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  • It just feels so good when you've actually got it.
  • it really does i got it last year but only just signed up for and are trying to rack up the 10 posts :)
  • This trophy seemed almost impossible the 1st day I played it mainly because of the collecting and Tendencys
  • I got my platinum ^^ You ask someone which trophy in this game they find the hardest, there's only 3 ways they'll answer: Someone smart will immediately know that the platinum is the most difficult, considering it requires you to get all other trophies. Someone slow will think about which trophy they had the hardest time with, then remember that obviously, the platinum was the hardest to get. Someone stupid will think about which trophy they had the hardest time with, think of the platinum but continue pondering until they finally decide on one such as getting the best weapon by Bladestone (for example)...
  • @#4 And someone smarter would slap you because Platinum could be considered a "Bonus" trophy, and by asking which one is the hardest they always refer to an individual trophy which you had to work on and not Plating or 100% the trophy list.
  • Damn those Stones, but its done. I tought I was gonna need another playthru just to get a Pure Moonlightstone because on my 1st one the geckos didn't drop any and on this one I already killed one 2 out of 4 times and the one near the monk 1 out of 4 so I was running out of possibilities but it appeared at last during Pure Black. And the Pure Bladestone....
  • I wonder if I'm hard core enough for this
  • Need help need pure blade and moonlight have 90 of any other pures add me if you wanna trade i am 100% reliable i want this platinum alphaxenonmorph psnid
  • its really hard game to beat the plat ! the needing are very rare !
  • This trophy actually took me less then 100+ hours but the dreadful material grinding just made this trophy taste better when I heard that ding noise on my screen.
  • god this trophy felt so good poppin up. i stood up and yelled and ran around the room. "You have a heart of gold"
  • Finally...........I showed this game my strength and the strength of thine souls...
  • to anyone who platted this they should be praise im on my 3rd playthrough and still am not even relitivly close
  • Not that bad of a game to platinum really. Considering that I enjoyed every single minute of it. Though it did feel like a huge relief when I got it.
  • Got my platinum this morning after the game was sat on my shelf for 6 months at approx 50% trophy level. I hated how the world tendency system was NOT EXPLAINED by the game AT ALL, and also how the game is almost impossible to get 100% trophies without a guide or someone to just GIVE you the weapons/ring required (like who would even notice that a random ladder appears in a specific part of 5-1 but only if you have Pure White World Tendency?!). The trophies are open to cheating by players just sharing items online. that's what I hate. Overall, fun yet eventually repetitive game, especially considering multiple playthroughs are required to get everything legitimately.
  • The main problem I've been having with this game is picking the right class and spending my souls on the right stats. I've started over 3 times trying to get it right... I'm starting to think I'll never get platinum for this one. :(
  • And there's what people do wrong. You all go through the game over and over and over, all the demons get harder and harder to kill as you struggle to get stronger and then you wonder why getting Pure stones from them takes so long and becomes such a chore...You also try to do it TOO fast...I was at level 109 when I finished my very first playthrough, because I took the time to actually go through and kill stuff. And I did all the bosses (except Flame Lurker and the False King) on my own, so it took me a Hell of a long time to kill all those bosses. Take your time, stay in your first playthrough UNTIL you have all the pure stones you need. THEN go ahead and playthrough again if you need (which you will if you want all spells and miracles). And the ADORNTHESPIDER: there's no such thing as
  • I must say, this is one of the hardest Plat's I have gotten, Glad it is done
  • i was past level 100 before i beat false king. i changed through tendencies and got all the stones i needed..platinum on NG++
  • This is going to take foreverrrr
  • This has been by far the most fun and intriguing game i have ever been privileged enough to play. when i heard that ding of the platinum i immediately started screaming like a 5yr old in a haunted mansion by himself in the middle of the night. However the friendship ring was the last trophy i popped. simply because i had the hardest time ever getting white character tendency. i had 4 playthroughs with only that trophy to go.
  • First playthrough: Hardest game I've ever played. Not even trying for the plat. Second playthrough: Still hard. Why am I trying for the plat? Third playthrough: OK, got all the spells and miracles. Still need upgrades. Really wish I had planned my strategy better so I wouldn't have to beat the game again. Fourth playthrough: Got the Pure Bladestone! Screwed up on the Foe's Ring by attacking Patches in World 2-2 instead of waiting for him to appear in the Nexus. Had to beat the game again. I want that dang plat. Fifth playthrough: Realized I was beating entire worlds without returning to the Nexus. Got the Foe's Ring. 103 hours to plat. And I'd do it again too. Awesome game.
  • first DS plat with "the best" asian version, and now my 2nd with the american greatest hits... just couldnt turn this game away...
  • It literally took me 7 months cumulative to beat this game legitimately and without cheating.. ended at level 130+ and 5 new games+ but still worth every second. I wish that Dark Souls was as hard as this masterpiece. Perhaps beating and platting this game just made all the other games seem easy..
  • If this game is as good as Dark Souls, im going to have a fun time getting this.
  • Been playing this game on and off for like 2 years, and finally platinum'd it today.
  • 59 hours 58 minutes and a lot of screaming after the damn pure bladestone but its done. To anyone wanting a character build suggestion I went for mage makes second playthough way easier once you have firestorm and definitely do the pure white character tendency stuff first its a pain to kill 10 BP's to get back
  • 3 years, 2 corrupt game saves, and 1 system restore later and I've finally platinum'd this soulless game. Still wasn't the hardest platinum I've earned though.
  • I hate when people say this or Dark Souls aren't hard when they used a fucking guide through the entire thing...It's like saying the basketball match you just won was hard, when you sat on the bench the entire time...
  • I got the platinum on this if you need help on this I can boost this for you and give you all the rings and weapons and stuff. If you want you would half to be lvl 500. if you do add me on PSN. if you do then please tell me your from and tell me what game you want help with. PSN TheYawningPandaa
  • thank god for duplication glitches or this would take about 1000 grinding hours. Seriously i don't even feel guilty since the combat is the challenge part. Stone collection is just straight up grind.
  • The best way to platinum this game is by having a friend have the red ring and beat every level. So you can summon him for ever stage, when you summon him he will be a black phantom, then he can kill all the monster in your way especially in 5-1 5-2 etc where there is swamp and big trolls. Went through the whole game in hour and a half level 130.
  • question for you guys. can this game be platted in 24 hours give or take?
  • #33: Absolutely not. Not in a million years. Not if you didn't sleep or stop playing for the entire 24 hours. There's just too much outside of your control.
  • if anyone is willing to help me out be great. lost everything on ps3 had to start over. just would like help with getting all the stones from shards, chunks to pure. psn: Zero_crca
  • I'm ready for this one. starting from 25 September I'll start this game.
  • #35 - I have all of the chunks and pures duped if you're still in need of help. I'm SL 126 so make sure that yours is +/-20 levels of that. PSN: gtdann01
  • #32 - An hour and a half my a$$!! Even speed runners would struggle to beat that. There is no way a new player could do that, even with co-op. And there's no such object as a red ring. There's a red eye stone but he would have to have beaten the game already to get it and therefore would almost certainly be at a soul level much higher than you. The inbuilt mechanics of the game insist that your levels must be within 10% of each other otherwise you just won't see their red sign. So in short, stop horse sh!tt!ng us.
  • I have it!!, I have it!! At last i could get this trophy, watch out with the Friends Ring (the most dificult time consuming of all the trophies). I really love this game that i continue playing using other strategies.
  • Came back to demons souls years later after getting dark souls platinum and I can't remember why I ever liked this game. 100% of the difficulty lies in how many of the demons and monsters ignore rules that affect your character. Most of them you can't stun but if they look at you funny your guy takes 5 seconds to recover and if you hit a wall it interrupts your attacks. If they hit a wall, no big deal. Etc etc etc. glad I'm done with it, don't care to play it another second. Oh, and if you are just getting this game whatever you do make sure you tell the monumental "yes" when he asks you a question. Had to play NG++ because I clicked too fast one time in a game where 99% of the dialogue us meaningless.
  • I need someone to drop me a pure bladestone , a pure darkmoonstone and a moonlightstone . For return i can give you any other stone or i can help you in other games. Psn is the_surviver007 Version of the game europian
  • Got this only my old account and was planning on doing it again...but on second thought...
  • Just got the platinum. Probably the most satisfying one I've received so far, but the Pure Bladestone almost made me give up at 98%. I hate that thing with a passion now...
  • Someone want to help me with this getting the materials for my last achievements?
  • Need help with getting all the unique weapons.GT Messor Metus
  • Anybody willing to help get pure bladestone, pure hardmoonstone and a chunck of marrowstone? They're the last trophies I need for the platinum, and I've been grinding for them for hours now without any luck. I can help you in return with any of the special weapons and or any of the other materials.
  • My PSN is stardust12345678
  • Someone willing to help me? I need the weapon Bramd and the Friend's ring... I can give any stones. My SL is 356 and PSN is Bernardinhow
  • I need the friend ring and pure moonlight stone if anyone is willing to help psn ID is jmille95
  • I still have Demon's Souls if anyone needs help with pure stones or a loan of a weapon to plat the game. psn: gtdann01 My game is European version, can't remeber which SL.
  • By far one of the most annoying games i've played. But got trophy set and have to finish it (sigh).
  • I need help with 3 pure stones,bladestone, clearstone and darkmoonstone if anyone can help add me id:LooneyVas
  • I need help with pure bladestone. I don't mind grinding for the other pure stones but if you'd like to drop others that'll be fantastic! I have a platinum trophy for DS1, 2, 3 and bloodborne so thought i'd get this one ^_^ My SL is 100 but since I'm item duping i can meet any level requirement (obviously not below 100 lol). I'm playing the UK version PSN: My_FutureDream
  • I need help obtaining quite a few things. I need the following items to get a platinum: Stones: Pure Clearstone Pure Darkmoonstone Pure Bladestone Pure Greystone Pure MercuryStone Chunk & Pure Marrowstone Pure Moonlightstone Weapons: Blind Barmd Dark Silver Shield Demonbrandt Dragon Bone Smasher Istarelle Magic Sword 'Makoto' Phosphorescent Pole Soulbrandt Talisman of Beasts Rings: Clever Rat's Ring Dull Rat's ring Eternal Warrior's Ring Foe's Ring Friend's Ring Ring of Devout Prayer Ring of Herculean Strength Ring of Sincere Prayer Currently, my SL is 140. Any help is appreciated. PSN: TheMrFrick
  • Please help me I'm level 270 ish on eu servers, I'm in need of a few stones, I can help with anything to return the favour. Psn nickgt4185
  • Wow amazing game!! Just got my 3rd demons souls plat! First one was in 2010 the NA version. Just got the Japanese and European plats today!!! Loved every minute of it!
  • Hey all. I need the Pure Bladestone item for the Master Slasher's Trophy in order to get the platinum. Hope someone can help me out before the servers shut down in a few days. I have two characters, the soul level for my main is 217, my second is at 32. It doesn't matter which one you want to summon.
  • Platinum'd this game in the (NA) and (EU) version, and after all that complexity of character tendency and world tendency and the stone grinding (we all know the one I'm talking about) I can safely say this is my second favourite souls game; but damn if I don't hate that I love it so much.

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