Morbid Curiosity Trophy

  • Morbid Curiosity


    Complete Campaign Mode On 'Morbid'

    You will earn this trophy right after finishing mission 10 on your Morbid playthrough. Aside from the final section of the game I found the Morbid playthrough to be easier and faster than the Grim playthrough, as you can skip large parts of missions and you don’t need to worry about finding every collectible and not destroying cars with loot.

    General Tips for Morbid Playthrough

    • The rifle is arguably the best weapon in the game. On Morbid the charged shot will still one hit kill regular zombies without helmets, and can one hit runners when they are shot in the right place. Always try for chained charged shots on enemies, as this will kill more per shot and will still remove helmets and damage army zombies.
    • Level 5 protosuit armor is highly recommended for the Grim and Morbid playthrough. This armor has the fastest running speed in the game, and when running without aiming you can outrun almost every enemy type, and even dodge Jumper and Bombie attacks and run as fast as a charging Cutter without using rush. It also has a decent endurance level so you can take a decent amount of damage, though you will be one hit killed by Cutters if they get close enough to hit you.
    • Use rush when you need it. When you rush you are temporarily invincible during the running animation, so are not damaged by Bombie explosions or the shockwave from a Jumper. Use it to evade their attacks or to get out of a sticky situation if you need to reposition yourself.
    • Use your equipment as much as possible. You do not need to upgrade most weapons through the Morbid playthrough so always use your money first to replenish your equipment at each checkpoint store. Max level equipment is very helpful and is good for dealing with most enemies quickly or avoiding large groups if you are running through sections.
    • Use the area to your advantage. Many areas in the game you can end up with long corridors you can run back to to funnel enemies down. This makes it very easy to either take down large lines with charged rifle shots or to run them directly into mines or Molotov fire. If you are becoming overrun in an area and there is an area you can retreat to then it is normally easier to run back to get your bearings and redirect where the zombies are running.
    • In the last area of the game you will be using a lot of equipment. Make sure to have all equipment upgraded to max by the end of the game, as well as max inventory on the blade cannon and launcher. They are the most useful weapons in the final area other than your equipment. The only other weapon you really need fully upgraded is the rifle. The flamethrower and shocker can also be very useful if used effectively and upgraded to maximum.

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  • I remember the graveyard on this difficulty, it was painfully hard. Time to do it again.
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  • Does any one play this any more? I would like to plat the game but in nk wanting to do this one by myself. Ill get bored, so if any one wants to get this trophy with hit me up. Lord1Savior

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