• Estimated Trophy Difficulty Rating: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline Trophies: 51 (38 (B), 10 (S), 2 (G), 1 (P))
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Estimated Time To Platinum: 15-25 Hours (personal opinion) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Difficulty affect trophies? Yes, you have to complete the game on the hardest difficulty.
  • Glitched trophies? None
  • Missable Trophies? None, because you can use Chapter Select at anytime
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 but 2 are recommended
  • Do trophies stack? Yes, you can Plat this game on both the PS3 and PS4. Also, the difficulty trophies stack so you can get all of them by starting on the Hardest difficulty.
  • Cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats available.
Welcome to Deadpool, the merc with a mouth finally has his own game. You will be running and gunning with Deadpool as you take an action packed journey through the peaceful hell that is Deadpool's universe. The game itself is a rather linear, hack n' slash/shooter game with humorous dialogue and fun and simplistic combat. You will surely enjoy the game and the platinum itself is the icing on the cake. The plat isn't too hard but there are a few sections that can be a headache but with this Guide, nothing should be too hard for you to complete. What makes this Plat even more worthy to get, is the simple fact that the game has no collectible trophies so it should be an easy and relaxing experience and you won't need to stuff your face in the guide too much to know what to do. It's a very straightforward and fun Platinum.
Note: There is a rare problem with the PS4 version of the game that makes the frame rates drop constantly. If you happen to run into this problem, then resort to playing offline as that seems to be the only known fix.
Step 1: Complete the game on easy, gathering up all misc trophies and fully upgrading Deadpool
It's best to start on Easy for your first playthrough and get a feel for the game. most chapters have misc trophies tied into them. If you're so inclined, you can attempt these trophies the moment you reach them in a chapter or you can just come back later if you missed one or failed one. You may have to grind a little bit to get the DP Points required for the upgrades but it shouldn't be a long grind especially when cleaning up misc trophies. All in all, you will get most of the trophies in this step.
In this step you will earn:
(B) The first one's free!
(B) I'm expecting company
(B) The second one is also free...
(B) Makin' a game!
(S) In the lobby comboin' your dudes
(B) 49 in 5
(B) The house that bounces
(B) Catch me if you can
(B) Beer goggles
(B) No chance in heaven
(B) Let's try one more time
(B) Curious about cable
(B) Remarkably quiet
(B) Caribou's Shoe
(B) Social butterfly
(S) Silent and deadly
(B) Lady Deadpool-like
(B) Officially a Carny
(B) Diggin' in the crates
(B) ARRR-Rated
(B) Poulos-Vision
(B) Spawn more Deadpool-lords
(B) I can open doors!
(B) JR's Big Adventure
(B) Let's-a-Go!
(B) Suck it, Wolverine!
(B) It's a trap!
(B) A Sinister smush
(S) I am Deadpool
(G) So you've got some free time?
(B) Taco Savior
(S) Unbalanced
(B) Pull the grenade, throw the pin
(S) Drunk on power
(S) Be like Joe
(B) This game is rigged!
(B) Game On!
(B) Game Over!
(S) Patience is not a virtue
(B) You've been Cole-slaw-tered
(B) Only when he stops breathing
Step 2: Complete the game on Ultra-Violence difficulty
Now that you've gotten a lot of trophies from Step 1, it's time for serious business. You must complete the game on Ultra-Violence difficulty. Tips on how to get through this difficulty are in the guide but all in all this difficulty won't take that long. Especially now that you are familiar with the game. Again, the difficulty trophies stack so you will earn the trophy for completing the game on veteran upon completing your Ultra-Violent playthrough
In this step you will earn:
(B) No DP? No madness
(G) Know DP? Know madness
Step 3: Challenges
Challenges are played out in smaller versions of areas from the main game and the goal is to survive a certain amount of waves of enemies and get as many points as you can to earn yourself a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal. To get all the trophies for this mode, you will have to get Gold on 5 challenges and do a few other misc trophies in the mode as well. I advise doing the misc stuff first before going for Gold, see the guide for more info on the trophies:
In this step you will earn:
(S) Cole'd Blooded
(S) Shields up
(S) Gold rush
(P) Okay, you can sell the game now

Deadpool Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 10  38  9  )

  • Earn all other trophies

    You hacked and slashed your way to your Platinum so now enjoy it!
  • Get off your well-toned bottom

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    Shortly after the game starts, you will be asked to get out of your chair by pressing up on the left analogue stick and the trophy will pop moments after Deadpool stands up.
  • Make a thousand pancakes

    See Makin' A Game
  • Story Related, cannot be missed

    This trophy unlocks immediately after The first one's free!
  • Playing with Deadpool's junk

    Once you launch the game, you will be in Deadpool's apartment and are free to walk around to mess with the various items in his apartment. His apartment is super small and most of the things you can interact with aren't hard to find. To get the trophy, you have to interact with the following 14 things:

    - Play Music
    - Watch TV
    - Look at books (bookcase)
    - Play with Deadpool's dog "Doggystyle"
    - Cook 1,000 pancakes in kitchen (this will pop the I'm expecting company trophy)
    - Drink all the beer in the fridge
    - Sleep on the couch
    - Use the phone
    - Eat pizza
    - Examine weapon loadout
    - Blow up the "doll"
    - Use the computer
    - Use bathroom
    - Wash hands
  • Score a combo higher than 40 before they lock the elevators

    Chapter: Job One

    This is also right at the start of the game, you will go through a short tutorial and do a bit of platforming through the sewers, you will enter a lobby and here you will have to get a x40 combo on the enemies in the lobby. The best way to do this is to switch between using the Sais and your guns to build up a high combo, you should barely be able to get it from the initial few waves of enemies. This trophy shouldn't be too much trouble but if you're in need of help then here's a video by TheGrimHimself:
  • Get from the studio lobby to the boardroom without dying in 5 minutes

    Chapter: Job One

    This is in the same Chapter In the lobby comboin' your dudes and you can get it right after you leave the lobby and enter the studio room, once you do the timer starts and you have to quickly kill all the enemies in the area and make your way quickly up and to the boardroom area in under 5 minutes. The trophy itself really isn't hard at all, especially if you have Deadpool fully upgraded but if you need any help, then see this video by Deathmule:
  • Complete "Job One"

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    You will earn this at the very end of the Chapter, in the cutscene with the bouncy castle.
  • Defeat Arclight while taking no damage from her slam attacks

    Chapter: Taking A Chance
    This boss fight is super easy because Archlight doesn't have a lot of health, and the trophy is easier, because she doesn't use her slam attacks until the second part of the fight. When the fight begins a few enemies will come down, just kill them and then Archlight will drop down. Once the fight begins, attack her until she's at about 50 health, then she will slam down and the platform you are on begins to drop. Once she does this, you are on the second part of the fight and she will start doing the slam attacks. It is a good idea that you wait before going for this trophy until you have your pulse rifles upgraded fully. Once she slams down you can pull them out and kill her within seconds before she even has a chance to perform one slam attack. If you want to do it normally you can save your special attack and right when the second part of the fight begins you can use it on her to kill her instantly. If she happens to land a slam attack, you can teleport out of the way just as she lands. Now continue to shoot or attack her until you complete the fight. Once the fight ends, the trophy will unlock.
  • Use all three switches, defeat the two phasers, and chase after Vertigo within 60 seconds

    Chapter: Taking A Chance

    This trophy isn't as daunting as it may seem. All you really have to do is use the switches and kill the two phasers. This isn't that hard. You come to an area where you have to flip three switches to open a door. When the initial cutscene ends run to the left and head to the first switch at the bottom area, activate it, quickly jump back up. Go back to the top of the stairs and the two phasers will spawn so use your shotguns and quickly blast them to bits. Now go on up the right side and activate the switch at the top, jump back down and scurry along to the area you started at to unlock the final switch. Please note that the timer doesn't stop until you pass through the door after you open it so don't stop after opening the door, else the trophy won't pop. This should barely take under a minute if done right. Here's a video by TheGrimHimself:
  • Complete "Taking a Chance"

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    This is earned at the end of the Chapter, when you first see the X-Men.
  • Slap Wolverine a bunch of times

    Chapter: Genosha

    It's possible that you will get this naturally. The very start of the mission you will exit the crash site and you see Wolverine laying unconscious so walk up to him and the game will prompt you to slap him by pressing . Continue to slap him over and over and over until Deadpool runs out of insults and stands up. Once he does that, the trophy will pop.
  • Play WTF is Cable

    Chapter: Genosha

    It's possible that you will get this naturally as it is right after the part with Wolverine when you meet Cable. The game will prompt you to press to play "WTF is cable?", do so and the trophy will pop almost immediately afterwards.
  • Kill 4 enemies in the Tower Plaza with stealth kills

    Chapter: Genosha

    After meeting the "fangirl" you will go into the plaza area and have to go through a stealth section, that most normal players won't take as a stealth section and just start running and gunning like you spend 99% of this game doing anyway. The enemies in this game react instantly upon seeing you, so doing this by yourself is a bit hard, not impossible but certainly harder than normal. Use the video below by TheGrimHimself for help, as explaining the route would be harder than just watching the video itself. This trophy really isn't that hard but if you screw up, then just restart the checkpoint.
  • Complete "Genosha"

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    This trophy will after the sequence where you fly around in a Sentinel's shoe and kill a load of people.
  • Get through Toxic River without falling into or touching the water and taking damage

    Chapter: Landed In Prison

    For this trophy you have to get past the toxic waste without ever touching it. This took me a few tries as it can be a bit challenging but with some persistence it can be done. It's hard to give advice on how to properly do this as it is a bit luck based and quite self explanatory based on your luck getting across. Do note that at the very beginning part with the comic book text boxes, the game prompts you to jump on them, don't, as you can run to the left and skip the whole thing. Doing this will take away the risk of doing that part because the controls seem to just give out at that point, though do note that this glitch doesn't seem to be present on the PS4. You are welcome to try it if you want but I don't advise it. You can use this video by TheGrimHimself for reference:

    If you screw up, then quit the game/close the app via the button and reload it as doing this will put you back at the previous checkpoint without voiding the trophy.
  • Interact with all the ladies at the Shower Surprise Party room

    Chapter: Landed in prison
    This is a very straightforward trophy as there will be 8 different groups to interact with, the area is a large square so just walk around and talk to all the girls there then the trophy will unlock.
  • Get a stealth kill with every melee weapon in Sinister’s Lair without being detected

    Chapter: Landed in Prison
    There are three melee weapons in the game Sword, Sais and Hammer. When you enter the area with Sinister, you want to stealth kill three enemies that are there. When you exit the vents, there will be one enemy right in front of you looking away. Stealth kill him first with one of the weapons, then switch to another. Walk towards the entrance and you should see another enemy in the distance, he will eventually walk away from his area and towards a wall, when he does, he will be looking away from you and you can stealth kill him. Lastly, go to the steps and wait for the last enemy to walk to the right or left (depending on what step you are waiting at) and once he walks your way, he will look away from you and you can get the stealth kill on him as well and thus net you the trophy.
    Alternatively you can exploit this trophy by killing the first enemy with one of the melee weapons then get discovered on purpose, restart and kill the enemy again with another melee weapon. Do that 3 times, once with each weapon and the trophy will unlock.
  • Complete "Landed in Prison"

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    After the ending cutscene where you killed the fake Sinister and had a brawl, the trophy will pop.
  • Get a high score at the Carnival

    Chapter: Death, Baby
    You will come to a point where you have to go through a little mini-game where you shoot at various targets with a turret. This is pretty self explanatory but shoot the baddies, not the ladies. The high score is 5,480 by default and is pretty easy to beat so you may get this without even trying but do note that many of the areas have time limits (indicated by your rapidly depleting health) which will kill you if you don't complete them quickly enough.
  • Find 11 treasure chests in the darkness of the Tombs

    Chapter: Death, Baby

    There are only 11 chests to find in the tombs but the area is rather dark and very close quartered so the chests aren't too hard to find, though can be annoying due to how dark it is. You also have to follow Death, since she is your only source of light and the darkness will kill you if you spend too long without light. As a precaution, you can back up your save at this point if you happen to miss one or more of the chests, as there are no second chances with this trophy. Missing one, means having to redo the Chapter so backup your save beforehand to avoid that hassle. The locations are listed below, as well as a video by Maka91Productions if you happen to need it:

    1. To the right of the entrance before you walk in.
    2. Walk down the stairs from the entrance and go right, to find this one.
    3. Go down the stairs behind 2 and this one is in a corner.
    4. Up some stairs next to 3.
    5. With your back to 4 walk straight and you will reach this one.
    6. To the left of 5 down the stairs you will find it in a corner.
    7. After fighting the Phaser, walk up the stairs and this one is in the right corner.
    8. To the left of 7, this one is up some stairs.
    9. Right ahead of 8.
    10. There are stairs behind you from here, down on the left is this one.
    11. Up the stairs from 10.
  • Beat "Death, Baby" while wearing the pirate hat

    Chapter: Death, Baby
    Towards the end of the mission Death will give you a few colored paths to choose from, you have to go to each but you have to do the Yellow Path last so will have the Pirate Hat during the final sections of the Chapter.
  • Complete "Death, Baby"

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    You will earn this after you place all the statues on the monument at the end of the Chapter.
  • Collect all DP points and ammo in the bathroom

    Chapter: Road To Victory
    Pretty easy trophy, you will eventually come to a building with a bunch of enemies in it. When you reach the long hallway go down it and to your left is a bathroom with a few pickups in it. Pickup all 4 of the items in there and the trophy will unlock.
  • Shoot up the copier in the bridge offices

    Chapter: Road To Victory

    Shortly after the Spawn more Deadpool-lords trophy, after defeating the mini-boss, you will go through a door and into the upper level of an office building. In the far right corner on the ground floor of this building, you will find the copier in a cubical. Shoot it and the trophy will pop. See this video by Halfbread Jones if you are having problems finding this:
  • Complete the Breach in 10 seconds

    Chapter: Road To Victory

    You will come to a part where you breach a door. You will be able to move about inside as you shoot up the enemies inside. This can take some trial and error as you will need to learn where the enemies are to be able to complete the breach this fast. If you fail, then you can restart the checkpoint if you're sure you didn't get the trophy. Here's a video by Gameinfirmary:
  • Complete "The Road to Victory"

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    You will earn this after the corresponding cutscene where you are flying on a bike and waving to the X-Men.
  • Make it across the floating debris without falling

    Chapter: Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL

    For this trophy you will have to go from the very beginning of the level, to the boss fight but without falling off any of the floating platforms you run across. I personally never found this to be too hard but others may struggle. Just time your jumps properly, don't rush too much and you should be good to go with this one.
  • Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish without dying

    Another pretty straightforward trophy. Make sure you're playing on Easy for this one but I would still advise you be careful as falling can result in death and negate the trophy for you. If you need help with the boss fight, then see Know DP? Know Madness for more info.
  • Score a combo of 75 or more while fighting up the stairs at the "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!"

    Please Note: You want to do this trophy on Veteran or higher, as enemies die very quickly on Easy, which will make getting the required combo almost impossible.

    This took me about half an hour to get and required numerous retries. You will come to a spot midway into the level with a ton of enemies scattered around it, with lots of cascading steps. You want to use the Machine Guns for this one and the Sais (as I normally used anyway) clear out the left side of the steps first up to the top and then attack the enemies to your right, you can die easily by doing this. Make sure when you get to this section you have ammo and are prepared to be persistent as this trophy can take a while. Focus and do your best and in time you will get the trophy, it just takes a little determination.

    Now if you want this trophy ASAP, then there is an Easy way and a hard/regular way.

    As seen in the video below, you can play through the entire game and never upgrade the Sais then when you come to this section, you can get a 80+ combo on just one enemy (which may actually help with the Be Like Joe trophy). Alternatively, if you have the Sais upgraded, you can go to the upgrades menu and reset your upgrades to zero. Now play through the opening couple of Chapters again to be able to buy them back, then go to this chapter and get the trophy here easily. Do make sure that you back up your save beforehand, as you will lose all the progress towards your upgrades and will make you have to restart for the upgrade trophies (that is unless you already got them).

    Easy way (video by Frego Li):

    Hard/regular way (video by Playstation1World):
  • Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!"

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    You earn this trophy after killing Sinister in the final boss battle.
  • Complete "Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!" from start to finish using only swords and pistols

    Self explanatory. Only use the Swords and your Pistols to beat the chapter and you will earn the trophy but I strongly recommend doing this on Easy, else you will have a hard time surviving.
  • Complete the game on Veteran difficulty

    See Know DP? Know Madness
  • Complete the game on Ultra-Violence! difficulty

    Note: This difficulty is unlocked from the start if you are playing on PS4 so you can earn it on your first playthrough instead of doing two.

    Ultra-Violence! Difficulty is the hardest one in the game and is unlocked after completing the game once normally. For the most part it's pretty easy especially after your first playthrough (if you did one), you will know the layouts of the maps better and how the enemies act and move. Overall there may be a few tough sections but it isn't that bad, most the boss fights aren't that bad either with some trial and error, nothing should cause too much trouble, except until the final boss.

    Even on Easy, the difficulty on the final boss spikes so hard that it can truly be a nightmare on this difficulty, you have to defeat each of the previous bosses again, Sinister and several of his clones. This took me a good few hours to complete and may take you the same. You really need to focus to complete this.

    Tips for the last boss:

    - Conserve ammo, going empty is the last thing you want, use the pulse rifle!
    - Play smart, don't get too ahead of yourself
    - Use your special attacks
    - Try to use weapons you have fully upgraded!
    - Don't use Melee attacks on the final boss as he will more than likely kill you if you try, thus only sparingly use your Melee specials. See the tip below, courtesy of Terminator, for more info:

    Melee attacks of any kind are borderline suicide against the final boss (even on Easy) as there's a 95% chance that he will use his Choke and Throw attack on you, which will decimate your health when it hits and leave you open to a cheap death. I found the safest method was to use Flashbang Grenades then shoot him from a distance. All the ammo drops will respawn in time so you don't have to worry about running out of ammo, at least not for very long.

    Here's a video by Vinster K of the final boss being beaten on this difficulty you can use it as reference if you so choose:
  • Complete "Landed in Prison" without countering any attacks

    Pretty self explanatory, just avoid your button at all costs spam your guns as much as you can. I did this on my first try so to me it isn't that hard. If you find yourself low on health exit combat to try and heal a bit. Dying may happen here and there but it doesn't negate the trophy, if you happen to counter by accident you can try restarting the checkpoint (though I'm not 100% sure it will save you, since I never had to use it). Make sure you do this on easy too, as it will surely make this trophy less of a challenge. Do note that in the fight against Blockbuster, you have to use your Flashbang grenades to stun him as using to do so will negate the trophy.
  • In "Genosha," reach the fan girl using only Hammers and Pulse Rifles

    This is a pretty straightforward trophy, just go through the mission and use nothing but the Hammers and Pulse Rifles until reach the fangirl. It is recommended that you do this on Easy so you can speed through the map without having to worry about surviving.
  • Collect 100 tacos

    Tacos are loot that drop from enemies when you kill them, they refill you special meters and are fairly common so you are certain to get 100 of them in your first playthrough so this trophy is essentially story related. If you happen to not have 100 by the end of the game, then you can easily grind this out in pretty much any story mission and get it pretty quickly.
  • Purchase all Player Upgrades

    See Drunk on power
  • Combo an entire wave on any Gold-tier Challenge map

    Note: The Challenge map called "Deadpool's Carnivale", doesn't count towards this trophy due to not having any award tiers.

    For this trophy, you have to combo an entire on a Gold tier challenge map. Start up the first map and try to combo the entire 1st wave as that will be the easiest one you can do, since there are few enemies and are pretty weak. For this, I used the Sais and Machine Guns and it took me a few tries but should come rather easily.
  • Kill a total of 15 enemies by holding cooked grenades

    Notice that this says to hold the grenade, not throw it. Just cook a grenade by holding down then running into a crowd of enemies and let it explode.
  • Upgrade all weapons to max

    There are two trophies pertaining to fully upgrading the player abilities and all the weapons in the game. This may take a bit of grinding to get. You need about 200,000 DP for each of the trophies. A good way to get DP is to constantly restart the beginning mission and combo all the enemies in the first section which will award you a ton of bonus DP, just restart the chapter each time and continue to do the exploit but some of the ones mentioned in the Be like Joe trophy can help you get lots of DP as well.
  • Bank a 300-hit combo

    Please Note: You want to do this trophy on Veteran or higher, as enemies die very quickly on Easy, which will make getting the required combo impossible.

    Getting this naturally is nearly impossible but there are a few ways to get this trophy quite easily. As mentioned in It's a trap!, you can go the entire game without ever upgrading the Sais, then on the last level on the stair section with tons of enemies, you can get an 80 combo on just one. You can just grind it out there and pin them into walls, slashing away until you manage to get a 300 hit combo but I don't feel that is the best way to grind it out. In my honest opinion, this method by Mickey Pilz is the easiest way to get a 300 hit combo:

    This happens right at the start of the "Road To Victory" chapter and it's also great for farming DP for the upgrade trophies. You can also try this method from hayabusaDGO, that is right near the start of the Genosha Chapter (skip to 1:34 to see it in action):

Secret trophies

  • Take no damage on the waterslide

    Chapter: Taking a Chance
    You will come to a waterslide in this chapter eventually, which is basically a long sewage tunnel with a few obstacles in your way that you must dodge else you will take massive damage. It is pretty much impossible to beat this on your first try, unless your reaction times are insanely fast but as you try more you will start to remember where the obstacles are and it becomes easier and more predictable. If you happen you mess up, then just restart the checkpoint and try again.
  • Shoot everything from the Wheel of Insanity (Balloons and the Cow)

    Chapter: Genosha

    Pretty easy trophy, When the Wheel of Insanity shows up at the end of the level you enter into a tower and spin it, after you do, balloons appear out of it. Shoot the balloons then proceed up to the tower to the next Wheel, spin it again, shoot the balloons like last time then you will notice a cow spinning around the tower so shoot it a few times until it explodes and unlocks the trophy. See the following video by Maka91Productions if you need help:
  • Heh heh, good times

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    After Deadpool tweets about killing Sinister, Cable will tell you that it was only a clone then the trophy will pop.
  • Stealth Kill Sinister, in the Prison, with the Sword!

    Story Related, cannot be missed
    You get this just before getting the Game On! trophy but it doesn't matter what weapon you have before killing sinister, as the cutscene is always the same and Deadpool always uses the sword.
  • Choose the patience option all the way through the line in the Carnival

    Chapter: Death, Baby

    When you are in line at the carnival the game will prompt you to choose Patience or Think Quick, always press to choose the 'Patience' option and you will earn this trophy in about a minute. This is done when you get the Orange idol.
  • Die 10 times in a row through the floating stairs

    Chapter: Front Gates of EEEEEEEVIL!

    When you come to the section with all the enemies on the floating stairs, either jump to your death 10 times in a row (ignore the prompt) or let the enemies kill you 10 times in a row and you will unlock the trophy.
  • Set the Dialog Volume slider to zero

    This can be done at anytime either during the game or before starting it but how you access the Dialog Volume slider will depend on which console you're playing on:

    PS3: Go - => Settings => Audio => Use either the or buttons to drop the volume to zero.

    PS4: Go - => Settings => Audio => Use either the or buttons to drop the volume to zero.

    The trophy will pop moments after the audio is turned off.
  • Complete five Gold Challenges

    Challenges are smaller levels that have 3 waves which get harder each time but you get an extra minute of time in each tier as shown below:
    Bronze = 3 minutes
    Silver = 4 Minutes
    Gold = 5 minutes
    As you can see, the times are very generous so you shouldn't have many problems finishing within them.
    The goal is to beat 5 of these levels, 3 times to get the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals respectively. Some people find these to be really hard and others say they're easy. I personally didn't find them to be that hard but at times I did struggle a bit. The real key is to try and learn the spawns of the enemies as most of the waves aren't hard at all until the 3rd. Try and learn the spawns of the 3rd waves as that will help you much more, as you can massacre enemies soon after they spawn. At the end of the day it is mostly self explanatory. This trophy is also made a bit easier if you are playing on PS4 as there are two extra challenge maps called "GRT Plaza" and "Inside The Tower" which can also be done for Gold medals as well.
  • Complete a Gold- or Silver-tier Challenge while countering at least 25 times

    Note: The Challenge map called "Deadpool's Carnivale", doesn't count towards this trophy due to not having any award tiers.

    You will probably get this as you go for Gold Rush but if you don't, it's pretty straightforward and can be easily ground out by isolating an enemy and pressing every time they attempt to attack you.

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