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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 [Poll]
  • Offline trophies: 17 (2, 4, 10, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15 minutes [Poll]
  • Minimum number of playthroughs:
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A


Deep Space Rush is an arcade game where you travel through a level while avoiding obstacles and killing enemies. This game has a very short gameplay loop where coins you collected will be spent to improve your character and weapons. It is also a very short game with simple trophy requirements.


Step 1: Kill enemies and gather coins

You will need to kill 100 enemies. As you are picking up coins, use what you can to upgrade at least one item to max (heart item recommended).

Step 2: Rush through Zone Completions
After you've killed 100 enemies, you want to rush through Zones as quickly as possible while avoiding enemies. Having many health slots will help here.

Deep Space Rush Trophy Guide

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17 trophies ( 10  2  )

  • Get all other trophies

    All trophies are unlocked. Fun was had? Platinum is earned.
  • Buy anything on the store

    When you are in your ship, walk over to the little TV-looking object and buy something. You'll need to buy a Heart for Healer trophy_bronze.png and Max out an item for Super Spender trophy_gold.png  . The shop will also occasionally appear during a run.

    It is recommended that you first max out the Heart item, then the first weapon. The other weapons are random drops.

  • Buy a hear on the store

    When you visit the store select the Heart + item then select Buy to purchase an extra health slot.

  • Be killed by a monster

    Die. And you will die. A lot. But you only get one trophy for dying and it's this one.
  • Kill 10 Monsters in total

  • Kill 20 Monsters in total

  • Kill 30 Monsters in total

  • Kill 40 Monsters in total

  • Kill 50 Monsters in total

  • Complete 10 Zones in total

  • Complete 20 Zones in total

  • Complete 30 Zones in total

  • Complete 40 Zones in total

  • Complete 50 Zones in total

  • MAX an item on the store

    You need to buy a Heart item for Healer trophy_bronze.png and you are best off spending all of your coins on the Heart item until it is maxed out.
    Upgrade ItemCost
    Level 120 coins
    Level 240 coins
    Level 360 coins
    Level 480 coins
    Level 5100 coins
  • Kill 100 Monsters in total

    You need to kill a total of 100 Monsters across all of your runs. Monster refers to any enemy. This total is cumulative, so each run you have adds monster kills to your overall total toward the 100. You will encounter a few different enemy types:
    Yellow SlugsTypically falls from the ceiling and lands on your head. While it stays on your head, your movement controls are flipped - left is right and right is left.
    Green SlugsLeaves a slime trail. When stepped in, the slime makes you slow and unable to jump. When this slug is killed, it will explode and leave a larger area of slime.
    Silver SlugsHides in the ground (left side of image). Will briefly expose its electrified spine which will hurt you.
    It will emerge from the ground (right side of image) and explode, launching three projectiles - left, up, and right.
    Standard InfectedWill move toward you and sometimes jump over projectiles.
    Exploding InfectedWill run toward you and sometimes jump over projectiles. When it reaches you, it stops and explodes after a split second. The explosion can leave a hole that will kill you should you fall into it.
    Infested InfectedWill move toward you and sometimes jump over projectiles. When killed, it spawns more yellow slugs
  • Complete 100 Zones in total

    When going through each run, you are tasked with completing 100 Zones. Each Zone is denoted with a closing wall. When you pass through the Zone, the wall comes up and blocks any enemies from behind. After you have killed 100 Monsters required for Super Killing-Mahcine trophy_gold.png , you are best just trying to speed-run through each zone and ignore the monsters as much as possible. If you have already maxed out your hearts, you should be able to get through several zones on each run.

    Here is an example of completing a zone:

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