• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Personal) Platinum Difficulty Poll: TBD
  • Offline trophies: 39 (25, 10, 4)
  • Online trophies: 2 (1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: Platinum Time Poll: 15-20 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2+ Minimum, 3+ Recommended (Campaign), 1 Endless Minimum, 1+ Arcade and 1 Endless Recommended
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 (Memento Collector)
  • Glitched trophies: None known
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes


Welcome to Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, the rerelease of the top down zombie shooter by Housemarque. The game is for the most part the same as the previous version, though with the Road of Devastation DLC included in the game and having slightly changed trophies. This game also includes one of the first examples of the interactive broadcast capabilities of the PS4 (difficulty titled "Broadcast+"), though it is not required for any trophies.

Earning the platinum will require multiple playthroughs of story mode, and then anywhere from a single to many playthrough of endless mode and arcade to earn the rest of the trophies.

There are collectibles included in both modes of the game, with one collectible trophy requiring you to find 40 collectibles in a single playthrough of the campaign on single player.


Step 1: Finish Campaign in Co op

I would recommend playing through the campaign first in co op, and focusing on just finishing the game and learning the general level layouts and zombie spawns. You can collect all the regular collectibles in this playthrough if you wish, but it is not necessary as you still need to find them again in single player. If you are aiming for only doing two full playthroughs you will need to finish this playthrough on Grim, though that can be difficult depending on possible connection issues if playing online and general player skill. You would also need to collect all the regular collectibles in this play through so that you would only need to worry about mementos in a second playthrough. For the easiest time you should play co op on Braindead and only focus on finishing the game.

I would recommend collecting all of the armor in mission 10 in this playthrough, as this level has the level 5 protosuit armor which is the most useful in the game in my opinion, and makes the Grim and Morbid playthrough easier because armor carries between playthroughs.

In this step you should earn:
Double the Action
And So It Begins...
A Trip Downtown
Walk in the Park
On top of the World
Out of the City
Hospital Bill Through the Roof
Train to Nowhere
Sleeping with the Fishes
Took the Highway
Zombie Killer
Weapons Specialist
Suit Up

Step 2: Finish Campaign on Grim

This playthrough should not be very hard if you have level 5 protosuit armor from the previous co op playthrough. You should focus on getting 100% loot on every level, as this will earn you all the collectible trophies and Memento Collector. Memento's are found in the regular loot chests, except they will glow bright purple and have the image of the memento hovering over them. There will be 4 mementos in every level for a total of 40 that are required. If you miss a single memento in a level you will not be able to earn the trophy. You will have to start a new playthrough to earn Memento Collector.

In this step you should earn:
Zombie Hunter
Tough Enough
Top Gear
King Of Looters
Memento Collector (Missable)

Step 3: Finish Campaign on Morbid

This is supposed to be the hardest full playthrough of the game. Enemies are very tough and do quite a bit of damage in a short time. If you played through co op on Grim then you will need to collect all the mementos in this playthrough, though if you collected everything in a previous single player playthrough on Grim then your only focus this playthrough will be finishing the game. This playthrough should be very fast as there are large areas where you can completely skip killing zombies and just run between checkpoints. Other than the Graveyard level and the last level this playthrough could be easier and faster than the grim playthrough as you only need to focus on finishing each level.

In this step you should earn:
Morbid Curiosity

Step 4: Endless and Arcade Mode

After you earn all campaign trophies your focus will now be on the trophies associated with the included Road of Devastation DLC. Most of your time will be spent in Endless mode trying to reach round 10 for Never Give Up. All trophies can be earned in Endless, though everything other than Never Give Up can be earned in Arcade on Braindead difficulty.

Other than Dynamic Duo every trophy could be earned in one run of Endless in single player, though that would be very difficult depending on skill and play style. I would recommend first a playthrough of Arcade to learn each area, collect all the Egogate emblems and to get the combo and kills-per-minute trophies, then a playthrough on Endless focused only on reaching round 10.

In this step you should earn:
Still In the Game
Never Give Up
Keep It Up
Combo Master
Found 'Em

Step 5: Cleanup

In this step you should earn any trophies you missed during your previous playthroughs, such as any kill related trophies and playing through a single level on Undead. If you didn't get 100% loot on all levels in your previous playthroughs you can also go back using Single Mission to find everything. After this then you will have earned your shiny platinum trophy.

In this step you should earn the following if you haven't already:
Very Dead
Aim For The Head
Up Close & Personal
Blown To Bits
Car Killer
Dynamic Duo
Romero Would Be Proud

[PST Would Like to Thank ggamer15 for this Roadmap]

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Trophy Guide

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41 trophies ( 10  26  )

  • Collect All Trophies

    Self explanatory. Earned after collecting all other trophies.

  • Complete Campaign Mode On 'Normal'

    Self explanatory. See Morbid Curiosity

  • Complete Campaign Mode On 'Grim'

    Self explanatory. See Morbid Curiosity

  • Complete Campaign Mode On 'Morbid'

    You will earn this trophy right after finishing mission 10 on your Morbid playthrough. Aside from the final section of the game I found the Morbid playthrough to be easier and faster than the Grim playthrough, as you can skip large parts of missions and you don’t need to worry about finding every collectible and not destroying cars with loot.

    General Tips for Morbid Playthrough

    • The rifle is arguably the best weapon in the game. On Morbid the charged shot will still one hit kill regular zombies without helmets, and can one hit runners when they are shot in the right place. Always try for chained charged shots on enemies, as this will kill more per shot and will still remove helmets and damage army zombies.
    • Level 5 protosuit armor is highly recommended for the Grim and Morbid playthrough. This armor has the fastest running speed in the game, and when running without aiming you can outrun almost every enemy type, and even dodge Jumper and Bombie attacks and run as fast as a charging Cutter without using rush. It also has a decent endurance level so you can take a decent amount of damage, though you will be one hit killed by Cutters if they get close enough to hit you.
    • Use rush when you need it. When you rush you are temporarily invincible during the running animation, so are not damaged by Bombie explosions or the shockwave from a Jumper. Use it to evade their attacks or to get out of a sticky situation if you need to reposition yourself.
    • Use your equipment as much as possible. You do not need to upgrade most weapons through the Morbid playthrough so always use your money first to replenish your equipment at each checkpoint store. Max level equipment is very helpful and is good for dealing with most enemies quickly or avoiding large groups if you are running through sections.
    • Use the area to your advantage. Many areas in the game you can end up with long corridors you can run back to to funnel enemies down. This makes it very easy to either take down large lines with charged rifle shots or to run them directly into mines or Molotov fire. If you are becoming overrun in an area and there is an area you can retreat to then it is normally easier to run back to get your bearings and redirect where the zombies are running.
    • In the last area of the game you will be using a lot of equipment. Make sure to have all equipment upgraded to max by the end of the game, as well as max inventory on the blade cannon and launcher. They are the most useful weapons in the final area other than your equipment. The only other weapon you really need fully upgraded is the rifle. The flamethrower and shocker can also be very useful if used effectively and upgraded to maximum.
  • Complete Campaign Mode In Co-Op Mode

    This can be done either Online or Local. Due to online issues this can be hard to achieve on higher difficulties depending on skill and connection strength. Just finish the campaign in co op or online mode on any difficulty to earn this. It will be awarded during the score screen at the end of mission 10.

  • Complete Mission 1 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 1, “The Beginning”.

  • Complete Mission 2 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach safe area at the end of mission 2, “Downtown”.

  • Complete Mission 3 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach safe area at the end of mission 3, “Sorrow Park”.

  • Complete Mission 4 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 4, “Grieving Towers”.

  • Complete Mission 5 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 5, “Edge of City”.

  • Complete Mission 6 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 6, “Marrow Hospital”.

  • Complete Mission 7 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 7, “Graveyard”.

  • Complete Mission 8 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 8, “Trainyard”.

  • Complete Mission 9 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 9, “Harbor Docks”.

  • Complete Mission 10 (Any Difficulty Level)

    Story related, cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy when you reach the safe area at the end of mission 10, “Highway to Hell”.

  • Complete A Mission In Co-Op Mode (Any Difficulty Level)

    You will earn this trophy right after you finish mission 1 in co op. This can be earned either online or offline.

  • Complete A Mission On 'Undead'

    You unlock Undead difficulty after you complete the game on Morbid. You only need to play through one level on this difficulty, so it is recommended you play the first level. Compared to the ending of the game on Morbid this level should be very easy. Enemies are faster, but charged rifle shots are still one hit kill on non army zombies, and most of the level can be ran through without killing all of the zombies. Only place that may cause issue is the last area before the end of the level. Be sure to use the cars with alarms to draw as many zombies as possible and save any grenades and flares you have for this part as well.

  • Complete A Mission Without Dying

    You will most likely earn this on the first level of your co op playthrough. Watch your health and don't rush into a large group of zombies, and you should finish the level just fine without dying.

  • Complete A Mission Without Receiving Any Damage

    For this trophy it is best to play through the first level on Braindead in single player. Go slow through each area and make sure to kill every zombie ahead of you in the level before moving ahead. If you play this during your last step you should know where all of the zombie spawns are and how many there are to kill. Finding loot isn't necessary in any way so don’t bother going out of the way to collect crates or car trunks. The only area that might cause problems is the last area before the mission endpoint, due to zombies spawning from many different places and coming from all directions at once. Be sure to use the cars with alarms and your flares and grenades to keep the zombies away from your location while you kill them.

  • Kill 1 000 Zombies

    This should be earned within the first few levels on your first playthrough. See Genocidiary.

  • Kill 10 000 Zombies

    If you play through the game first on single player you will most likely receive this by the end of the game. If not you will get it early in your Grim playthrough. See Genocidiary.

  • Kill 53 597 Zombies

    This will probably be one of the last, if not the last trophy you earn in the game. This and every other kill related trophy are cumulative, and kills carry over between Campaign playthroughs and through Endless and Arcade. Depending on how many campaign playthroughs you do and how many tries it takes you to earn the Endless mode trophies you will probably need to grind zombie kills to complete this trophy. Replaying the last level of the campaign on Braindead is the best way to grind kills, as you can earn almost 2000 per playthrough and can finish the level in around 12 to 13 minutes if you know what you are doing.

  • Perform 500 Headshots

    This can be easily earned in your first playthrough if you use your rifle most of the time. Always aim to chain headshots to get as many as possible.

  • Perform 500 Melee Kills

    Depending on how you play you might not earn this on your first playthrough on Braindead. All of the very weak zombies (red and black in colour with no clothes) take one hit melee through all difficulties including Morbid, so if there aren’t very many around you can easily melee them for easy kills. If you need to grind this I would advise playing through Arcade or Endless and going down the money path, as all the green zombies take one hit to melee and get caught up in the plants.

  • Blow Up 1 000 Zombies

    This should come naturally through your playthroughs. This counts everything from killing zombies with cars to every type of explosive you have. This should come naturally in your first or for sure your second playthrough.

  • Burn 1 000 Zombies

    For this trophy you do not need to kill zombies with fire, merely set them on fire. This includes when they are set on fire by Molotovs, your flamethrower, or any environmental hazard. You should get this naturally over time, but if not you can easily grind it on “Highway to Hell”, as there are many areas with massive groups of zombies and they will set each other on fire by touching each other.

  • Destroy 500 Vehicles

    This trophy should come naturally over time through your playthroughs. I would advise destroying cars you loot after you loot them, as well as blowing up any that are just outside the available area if you can shoot them through a fence.

  • Fully Upgrade A Single Stat Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode

    You earn this trophy after you upgrade one stat of a weapon to max level. See Weapon Specialist.

  • Fully Upgrade All Stats Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode

    You should earn this at some point during your first playthrough, assuming you purchase all the weapons and upgrade one of them. I recommend the first weapon you upgrade fully to be the Rifle, as it is very versatile and it's charged shot is very powerful against many different types of enemies.

  • Collect An Armor Piece

    You should be awarded this right in the first level before you leave the rooftop, as long as you don’t ignore the armor chest on the second roof. See Top Gear.

  • Collect All Armor Pieces

    Assuming you collect all the armor in one playthrough you will earn this trophy right after picking up the last armor piece in mission 10. If you need to go back to collect one using mission select you will earn it right after you pick up the last piece of armor. See King Of Looters for the loot location guide.

  • Help Your Country To Clear The Virus Infection

    You should earn this after you finish your first level in the game if you are connected to the internet. It is earned for submitting data to the worldwide leaderboards. It is the only trophy that requires you to play with an online connection.

  • Collect All The Loot In Any Mission

    You will earn this on the point screen of the first mission that you collect 100% loot on. See King Of Looters for loot location guide.

  • Collect All The Loot In Every Mission

    You will earn this trophy after you finish every level with a 100% loot score at the end of the level. If you are getting 95% or 98% on a mission it is most likely you missed a car along the way, or possibly one of the chests where they are in groups of two.

    The following is a set of videos that show a 100% loot run of each level. Credit to Screwstone on Youtube for the video guides. The guide also outlines where certain zombie spawns in each area are, as well as strategies in certain sections, so you can follow the strategy in the video if you are having trouble in places.

  • Find all mementos in single player campaign in a single playthrough


    Mementos are the new extra collectable that are in the game, and they can only be picked up in single player. There are four in every level, and they can be found in the regular loot crates, though there will be a floating image of the memento above and a small pillar of purple light around the crate. The crate that they spawn in is random each playthrough, so there aren't any specific crates you need to search for. You will earn this trophy after you pick up the fourth memento in the final level. If you miss a memento in a level then you will not be able to earn the trophy in that playthrough. You can check what mementos you have collected in your current playthrough by going to Gallery on the main menu then selecting Mementos. This screen resets every playthrough so you can check to see if you have found all the mementos in the level you have played up to. If you are backing up your game save after each level you will be able to use that if you miss one in a level. Simply overwrite the save on your PS4 with the one you have backed up and it will allow you to play the last story level over again, without having to start a new playthrough. See King of Looters for loot location guide.

  • Survive to Round 5

    Pretty simple, just reach round 5. The trophy will pop when you reach round 5. For tips please take a look at the roadmap. You can achieve this in Arcade Mode if you want. Simply start that up and select 'Braindead' difficulty. This will make reaching round 5 a cakewalk. See Never Give Up.

  • Survive to Round 10

    Earned for surviving round 9 in endless mode. This is not actually as hard as it seems if you have the correct method of doing it. It is probably easier in solo though can be done in co op online or offline.

    I have included two separate solo methods for reaching round 10, one slow and methodical method and one that is very fast that involves sprinting through the majority of the paths on the last four rounds.

    Slow Method: Credit to QuantumMercury for method and video walkthrough

    Starting out: Upgrade each rifle slot once before leaving the starting room.

    Round 1: Money path. After the round upgrade each smg slot at least twice then upgrade inventory size to maximum on smg and flares, then upgrade power and fire rate on the rifle.

    Round 2: Supply path. Choose the autoturret from the shop and upgrade it’s ammo capacity if you have money for it. End of round upgrade the max inventory and the ammo capacity if you can afford to.

    Round 3: Money path. Make sure to get every crate possible to have the maximum amount at the end of the round. End of round upgrade everything on the smg and autoturret to maximum. Use any left over money to upgrade your rifle to max and flare duration to second highest level.

    Round 4: Weapon path. At the store take the shocker and upgrade it’s max inventory. End of round make sure to replenish your autoturrets as they don’t spawn as pickups where as everything else does.

    Round 5: Health path. If you end up with health packs on the ground that you don’t need stomp them for money before you advance. Make sure to grab the special health kit from left side before you go into the end of the round because you may need it, and also make sure to grab any money chests in the first area and the last area. End of round replenish your autoturrets and upgrade shocker and rifle if it isn’t maximum level.

    Round 6: Supplies path. Take the grenade from the store and upgrade max inventory. End of round simply replenish ammo and supplies.

    Round 7: Health path. Again make sure to grab the special health pack from the left side. If you didn’t use yours in the previous round use it before you pick up the second if you are damaged, as you can only pick up one at a time. End of round upgrade grenade inventory to max and blast radius to second highest, then upgrade range and inventory on shocker to max then everything else to second highest.

    Round 8: Weapon path. Take the launcher from the store, but it is not necessary to upgrade it unless you want to. It can be dangerous to use in smaller areas as it can damage you if it explodes to close. Don’t be afraid to use your health pack if you have very low health. Don’t worry about taking out all the enemies in the final area, simply wait to take out as many as it takes to open the gate then move through it as soon as possible. At the end of the round refill your entire inventory and don’t worry about upgrading.

    Round 9: Health path. The majority of this area can be ran through if you would like, though you can take out all the enemies slowly along the way if you wish. You can grab the special health pack again just in case you need it in the final area, though it isn’t necessary. At the end don’t be afraid to drop all your turrets around the area to take out everything. When a Cutter spawns throw some flares to distract other enemies and make sure to take it out as soon as possible. Go through the gate as soon as it opens and the trophy will pop on the score screen at the end of the round.

    This is a youtube playlist of the video walkthrough by QuantumMercury. You can follow along each round as he lays out all the zombie spawns as well as every place to get loot and money crates.

    Fast Method: Credit to M-Easy for the method and video.

    This method involves running past most zombies in the last few rounds to avoid fighting them and to save time. Only rounds 5 to 9 are shown in the video, as the first 4 are very simple. First upgrade your SMG, then upgrade turrets, flares, and grenades. You should be able to max out everything except your SMG which will be near maxed out, with Power, clip size and rate of fire being most important.

    Round 1: Armor path. At the store take Strength Protosuit #2, Endurance Exosuit #2, Agility Protosuit #2.

    Round 2: Supply path. Take turrets from the store.

    Round 3: Money path. Use it to upgrade your turret and flares.

    Round 4: Supply path. Take grenades from the store.

    Round 5: Health path. Make sure you grab the special health kit from the left side.

    Round 6: Supply path. Grab nothing just rush through.

    Round 7: Health path. Grab nothing just rush through. Get another health kit if you used your first one.

    Round 8: Supply path. Grab nothing just rush through.

    Round 9: Health path. Grab nothing just rush through.

  • Complete a Round with a Kills-per-minute rate of 100 or more

    Earned for completing a round with your kills-per-minute counter above 100. You may earn this during your Endless playthrough depending on how fast you run through each area. This can be earned at the same time as the 150 kill combo trophy in either arcade or endless. See Combo Master for a method on both trophies.

  • Get the Apocalypse Combo Kill Bonus (150 Kills)

    This trophy is awarded for ending a kill combo above 150 kills. This can be earned basically at the same time as Keep It Up. You may earn both in your run of Endless mode, though they can easily be earned in Arcade mode on Braindead.

    Credit to biggs for the following method.

    You will be doing this on round 6 in Arcade mode, so first round take the money path, then after that alternate between weapons to get shocker, supplies to get autoturret, and two more money rounds to upgrade them. On round 6 you will want to go down the score path to the arena area with the conveyor belts with saw contraptions at the end. Drop a turret at the entrance then move up, activating the conveyor traps and dropping more turrets on the other side. What you will now want to do is take out your Shocker and move up to the top left by the exit gate to get the rest of the enemies to spawn. Now move back closer to your turrets and take out as many enemies as possible. If you need to take out your SMG to kill the Jumpers and a Cutter if one spawns, though watch for it's pod to drop so you don't get killed by it when it lands. If done properly you should be able to kill all the enemies in the arena and end up with at least a 150+ combo. This should also get your kills-per-minute above 100 as long as you ran through the level fast enough.

    If you manage to get this on your first run through the score area without dying it should be very easy, as the Mouths that you ran past on the path should be outside the gate still spawning more zombies, which you can easily kill to up your combo. If you do die then it is slightly harder, but still very doable. If you lose your combo or kill all the enemies without reaching 150 just let yourself die so that you respawn at the entrance to the arena.

  • Complete a Round in Co-Op Without Either Player Taking Damage

    This trophy is best earned in arcade mode on Braindead difficulty on the first round. I recommend going down the Health/Money path then through the Money door. This area doesn't have a huge amount of zombies spawning in it, and they are very easy to spot when they spawn due to the green zombies all spawning from inside bushes. I also normally found the arena area of this path easier than the other two. Because you only need to worry about finishing the round you can ignore the money chests and the car trunks, just take it easy and move straight for the exit and watch for any zombies that spawn behind you. In the arena at the end both partners should be able to toss flares and grenades to make quick work of the zombies. After it says the doors are open simply move to the right through the gate to the end of the level to earn the trophy.

  • Find all the Egogate emblems

    These are the special collectible crates in the Arcade and Endless modes. They look like large circular raised manholes that have a red glowing ring around them. When you collect a new one it shows the total number you have collected out of 9. The ones you have collected carry over between playthroughs, so it is not necessary to collect all 9 in one playthrough, though can easily all be picked up in one playthrough of Arcade on Braindead.

    Emblem 1: Weapon/Supply common path

    The first emblem is in the sunken area where you choose to go through the weapon or supply door. It is down to the bottom of the area and has a few regular zombies and a Runner guarding it.

    Emblem 2: Weapon path

    About midway through the Weapon path on the left side. There will be a space between the bus and the blown up police car.

    Emblem 3: Supply Path

    Just past the two gates on the supply path, down an alley on the left you’ll find the emblem. There are a few zombies as a well as a Bombie at the very end so make sure to clear them out before you run in to collect it.

    Emblem 4: Health/Money common path

    Just to the left of the first car at the start of the Health/Money route will be an opening that is blocked by plants. Melee them or shoot them to get in to grab the emblem. Watch for zombies that spawn out of the wall or a Runner that maybe spawn from the bottom of the screen after you grab the emblem.

    Emblem 5: Health path

    At the very top of the Health path will be this train car. Go through the opening to get a vending machine, money crate, and the emblem. Watch for any enemies when you go in as well as any that may spawn from outside the train car when you are leaving.

    Emblem 6: Money path

    At the top left most corner of the money path you will find the emblem. It is hiding in the corner under the plants so you will have to destroy them to reach it.

    Emblem 7: Armor/Score common path

    Around the middle of the first part of the Armor/Score path you will find the emblem in this alley. There will be enemies who spawn from the entrance so kill them before you go in to grab it. Watch from enemies coming in the entrance when you are leaving.

    Emblem 8: Armor path

    Just past the flamethrowers on the Armor path there will be this alley on the right. There will be a large group of weak zombies that spawn from the alley that come out to attack you so kill them before you go in to grab the emblem.

    Emblem 9: Score path

    Just after you enter the score path before you enter the park area head down to the bottom to the area with the bushes. The emblem is through the barricades and on the left side at the end of the bus. There will be a group of army zombies that are lying on the ground so kill them before you go to grab the emblem.

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