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    Find all the Egogate emblems

    These are the special collectible crates in the Arcade and Endless modes. They look like large circular raised manholes that have a red glowing ring around them. When you collect a new one it shows the total number you have collected out of 9. The ones you have collected carry over between playthroughs, so it is not necessary to collect all 9 in one playthrough, though can easily all be picked up in one playthrough of Arcade on Braindead.

    Emblem 1: Weapon/Supply common path

    The first emblem is in the sunken area where you choose to go through the weapon or supply door. It is down to the bottom of the area and has a few regular zombies and a Runner guarding it.

    Emblem 2: Weapon path

    About midway through the Weapon path on the left side. There will be a space between the bus and the blown up police car.

    Emblem 3: Supply Path

    Just past the two gates on the supply path, down an alley on the left you’ll find the emblem. There are a few zombies as a well as a Bombie at the very end so make sure to clear them out before you run in to collect it.

    Emblem 4: Health/Money common path

    Just to the left of the first car at the start of the Health/Money route will be an opening that is blocked by plants. Melee them or shoot them to get in to grab the emblem. Watch for zombies that spawn out of the wall or a Runner that maybe spawn from the bottom of the screen after you grab the emblem.

    Emblem 5: Health path

    At the very top of the Health path will be this train car. Go through the opening to get a vending machine, money crate, and the emblem. Watch for any enemies when you go in as well as any that may spawn from outside the train car when you are leaving.

    Emblem 6: Money path

    At the top left most corner of the money path you will find the emblem. It is hiding in the corner under the plants so you will have to destroy them to reach it.

    Emblem 7: Armor/Score common path

    Around the middle of the first part of the Armor/Score path you will find the emblem in this alley. There will be enemies who spawn from the entrance so kill them before you go in to grab it. Watch from enemies coming in the entrance when you are leaving.

    Emblem 8: Armor path

    Just past the flamethrowers on the Armor path there will be this alley on the right. There will be a large group of weak zombies that spawn from the alley that come out to attack you so kill them before you go in to grab the emblem.

    Emblem 9: Score path

    Just after you enter the score path before you enter the park area head down to the bottom to the area with the bushes. The emblem is through the barricades and on the left side at the end of the bus. There will be a group of army zombies that are lying on the ground so kill them before you go to grab the emblem.

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