Deep Rock Galactic Trophies

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70 trophies ( 11  54  21  )


Secret trophies

  • Through skillfull maneuvering, you put a barrel in every seat in the Drop Pod. Well done?

  • You stuffed every single barrel on the Space Rig into the Drop Pod. Management weeps.

  • You kicked every barrel into the Launch Bay. You are why Mission Control drinks.

  • Successfully play 10 consecutive missions without kicking a single barrel on the Space Rig.

  • You've collected 5 mysterious alien artifacts. They are hot to the touch, and smells faintly of...tarmac?

  • You stayed in a mission for an hour or longer.

  • You've hosted and successfully completed 50 team missions from start to finish.

  • You've completed 10 Solo missions. Impressive.

  • You unlocked a new primary and secondary weapon for the same character.

  • You purchased a Mod in every tier for one of each upgradable item in the Equipment Terminal for the same character.

  • You purchased a Mod in every tier for Bosco.

  • You scored 1000 weakspot hits. Impressive.

  • You've completed 100 Solo missions. Most impressive.

DLC: Deep Dives

4 trophies

DLC: Missions

8 trophies

  • Fix 50 Mini M.U.L.E.s.

  • Participate in killing 40 Dreadnoughts.

  • Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within five minutes on Hazard Level 3 or higher.

  • Participate in killing two Dreadnoughts within 30 seconds on Hazard Level 3 or higher.

  • Kill 15 enemies while standing on the drilldozer with 3 other dwarves

  • Grind on a pipe for 120 seconds without stopping.

  • You took the most damage from a Dreadnought out of your whole team.


Secret trophies

  • You were the last dwarf standing, with no primary or secondary ammo left, just when a Dreadnought spawned. Some days you should just stay in bed...

DLC: Abyss Bar

8 trophies


Secret trophies

  • Rubbish goes in the bin, not the intricate machinery of the Barrel Hoop!

  • Sacrificed yourself to the Barrel Hoop while intoxicated.

  • You spent an hour or more shaking your money maker.

  • What a team player. You've paid for 25 rounds at the Abyss Bar.

  • You threw a toast to good music while in a full team.

  • Dat accuracy. You kicked ten barrels into the hoop without a single miss.

  • Play 25 songs on the jukebox. (songs must play to the end to count)

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