Marksman Trophy

  • Marksman


    Get three consecutive headshots using any long range weapons in a single ranked duel.

    You need to use your Long Range weapon. To throw/shoot simply press you can also use and to aim higher but I never hit that way. I used Hannibal with his 2nd spear for this(unlocked by beating Arcade mode with him). Throw it while he is walking to you or stay and wait for your opponent to come to you. Don't throw while he's blocking. You don't need to do this in a row, just each of your 3 wins so if you did not hit him and you're running out of projectiles then just lose that round and you can try again.

    You can also abolish your spears or those of your opponent (must be the same Warrior) by pressing .

    Boosting: When I boosted this with a guy, I was using a taunt because that's when your in a most vulnerable position. You also can use a warrior with more projectiles like Genghis Khan with his Crossbow.

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