This game is basically the same as Deadliest Warrior: The Game, with better graphics and gameplay. It also includes the Generals mode which is similar to the table top board game Risk. If you have played the first one then everything in this one will seem very familiar. The only big changes are the possibility to grapple and push opponents.


Estimated Difficulty: 7/10
Estimated time to 100%: 12 Hours
Number of play-throughs: 10 (Acade mode)
Offline Trophies: 7 (2, 4, 1)
Online Trophies: 4 (4)
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No
Difficulty affect trophies? Yes, Deadliest Difficulty If anyone Khan, Genghis Khan!'
Do cheats disable trophies? N/A

Road Map

Step 1: Single player/Offline part
Play through the Arcade mode with every Warrior so you will get a feeling for the game and Legendary Arsenal' unlock all weapons for each Fighter (except the "fun" ones you will get in Survival Slide Challenge) to customize it for your online Fights as well as unlocking the Survival Slice Challenge for Slash Mode'

Play Generals to get Legendary General' and These Dice are Loaded!'

Step 2: Coop with a friend/Second Controller
Do When Push Comes to Shove' and Six Degrees of Separation' this way because it's easier if the opponent doesn't move.

Step 3: Online Ranked part
Now its time to do
Legendary Warrior'
Dead and Broken'
If you'd like to boost this part, you can´t do a ranked match against someone from your friend list, you won't find each other even if you are the only two online. So let your friend/boost partner use an account not listed in your friends list or remove him from your friends list momentarily. Search for a ranked match at the same time and you most likely find each other.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Knastcore for this Roadmap]

Deadliest Warrior: Legends Trophy Guide

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11 trophies ( 6  )

  • Kill 50 enemies in a row in Survival Slice Challenge as the primary player.

    Parry if you´re good at it and don't attack first! Wait until they've attacked you. For the most part they use just one hit but every few opponents use 2 or 3 hit combos so as soon as opponent attack is over quick attack him.
    I used Alexander the great for this and just did the move all the time as a counter. Also a Warrior with shield would be a bit safer.

  • Unlock all weapons and armor for each of the Legendary Warriors.

    For this one you have to comply with the following requirements with each Warrior:
    - Short range weapon - Win Challenge 1 (fight the Marine)
    - Mid range weapon - Win Challenge 2 (Slice Mode)
    - Alternate costume - Win the mirror match (against the same warrior you're using)
    - Projectile weapon - Beat Arcade mode
    Survival Slice mode:
    - "Fun" Weapon - Kill 25 opponent in a row

  • Activate all three General Abilities during a single game of Generals.

    Each time you conquer a neutral castle you get a point to either activate one ability or to get another Brigade. Conquer 3 neutral castles and choose each ability. To conquer castles attack the region the castle is on with your brigades and win the battle that follows.

  • Win 10 online ranked duels.

    Simply win 10 Ranked matches. Boosting this is not necessary but the online part could die quickly like it did for the first game. You can't boost this with a friend (off your psn friend list) because friends can't find each other. Let your friend use a second account that is not listed in your friend list and search for ranked matches by the same time and you should find each other. Do this 10 times to obtain this trophy.

  • Lose three consecutive battles at even odds or better during a game of Generals.

    For this trophy you have to lose a territories fight with the odd being 50% or better. First get 1 castle so that you will have more brigades. Conquer some territories around your area and do not use more Brigades than the opponent. Try have your probability of winning percentage between 50-70%. This can also be done with a second controller so you don't have to worry about the enemy, however i did it vs CPU while i tried to get neutral territories. I lost at those territories with 3 or more Brigades in it while attacking with the same number of Brigades. Also don't use any abilities if you have a castle choose extra Brigades. Lose 3 times in the same match.

  • Severed every limb from your opponent during a slice mode duel without using a final strike.

    Start a local MP match and turn Slice and Zombie mode on. I did this with William Wallace press (left arm), go around to the other side of the Warrior and press (right arm and Head), press again for the torso and finally for the legs.

    Also use a light Armored opponent like the Zulu.

  • Break your opponent's arm and leg by grappling before final striking them in a ranked duel.

    You have to grab your opponent 3 times. To grab an opponent press then a quick time event will open. You have to press or first while your opponent presses nothing or a different button than you. Then depending on what you pressed in the first grapple sequence press the button that corresponds to either the leg or the arm that shouldn't be broken. Grapple for a third time and press to finish off your opponent.

    If your opponent is pressing the same button he will beat your attack, so against random players this is hard because they will most likely know what you're trying to do and they'll know how to prevent it.

  • Beat arcade mode with Genghis Khan using only the dead fish on Deadliest Difficulty.

    This one is pretty hard. You unlock the dead Fish by Killing 25 opponents in a row in the Survival Slice challenge. Pushing an opponent out of the ring don´t count. I used the or combo the entire time. This is the hardest and most time consuming trophy of the game.
    There are reports that you can get the trophy by only using the fish on the killing hit. For more tips see: If anyone Khan, Ghangis Khan Help -

  • Parry your opponent three times in a row without being hit in a single ranked duel.

    You parry pressing , or while blocking a grappling move. You have to guess which button the opponent used to attack when you're grappled. You have to hit the same button your opponent is pressing.

    Regardless of what the description says, the parrys do not have to be in a row. You can do a parry, block, block, do another parry etc. and still get the trophy. You just can't get hit in between the parry.

    Credit to RaccoonNinja28 for this quote.

  • Get three consecutive headshots using any long range weapons in a single ranked duel.

    You need to use your Long Range weapon. To throw/shoot simply press you can also use and to aim higher but I never hit that way. I used Hannibal with his 2nd spear for this(unlocked by beating Arcade mode with him). Throw it while he is walking to you or stay and wait for your opponent to come to you. Don't throw while he's blocking. You don't need to do this in a row, just each of your 3 wins so if you did not hit him and you're running out of projectiles then just lose that round and you can try again.

    You can also abolish your spears or those of your opponent (must be the same Warrior) by pressing .

    Boosting: When I boosted this with a guy, I was using a taunt because that's when your in a most vulnerable position. You also can use a warrior with more projectiles like Genghis Khan with his Crossbow.

  • After being pushed knock an opponent out of the ring as the primary player.

    I used a second controller for this. While you're on the edge let the second controller push you by pressing at the same time. After that round is finished make the second controller run to the edge of the arena. Then once he's there simply run up to him with the first controller and push to push him off.

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