The Harvester Trophy

  • The Harvester


    You convinced Detective Montag that neither Gunn nor Radko could be the murderer.


    After returning to Prague from Golem City, you’ll hear news of the murder of a reporter. This happens right after you’ve completed either Main Mission 11 or 12. Go to the crime scene in the south alleys near Adam’s Apartment (POI: Too Close to Home). This is the point of origin for SM10: The Harvester. You’ll need to prove the innocence of both Johnny Gunn and Radko Perry to Montag.

    Break through the tape to speak to Daria Myska and Detective Montag. Examine the crime scene for 7 pieces of evidences:

    • Needle
    • Bruises; and
    • Marks on the victim’s body
    • Augment pieces in the wall near the victim
    • ID card
    • Broken glasses
    • EMP fragment on the ground north of the body

    Speak with Montag and pick all options available to get leads on Johnny Gunn and Smolinski. Talk to the Scandalmonger to get a lead on Radko Perry. Talk to Daria and ask all the options available.

    • Talk to Johnny - Speak to him, then look for the Medical Referral Form to the right of his bed. This basically proves his innocence.
    • Talk to Radko - Radko will be on the defensive during the conversation. Enter his building and knockout the bodyguard inside and then hack the terminal on the left side of the bookshelf. Once you hacked that move the painting on the wall next to the terminal you just hacked. Behind the painting is a safe which is now open. Inside the safe is a Blackmail Photo. Hack and sneak into the basement of his office and examine the Bear Head on the wall, then hack the computer and choose “Negotiate, Bluff, Confirm” on the messenger.
    • Examine Smolinski’s Notes - Head to the Police Office in Northern Prague, hack the door and go downstairs. Examine the lockers to find “Harvester Copycat, Victim 4?”

    Go back to Detective Montag and choose “Complete Case, Exonerate Both, It’s a Copycat” once you’ve gathered all the above evidence. Trophy unlocks after the conversation.

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  • you dont have to talk to radko in order to get the trophy. just make sure you have all the facts then complete.

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