Rogue's Trophy Trophy in Demon's Souls

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  • I need help to raise my characters tendency
  • I have all weapons, all stones 99 in fact yes I duped them, souls and trophys except rings can give them if you give me friends ring SL is 282 Psn:XxBornAssassinx Europe
  • As of 2016 I can confirm the following: You can acquire this trophy with the combination of two different characters' ring acquisitions What I did was screwed up and didn't get Friend's Ring BEFORE getting the Foe's Ring. So, I started a second character, and the trophy popped up as soon as I got my friend's ring. So, you can have some rings in one character, and if you're lacking one that is hard to obtain like the Friend's Ring, you can start a new character, get it in that one and the trophy will pop. Note to mention that I did NOT delete my first character with the Foe's ring.
  • I lost the freaking foe's ring because I dodged right after the dialogue had finished. If I had waited for two more seconds, I would have got the platinum trophy. Now I'll have to finish this piece of crap one more time so I can try again on my third "new game +". Demon's Souls is really good but I think the lack of tracking is completely annoying. If only I could back up the save files...
  • #3, thanks a lot for making me waste my time. The only ring I am missing is the Foe's Ring. I started a new character from the scratch, killed everyone Mephistopheles asked, got the ring but no trophy popped up.

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