Refrain Trophy in Death end re;Quest

  • Refrain


    Collect 80 of the episodes.

    How to unlock Refrain


    There are 100 episodes in total, and you have to collect at least 80 of them. Most of the episodes are story related, but some of these are tied to endings and bad ends. Since there are 28 bad ends, you’ll need at least 8 bad ends to earn this, but I recommend getting as many bad ends as possible as they give out good prizes, and allow you to miss some episodes. Some episodes are tied to camp events, so camp in every chapter and talk to everyone. The episodes are tied to a system data file, so it’s not necessary to earn all endings/bad endings in one playthrough.

    This trophy doesn’t automatically unlock upon collecting 80 episodes. You have to view the Episode List to earn it. In a dungeon, press and then press to view the episodes.

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