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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 43 (30, 10, 3)
  • Online trophies: 3 (2 trophy_bronze.png, 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 30-40 hours (Estimate Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None (with Patch 1.03 applied).
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, as there are no difficulty settings.


It only took nine years, but Dead Island 2 is finally here and it’s a big old chunk of ultra-violent, gleefully gory fun. As one of six Slayers who happen to be immune to the zombie virus - Amy, Bruno, Carla, Dani, Jacob, or Ryan - you’re able to brutally chop your way through hordes of undead, taking off heads and limbs. Dead Island 2’s gameplay is fairly uncomplicated, but there are a fair few secrets to unearth within the confines of its quarantined sliver of Los Angeles. Welcome to Hell-A.

This is a rather straightforward Platinum, although you might come slightly unstuck when attempting to complete some of the game’s Challenges. These include dismembering three zombies at once using a single Shuriken throw (the Shuriken being one of the throwable ‘Curveballs’ you’ll find), and hurling a weapon at an enemy a distance of 35 metres or more. For the most part, however, this is a pretty easy completion, albeit one with a little bit of grinding required. No trophies are missable, though, so that’s good, and playing Dead Island 2 proves to be a bloodsoaked blast. Have fun!

Step 1: Complete Dead Island 2’s story
You can happily romp through the game’s story without worrying too much about anything extra, although feel free to tackle any Side Quests or Lost & Found Quests you fancy along the way. It’s also worth seeking out some decent weapons and grinding out a higher level to make the later combat encounters a little more palatable. Otherwise, you might find yourself swamped during some sections, wishing you had more Skill Cards to enhance your survivability.

Finishing the story will reward you with the Emma’s Wrath Legendary weapon, which is a nice, powerful ‘Bulldozer’ sledgehammer you can use to smash a path through zombies. Once the credits have rolled on the story (there are 24 Story Quests to complete in total across Dead Island 2’s ten regions) you’ll be able to pick up where you left off and finish anything you might have missed during your run, so you don’t need to fret about not having completed everything. You can always get to it later. There are 11 story-related trophies in total.

Step 2: Mop Up Side Quests, Lost & Found Quests, and Challenges
There are 33 Side Quests and 15 Lost & Found Quests to complete (9 Missing Person quests and 6 Weapon Quests), as well as a slew of Challenges, the first tier of which you’ll have to complete for the On Safari trophy_silver.png , Variety is the Spice of Death trophy_silver.png , Zombicidal Maniac trophy_silver.png , Survival Skills trophy_silver.png , and Smorgasbord trophy_silver.png , all worth 50G apiece. You’ll find that some of these Challenges are a little tricky, like the Donk! trophy_bronze.png  trophy, which is tied to a Combat Challenge - one you’ll need for the Zombicidal Maniac trophy_silver.png  trophy.

During the course of mopping up, you should easily hit the level 30 cap for the Max Headroom trophy_gold.png  trophy, as you’ll have likely finished the story portion of the game at level 20+. Be sure to keep an eye out for keys and keycards dropped by named zombies, as well - you’ll need these to access lockboxes for the Jumbo Keyring trophy_silver.png  trophy. Lockboxes can be found marked on your map, so you’ll easily track down ten of them. You’ll also require 50 or the game’s 234 Journals, too, for the Bookworm trophy_silver.png  trophy, and more than 100 of those are automatically collected during Story Quests, so there’s no need to really worry about that one.

Step 3: Play a co-op session
Either matchmake with a random player or two (Dead Island 2 supports up to three players in co-op multiplayer), or rope in friends for a spot of co-op. You'll then need to revive a Slayer five times and complete five Quests with your co-op buddies for the Slayer Squad trophy_bronze.png  and I Am the Resurrection trophy_bronze.png trophies, respectively. for a pair of bronzes in the bag, easy.

Step 4: Focus on amassing cash for the ‘Hollywood Rich List’ challenge.
There’s a number of ways to accumulate cash, but unless you actually make an effort to do so, you’ll find that your dollar count in Dead Island 2 will be somewhat lacking. Don’t make the mistake of scrapping too many weapons. While it’s necessary to scrap some for the 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' Survivor Challenge, you’re better off selling weapons for the moola, because if you don’t, the journey to making $1,000,000 will take ages. And resources are in abundance, whether dropped by enemies or found lying around on tables and shelves, or in crates, cupboards, and such.

Making a million for this Challenge will probably be the last thing you do in Dead Island 2 for the ‘Hollywood Rich List’ Challenge in the Survivor Challenges. That means the Survival Skills trophy_silver.png  trophy will likely be the last to pop.

A California scream, Dead Island 2 finally crosses the finish line after nine years as an accomplished and deliriously fun first-person zombie mash 'em up. The stomach-churning gore might not be for everyone, but fans of body horror and viscera will be well-served here.

Dead Island 2 Trophy Guide

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46 trophies ( 10  32  18  )

  • Collect every Dead Island 2 trophy!

    You’ll get this upon bagging every one of Dead Island 2’s trophies. Congrats on your shiny new Platinum!
  • Complete 10 non-Story Quests.

    See LA Influential trophy_gold.png  for more details.
  • Complete 20 non-Story Quests.

    See LA Influential trophy_gold.png  for more details.
  • Complete 40 non-Story Quests.

    During your time exploring ‘Hell-A’, you’ll come across a whole range of "non-Story" Side QuestsLost & Found Quests weapon quests & Lost & Found missing persons quests, the latter being fairly lengthy, multi-phased scavenger hunts with a worthwhile reward at the end of the trail. You’ll find that most non-Story Quests are picked up randomly, issued by NPCs, or discovered over a radio transmitter in one of the safe zones. There are ten regions to explore in Dead Island 2’s rendition of Los Angeles, so keep your eyes peeled for additional quests, as marked by blue diamond and red diamond markers. Complete forty of them, and you’ll acquire this trophy.

    Check out our full list of Side QuestsLost & Found Quests weapon quests & Lost & Found missing persons quests through the links.
  • Find your first Legendary Weapon.

    The surest way to bag a Legendary Weapon is to level up to around 20-25, then complete one of the later Lost & Found weapon quests that has a guaranteed weapon reward at the end. The ‘Fool’s Gold’ Lost & Found Quest at The Pier is a good shout - you’ll get the ‘Blood Rage’ Legendary Weapon (a skull-puncturing dagger) for your efforts. Or you could wait until the end of the story and get Sam B's 'Emma's Wrath' hammer.

    There are 8 legendary weapons in all, check out our Dead Island 2 legendary weapon guide for more assistance on how to bag yourself one.
  • Unlock every zombie type in the Zompedia.

    As you mow your way through LA’s zombie hordes, each type you defeat will be added to your Zompedia. There are regular zombies and Apex Variants, and by the penultimate Story Quest titled ‘End of the Line’, you’ll encounter a Putrified Slobber, which will likely be the last entry you’re missing.

    If the trophy hasn’t popped by then, keep killing zombies until you scratch all types off your list. You may find certain types in different places, but during the course of the story, you’re pretty much guaranteed to encounter them all at some point.

    Check out the full list of Zombie types, Apex Variants, and their locations through the link.
  • Complete the first tier of every Zombie Challenge.

    There are 24 Zombie Challenges in Dead Island 2 (found by going into the tp.png menu and then scrolling down to Challenges > Zombie Challenges) and in order to unlock 'On Safari,' you need to unlock the first tier of all 24 (and only the first tier, so fear not). There are 5 Challenge trophies, and of all the challenge trophies, this is perhaps the most straightforward.

    To complete the first tier of every Zombie Challenge, all you basically need to do is kill a certain amount of zombies of all varieties. Check out our Dead Island 2 Zompedia guide if you're looking for more assistance on where certain zombies can be found.

    Perhaps the trickiest part of the Zombie Challenges is killing 10 Inferno Crushers and 10 Firestorm Slobbers, but just head to "Hotspots" - as indicated on the map by a zombie icon - and you'll be fine. Beverly Hills has a Mutator spawn, while southern Venice Beach has both a good Slobber spawn (for Putrefied and Firestorm Slobbers) and a Crusher spawn near one another, and that spot usually spawns an Inferno Crusher too. If you're looking for Butchers, then head to The Pier!

    Once you've completed the first tier of all 24 challenges, this trophy will pop.

  • Complete the first tier of every Weapon Challenge.

    There are only 10 Weapon Challenges in Dead Island 2, and for the most part you should get these naturally. To check your progress in said challenges, hit the tp.png button and then go down to Challenges > Weapon Challenges.

    Just make sure, while you're playing the campaign, that you mix up playstyles a little and you won't have to grind out much in the end for this one. So, try to get Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle kills (50 of each). And then, try to get 50 Maiming kills (using a machete or an axe, etc.), 50 Headhunter kills (using a golf club or  a knife, etc.), 50 Frenzy kills (like the Wolverine claws and the bo staff) and 50 Bulldozer kills (using baseball bats and hammers) and you'll be fine.

    Finally, the one that I was stuck grinding for a bit at the end was getting 50 Curveball kills - just make sure you're constantly using these throughout. I was clearly not!

    It's also worth mentioning, I did have Challenge counter tracking issues after a while on my main Slayer, as they stopped tracking altogether. However, because some stats carry across playthroughs, I was able to continue progress towards those challenges on a different Slayer. Worth bearing in mind if you have issues.
  • Complete the first tier of every Combat Challenge.

    The Combat Challenge trophy of the 5 Challenge trophies is by far the hardest individually. And that's for a few reasons. 1. There are more challenges than the others, so from a purely numbers perspective, having to do 26 Combat Challenges is going to take more time; and 2. Because of the Ninja Combat Challenge - which we'll tackle on its own shortly.

    First things first though, like the Weapon Challenges in Variety is the Spice of Death trophy_silver.png , you're going to need to vary your playstyle a bit throughout your playthrough so that you aren't grinding out in the end. That means killing zombies with bleed weapons, killing them with caustic damage, shock damage and fire damage, and making enemies 'soggy' with water - let's call those the elemental challenges.

    There's also specific zombie challenges in here too to take note of, like interrupting a Butcher when it's feeding, maim 5 Crusher arms, slaying 1 Mutator before it mutates (see Not Even My Final Form trophy_bronze.png ), interrupt 5 Screamers while they're screaming and slay 5 Slobbers with melee attacks.

    Then, aside from that, you'll need to do a whole variety of other challenges. The truth is, they'll come naturally though. A few that might not. Firstly, Impressive Aim, which requires you throwing a weapon 35+m and hitting a zombie (see Donk! trophy_bronze.png ); and then there's the Ninja Combat Challenge, which requires dismembering 3 zombies with a single Shuriken throw.

    First things first, you need to grab the Shuriken - see our Dead Island 2 Curveball guide for assistance there. Let's talk about what you need to do to accomplish the Ninja Combat Challenge. Well, the first thing you need to do is to finish the Weapon Challenge, "Batter Up!" which when you get to level 3 gives you a persistent stat boost for your Curveballs ("Equipped Curveball Damage +++" to be precise). Then, what you want to do is find some shamblers and walkers (the Halperin Hotel and the Venice Beach regions are decent for these), and then weaken them somewhat. Then, get them all in a bunch and throw the Shuriken. 

    We've actually created an in-depth Dead Island 2 Ninja Challenge guide if you need it, where we talk about the prep, and where to do it and what not. We've tried and tested our strategy multiple times and it works like a dream.
  • Complete the first tier of every Survivor Challenge.

    The Survival Challenges in Dead Island 2 aren't actually too bad, if you're a bit of a hunter-gatherer like us. There are only 10, and with a little bit of scavenging, you'll rattle through these in no time. To check the list of all 10 Survivor Challenges and to see your progress, hit the tp.png and go down to Challenges > Survivor Challenges.

    For these challenges you'll need to fabricate weapons, scrap weapons, use med kits, revive co-op allies, collect zombie parts, collect resources and loot containers. All these challenges are super simple and relatively straightforward, and you should get these with relative ease as you battle through Hell-A.

    The one that might take a little bit of management and thought is the ‘Hollywood Rich List’ challenge, which requires you "amass $1,000,000 cash." First things first, this is a cumulative challenge, so don't be afraid to spend your cash as you get it. The strategy is basically: pick up every weapon you can, sell them to traders; and sell excess resources. For a more in-depth strategy on how to make money in Dead Island 2, check out our guide.

    Complete the first tier of all 10 Survivor Challenges and the trophy is yours.
  • Complete the first tier of every Exploration Challenge.

    A full list of Exploration Challenges can be found in the game’s tp.png menu (Challenges > Exploration Challenges). While the other challenges require you to do specific things, like kill zombies, scavenge parts, etc., the Exploration Challenges are more to do with completing actual content in the game.

    Exploration Challenges include the completion of Lost & Found Weapon Quests, Lost & Found Missing Persons Quests, uncovering regions and opening lockboxes, as well as collecting Skill Cards and Journals. You'll get the vast majority of these naturally, especially if you're going for LA Influential trophy_gold.png .

    There are 7 Exploration Challenges to complete, finish the first tier and this trophy is yours.
  • Complete 5 Lost & Found Weapon Quests.

    Lost & Found Weapon Quests are normally prompted by a found document or some form of paper trail that you’ll need to follow, with clues highlighted in red text in relevant Journal entries. For the most part, you’ll have to complete several steps, like a scavenger hunt, and you’ll be rewarded with a fancy weapon at the end.

    There are 6 Lost & Found Weapon Quests in all. For a full Dead Island 2 Lost & Found Weapon Quest walkthrough guide, jump through the link.

    Some of these weapons are Legendary, so should also help unlock the Ooh, Shiny! trophy_bronze.png  trophy, which is handy. 
  • Complete 9 Lost & Found Missing Person Quests.

    Like Lost & Found Weapon Quests, Lost & Found Missing Person Quests involve following a trail to locate someone who has disappeared. All of these quests start as missing person posters on the wall in the corridor near Dr. Reed’s office at the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue. Picking one up will send you off on a scavenger hunt of sorts, seeking out missing people in Hell-A itself.

    There are 9 to complete in all, which will be periodically added to the Serling Hotel missing person's board as you progress through the game. Usually when you reach new areas, new quests will become available. In Missing Person Quests, the journals will always have clues highlighted in red text, telling you exactly where you need to search.

    Check out our Dead Island 2 complete Lost & Found Missing Person Quests guide for assistance on all 9 of the Missing Person Quests.
  • Unlock 10 Lockboxes

    Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon safes and lockboxes that require a specific key. Keys will either be found lying around or on the person of a named zombie. Interact with the locked receptacle, and it’ll tell you the name of the key, which should serve as a bit of a clue. Find the key location or the named zombie who possesses it, then open the box. Crack open ten of these to unlock the trophy.

    If you need help for where the Lockboxes or where there keys are, check out our Dead Island 2 all Lockboxes and Keys Locations Guide.
  • Collect 50 Journals.

    You’ll find Journals scattered all over Dead Island 2’s LA, and they’re incredibly hard to miss, as they emit a sparkly white plume. Be sure to pick them up whenever you spot them, and you’ll easily accumulate 50 before the end of the story. Over 100 of the 234 Journals in the game are given automatically during the story, too, so don't be too concerned about collecting every single one.
  • Collect 30 Skill Cards.

    Initially, you’re granted a handful of innate and random Skill Cards, and as you complete Quests you’ll earn more. Some can be found on certain Apex Variants, like Screamers, Slobbers, and Crushers, while others are tucked away in specific places. Like Journals, Skill Cards emit a distinctive white glow, so be sure to grab them whenever you see one.

    In all likelihood, you’ll have far more than 30 Skill Cards way before the credits roll on the story as you receive Skill Cards every time you level up.
  • Reach level 30.

    By the end of the story, we’d reached level 25, so it’s possible that you might have to grind this out during the endgame. Levelling slows down considerably after level 20, so completing every non-Story Quest will help a lot in getting to level 30. Just keep killing zombies and completing quests, and you’ll eventually reach the level cap and earn this trophy.
  • Slay 50 zombies with Fury Attacks.

    At a certain point in the story - during the ‘The Red Mist’ quest, which takes you into the Brentwood Sewers - your character will awaken their Fury ability. Fury allows you to enter a powerful rage state, enabling you to tear enemies apart with your bare hands. To activate Fury, you need to first fill the red skull gauge in the top left corner of the screen, by killing zombies and consuming energy drinks, then click the ls.png and rs.png thumbsticks simultaneously. Now, simply go apeshit and claw those undead to pieces. You’ll work through 50 zombies like a knife through butter in no time.
  • Fully upgrade a Superior weapon and customize it with a mod or perk in every slot.

    You’ll start to see Superior weapons dropping from level 16 onwards. These are purple rarity weapons (the only tier above that are orange Legendary weapons) with a single mod and three perk slots, as well as one locked, innate perk. Find any workbench, fit a mod of your choosing - impact, puncture, shock, fire, or caustic - then add any three perks you fancy. Assuming you have the requisite materials and the cash, you can deck out your chosen Superior weapon, and pop this trophy.
  • Slay 100 Zombies using Caustic, Fire, or Shock damage.

    A surefire way to bag this is to add different mods to your weapons, making sure to have at least one caustic weapon, one fire weapon, and one shock weapon in your arsenal. Then, it’s simply a case of cycling through each weapon regularly, repairing and level matching them at workbenches to ensure they stay effective. Breaking green (caustic) and red (fire) barrels will help deal relevant damage to enemies, too, as will bursting blue water barrels near to exposed electrical cables. Like a lot of Dead Island 2’s trophies, this will probably come over time with very little effort.
  • Maim 100 limbs.

    You’ll earn this naturally within the first few hours of playing Dead Island 2, as you’ll be swinging all manner of weaponry about, lopping off limbs with impunity. Each time you break or sever a limb, you’ll be greeted with the word ‘MAIMED!’ on-screen, so there’s really no ambiguity about when you’ve chalked one of these up. Getting to 100 is child’s play.
  • Complete any 5 quests in co-op.

    Get an online co-op session going (Dead Island 2 has support for up to three players) then complete five quests with your posse. Make sure you see all five through to completion, and this will unlock. Simple.
  • Revive other Slayers 5 times.

    During your time in co-op, should a Slayer be downed, they’ll require a revive. Revive a downed ally five times to unlock this. If no one is getting downed, throw a bomb at your feet or wander into a crowd of zombies, being sure to have your ally clear the area so you can be revived without both dying. Then carry out the revive, obviously.
  • Slay 25 zombies using finishing moves.

    Finishing moves are performed when successfully pulling off a defensive counter (using the block button), then grabbing a stunned enemy. Once you’ve grabbed a zombie with square.png, you can bludgeon them with attacks using r2.png, and, assuming their health is low enough, you’ll execute a brutal finisher, specific to the type of weapon you’re using. Combine this with the I Got a Zombie Army and You Can't Harm Me trophy_bronze.png  trophy to kill two birds with one stone.
  • Complete 5 Blueprint Challenges.

    There are seven Blueprint Challenges in total, and they’ll unlock upon meeting Patton for the first time in Venice Beach. Completing each one will reward you with a weapon upgrade blueprint, so they’re well worth doing. They are as follows:
    • Perform 100 Heavy attacks for the Contagious Blueprint
    • Inflict bleeding status 50 times for the Infectious Blueprint
    • Inflict ignite 50 times for the Infernal Combustion Blueprint
    • Slay 100 zombies with melee weapons for the Leechblade Blueprint
    • Knock down zombies 100 times for the Shockwave Blueprint
    • Inflict the ‘electrified’ status effect on zombies 50 times for the Static Charge Blueprint
    • Collect 200 zombie parts for the Vampire Blueprint
    While most are relatively straightforward, if you’re struggling for zombie parts for the Vampire Blueprint, you can find an abundance of zombie parts in the Medical Disposal Waste bins at the CDC Center, near The Pier in Santa Monica. These also respawn zombie parts when you leave.
  • Throw a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ meters away.

    This is actually much trickier than it sounds. First of all, you’re better off using a polearm weapon like a pike, bo staff, pitchfork, or scaffold pole, as they don't lose so much height during a throw. You can attempt this whenever you come across zombies feeding on a corpse or hammering on a wall or gate, as they’re not staggering around and are easier to hit.

    Throwing a weapon across Colt Swanson or Curtis Sinclair’s driveway in Bel-Air is one good place to get this, or, failing that, the open streets in Ocean Avenue, outside the Serling Hotel. Or the beaches of Santa Monica. Ready your aim carefully, and don’t aim too high, using the reticule to gauge the distance of your throw. Your weapon only needs to hit an enemy, so don’t worry about killing them. If your shots miss, keep using weapons until one hits - you can always recover them later.
  • Knock down 10 Apex Variants.

    A good way to do this is to target the legs of a Screamer or Crusher until their balance bar is drained (the blue bar underneath their health). Trying to do this to a Slobber is a fool’s errand, as you’ll get vomited on - it’s better to keep your distance. Do this to Screamers and Crushers by hacking at their knees ten times, wearing down that blue balance gauge, and this will eventually unlock. Curveballs like the Shuriken are also good for whittling down an Apex's balance, so experiment with those, too.
  • Perform 25 perfect defensive moves.

    This involves timing a block with l1.png at just the right moment to stun a zombie, sending them reeling backwards. You’ll know when you’ve done this properly to standard zombies, as a button prompt will appear for grabbing and pummelling them up close. For Apex Variant zombies, a defensive counter will still knock them back and temporarily daze them, so mastering this is actually pretty crucial. You’ll probably end up doing this hundreds of times, so 25 isn’t really a tall order.

Secret trophies

  • Survive a plane crash, get bitten, and create your first Zombie-Free Zone.

    Story related. When you get to Emma’s mansion and kill all of the zombies on the grounds (completing the ‘Bel-Air Brawl’ story quest) to create a safe zone, this will pop.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Fight through the Halperin Hotel to make contact with the authorities.

    Story related. Complete the ‘Call the Cavalry’ story quest to unlock this, helping Rav in the Halperin Hotel ballroom.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Track down Michael and rescue him from the Terror at Monarch Studios.

    Story related. Complete the ‘Michael Anders and The Holy Grail’ quest, after defeating the vomiting Slobber mini-boss on outside the film set with the big mechanical spider.

    If you're struggling to defeat Alesis Hernandez, AKA the acid spewing boss, then we've prepared a detail Dead Island 2 Alesis Hernandez boss fight walkthrough if you need it.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Join forces with Sam B and get your hands on some firepower.

    Story related. Once you’ve rendezvoused with Sam B. and survived the zombie onslaught, you’ll make off with guns and complete the ‘Justifiable Zombicide’ quest, bagging this in the process.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Encounter a mysterious... benefactor? Well, that's what she'd call herself, anyway.

    Story related. Unlocked upon completing ‘The Red Mist’ quest, after acquiring the Fury ability and before entering the confines of the horrible fleshy maze.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Survive the many perils of Venice Beach and meet Dr. Reed at the Serling Hotel.

    At the tail-end of ‘The Final Gauntlet’ mission, you’ll reach the Serling Hotel, where there are even more undead to fight through in order to reach the safe zone. Once you’ve made it upstairs, you’ll meet Dr. Reed in the first room on the right.

    The gauntlet part of 'The Final Gauntlet' quest can be trying, to say the least, so much so we've prepared a How to survive Dead Island 2's Final Gauntlet walkthrough just for you all.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Slay a killer clown and get your blood sample back to Dr. Reed.

    Story related. You’ll take on Butcho the Clown in the Pier region during the ‘Boardwalking Dead’ quest. Return to Dr. Reed at the Serling Hotel to complete the quest, and this will pop.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Learn the truth about what you are as dark secrets are revealed.

    Story related. Fittingly, this is obtained upon finishing the ‘The Search for Truth’ quest, at the same time you gain access to Numen skill cards.

    If you're struggling to find where Dr. Reed's lab is in The Search for Truth, then jump through the link for assistance on where to go.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Find Patton and convince him to fly you out of Hell-A.

    Story related. This is unlocked upon finishing the ‘Rage Quit’ quest, when reuniting with Patton in the sewers.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Survive the Metro system and get to Hollywood Boulevard.

    Story related. You’ll get this after emerging from the Metro System via the escalator, at the end of the ‘The End of the Line’ quest.

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Help Sarah and Sebastian light a beacon of hope.

    You’ll get this at the culmination of a three-quest thread, which starts at Monarch Studios with the aptly-named ‘It Came From Monarch Studios’ Side Quest. This is initiated by interacting with the radio receiver in Rikky Rex’s house in Beverly Hills (at least, this is where we found it), and issued by Sarah Sheppard (aka Captain Vixen, the star of ‘Space Fox 2250’). You’ll need to rescue a sci-fi fan called Sebastian while carrying a noisy DD-09 droid in a bag.

    The second quest is ‘The Terror of Sound Stage 7’, which has you luring out and killing a Butcher who’s been terrorising the studio.

    Finally, you’ll be able to speak to Sebastian at the Re-Aging Clinic safe zone in Hollywood Boulevard for the 'Beacon of Hope' side quest. Finish this, and you’ll bag the trophy, as well as ‘The One’ Legendary claymore.
  • Give up your chance to be human again.

    You’ll get this upon completing Dead Island 2, having defeated the final boss during the ‘Hollywood Ending’ quest. Congrats! Enjoy the credits!

    Jump through the link for a list of all Dead Island 2 main story missions.
  • Help an artist to complete their greatest (and grisliest) piece of art.

    This is awarded upon completing the seven ‘Body Art’ Side Quests issued by Francesca in Beverly Hills. Each quest will require a certain zombie part (or two).

    For the first quest you'll need to deposit 10 chunks of infected flesh, 5 oversized arm bones from Crushers in the second, 5 chthonic ichors from Slobbers in the third, 5 infected spines from Screamers in the fourth, 3 blade arms from Butchers in the fifth, and 3 mutated hearts from Mutators in Francesca’s bucket in her garage for the sixth and final fetch quest.

    Finally, after a little time has passed, Francesca will then reveal her horrible art piece and this will unlock. Not only that, but you'll earn another one of Dead Island 2's Legendary weapons.
  • Reunite all the VCLA Bobcats.

    This is another thread of three quests, starting with a distress call from Hana to rescue your Halperin Hotel pal, Rav. This starts off the ‘The Rav-Ages of Caustic X’ quest, which has you kicking zombies into a pool of caustic goop at the Halperin Hotel. The second quest is ‘Boz Makes a Bang’, where you’ll receive another call over the radio (we found it after initiating the ‘Blood Drive’ story quest, in the Serling Hotel lobby).

    The quest has you helping Bozzy by deploying mortars on a WWII movie set at Monarch Studios, to fend off hordes of undead. Finally, the third and final quest in this thread is ‘Dez and the Mother of Satan’, a mission that takes you to the CDC Center at The Pier. You’ll find this via Hana over a radio receiver once again.

    Complete this last quest by helping Dez, and the trophy will pop. You'll also get Dead Island 2's mystery goodie box code too, and be able to get your hands on one of Dead Island 2's best weapons.
  • Complete Amanda's Clickbait quests. You won't believe what happens next!

    There are three Side Quests in Amanda Styles’ ‘Clickbait’ thread, start on the rooftop of the GOAT Pen in Bel-Air, with the aptly named '#Clickbait' quest.

    The second is called ‘Like and Follow!’ and takes place on the Pier and is easily the most annoying because of the last objective where you have to "yeet" zombies into the ocean. It's so annoying, we prepared a Like and Follow guide on the easiest way to "yeet" zombies off the pier.

    The final quest Amanda quest is ‘Going Viral’ in Hollywood Boulevard. You’ll unlock this trophy after completing this final quest - you'll also get one of the best Dead Island 2 weapons as well.
  • Equip your first Numen Skill Card.

    Story related. After completing the ‘The Search for Truth’ mission, you’ll discover your true nature and unlock Numen skill cards. You can’t miss this, so don’t worry!
  • Reach the highest tier of Autophage infection by equipping Autophage Skills.

    Autophage skills become available around the middle of the game, and any acquired Autophage skill cards are identified as such - they have a funny-looking drippy skull icon on them. Equip three in whatever configuration you like to obtain this trophy.
  • Slay a Mutator before it transforms.

    Pre-transformation Mutators are easily identified by their emaciated, bony appearance and sunken eye sockets. Don’t be fooled! They’ll change forms and mess you up, if you’re not careful. If you see an exceptionally skinny zombie, rip into it with everything you’ve got before it has a chance to change. A good place to find Mutators is in the southeast corner of Beverly Hills, as demoted by an icon in the mansion there. Check other regions on your map for Mutator hotspots, too.

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