Gourmet Trophy in Deponia

  • Gourmet


    A true gourmet is not afraid to try something new!

    How to unlock Gourmet


    In the candy store at the beginning of Act III, there are three different candy machines with a total of five candies you must eat. When they are in your inventory, look at them and Rufus will eat them. They are as follows:

    • Anchovy on Stick
    • Neutral Cotton Candy
    • Calzone Cotton Candy
    • Phosphor Cotton Candy (make sure to get another one, as you'll need it for story progression)
    • Chewing Gum

    Once you've eaten all five items, the trophy will unlock.

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  • Glitched. The trophy will not pop-up if a candies will be eaten not through an inventory. Steps: - make a candy - open inventory by R2 - put a cursor on a candy and push Square button
  • Thanks for the tip about the inventory.

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