-400,000 each Stage, so 1,000,000 will come early in Stage III. Once you have more than 1,000,000 accumulated, let yourself die to end the run and the trophy will pop.

    See video below for my run

  • Get a High Score In Standard - 500,000

    See trophy_gold.pngVeteran. You may also pick this up naturally in one of the other modes. Do note that the trophy won't pop until you lose all your respawns and reach the summary screen.
  • Get a High Score In Elite - 500,000

    Scoring in Elite works the same as in Standard, but you do earn slightly more points on this harder difficulty. As you won't likely be playing Elite by default, you will need to devote a run in whichever mode you like best. For the easiest time I would recommend Sectors. You should be over 500,000 early into Sector II.

    See below for a video guide. As with the other score trophies, this won't pop until you are wiped out and reach the summary screen.

  • Destroy 1000 Viruses

    Probably the first trophy you will earn, as the game throws enemies at you furiously.
  • Get Destroyed 10 times

    Another trophy that you likely won't need to worry about. Every time you get hit without a shield you will die. Some modes allow you to respawn, but each death will add towards this total. If you have crazy skills, theoretically you could have every other trophy and still not have been killed 10 times. If that happens, fire up Cycle mode and let yourself die repeatedly. You get 5 respawns here, so the trophy will pop easily.
  • Use Blast 20 times

    Blast is a super wave of energy that destroys everything around you. You spawn with one Blast each life, but can earn more by collecting the small purple dots that drop when you kill enemies, or picking up the big purple dots that appear when you destroy the blue squares on levels. There is a purple bar that fills that will let you know how close you are to earning another Blast.

    You activate Blast with r2.png

    You should be using Blast to get out of jams, so this will probably come naturally, but you can farm it on any mode by spawning, using your Blast, dying and respawning. If you have to do this, chose Cycle mode on Practice as you have infinite respawns.
  • Collect 25 Shield Pods

    Shield pods are small blue triangles that move around the levels. Most levels have 2-4 shield pods when you spawn. You can collect these to recharge your shield if you have taken a hit. For every 4 that you collect, you can respawn one shield. There are boxes that light up that tell you how many pods you have towards your next shield.

    Again, this should come naturally as you play.
  • Collect 3 Interrupts

    Interrupts are rare power ups that appear on some levels. It is random, but these seem to appear most in longer modes like Cycle and Sector. They are large stationary diamonds (as picutred in the trophy tile). Touching one will freeze every enemy on screen. If you are following this guide, you will probably come across at least 3 as you play through Sector to earn the 1,000,000 on Standard and 500,000 on Elite trophies.
  • Max Out Turbo 5 times

    Turbo is a bit of an odd function in this game. Since you move with ls.png and shoot with rs.png, and most of the time you will be moving and shooting, you won't be using Turbo much. If you stop shooting (don't move rs.png), your Turbo bar will start to fill (noted in the Turbo bar on the bottom of the screen). After about 4 or 5 seconds with no shooting, Turbo will be full. Do this 5 times to earn the trophy.

    Again, this probably isn't something you will be using a lot - since the game throws so many enemies at you, you will almost alwasy be shooting - but you can farm this while you go through Cycle mode. Near the end of each level, once there are only a few enemies left, pause shooting and let the bar fill up. Rinse and repeat until you have the trophy.
  • Warp-Kill Viruses 5 times

    A few levels will have small flashing squares - these are warp points. Flying into them moves you to the other flashing square location. These aren't on all levels, but you will come across them often enough.

    If you warp and there are enemies at the square you are warping to, you will automatically kill them when you warp to it. They do have to be quite close to the square.

    There isn't a way to track this, and the trophy isn't for killing 5 enemies, but rather for killing 1 or more enemies 5 different times.

    You shouldn't have to go out of your way to grind this.  As long as you don't ignore the warps when you reach a level with them, this will come naturally. Note that warp points reactivate after you go through them, so you could farm this by warping back and forth on the same level.
  • Get C-Ranks Or Higher - Any Mode 3 times

    Every time you complete a mode, or get killed, you will get a ranking based on your score. Higher score means higher rank. Since you have to complete all 3 modes at least once, and you also have to do at least one Elite run, this should come naturally. If not, you can replay Sector I which is the quickest mode and should be easy to get at least an A rank.
  • Get An S-Rank - Any Mode

    This is probably the hardest trophy in the game. An S rank requires a very clean run. Ultimately you can do this in any mode, but personally I found Sector to be the easiest. Waves are very short and a full run only takes a couple of minutes. You earn more points for finishing the wave quickly, and your score is doubled if you are shielded. There really isn't much room for error here, so it may take a few runs for the elusive S rank. Note that I actually did this on my Elite run - it might actually be a bit easier on Elite, as you get more points, but the S rank target is the same. I have done it on Standard as well, but that will require a much more perfect run.

    See video guide below for my run.

  • Complete 25 Waves Or Phases

    Waves and Phases are found in each game mode. You will earn this naturally by the time you have finished Quadrant, Sector and Cycle modes.
  • Complete Cycle I

  • Complete Any Cycle - No Continues

    This is by far the longest mode. You will have to complete 11 waves, each of which has multiple phases of enemies. It is not overly difficult, and you will have a number of respawns available, but you still have to be careful. If you run out of respawns, you can continue from the wave you reached, but you won't earn this trophy (although you can get Cycle Devastated trophy_gold.png ). In this case, the bronze trophy is more difficult than the gold. For trophy purposes, you will need to complete all 11 waves without running out of respawns.

    See video guide below for my run.

  • Complete Any Sector - No Continues

    Sector mode is the easiest mode in the game. You will have to run through 11 very short waves. The goal is to clear these as quickly as possible for maximum score. You do have a few respawns, but should be able to clear a Sector without losing a life. As long as you complete all 11 waves without completely running out of respawns, you will get both this trophy and Sector Devastated trophy_gold.png .

    I would suggest using this mode for the score and ranking trophies. Please refer to those trophies for videos of Sector runs.
  • Complete Sector I

  • Trigger 50 Quadrant Morphs

    In Quadrant mode, Morphs are triggered by shooting the blue squares with a plus sign (see trophy icon) - this reveals a large purple dot. If you fligh into the dot, a section of the level with transform. These squares respawn constantly, and there are usually 4 on the screen at any given time. You will be able to perform multiple Morphs in each run of Quadrant, but probably will need a few games to get 50 total. This isn't tracked, but shouldn't take more than a handful of runs.

    Note also that you will need to do 10 Morphs in one run for Quadrant Master trophy_silver.png 
  • Trigger 10 Quadrant Morphs - One Game

  • System Clear - Quadrants

    Quadrants is probably the hardest mode in the game. You have one life, no respawns, and have to survive 3 minutes of infinite enemies. There is a way to cheese this though - if you play in Practice Mode, you only have to survive 1:30. You won't get a score or a ranking for Overachiever trophy_silver.png , but it's pretty painless to get those in other modes and it's best to cheese this for efficiency. See video below for both a Practice and Standard run.

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Devastator Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Devastator?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Devastator is 4/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Devastator?
    There are 21 offline trophies in Devastator.
  • How many online trophies are there in Devastator?
    There are 0 online trophies in Devastator.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Devastator?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Devastator is 1-2 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Devastator?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Devastator?
    There are no missable trophies in Devastator.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Devastator?
    Yes, certain trophies have to be done on specific difficulties - see guide for details.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Devastator?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Devastator.

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