-Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.84
-Offline:34 (20, 8, 5, 1)
-Online:1 (1)
-Approximate amount of time to : 10-15 hours.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2-3
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None known as of now
-Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes

Step 1: Zombies aren't Normal, they're grim.

Start the game off on grim. Already you should see two locked difficulties out of 5; our goal is to unlock Morbid difficulty at the end of this playthrough. If you want you can start the game out on Normal if Grim ends up being too hard for you. Be warned that beating it on normal will NOT unlock Morbid. The difficulty trophies stack so beating it on Grim will net you the trophies for Normal and Braindead as well. While playing through the game be on the look out for Loot. You can start playing grim in online or offline co-op. You will get the difficulty trophies and also the co-op trophies when you beat the game

Loot consists of money/multipliers/Armor. Loot is located in the trunks of cars, small metal boxes and Armor is located in those big yellow boxes. You must be careful when blowing up cars. Every one of them have something hidden in their trunks. Go up to them and melee them to open them; you will receive gold. Blowing up cars without opening the trunks first will destroy the loot, forcing you to die and restart back at the checkpoint. A good way to keep track of the cars is to blow them up after opening them, this will help you toward the Car Killer trophy and help kill zombies, just be sure the car you're about to destroy isn't near a car that hasn't been opened yet.

You have to comb the levels for tiny metal boxes that glow Yellow(gold) then switch to Red(Multiplier) and vice versa. There will also be boxes that glow Blue. These contain equipment and ammo for you and are very useful in many situations.

The big yellow boxes contain Armor. You can equip this Armor in the weapon shop to increase your stats such as making you faster, taking more hits and hitting harder. There are 3 sets for armor; Armoshell, Exogear and Protosuits. There are 5 different iterations of each armor for your torso, arms and legs (ex. Exogear #2, protosuit #5, armoshell #1). Doing this is recommended to make Morbid easier.

Loot consists of only crates and cars; nothing else counts. If you get 97% at the end of the level, you must have missed a car.

10,000+ zombies should be dead at the end of this playthrough. It won't be hard hitting this mark. You will be killing almost 1000 zombies a level, with almost 2000 in the last level. Be sure to burn, explode, headshot and melee as many zombies as you can while also blowing up cars.

Campaign Trophies do NOT unlock using mission select, which means you have to start a new game and beat it to get the difficulty trophies. Certain other trophies also do not unlock. You should only be using mission select for going back and upping your kill count along with finding loot.

Step 2: Morbidly Undead.

After beating the game on Grim, start your game on Morbid. Here enemies are faster and stronger. Luckily though, your armor transfers over. So if you were a good little last remaining human survivor, you'd have gotten all the armor. If not, do it now. All the kill trophies are cumulative, whatever you did in Grim carries over, so go burn, explode, headshot and blow up cars. You should know the levels by now so try to not die.

Step 3: The Undead and Co-Op

So you beat Morbid, good job. You unlocked the hardest difficulty setting, Undead. Go play the 1st level and beat it for the last difficulty related trophy. If you haven't already beaten the game with a friend using my suggestion, do it now. You can do it on braindead difficulty; you'll get the trophy either way. Here's a warning though, playing the game on co-op curves the difficulty a bit, so playing a game on morbid co-op is much harder than playing it solo.

Step 4: 53,596 zombies later(clean up)

If you're still missing some trophies, get them now. Your last trophy most likely will be the Genocidiary trophy, beating the game will net you around 10,000 kills, so just replay the last level until you get your trophy. You can check how many you have killed in the stats page.

Mission Select
You can pick mission select to go back and get whatever trophies you need. You will NOT earn campaign trophies though such as beating the game or beating a level.

 [PST Would like to Thank Jack for this Road Map]


Road of Devastation DLC:



  • Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
  • Trophy Breakdown: 6
  • Offline Trophies: 6 (3, 2, 1)
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Approximate Time to 100%: Greatly depends on skill, 5 - 10hrs
  • Missable Trophies: 0
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Minimum Number of Playthroughs: Round Based Game
  • Cheat Codes Disable Trophies? No cheats

The first installment of DLC for Dead Nation, it sees the player being put though a survival test to make experiments or something. The aim of the game is to survive as long as you can while choosing routes which you want to go down, the first 3 paths are weapons, health and money, supplies and score. The rest branch out from these choices. Slashers are very very dangerous they basically one hit kill you in the higher rounds and they charge very fast. Make sure you take them out ASAP. DON'T go down the score route, it's the hardest route and grants you nothing in the way of weapons etc, go down this route if you want to get the combo and kill per minute trophies.


Step 1 - Reach round 10 (Solo)

Firstly you will want to go though the "Money" door, make sure you collect all the $ boxes some are hidden like the one in the very top right corner under a plant. You should finish the first round with around 300000+ money. You will want to FULLY upgrade your Rifle and upgrade your flares all but the last upgrade on duration and all of the upgrades on inventory. It will be much easier with a fully upgraded rifle. For round 2 go though the "weapons" door. You will want to get all the boxes in this room so make sure to search everywhere. I got the "Rocket Launcher" from the weapon shop as it is very useful if you use it with your flares. Now for the 3rd round you will want to go though the "Armour" door which is the door to your right. You will want to get to set up this armour combination:

Protosuit #2
Protosuit #2
Protosuit #2

This will make you be able to run faster and will save you a lot of the time. For Round 4 you will want to get "Mines", these are very very helpful when you encounter a huge group of zombies. For the next round I went back down the money route so I could fully upgrade my mines. Remember when you go down the "Health" route to collect the special healthpack, this is new to dead nation and works like a supply, you press at anytime and you get a full health boost, make sure you save it for the end battle of each round. info has also written a very useful route to take, all credit to info:

I just 100% Dead Nation. The DLC is completely soloable. Here are some tips:

Never Give Up:
Round 1: Money - Upgrade your SMG to max
Round 2: Turret
Round 3: Money - Upgrade Flare, Turret
Round 4: Mine
Round 5: Money - Save for Shocker
Round 6: Shocker
Round 7: Health
Round 8: Weapon whatever
Round 9: Health
Round 10: Supplies - in my opinion supplies is easier than weapon. your choice
Round 11: Health
SMG is very powerful. At the end of each round just spam 2 or 3 turrets and mines then get in corner. Jumpers and Slashers will rarely get through your defense. If they do get through just dash out. Watch out for your own mines.

Dynamic Duo: (2 controllers)
Upgrade max fire rate for Rifle, and use the health round. Move slowly. There is only one time the enemies will come behind. Note down that place and you will get this very easily.

Keep It Up
Round 1: Money - Upgrade max SMG (no need for max power), don't do anything to Rifle or Flare
Round 2: Weapon - Shocker
Round 3: Money - Upgrade Shocker (I didn't have enough money for max clip, but it didn't matter)
Round 4: Multiplier - RUSH WITH SHOCKER (spin 360 degree as you move). Lure 2 or 3 Screamers, let them scream and spin shocker. Shocker won't kill screamers, so you can just spin it as much as you want. Don't hang around this area too much. Save about 300 shots for the last area. Use SMG to kill Slashers. I finished with 150 kill-per-min.

If this isn't working for you, try this additional method mentioned in the quote below, credit to Cloud-Loku

Round 10 (solo) at the second try

I follow this path:

Round 1 -Money
Round 2 -Weapon (Granade Launcher)
Round 3 -Money
Round 4 -Supplies (Turret)
Round 5 -Health
Round 6 -Supplies (Mine)
Round 7 -Health
Round 8 -Supplies (Granade)
Round 9 -Health

By the end of this step you should have Still in the Game and Never Give Up

Step 2: Exogate chests, Co-op and miscellaneous trophies in Arcade mode

The latest patch added an 'Arcade Mode' to this DLC. What that means is you can play but you have checkpoints, you can only reach round 6 though so you cannot use this to reach round 10. Exogate chests are the round chests that can be found in each of the routes, they are pretty easy to find this will net you the Found 'Em trophy, you hit them to get the loot out of them. The next thing you will want to do is play local or coop, you can find coop partners in the Trophy Boosting Thread or if you have somebody to play it local with you, this will get you the Dynamic Duo. The other trophies you will want to get in this step are Combo Master and Keep it up.

[PST Would Like to Thank Harry94 for this Road Map]

Dead Nation Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

41 trophies ( 10  24  )

  • Collect All Trophies

  • Complete Campaign Mode on 'Braindead'

    See Morbid Curiosity

  • Complete Campaign Mode On 'Normal'

    See Morbid Curiosity

  • Complete Campaign Mode On 'Grim'

    See Morbid Curiosity

  • Complete Campaign Mode On 'Morbid'

    To unlock Morbid, you have to complete the game on Grim, not normal. The difficulty trophies stack so beating it on Grim will get you the other two difficulty trophies. Beat Morbid to unlock Undead mode so you can get the 'Very Dead' trophy.

    The enemies are faster and harder than in Grim mode. I highly recommend collecting all armour pieces and learning your surroundings as you will really need it to survive. Take your time and have patience. There are a couple of tricks that you will need to use to ensure survival.

    Rush: This is your best friend, not only does it have invincibility frames, it can throw you out of a losing battle quickly over to a safe area. You will need to learn how to use this effectively. It doesn't recharge instantaneously so be sure you don't rush into a wall or more zombies. "What do you mean by 'invincibility frames'?" Well during the rush you're invulnerable to all damage for a very short period of time. A great way to see this is confronting a Bombie, they don't do anything besides explode, rush when they are right about to explode and you won't get hurt at all! Use this strategy to ensure your survival.

    Cars: They're there for a reason; use them. Pop their trunks by meleeing them to get money; money you will use to upgrade your weapons. Some cars blink red, which means they have alarms. These are of great use to you when there're a lot of zombies on screen. Just shoot the car and watch them flock to it. The ones that don't have alarms can still be of use, they're alot harder to use to kill enemies but a small time bomb is better than no bomb.

    Loot/money: Loot and money is very important to you. You love loot, you need money, you want trophies. Loot can be found in the trunks of cars and small metal boxes. Scour the level looking for cars and these small boxes, but WAIT until they glow yellow, they give multiplier's when they glow red which we have no use for. Doing this will get you a lot of money. 1st thing you should do is upgrade your rifle, flare and sub machine gun. Your rifle is your most useful weapon until the last level(more on that later). The flare is a life saver, just throw one out and every zombie will switch targets to the flare, upgrading it makes it last longer and gives more which is what we need to beat this mode. Your submachine gun kills the weaker zombies in one shot, now you can do this with the rifle but I doubt you can kill 100 running zombies with 40 shots of the standard rifle, using the submachine gun is a great way to clear a path.

    Rifle:  Your rifle is your default weapon and is one of the best weapons in the game if used right. This is the 1st you will need to upgrade. The unlimited ammo and charge shot makes this an amazing weapon. The ammo will never hinder you as 40 shots is great, be sure to reload often when you think it's safe. The charge shot is the best part of this weapon. Holding down the fire button will charge your shot and your laser will brighten up when you do. You are now charging the headshot machine. Letting go of the fire button shoots a bullet that will blow through entire lines of zombie heads, you can take out large groups of enemies with just a few shots once you get good at it. The charged shot goes through more than one enemy and it kills them all in one hit! The only enemies that are immune to this rule are the Fat zombies, Military(they wear green) zombies and special zombies. The charge shot can kill a Bombie, Jumper and Mouths in 3 shots(that's 3 shots per zombie)! You will need to also learn something called quickshooting, this is learning exactly when the weapon is fully charged instead of just Holding the fire button, making sure it's charged and then firing. Using this technique can really help kill hordes of zombies faster, especially the ones that have helmets on as they take two charged shots to kill.

    Weapons and Items: There are many weapons in this game for you to kill zombies with. The 1st weapons you need to invest your money in are the submachine gun and shotgun. Upgrade the submachine only slightly, increase its ammo and fire rate to 6+ stars, increase its power to 5; even at full level the gun is pretty weak. The shotgun you will need to fully upgrade; it rips through enemies and special zombies easily. Be sure not to waste all its ammo when you get trigger happy, you will really need its stopping power. You're most valuable items are your flares and grenades as I stated above. These distract zombies making for a quick getaway. I never used the mines and dynamite so I don't find them important. Molotovs are only useful for the first couple chapters, after a certain point they wise up and stop running into the fire, usually just waiting or going around. Next is the Launcher, this great weapon shoots a rocket that can kill a cutter in two shots and destroy massive hordes of zombies. Next is the shocker; this weapons shots a stream of electricity that one hit kills most enemies. With one pass of this weapon you can kill about 75% of a large horde. The blade cannon you will have to fully upgrade as soon as you buy it, the small blade is useless in large groups, DO NOT use it on bosses, it doesn't do that much damage to them. And last but not least, the flamethrower. I bought it on mission 10 and found it really useful only there really, setting the enemies on fire makes them walk around aimlessly without attacking you until the fire goes away. It's very very useful in mission 10.

    Know Thy Enemy: Learn the patterns the special zombies and regular zombies have. Knowing how they operate is crucial to surviving when you fight them. A Mouth is an enemy that screams and sends hundreds of weak zombies after you and will continue to yell until killed. A Bombie is the fat exploding zombie that does nothing but growl, run toward you and explode; using the rush method. These guys are of little harm to you, still shoot them though when there's more than one. A Jumper is a big jumping zombie that jumps and walks around pounding on the ground. They are easy to avoid when it's only one; be careful when there is two or three though, be sure to rush away from the shockwaves. A Cutter is a big fearsome zombie that kills in one hit. They die in around 8 fully charged shots from the rifle and 2 from the launcher. You have to kill these guys as quickly as possible; they run after you and are always supported by hundreds of zombies. A Creeper is an enemy that hides along walls waiting for the player to get near. They like to jump out of sewers and water too. They run very fast and attack quickly. In morbid you will usually fight two or three at a time, they die in 1-2 charged shots.

  • Complete Campaign Mode in Co-Op Mode

    You will need to partner up online or in the trophy boosting thread for this. You have to beat the campaign with another person. This can also be done offline and can be done on any difficulty level.

  • Complete Mission 1 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You will get this trophy at the end of "The beginning".

  • Complete Mission 2 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Downtown".

  • Complete Mission 3 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Sorrow Park".

  • Complete Mission 4 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Grieving Towers".

  • Complete Mission 5 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Edge of City".

  • Complete Mission 6 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Marrow Hospital".

  • Complete Mission 7 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Graveyard".

  • Complete Mission 8 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Trainyard".

  • Complete Mission 9 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Harbor Docks".

  • Complete Mission 10 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed

    You will get this trophy at the end of "Highway to Hell".

  • Complete A Mission in Co-Op Mode (Any Difficulty Level)

    Get a buddy and beat a mission together in either Local Co-Op or online.

  • Complete A Mission On 'Undead'

    After beating morbid difficulty, go start a new playthrough on Undead and beat the first level. That's all you need for the trophy. Be patient and take your time. This is the hardest difficulty.

  • Complete A Mission Without Dying

    Hop on braindead and beat the 1st level. I recommend doing this after beating the game as you will be more familiar with the game and know the areas better.

  • Complete A Mission Without Receiving Any Damage

    Hop on braindead and slowly go through the 1st level. You cannot get hurt at all. I recommend doing this after beating the game as you will be more familiar with the game and know the areas better and also with a friend so the zombies have something else to attack. Be sure to throw out flares and grenades often to distract zombies.

  • Kill 1 000 Zombies

    Do I really have to explain this one? You'll get it around level 2 or 3.

  • Kill 10 000 Zombies

    You will get this after your first playthrough. You should be averaging around 1,000 kills a level. You will gain a massive amount of kills in level 10. I had around 13,000 in my first playthrough.

  • Kill 53 596 Zombies

    You'll be doing three playthroughs of the game, four if you started out on Normal. You will be close to this amount by then. Just replay the last level and learn it inside and out. Once you know it, you can get over 2100 kills in around 17 minutes on braindead.

  • Perform 500 Headshots

    This trophy is cumulative*. Most zombies that are weak or low on health will be headshotted when shot normally. You can also charge up your rifle and headshot zombies easily. This won't be a problem at all.

  • Perform 500 Melee Kills

    This trophy is cumulative*. There will be many times where you are swarmed by a lot of weak zombies and you'll be hitting them off of you. They die in one hit no matter what so you don't have to worry much about this. There are some areas where the zombies are fenced off and they can attack you, but you can attack them with your melee; do this for some easy kills.

  • Blow Up 1 000 Zombies

    This trophy is cumulative*. Just about every other thing you do involves the zombies exploding, you'll get this naturally.

  • Burn 1 000 Zombies

    This trophy is cumulative*. This trophy might as well say 'Ignite.' All you have to do is light 1,000 zombies on fire. I rarely ever used my molotov and bought the flamethrower on the last level. Use that level to get this trophy. I killed about 2,000 enemies in level 10. There will be many groups of them so just light them up.

  • Destroy 500 Vehicles

    If you're using my loot method, you should be blowing up every car after looting it. There are also many cars that are out of reach but can still be shot behind fences and barriers. You'll be doing a lot of playthroughs so you should get this trophy by then.

  • Fully Upgrade A Single Slot Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode

    You'll get this in the first level with enough money, just upgrade any part of any weapon up to 5 or 10 stars.

  • Fully Upgrade All Slots Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode

    Upgrade all the stats on the weapon up to 5 or 10 stars, you should get this in the second level with your rifle.

  • Collect An Armor Piece

    Laying around all the levels are big yellow crates that give armor and loot when opened. The first thing you'll find when you start the game is an armor crate. Loot guide here

  • Collect All Armor Pieces

    Collect every big yellow crate in all 10 levels. Loot guide here

  • Help Your Country To Clear The Virus Infection

    Beat the first level and make sure you're signed in. Your stats should upload and the trophy will pop.

  • Collect All The Loot In Any Mission

    Comb the entire level, look for little metal boxes that glow blue and yellow/red, look for big yellow crates and look for cars. Be careful not to blow up any of the cars before you collect what's inside them as you will have to die and start the checkpoint over. Do this in the 1st level as that's the easiest one. You can also play on braindead if you wish. Loot guide here

  • Collect All The Loot In Every Mission

    Every metal crate and armor crate must be found, along with every possible car trunk popped. Loot guide here

DLC: Road of Devastation

6 trophies

  • Survive to Round 5

    Pretty simple, just reach round 5. The trophy will pop when you reach round 5. For tips please take a look at the roadmap. You can achieve this in Arcade Mode if you want. Simply start that up and select 'Braindead' difficulty. This will make reaching round 5 a cakewalk.

  • Survive to Round 10

    This is hard. The best tip I can give you is to take it slowly. There's no time limit so it doesn't matter how long it takes. Another tip I can give you is never go down the score route. I found this to be the hardest route of them all because of the huge screamer things that take a lot to kill. For more info please refer to the roadmap.

    The main things you want to worry about are the slashers. These will one-hit kill you in the later rounds and a few will spawn each round. They are dropped in pods and you don't want to be under these when that happens because that will also instakill you. The easiest way I found was to throw a few mines down and guide them into the mines, this killed them most of the time. If you don't have any mines then use the rifle or the rocket launcher from afar. When they start charging just dash out of their way and run for your life. The other zombies don't pose too much of a threat, for the bombers you can just dash into them and they explode instantly and you don't get hurt as you were dashing. Try to use these zombies as a weapon to kill other zombies. The trophy will pop when you reach round 10, you don't need to complete round 10.

  • Complete a Round with a Kills-per-minute ratio of 100 or more

    This is another hard trophy; you need to average 100 kills a minute. The only way to get to 100 is to take it as fast as you can. Don't stop and search for crates, just get the crates that are in your path. You don't want to waste time. If you're taking every round very fast you will get this trophy. The best gun to use is a fully upgraded SMG as this really quickly kills the weaker zombies. You will want to try this on round 5+ as there's nowhere near as many zombies on the previous rounds. You will want to rush every area with the SMG and launcher to grant you quick kills. info has provided some useful tips for this trophy, more details in the roadmap. There is another very useful method which I have written in the Combo Master description which can net you both the silver trophies in one go. You can now get this trophy in arcade mode, which makes things easier as if you fail then you can revert back to a checkpoint just before. Remember to select braindead difficulty as it makes things easier.

  • Get the Apocalypse Combo Kill Bonus (150 Kills)

    I have found a flawless method of getting this trophy and it will work all the time if you don't mess up. Firstly you will want to go down the score route on round 4 as this will ONLY work on round 4+, make sure you kill nothing, don't kill a single zombie once entering the score area. There will be 1 mouth near the bridge and one just above the bridge, make it so both of them scream, run across the bridge and do the same with the other mouths. Now you will want to run all the way to the end and though the door, don't kill anything remember. Complete the final fight at the end. You will notice that the mouths are on the other side of the door you came through, they will all be screaming which will spawn hundreds of zombies mainly on their side but also your own, the zombies on the other side CANNOT hurt you so you can keep meleeing them though the door. There will be a lot more than 150 zombies if you did the method right. This can also get you the 100 kills per minute trophy if you're quick enough therefore netting you both silver trophies at once. TrophyQuest has made a video guide explaining my method in-depth, it can be found here. You can now get this trophy in arcade mode, which makes things easier as if you fail then you can revert back to a checkpoint just before. Remember to select braindead difficulty as it makes things easier.

  • Complete a Round in Co-Op Without Either Player Taking Damage

    This trophy can be annoying if you or your partner are not very good at avoiding zombies. Make sure you do this in the first round for minimal zombies. I took the money and health route for this trophy as the hedges really slow down the zombies and make it easier to kill them. Make sure you stick together too and try and do it local if possible as you have much better communication with your partner. If any player is hit you will not earn the trophy. If this happens, restart. If you have the patch installed you can do this on 'Arcade Mode' which makes the trophy very easy. Simply load that up and select braindead difficulty. The zombies will be very slow and easy to kill on this difficulty. The trophy will unlock after you complete the round.

  • Find all the Egogate emblams

    There are 9 egogate emblems in total, each one is on each of the routes. 1 is on each of the start paths, 1 are in each of the paths branching off from these paths. They are big circle domes that you open by hitting them. You DO NOT need to collect them all in one game, the game remembers if you have got them. You can also get this trophy in 'Arcade Mode'.

    1. Money + health main route: The emblem is just past the red car, go left and smash the hedges to get to the area


    2. Money Sub route: In the very top left corner of the huge hedge area, hidden underneath some hedges. Smash hedges to reveal emblem.


    3. Health Sub route: After the long road which is scattered with plants you will see a train thing at the end, smash the plants to reveal an entrance though the train, go though the entrance.


    4. Guns and Supplys Main Route: Just before you choose which sub route to take, go down past the lorry/semi pickup, it's at the end of the alley.


    5. Guns Sub Route: In the area where the weapon shop is there's a blue bus surrounded by two police cars. Make your way down the alley next to it.



    6. Supply's Sub Route: You will eventually come to 2 breakable gates, smash the fenced one on the left, go down the alley to the left of this gate. There's an exploding zombie so beware on the higher rounds.


    7. Armour and Score Main Route: As soon as you enter go up and walk against the buildings, you will come to a huge steel wall with plants next to it, smash the plants to reveal alleyway.


    8. Armour Main Route: Once you get past the flamethrowers you will cone to a narrow alley in which many weak zombies run at you. On your left there's another alley, go down there to find the emblem. You get ambushed down there so watch out on higher rounds.


    9. Score Main Route: Once your in this area you will have to walk up to advance in the round, you're going to want to go down. There's a few plants you need to smash to access the area. There's about 10 zombies in there.


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