• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3-4/10 (100% Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 11 (6, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies:
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-2 hours (Estimated time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 5, one match for each Character type
  • Number of missable trophies: Essentially all of them, as each trophy has requirements that must be completed in a single run
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options
  • Do trophies stack?: There are no regional/system stacks for this game
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No codes
  • Additional peripherals required?: No



Deployment is an isometric, arena shooter. It can be played entirely offline against AI bots, although all trophies can also be earned in online MP.

There are 5 different types of Characters you can use in the game, and each features a different weapon style. There are also different optional augments you can add – a total of 2 can be applied before you start each match. The single biggest tip I can offer is to use these. They are all unlocked when you start the game, and make your journey to 100% much easier. You can experiment with different loadouts, but I found those that increased your weapon damage and health to be most helpful.

Trophies are relatively straightforward, with the majority requiring you to earn 10 kills in a match. Don't be fooled by the short completion times though, the AI can be a decent challenge, and you will need some luck for a couple of trickier trophies.

Overall a decent game if picked up on sale. Most players should be able to clear the list within a couple of hours of game play.


Step 1 – Tutorial

Play through the tutorial before jumping into the game. I does a decent job of explaining the game's mehanics, including how to capture Systems and use Boosts. These will be key to your success when you go up against the AI.

There are 2 trophies specifically linked to the tutorial as well – Hard Learner for dying during the tutorial, and Diehard for completing it without dying. You will earn one of these two upon completion of the tutorial. Feel free to replay it to earn the other, or come back to that later in cleanup.

Trophies earned in this Step – 1
Hard Learner

Step 2 – Play through matches against the AI using the 5 different classes

This is the meat of the game. Rotate through the different classes to earn the kill trophies. Your only objective here is to earn 10 kills during a match with each class.

Do not forget to add optional loadout augments before selecting your class. These are available from the start of the game, and significantly improve you kill power. I would recommend focusing on those augments that boost damage or health, but feel free to experiment with what works best for you.

Don't forget to activate System Nodes and collect Boosts during play. These will also assist you, and there are some associated trophies (see Step 3 for more details).

The kill trophies will pop as soon as you earn them, so you don't have to finish the match once you have the trophy you are going for.

Trophies earned in this Step – 5
Physics degree
Big Red Button

Step 3 – Clean up

At this point there are a few random trophies left to earn. You will need to earn the 2nd tutorial trophy (depends on if you died or aced the tutorial in Step 1), and you will need to finish a match earning 15 or more boosts, only 1 boost, capturing all systems, and capturing no systems while also winning the match.

The last trophy is by far the hardest, as no other trophy requirement needed you to win, but only to complete the match. I would recommend saving this for last, and using whichever class you feel most comfortable with.

Technically you could work towards all of these during Step 2, and you may unlock some of them naturally.

Trophies earned in this Step – 5
Don't need any of that to win
Booster pack
All your base are belong to us
Only one boost

Hard Learner
whichever you didn't get in Step 1.

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Deployment Trophy Guide

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11 trophies ( 3  )

  • Kill 10 enemies playing Gunner in one match

    See Bullseye!

  • Kill 10 enemies playing Laser in one match

    See Bullseye!

  • Kill 10 enemies playing Pyro in one match

    See Bullseye!

  • Kill 10 enemies playing Rocketeer in one match

    See Bullseye!

  • Kill 10 enemies playing Sniper in one match

    For the kills trophies, just rotate through the character classes and focus on kills. Remember to add the augments to your class before the match starts. They are all unlocked from the start of the game, and significantly boost your kill power. I preferred loadouts that deal more damage for these trophies as you need to focus on kills. It does not matter if you win the match, so don't be afraid to die. The AI is decent, but not brilliant.

    Boosts and Systems also help you, especially the System that damages enemies in the room with it. All kills count, even those that are attributed to the System.

    These trophies will pop during the match, as soon as you have your 10th kill.

  • Finish match collecting at least 15 boosts

    Boosts are random spawns that pop up in rooms during the match. For the purpose of this trophy, focus on moving between rooms and circling the map to collect these as they appear. Most matches have far more that 15 boosts that spawn. Again, in this case deaths don't matter, and your finishing position is irrelevant. You may earn this naturally while going through the kill trophies.

  • Capture all systems on level

    Similar to the Boost trophy, but this time focus on capturing systems. Capturing requires you to idle on the activation node while holding :L2: Typically the activation node is in a room adjacent to the System.

    Once Captured, the System stays under your control for a period of time. For this trophy, you will need to have Captured each System at least once during the match.

    You do NOT need to have all Systems activated simultaneously, and you don't need to worry about your ranking.

    Again, the best route is to circle around the rooms and Capture each available System. The trophy will pop during the match as soon as you have Captured each System at least once.

  • Finish match, collecting only one boost

    Almost the opposite of Booster Pack, for this you must finish the match collecting one, and only one, booster. Since your match rank doesn't matter, this is probably best done by grabbing one Boost, then idling and trying to avoid engaging/moving around until the match ends.

    While this could be done during regular play going for the kills, it would be annoying and will make earning 10 kills more difficult. I would suggest doing this on a dedicated run.

    This trophy will only pop during the match end screen.


Secret trophies

  • Win match without capturing systems

    Definitely the hardest trophy in the game. This needs you to win a match without Capturing any System. You can use Boosts, but not Systems. The difficulty is that you must also win the match. This means you need to be actively engaging the AI and killing them to rack up your score. While the AI isn't brilliant, you will need to perform fairly well to win with a top score.

    Unfortunately, earning top score without having the assistance of Systems is tough. This will probably take you a few tries. I would suggest leaving this for the end, and picking whichever class you feel most comfortable with. I have done a video below showing my run using the Laser class. The Life Steal Augment is quite helpful to keep you alive.

  • Do not die in tutorial

    This is moderately tricky the first time you play the game. As you are still learning the ropes, it is easy to get killed. Once you are more familiar with the mechanics, replay the tutorial (this can be done at any time from the main menu) and complete it without dying. I have done a video below to demonstrate this.

  • Die in tutorial

    Complete the tutorial having died at least once. Likely this will be the trophy you earn when you first play the tutorial as you won't yet have mastered the game. If not, replay it and let yourself die before completing it.

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