Elephant Dance Trophy in .detuned

  • Elephant Dance


    Dance with four elephants around the chair.

    How to unlock Elephant Dance

    Hold down and until they are fully changed, meaning you should have a red background and four elephant heads which are blue. Just rotate the right stick the complete way around so that all 4 elephants come out the chair and sit back down on it. Thanks to pasufarin for the tip.

    You might want to mention in the guide that the Elephant Dance trophy has to be obtained while in Carnival mode (not Elephant), that might be tripping up some people.

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  • Does this require engaging in Dance mode?
  • Nope! I hit one of the other modes up. They make mention of it in the trophy guide.
  • This one confused me for a bit...ended up mashing the shoulder buttons until I figured it out....this game is kind of creepy.
  • I just get 3 fucking elephants and it stays still what the flick...
  • It requires some patience, it's not easy to sit back properly. Thanks for the guide!

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